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Event- Training Day!
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Wyatt and Erik have gotten a little rusty in their battle skills, and need to get themselves prepared for whatever nonsense they commit daily. So, they've taken you out to the nearby Training Field. Something doesn't seem right about it though...

Battle: Untimed

Host: Tom

Opponent: Wyatt, Erik, and Alen

Objective: Defeat Wyatt and Erik in combat one at a time. Then defeat a ressurected Alen.

Current Challenger:

Upcoming Challenger:

Stage: Training Field

Stage description: A big dirt circle which is surrounded by grass. A couple trees dot the area. Within the circle, there's an old looking bloodstain near the edge.

Rules: Do not step outside the dirt circle when fighting Wyatt or Erik. If you step on the bloodstain before you defeat Wyatt and Erik, Alen will rise early, which will cause problems for everyone.

Total Match Attempts: 1
Total Victories:
First Winner:
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