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Session Logs
« on: January 04, 2013, 09:00:21 PM »
This is where you put logs of various sessions here from TRPGs.
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Re: Session Logs
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2013, 09:09:16 PM »
Drake's Campaign
Game: Warlords
Title:  Escape of Slaves, part 2*
Crack Title: Hulaa makes Thrall looks Good
Players: Rave (Nask), Thrall (Hulaa)
Location: Gladiator Arena, Phoaeir
Note: This is actually the second session of the current campaign, the first one is lost.

(17:56:54) Drakesword: “Now...where you were was in the tunnel heading out toward the arena area of the Gladiatorial Arena. ”

 (17:57:01) Jack_McDack: (I'm just gonna watch.)

 (17:57:06) Drakesword: Hey Jack. Came to watch.

 (17:57:11) Jack_McDack: (Forget I'm even here.)

 (17:57:15) Drakesword: Want a run down of the plot then jack?

 (17:57:18) Hulaabeo: (kk)

 (17:57:32) Jack_McDack: (Yeah. Give me the abridged version.)

 (17:57:55) Nask: k back

 (17:58:01) Hulaabeo: Welcome back

 (17:58:04) Drakesword: The country created a new Tourny.

(17:58:34) Drakesword: Mixed the normal Gladiators, and other types of fighting slaves.

 (17:59:10) Drakesword: Winning Owners, Get major Money prize.

 (17:59:29) Drakesword: Winning Slaves, Possibly Freedom.

 (17:59:41) Drakesword: Losing Slaves...Death.

 (17:59:45) Drakesword: Ready hula?

 (17:59:49) Hulaabeo: Yep

 (17:59:50) Drakesword: Ready Nask?

 (18:00:07) Nask: Ready

 (18:00:46) Hulaabeo: (Where were we?)

 (18:01:24) Drakesword: are in the Tunnel that can lead to the Gladitorial Arena. But you ALSO have heard a huge crash coming from where you were just when you're 'room' was lifted from the lower levels.

 (18:01:55) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack leaves the channel.

 (18:02:27) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *notices the crash, torn between his urge to fight and curiosity, turns to Rave* Whatddya wanna do?

 (18:03:40) Nask: Rave: ... *is just as curious, but... He looks toward to the exit to the Arena as if they can go only forward*

 (18:03:40) Nask: .

 (18:04:25) Hulaabeo: Thrall: ...Right... To the slaughter... *approaches the Arena*

 (18:04:30) Drakesword: Right now, you currently could go back to your room. And stall it if you'd like.

 (18:04:33) Drakesword: Roll Hula.

 (18:04:57) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 15.

 (18:05:03) Hulaabeo: ...It's a 20 right?

 (18:05:10) Nask: Yep. ._.

 (18:05:20) Drakesword: Yeah.

 (18:06:40) Drakesword: Walking toward the Light and the gates going up and out of the way of the two slaves. As they looked out, they could also see something in the dirt with a dark stain in the sand/dirt. (You could ignore this. Or what ever.)

 (18:07:08) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack enters the channel.

 (18:07:15) Nask: wb Jak

 (18:07:24) Jack_McDack: Sorry. RP stuff.

 (18:07:32) Nask: it's cool

 (18:07:38) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *doesn't notice it*

 (18:07:43) Drakesword: (It's all good.)

 (18:07:51) Drakesword: Rave could also react.

 (18:08:25) Nask: Rave: ... *gulps abit upon seeing the stain*

 (18:08:54) Drakesword: Now, roll for walking out into the arena's fighting circle.

 (18:09:13) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 11.

 (18:09:26) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 14.

 (18:12:29) Drakesword: Walking out, you see the stands half full. Most are watching in the early morning light. Seeming likely that people are half awake to come to the 'great sporting arena'. On the other side there was another large tunnel and in the center was a small 'fortress' made of semi-see through outer walls.

Inside there was a large sort of jungle Gym of sorts through the floors. For quick travel across.

 (18:13:17) Nask: '-'

 (18:14:59) Nask: .

 (18:15:18) Drakesword: Roll each of you. D100

 (18:15:24) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d100 and gets 37.

