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Here I will list old Events, when they happened, what was obtained out of them, and  who lead the event, as good leader and antagonist leader.

11/11/12 - Ib Event
Participants: Kimoto, Eclipse, Bolverk, Nask, Drake
Enemy Leader: Teal?
Group Leader: Kimoto (Thanks to Memorizing the Game)
Deaths: Drake
Titles Obtained: Kimoto got Ib Boy. Nask got Garry Girl.
Other Obtained: Mary joined the Chat. Mary Painting and Fabricated World added to Gallery.

Since we neglected to record this event on the calender...

11/21/12- Random Powers Event
Partcipants: Austin, Taka, Nask, Bolverk, Kimoto, Eclipse, Inugami
Enemy Leader: Voice?
Group Leader: Taka or Eclipse?
Deaths: Austin
Titles: Austin got Traitorous Bastard, Taka got Techno Geek, Nask got Acid Cannon, Bolverk got Slenderman's Little Bro, Kimoto got Kitty Boy, Eclipse got Pony Slayer, Inugami got Ditto
Other Obtained:

12/09/12- Attack of the Sues and Stus
Partcipants: Austin, Taka, Nask, Bolverk, CC, Tom, Sam, Psyche, Inugami
Enemy Leader: Taro_master, Francesca, MagicalHat, CCSUE, and Leamonde
Group Leader: SEA and Authors
Deaths: Taka/Agent Force, Wounded: Blaire and Markus
Titles: Slayer of the Impure (Haneul/Ridere)
Other Obtained: Francesca and her Sue buddies are all sealed.

06/09/2013- To Slay a God
Partcipants: Austin, Takashi, Nask, Bolverk, Sam, Kimoto, AK, Green, Isamu, Sammi, Grim
Enemy Leader: Austin, Takashi
Group Leader: Sam, Kimoto
Deaths: Team WTF, Sophie, Virgil, Pit, Link, Kenneth, Pokemon Trainer, Austin, Takashi
Titles: * Game Breaker- Kimoto
* Scapegoat- Austin
* Icy Hare- Nask
* Inceptionator- Takashi
* Sacrificial Lamb- Bolverk
* Hero to All- Sam
* King of Copies- AK
* Oatmeal Master- Green
* Untainted Heart- Sammi
* Mini Kitty- Grim

Akuma Killer:
07/21/2013- Cores
Participants: Austin, Takashi, Nask, Bolverk, Sam, Kimoto, AK, Tom, Sammi, Grim, Psyche, Void, CC, Creme
Enemy Leader: F
Group Leader: Akira/Oliver
Deaths: W (Actual death)
Core(s) Stolen: Grim, Yuki, Sam, Bolverk, Tom, Psyche, Austin, Takashi
Osvald (Nask) - Ranger of the Suebang
Sam - Master of the Poise
Yuuki - Mother of Frying Pans
Kimoto - Rulecrusher?
AK - Banana Storm, Swordspam
Creme - Disappearing Wonder
Grim - Damsel in Distress
Tom - Triple Asswisher
Eevee - Coreshitter
Oliver (Ridere) - Sir Gravity of the Order of the Olive
Akira (Tom) - Reaper and Cruel, Sadistic Bitch
Notes: T ran away.


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