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Event Match Standard
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Event Matches are special battles with certain objectives and special rules that both the host and challenger follow. Event Matches gives an entirely different concept of doing chat room fights than normal. Which doing something different is more fun. An Event match could put you at a handicap, have you fight more than one person, or survive an onslaught. Overall, the battle is entirely based on the objective of the event. With that said, we can't just go into event matches immediately. We have to establish a bit of law and order first, which is the MOST important concept of every Event Match.

Event Matches are more strict than regular Test battles and Ranked matches because there are more rules to follow along with the general rules as well as the rule of fighting.  Be very warned. So read the rules carefully especially the event that you plan on challenging. Anyone (This include OCs and Canon characters) is allowed to challenge in these events but only a limited number can challenge.

To Challenge just ask the hosts, weather it be openly on chat, through chat PM, even forum PM if you can't get in contact with them. It is that easy.


General rules.

1. No G-modding.

2. All Event Matches take place in the chat room.

3. In the case of a BRB, Time of fight will freeze until return.

4. If the challenger or host does not type brb or afk in case of a brb situation. The person who is waiting, is allowed to keep on attacking after a 2 minute wait period and they will all consider a hit.
4b. The person waiting is allowed to keep bombarding you until the first move and all the moves he followed up are reacted.
4c. In case of lag or loss of connection during battle any follow-up attack during the period of lag or connection time loss is annulled and will start over at the time before the disconnection.
4d. In case of a timed battle if the connection loss or lag has occurred, time will be granted to the one who had lost connection.

5. Host of the Event has the right to deny your challenge for whatever "fair" reason.

6. If the challenger has to BBL/GTG during the event, it is consider quitting unless the host says otherwise.

7. If the Host has to BBL/GTG the event is delayed to an agreeable time.

8. If the Event is disrupted due to severe lag or disconnection, the event is either moved to a different area or delayed to an agreeable time.

9. All Rules are subject to change.

10. Objective of specific events is subject to change as well.

11. Only 4 challenges on any event are allowed to be made per day.

12. You may challenge the hosts and set up a specific day to fight that both parties can agree upon.
12b. Failure to meet the specific day the match is planned will result in rescheduling of the match or cancellation of the match.
12c. You can fight anytime before the scheduled day of the fight, if agreed upon by both parties.
12d. For the love of god, let me know if you had set up a match so I can make the changes.

13. In case of a timed battle, Any OOC posts, (example: those in parenthesis), every 2 OOC posts is a minute extra added to the event. I have notice people using OOC posts to last longer in survival battles. It wastes time on the host, not only that, it ruins the purpose of the event.
13b. Outside conversations are not counted.

14. Changing Reality is Forbidden. It's technically not leaving the area but it just fucks up the event stage.

15. OCs and Canon characters are not allowed to challenge in events that their owner hosts. It would not make sense for you running the entire event by yourself.


You may create and present event to me by Forum PMing me. If you need help to flesh out your event if you have trouble making your event you may ask me or anyone else to help.

The Event Skeleton is shown here and you can edit it to your own liking.

Title of Event:

Sentences describing the event: (Example: The Champions of the Triforce has challenge you to a brawl. Defeat them to unlock your heart's desire.)




Stage description:

Now that the law and order is established, we can now move on to the events.
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