 (18:15:34) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d100 and gets 5.

 (18:15:34) Nask: ...

 (18:15:41) Hulaabeo: ...Are you kidding me?

 (18:15:51) Hulaabeo: Bah, whatever. -w-

 (18:15:54) Jack_McDack: Ooooouch.

 (18:16:42) Hulaabeo: *starts burning these tainted dice* *yaoming.jpg*

 (18:18:44) Nask: ...

 (18:20:27) Hulaabeo: My rolls are like... playing Warhammer 40k as Ork...

 (18:20:40) Nask: :/

 (18:20:46) Drakesword: Out of the other tunnels, two large men walk out in heavy armor. One a Gladiator in bronze plated armor with a huge ax resting on his shoulder swinging the normally Two handed weapon with ease in one hand.

The smaller man had a large yew bow on his back with a quiver of arrows. His armor looked as if it were Senju in descent.

 (18:21:16) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Well... We're fucked...

 (18:21:25) Nask: Rave: .... *nods*

 (18:23:35) Hulaabeo: Thrall: I'll take the big guy, eh? *feeling confident enough, examines the fortress in the center*

 (18:24:10) Nask: Rave: *nods, he can handle the archer*

 (18:25:26) Drakesword: A man in a robe steps from a balcony above much of field of battle. "Friends! Country Men! Slaves of forgien Lands." He looked down at the group. "Now, here is the Fortress of Blades! Those who step in, either step out Victors! Or die Losers."

The two nod looking at the man as the doors on each side open into a small 'lobby' in the fortress. "Inside warriors! Fight for your possible Freedom."

 (18:26:12) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *hesitates for a moment longer, enters*

 (18:26:38) Nask: Rave: *takes a deep breath soundlessly, before follow Thrall*

 (18:29:06) Drakesword: The room was empty and it had a large metal door leading to the center room with the large jungle of metal bars.
You could probably take the center door, or find another way...

 (18:30:02) Nask: Rave: *looks to see if there's other options first*

 (18:30:31) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *willing to take an easier path, looks as well*

 (18:31:00) Drakesword: Roll rave. D100

 (18:31:06) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d100 and gets 96.

 (18:31:10) Nask: ._. Sweet.

 (18:31:12) Hulaabeo: Wow. ._.

 (18:31:26) Jack_McDack: Niiiiiiiice.

 (18:33:27) Drakesword: Detecting something on the walls of the near Clear fortress. Rave steps forward and finds a hatch in the ground. Opening it up easily, he finds a one way mirror floor looking up, able to move anywhere. Along with looks like there is a large tunnel going else where. Could he have found some sort of...tunnel?

 (18:34:06) Jack_McDack: >Large tunnel going elsewhere
>Could he have found some sort of...tunnel?

 (18:34:19) Drakesword: (SHUT THE HELL UP JACK!)

 (18:34:29) Nask: Rave: ... *rubs his chin, then decided. He waves at Thrall that he found something*

 (18:34:31) Jack_McDack: Juuust sayin'.

 (18:35:14) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Well whatddya know... *peeks down the tunnel*

 (18:35:51) Drakesword: They would both fit in the underground bit. Maybe even follow it somewhere...Or they could fight the enemy from below.

 (18:37:03) Nask: Rave: *considering where it goes first...*

 (18:37:04) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Think we should see where dis goes, eh?

 (18:37:10) Nask: Rave: *nods*

 (18:39:03) Drakesword: The two climb into the tunnel. Sneaking down they find a few branching tunnels. Each going a different place but none are lit.

Roll D100 who ever is leading.

 (18:39:25) Nask: hmm...

 (18:39:38) Hulaabeo: Rave found it, he rolls. <W>

 (18:39:42) Nask: okay.

 (18:39:46) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d100 and gets 29.

 (18:39:51) Nask: ...doh.

 (18:40:00) Hulaabeo: ...Just curious

 (18:40:06) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d100 and gets 42.

 (18:40:09) Hulaabeo: Meh

 (18:40:15) Nask: :/

 (18:41:05) Drakesword: "SON OF A BITCH! GET THEM OUT OF THERE!" The man from before shouts as what sounds like many armored feet thunder across the field!
You must advance quickly through the tunnels or leave them now.

 (18:41:39) Nask: Rave: o_o *is willing take the risk of going through the tunnels*

 (18:41:40) Nask: .

 (18:42:04) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Ohshiet, letz go! *almost pushing Rave to go*

 (18:42:14) Hulaabeo: *as in into the tunnels*

 (18:42:19) Nask: Rave: DX *keeps up with Thrall*

 (18:42:30) I.S.S.A.C.: Drakesword rolls 1d20 and gets 5.

 (18:43:17) Hulaabeo: Lady Luck is definitely not on our side today...

(18:43:24) Nask: Yep... :/

 (18:43:45) Drakesword: wait.

 (18:43:52) Drakesword: That was ment for YOU guys to roll that.

 (18:43:57) Nask: oh.

 (18:44:01) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 16.

 (18:44:12) Hulaabeo: Oh.

 (18:44:17) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 20.

 (18:44:22) Nask: Swag.

 (18:44:23) Hulaabeo: *fistpump*

 (18:44:36) Nask: *bumps Hula's fist my fist*

 (18:44:41) Nask: with my*

 (18:45:24) Jack_McDack: Just got back from eating pizza and niiice.

 (18:45:36) Nask: cool Jak

 (18:45:43) Hulaabeo: Awesome, bro!

 (18:46:07) Hulaabeo: *is enthusiastic enough to say that*

(18:50:04) Drakesword: With a few quick turns. The tunnel falls down a pit with them falling down the side! As they fall they land in a huge bit of water, and with it acting as a huge water slide, lead them down deeper and farther away from the sounds of it all the purserers!

When they finally got to a large pool where the ride stopped they were in the carved tunnels full of dark water and only a few glowing stones in the walls to give them any light.

 (18:50:43) Nask: ...This needs a escape theme. ._.

 (18:51:19) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *in the water, taking a peak at the glowing stones* Well, ain't this interestin'

 (18:51:39) Nask: Rave: o-o *busy trying to remain floating*

 (18:51:39) Jack_McDack: On it, Nask.

 (18:51:40) Nask: .

 (18:52:08) Nask: Hula's Turn. ._. Especially with the whole escape rolls.

 (18:52:31) Jack_McDack: Comical Escape theme.

 (18:52:44) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *notices Rave's difficulty, looking around for a way out of the pool or anything of use*

 (18:53:03) Hulaabeo: ._.

 (18:53:08) Nask: uh... *at Jak's theme choice* ._.

 (18:53:58) Jack_McDack: Eh, it's more suited for some sort of cartoon funny escape theme, but whatever.

 (18:54:03) Drakesword: Roll hula

 (18:55:00) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 8.

 (18:55:20) Nask: ._. ...Does Thrall have some points in Search Skill?

 (18:55:20) Hulaabeo: *grumble "Tainted dice" grumble*

 (18:55:46) Hulaabeo: Don't have the link for his sheet at the moment.

 (18:56:03) Drakesword: (I don't believe so.)

 (18:56:18) Nask: ah. ._.

 (18:56:20) Drakesword: As Thrall looked around, he saw the pool had thin walk ways on the sides.

 (18:56:50) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Better than nothing, I suppose... *gets up, offering a hand to help Rave up*

 (18:57:08) Nask: Rave: *grabs Thrall's hand* >.<

 (18:57:58) Drakesword: (Keep just Rping this.)

 (18:58:02) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *helps him up, hugging the wall as he followed the path, checking behind him every now and then to see if Rave was following*

 (18:59:16) Nask: Rave: *he's following alright after takes a breather*

 (18:59:17) Hulaabeo: Not sure if this music is fitting for an underground setting... Kind of trippy...​V9qPGM6L0E

 (18:59:40) Nask: creepy vid. ._.

 (19:00:00) Hulaabeo: Yep. ._.

 (19:00:53) Nask: But... fit enough due to their current situation. ._.

 (19:02:09) Drakesword: Rave, roll d10

 (19:02:20) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d100 and gets 97.

