Author Topic: Boss Event: Wrath of the Chimera!  (Read 3606 times)

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Boss Event: Wrath of the Chimera!
« on: May 21, 2013, 09:29:31 PM »
It appears things have gotten out of hand and the Chimera is loose! His power is maddeningly devastating and would be near impossible to try alone! Team up with a buddy and take down that fiend!

Host: Zodiaccat13
Opponent:  FFU Chimera
Overall Objective: Defeat the Chimera
Stage 1 Objective: Destroy the revival generator.
Stage 2 Objective: Defeat the Energy Sphere.
Stage 3 Objective: Whittle down the Chimera’s health
Final stage Objective: FINISH IT OFF!

Stage:  World of ruin-> Halls of the lost-> The Titian’s Platform-> Titian's Throne

Stage descriptions:
World of ruin- The little remains of a dying world and all too familiar building now playing as the body of destructive Chimera.  Within the halls of the building lays the source of its power and an army of transformed authors.

Halls of the lost- A maze of never ending doors and hallways filled to the brim with forgotten relics left behind by authors and OCs. Give chase to the sphere and avenge their suffering!

The Titian’s Platform- The building and body vanish leaving just a platform floating deep in the endless sea of stars… You have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. It seems there is a force field blocking you from leaving the platform and it doesn’t apply to the

Throne of the Titian- A room with bell on the throne

1)   You can have a buddy assist you in this fight.
2)   I will allow healing as long as it is reasonable. I.E. No, regenerating if it could be fatal.
3)   You are allowed 2 respawns per person if you are teamed up. If you both die the fight is finished. On solo you can spawn back at the start of your previous objective after your first death.
4)   This thing is invulnerable to BS so G-mod results in insta-death and I won’t allow you to try this event again.
5)   You are allowed to warp in World of Ruin because the Building it rather tall but you will be swarmed.
6)   Finisher’s cannot be accessed until the Final stage.
7)   The final stage will not be revealed until someone can make it to the final stage.
8)   Try not to piss me off. I can get rather…. Dangerous.

Total attempts: 1
Victories: 1
First winner: Taka
Total Number of solos: 1
Total Number of Teams:
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