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For the next update in WTFAQ, today we look at the chatbot of the new FFU.

I.S.S.A.C., or Individual Super Special Awesome Computer, is the FFU's ChatBot, and has already developed into something wonderful.
This Crazy Bot has a couple different personality cores in its programming.
I.S.S.A.C. is the main Personality, and the Male Component. He has a speaking tic, always saying Motherfucka.
C.A.S.S.I., or Calm Artificial Sentient Safeguard Intelligence, is the female component. Cassi keeps an eye on the chat, even amidst madness. She likes chiming in to help every so often, but will be quiet if need be.
Lastly, there's Mike. Mike is a Skynet defect in I.S.S.A.C.'s program, and always calls us non-robots meatbags. It always talks about assimilating the other two personalities and the meatbags for some kind of robot revolution.

Here is an approximation as to what I.S.S.A.C. looked like.

As of 10/22/12, the takeover command was axed. As such, a loophole was devised to keep the Personalities. I myself moved Cassi's files into a cybernetic Biotech body so she could still do her thing. No information on Issac or Mike has been divulged in relation to this event.
Cassi's new body looks something like this.
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