 (19:02:34) Drakesword: (100 works too...)

 (19:02:42) Jack_McDack: Holy shit.

 (19:02:45) Hulaabeo: ...Dayum. ._.

 (19:02:50) Nask: sorry. ._. Didn't see the 10.

 (19:03:26) Nask: but... okay. ._.

 (19:05:05) Drakesword: As Rave steps forward to lean on the wall, a brick is pushed in making the wall move and turn in a grinding sound. Looking inside is a larger tunnel with large crystals producing bright yellow light, making the tunnel upwards easily see able along with the glint of something in the distance.

 (19:05:24) Nask: *Zelda Secret tune*

 (19:05:48) Hulaabeo: Thrall: ._. Well, Skinny. You've found anotha tunnel... ._.

 (19:05:54) Nask: Rave: ._. *nods*

 (19:06:47) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Ladies first. *teasingly makes a gesture towards the tunnel*

 (19:07:15) Nask: Rave: .... -.- *at Thrall's reference, before entering the new tunnel*

 (19:07:44) Drakesword: D10 Nask

 (19:07:49) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *follows*

 (19:07:52) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 3.

 (19:08:12) Nask: ._. And... Here comes downwards like a rollercoaster.

 (19:09:10) Drakesword: Suddenly the door closed behind them from the watery tunnel. The smell slightly getting better from before. Because in the last tunnel, it smelled very foul...

 (19:09:35) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *didn't notice...* Hum. ._.

 (19:09:53) Nask: Rave: ... ^^' *nerviously smiles at the sudden door closed*

 (19:11:20) Drakesword: What would you do?

 (19:11:26) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *keeping his hand on his ax...* *looks down the tunnel* Suppose we keep movin', Skinny. ._.

 (19:11:39) Nask: Rave: *nods* ^^'

 (19:11:54) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *takes point*

 (19:12:06) Drakesword: Roll Thrall.

 (19:12:25) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 10.

 (19:12:30) Hulaabeo: Meh.

 (19:14:52) Drakesword: As thrall took point, he walked up the steep incline. Walking for a while, he found a small room with a lot of wood over water and a few iron bars removed from their covers.

 (19:15:40) Hulaabeo: Thrall: ? *enters the small room and examines it's contents*

 (19:15:48) Nask: Rave: ._. *wonders about the room*

 (19:16:25) Drakesword: Roll thrall. D100

 (19:16:32) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d100 and gets 58.

 (19:18:21) Drakesword: They find a few smashed barrels with a few apples inside. Nothing of true value except those who'd really need something like this.

The two start to hear the pitter patter of feet against the stone floor...what do you do?

 (19:19:41) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *in a whispering hiss* Skinny! Get your arse into one of these barrels! D:<

 (19:20:05) Nask: Rave: *without response, he hides in the barrel*

 (19:20:33) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *rolls to the otherside, hiding beside the entrance, ax at the ready*

 (19:20:35) Drakesword: (What does Thrall do though?)

 (19:20:41) Drakesword: Both roll D20

 (19:20:45) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 17.

 (19:20:47) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 13.

 (19:21:20) Jack_McDack: Brb

 (19:21:23) Nask: k

 (19:21:26) Hulaabeo: k

 (19:24:01) Drakesword: Rave jumps into one of the large barrels finding it happily empty with the knot hole open to look out of.

Thrall find a small niche near the door way as...someone walks in carrying a candle. It is a young boy followed by a Gastly looking around the area and running to a random barrel near Rave. He digs in it letting rave have a good look, the child was clearly homeless and a beggar. He pulled out a few apples then left running out of the room. Roll to stay hidden in the shadows Thrall.

 (19:24:34) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 11.

 (19:25:31) I.S.S.A.C.: Drakesword rolls 1d20 and gets 18.

 (19:26:26) Drakesword: The Child sees the glint of Thrall's ax in the candle light moving backwards. "W-who are you? Why are you here?! Please don't hurt me! I didn't know I was stealing from the Theive's Stock in the sewers..."

 (19:26:27) Jack_McDack: (Back)

 (19:27:50) Drakesword: (wb)

 (19:27:58) Drakesword: Thrall's reaction?

 (19:27:59) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *puts a finger to his lips* Ssh... Keep goin' kid. I ain't gonna hurt ya. *doesn't mention Rave*

 (19:28:25) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Though... You could tell me where to get out.

 (19:28:37) Drakesword: "Out? W-why

 (19:28:57) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Better you not know.

 (19:30:24) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Now, youz know where dis exit is?

 (19:30:25) Drakesword: He looked at thrall carefully nodding. "Um...okay. But how about...we do a deal. You make sure we both get out of the sewers and not get caught by a guard or thief looking for me. I kind something from one of them. And he...kinda was the leader." He waved his hand. "But that's not important!"

 (19:31:42) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *can't say no to a small starving child* ...Aite... Youz got a deal.

 (19:32:38) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Oi, Skinny! Out of the barrel with youz! *keeping his voice at a loud whisper*

 (19:33:11) Nask: Rave: ... *his head pops up out of the barrel, before jumps out of it*

(19:33:32) I.S.S.A.C.: Drakesword rolls 1d100 and gets 41.

 (19:33:54) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *gets up as well, keeping his ax on his belt... Assuming he has one...*

 (19:34:51) Drakesword: The boy looks at Rave in surprise jumping back a bit, "Wait...your the guys who escaped from the arena...Wow...looks like we're all being hunted by someone. Come on, I know three ways out of the city. Each way is a pain though...the only other one is...on the streets and well..."

What do you do?

 (19:35:24) Nask: Rave: ... *shake his head no on the streets part*

 (19:35:28) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Well... IS there a way we'z won't get noticed?

 (19:37:45) Drakesword: "Well...Best way would be...through the sewers or through the old Catacombs. Most of sewers are full of gates and is a maze and the" He looked nervous. "Scares me..."

 (19:38:54) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *not easily scared... though considers the child's well being an Rave's input* ...Hmm... What do you'z think, Rave? Nod for Catacombs or shake for Sewers?

 (19:39:24) Nask: Rave: ... *rubs his chin for the moment*

 (19:40:42) Nask: Rave: *he nods, sewers would give too much time for the guards if they figure out*

 (19:41:39) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *turns to the kid* It's catacombs... If you'z get scared you can stick to me, I'll protect ya. *lays a hand on the kid's shoulder, managing a grin*

 (19:42:05) Nask: Rave: *he managed a smile as well*

 (19:42:28) Hulaabeo: Rave: ...Or Skinny. >w>

 (19:42:44) Nask: ._. *at Hula*

 (19:42:54) Hulaabeo: What? ._.

 (19:42:56) Nask: ...uh.... Why do you type Rave's name, Hula?

 (19:43:11) Hulaabeo: OH.

 (19:43:19) Hulaabeo: **THRALL

 (19:44:00) Nask: ._. Eh... It's alright, Hula.

 (19:44:07) Drakesword: "Alright..." He says smiling at the larger man. He pushed open the door he came from. "It's this way. No one really goes in the Catacombs anymore either. Not even the guards or the assassins. They're supposed to be cursed..."

 (19:45:12) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Bah, no "curse" ain't scarin' me off... (Want Rave to go first?)

 (19:45:25) Nask: *sure.*

 (19:46:06) Nask: Rave: *he enters through the door first and see what is up ahead*

 (19:47:10) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Stick close... *referring to the child, giving a small glance to his Gastly*

 (19:47:45) Drakesword: Roll d100 nask

 (19:47:55) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d100 and gets 22.

 (19:48:02) Nask: bleh.

 (19:49:14) Hulaabeo: Would this kid be a party member, if there's such thing?

 (19:50:25) Drakesword: After an hour of walking and back tracking the boy finally figures out where a large sandstone arch way pointing. "There."
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Re: Session Logs Warlord 2
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2013, 10:36:15 PM »
19:27:50) Drakesword: Stonehelm, a city on the shores of Driften's Ice Birge bound coast. Within it, the richest men of the lands and the ruler of the City sit high above the rest. There was, and always was, little 'Homeless' people in the City. As the men and woman of Driften always stick up for one another in a cold land. Trusting their gods and fellow men to help them in their times of need. Even before the lands became more populated by other country men.

The boat left them on the docks, where a few dock hands were talking loudly about something leaning against a pole smoking with a Cyndaquil on one of their shoulders.

"I tell ya, the Jarl has gone near Loony. If he is gonna go try and get them old relics he's gonna have to go himself, or get some foreign Half-wit adventurers to go into those caves. Hell, even if they do...the trip will kill 'em dead." He lights another cig on the fire of his pokemon and takes a deep hit before moving on.
(19:29:34) Jack_McDack: (>foreign half-wit adventurers)
(19:29:46) Jack_McDack: (Talk about type casting.)
(19:30:49) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: did someone call for half wit adventurers!? * smiles adorablely*
(19:31:04) Drakesword: Roll for Turn order.
(19:31:12) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack rolls 1d6 and gets 5.
(19:31:14) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d6 and gets 3.
(19:31:18) Nask: Rave: =~= *hugging Cooper as he tugs his cloak close*
(19:31:20) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d6 and gets 6.
(19:31:24) Nask:
(19:31:30) Jack_McDack: Damn.
(19:31:44) Slider_Eclipse: rave used haxors on the dice! it was super effective
(19:32:29) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: Half-wit is my middle name. Seriously. My parents hated me...
(19:33:09) Nask: Rave: =~= *while the temporature is just as extreme similar to his homeland, he's just gonna go find a inn or something first*
(19:33:15) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 7.
(19:33:22) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: My parents loved me.. they used to lick me clean and snuggle with me at night and bite the legs off of the people who came to take me away!
(19:33:45) Drakesword: The dock hands look at Stella raising an eyebrow, "I think if you wanna hear about some jobs, go talk to some of the guardsmen. They said something about the Jarl wanting a group of...treasure or something."

"Wow...Man that blows." The second said to Yaeman. Rave sees a nearby inn across the street.
(19:34:11) Nask: Rave: =~= *have the thought that Stella is lucky then...*
(19:34:32) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: That's...nice..?
(19:34:41) Drakesword: The Dock hands look at one another and back away from Stella slowly.
(19:35:15) Nask: Jak, you are up.
(19:35:59) Drakesword: (It's Jack's turn.)
(19:36:30) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *goes into the inn and does that thing you do in every RPG where you order a totally-not-beer and listen for rumors*
(19:36:34) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack rolls 1d10 and gets 4.
(19:36:50) Jack_McDack: (I must have left my incredible luck at Public chat.)
(19:38:12) Slider_Eclipse: ( and i just realised i forgot to put any points into bluff.. oh well that will come next level i guess...)
(19:38:22) Drakesword: The inn turns to see Yaeman, sliding him a beer while the rest of the inn is drinking loudly seemingly having a party.
(19:38:45) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: Thank you, sentient inn.
(19:38:56) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: Possibly haunted inn...
(19:39:25) Drakesword: (Inn keeper
(19:39:29) Drakesword: (NEXT)
(19:39:41) Drakesword: (And Inn patrons.
(19:39:44) Nask: Rave: ...? *at Yaeman, wonders why he's party up with him... Til the reason is (spoilers)*
(19:39:52) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: * acts as cute as humanly possible in an attempt to gather infomation or at least give everyone in the inn a heartattack from cute overdose*
(19:39:57) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d10 and gets 2.
(19:40:06) Nask: Rave: ._.'
(19:40:15) Slider_Eclipse: and i must have left my godly rolls back at the old chat...
(19:40:41) Jack_McDack: I'll go back and get them, one second.
(19:40:44) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack leaves the channel.
(19:41:07) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack enters the channel.
(19:41:26) Jack_McDack: *tosses Nask incredible luck dice* Ese them next turn.
(19:41:31) Jack_McDack: *Use
(19:41:45) Nask: Rave: ... *goes sit in a chair, snugs with his pokemon to keep the chills out. Probably overhear something from someone* =.=
(19:41:55) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 4.
(19:42:16) Jack_McDack: ...This game is rigged.
(19:42:34) Slider_Eclipse: you do know that drake hasn't even posted the responce to stella yet right?
(19:42:51) Drakesword: No one is paying attention to Stella, everyone seems to be cheering and dancing for a bard who is playing near the hearth. The man was thin, and very very pale. He was also wearing a large Silver and Red cloak around him while he played his Violin. He had no pokemon insight as he kept working and collecting 'tips' from the patrons with a small drink next to him. Everyone around him was dancing and singing along to the forgien tune.

