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An area for Titles you've earned, like in a Tales Game! If you don't know how that works... Ask Tom, Sam, or Nask. Or me.

For now just keep the titles to yourselves, OC's will be later. There are your normal Titles, and Costume Titles, which should double as links to the costume. You can get more through achievements, nicknames, or Events.

Kimoto Titles -
Enchained Devicer (Default)
Street Style
Cover Up (Winter Version of Street Style)
Phantom Abydos
Renown Thief
Bloody Nightmare
Ib Boy (Inu's Fault)
Magical Kitty Boy (Random Powers Event)
King of Heroes (Gilgamesh Cameo)
Game Breaker (To Slay a God)
Knight of the Holy Shield (BAA Riesbyfe Cameo)
Rule Crusher? (Cores Event)
Flawless Housewife

Nask Title
Distant Observer (Default)
Cool Summer (Summer Outfit, automatic default during Summer)
Ice Queen
Insanity Sanity
Crazy Red-Head
Lady of Few Words
Guardian of Marth (GA)
Steadfast Warrior
Queen of Altea (GA II)
Noble Magius
Earth Warden
Erratic Berserker
Garry Girl (Ib Event, Courtesy of Inu)
Acid Cannon (Random Powers Event, Courtesy of Psyche)
Meteor Kick
Frankenstein's Monster (Berserker of Black Cameo)
High Queen Pimp Mistress of the Ice (Popular VN Harem Route)
Crossdress Wonder (F Incident)
Icy Hare (To Slay a God)
Atlas Alchemist (BAA Sion Cameo)

Ranger of the Suebane (Cores event)

Vagrant Shikigami
Angry Asian Artist
Pontificating Bastard
Head Magic Researcher
Animal Lover
Fire Emblem Junkie
Tea and Sweets Addict
Haine's Cousin
Pokemon Slayer
Triforce Destroyer
Event Forerunner
Magi from the Age of Gods <-New!!

Rokushiki Master
Navy Man
Monster Hunter
Punching Bag
Smooth Criminal
Guardian of Snake
Monster Girl "Enthusiast"
Meme Dictionary
Super Soldier
Hungry Fiend
Slenderman's Little Bro
Little Sister
"Blue Spearman of the Wind" *new*


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