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A Single Blow
« on: November 10, 2012, 11:16:06 AM »
For so long, Kimoto's defenses are unbeatable. Now pierce through and reign surpreme!

Battle: Timed

Opponent/Host: Kimoto

Objective: Get 1 Clean Hit on Kimoto before time runs out

Current Challenger:

Upcoming Challenger:

Arena: Construction Zone

A large scale Construction zone, with three constantly moving cranes carrying beams. Mostly Iron Beams, with a twenty story, uncompleted building that is nothing but beams, thus lots of holes and openings. Cranes make full swings every three minutes, and a large puddle of oil is in the corner of the area. Also a large open area of dirt mostly, the building on the left, the puddle in the top right, cranes overtop, and random beams laying around.

Event Rules

1. The challenger has 45 minutes to break through Kimoto's defense and get a clean hit.
2. Both parties are allowed to go all out as long, it is not breaking the Event rules.
3. Kimoto is not allowed to attack the Challenger directly. (Does not include setting up traps, those are indirect attacks.)
4. No using Armor Piercing attacks and abilities on Kimoto.
5. No G-modding.
6. Building will rebuild itself when destroyed. If destroyed by Kimoto, another building will appear.
7. No AoE attacks.
8. No Auto-Hitting attacks.
9. This Event is not effected by rule 13 of the General Rules.

Total Match Attempts: 4
Total Victories: 0
First Winner: ????

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