The song went something like this..."Oh hail! HAIL! The old Stone Kings, with hearts deep under the Mooountain! Oh hail, HAIL, for their Powers unmatched, by even the great wizard Oldrin!"
(19:42:55) Jack_McDack: I was about to mention that.
(19:42:55) Nask: oh my bad.
(19:43:06) Drakesword: (BITCHES STOP ROLLING! >.> )
(19:43:13) Nask: Sorry Drake.
(19:43:40) Drakesword: (It's okay. Be paticient is all I ask.)
(19:43:50) Slider_Eclipse: .. plus now stella has a pout roll as i recall
(19:44:53) Drakesword: (Pout roll...No. Next, Nask. You're up.)
(19:45:34) Slider_Eclipse: ( right then.. shame it would have been interesting to see her clonk the bard over the head with her lunatone..)
(19:46:12) Nask: okay....
Rave: =.= *goes sit in a empty chair, hugging both of his pokemon to try to keep warm to ward off the chills. Probably would overhear something from the crowd*
(19:46:16) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 10.
(19:46:19) Nask: ._. Swag.
(19:46:35) Jack_McDack: And there's the loaded dice I gave Nask.
(19:46:39) Slider_Eclipse: *sweatdrops* rave stole stella's swag
(19:46:50) Jack_McDack: I mean, the totally not loaded dice that is in no way cheating.
(19:47:34) Slider_Eclipse: * smacks jak over the head with a randomly summoned from thin air arceus*
(19:47:49) Jack_McDack: *Smack'd* ._.
(19:48:02) Nask: *hand the lucky dice to Jak* ._.
(19:48:50) Jack_McDack: *takes them*
(19:48:56) Slider_Eclipse: * turns the arceus into cotton candy and bites his head off as we wait*
(19:49:16) Drakesword: As Rave sits, a young man hooting a bit sits down downing a drink. He looks at Rave grinning, "Nice to meet ya! You new in town?" He asked, but before any responce could be made, "O' course you are. Lucky too. Came for the great festival of Old Stone Kings. The whole festival lasts Two Weeks straight and everyone comes together to have a time to see who'll be crowned part of a 'Stone Court'!" He laughs downing another drink grinning.
(19:49:26) Slider_Eclipse: mmm.. this tastes simply divine...
(19:49:51) Drakesword: (Booooo)
(19:50:10) Jack_McDack: Eclipse, that was a bad pun and you should be ashamed of yourself.
(19:50:25) Nask: Rave: -.- ? *is mute*
(19:50:28) Slider_Eclipse:
(19:50:28) Drakesword: (next)
(19:50:56) Jack_McDack: And Drake, you shut up. Neighsayer, Whorsehouse, Insert any Pokegirl name here.
(19:51:11) Slider_Eclipse: i think he was booing my pun jak..
(19:51:13) Drakesword: (I didn't write Whorsehouse.)
(19:51:40) Jack_McDack: I know what he was booing Eclipse.
(19:51:43) Jack_McDack: ANYWAY!
(19:52:14) Drakesword: (Next Please.)
(19:52:24) Slider_Eclipse: jaks next i think..
(19:52:30) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *To the man downing his drink* What precisely IS the "Stone Court"?
(19:52:37) Jack_McDack: (Roll, or dialogue?)
(19:52:50) Drakesword: (Dialogue. One moment.)
(19:53:34) Slider_Eclipse: whats ammatter jak.. * snaps and a pile of grape jelly falls on him* you seem to be.... * sunglasses* in a jam
(19:53:53) Nask: Eclipse. Wow...
(19:54:20) Slider_Eclipse: i know that was terrible.. but somehow its making me laugh myself to death
(19:54:27) Drakesword: "The Stone Court is a great Honor." The young man said grinning, "Along with being known as it for the next Year, you'll gain a prize. IT's always different depending on the Jarl. Normally, Four people become apart of the stone court. And they're usually on some kind of Mission or grand Game set up by the Jarl and other folks."
