Author Topic: Switching Things Up  (Read 3117 times)

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Switching Things Up
« on: May 20, 2013, 12:49:53 AM »
Taka's been messing around again! Now it looks like you and one of the Trio have switched movesets and stats! Things are going to get pretty boring until it all gets fixed, so how about a match while we wait?

Host/Opponent: PitFTW, LinkFTW, or PokeMaster

Objective: Defeat your opponent to win the match.


Stage: (Depends on your opponent) Great Hall, Ravaged Field, or Fourwind Valley

Stage description: Great Hall- A long dining hall with soaring ceilings and high windows. Chandeliers hang above and four long tables are set in the middle of it. Heavy tapestries depicting great events from various Fanfictions decorate the walls. The tables are all set, complete with food and utensils. On occasion, random waiters and diners will pop up that can be used as ammo or meat shields.

Ravaged Field- A wide, empty plain that was once lush, but had given way to destruction. There is virtually no moisture anywhere to be found, and in many places, large fires still burn. The skies are darkened by storm clouds and lightning occasionally strikes the earth. A large, gaping pit sits in the middle of the field, which leads straight down to a river of lava and eventually Hell itself.

Fourwind Valley- A valley surrounded on all sides by steep stone cliffs, through which wind is always blowing in one of the four directions. The wind carries in random items that can be used offensively or defensively. The valley itself holds numerous amounts of plant-life, pretty much any kind imaginable. Most peculiar, however, is the tree in the very center of the place. It is said that a strange sound is always heard from it... a clucking sound, to be exact...


1. Must provide your chosen opponent with your moveset and stats prior to the match.
2. Movesets must be in full, including Finisher and powerful moves.
3. If your moveset is "exclusive", it will still be switched with your opponent during this match.
4. No time/reality warping abilities.
5. No attempting to switch opponents during the event.
6. No attempting to regain your old moveset back during the match.
7. If your moveset is dependent on your biology, your opponent's biology will adapt to the moveset.

Total Attempts:
First Winner: