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"Clothes... Food... We're ready Elena." Relm said, as the tall Cinderella ate some cotton candy. The Two had just walked through the remains of a Carnival as their starting point for the game. Elena had used her watch to make some Cotton Candy good again, as well as other various things she wanted, then had Relm put them in a backpack.

"Though you sure are spoiled..."

"In my Story I don't got nuthin' but some lame lover boy. I'm gonna get everything I wanna this time!" She declared, stuffing her face with sweets.

A bit of a ways away, an orange haired young woman packed some food and water bottles into a backpack.... It looked much bigger than many were willing to carry, and she had an annoyed expression on her face when she hoisted it up and put it on. Despite its size, it didn't seem to effect her, "Ugh..." "Ah, don't worry my darling." a voice from behind told her, a tall man with a beard was reading behind her, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a lollipop.

"Why are you such a bastard... " the woman said, snatching the lollipop and shoving it into her mouth.

In a nearby gas station on the main road, a glasses-wearing woman is seen try stuff much as she can able squeeze into her bag and the store's plastic bag. It seemed to consist of what seem to be snacks, though a fair amount of them looks like jerkys and other imperishable food items as others became spoil long to keep it fresh due to the electricity goes out.

This does not include some drinks, however... Though she keeps it to water bottles only in case hers runs out. After zip and tie the bags up, she picks them up with difficulty due to how much stuff the bags weighs. A gloved hand picks the heaviest bag up and lighten the load.

"Ya know I can carry them myself," said the woman with a annoyed look. She looks at the dark clothed man who carried the bag with ease.

"...And let it slow you down?" The man responded who mirrored the woman's expression. However, it is not directed at the woman, but toward something else. "We don't have a ride that works."

The duo of the churchman and the peculiarly dressed woman set out on their journey, it's the end of the world as they know it. But the tall man, known as Alexander, was bent on keeping the religion of Catholicism preserved... It was his mission, and now, the mission of his Servant... Sofia, the Fox.

Though she wants to win the game, personally not giving a damn about what her nutjob of a Contractor thinks... She has ways of getting what she wants, she knows it.

"... Hey Elena, do you even want to win?"

"No. Not really. I just want to enjoy good things."

"So are we gonna fight when we run into others and take their cards?"

"If I like them."

That was the conversation carried by Elena and Relm, as they walked past a Police Station, Elena grabbing something as they passed. A Policeman hat. Because she wanted it.


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