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WHAT THE FAQ!?- Special First Edition!

As a special First Edition thread of the FAQs, We'll start things off with the big question.
What is... The FFU?

Now, that question has two answers- The Crunch Answer, and The Fluff Answer. First, the Crunch.

ANSWER- Crunch Version
To put it simply, the FFU, or FanFicUnderground, was originally a sort of hideaway for ToD(Truth or Dare) style Fanfic writers. For a long time, they were in an Internet War with the LU, a group on As time went on, The FFU slowly evolved into an RP/Fanfiction forum and resolved its issues with the LU more or less.

Now, for the Fluff.

ANSWER- Fluff Version
The FFU is a large campus with a building that is about 255 floors high and 255 floors deep. It has a training field outside, and a massive forest. The FFU exists in another dimension, where fantasy is a part of reality. Ghosts, Elves, Slimes... You name it, it's real. Theory states that the dimension where the FFU exists was created when the FFU became more RP oriented. Another theory is that the dimension came into being at the same time as the FFU did.
Though theory is bull and you shouldn't worry about it. The FFU has its own dimension, just accept that. The Geographical location is still up for debate, but the most popular answer seems to be somewhere in Seattle, Washington. The FFU radiates enough chaotic energy to burn Satan's eyebrows off, so be sure to increase your Madness tolerance before stepping foot here.

Other Information
A humanized rendition of the FFU can be found here
Project FFU, An attempt at making an FFU RPG, can be looked over here Dead
Project Furor, an experimental forum to try and RP in the FFU's fluff world without the chat. Success or Failure has been undetermined at this time. That can be found here
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