(19:54:51) Jack_McDack: *pops out of the jam and looks at Eclipse, tasting the jam* You must be a child, giving the Raspberry to me like that.
(19:55:12) Drakesword: (Stop using puns dammit!)
(19:55:13) Slider_Eclipse: raspberry? but i thought i gave you grape jam?
(19:55:50) Slider_Eclipse: meh, ok then
(19:56:17) Jack_McDack: Dammit Drake, I was about to bring the pun hammer down on Eclipse.
(19:56:20) Jack_McDack: But fine, fine.
(19:56:49) Drakesword: (Next.)
(19:56:53) Slider_Eclipse: you have to admit though that 1st one was... punny... ( ok ok now i'm done)
(19:57:33) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: hey bard person! i challange you to a sing off!
(19:58:05) Slider_Eclipse: ( diolouge or roll?)
(19:58:41) Drakesword: (...Dialog...)
(19:58:44) Jack_McDack: I say Eclipse gets an automatic 1 until he stops making puns.
(19:58:50) Slider_Eclipse: ( right then)
(19:59:01) Slider_Eclipse: i said i was done jak...
(19:59:22) Jack_McDack: What you said and what you'll actually do are two completely different things, Eclipse.
(19:59:34) Jack_McDack: Baaah. Brb, gotta do dog food.
(19:59:43) Slider_Eclipse: have i made one pun sence i did the punny one? nope
(19:59:51) Slider_Eclipse: k..
(20:00:28) Drakesword: The Bard is singing and dancing over to Stella stoping to play for a moment. "No no little girl. I think not. Go along and play somewhere else." He taps his small pendant of a gold V, making it glow. "So have fun girl." He tosses her Five gold.
(20:01:13) Slider_Eclipse: ohh unlimited money magic...
(20:01:34) Nask: brb...
(20:01:37) Drakesword: NEXT
(20:01:38) Drakesword: ok
(20:02:53) Slider_Eclipse: k...
(20:03:14) Slider_Eclipse: and now i'm the only player left for now.. do we wait or do i go again?
(20:03:23) Jack_McDack: Back momentarily.
(20:03:34) Slider_Eclipse: k..
(20:03:57) Drakesword: Ok
(20:04:00) Drakesword: We wait.
(20:04:24) Slider_Eclipse: also.. * flips the table* is nothing sacred anymore?!
(20:04:38) Jack_McDack: Nope.
(20:05:22) Jack_McDack: Because fuck you, Eclipse, it's a mad, mad world.
(20:05:31) Nask: (k back for now. :/)
(20:05:38) Slider_Eclipse: * weeps for humanity in the corner*
(20:05:59) Nask: My turn?
(20:06:10) Slider_Eclipse: yep
(20:06:10) Jack_McDack: Yep.
(20:06:26) Drakesword: (Yeah.)
(20:06:30) Slider_Eclipse: stella just gained 5 gold for trying to start a sing off..
(20:06:32) Nask: Rave: *continue to listening out the conversation and gossip from his seat* =.=
(20:06:40) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 5.
(20:07:09) Jack_McDack: Meh.
(20:08:04) Jack_McDack: Gaaah. Brb again.
(20:08:39) Nask: :/ brb again... You can skip my next turns.
(20:09:03) Slider_Eclipse: *sighs* at this rate we'll get to turn 5 by tomarrow..
(20:09:31) Jack_McDack: Gimme, like, 10 seconds, and I'll be back for a while.
(20:09:40) Drakesword: From what Rave can pick up, which is mostly from the song is this, "Oh The Kings held the amulets! Bringing them down, held them high in life to bring them to their Prime...." They sang grinning, "One of the Great Fires of the forges from the earth! One of the Waters of the Deepests Seas! One of the Snow around us all! And the Final of Great Dragons the we'll all meet on our last day!"
(20:09:45) Drakesword: (Next.)
(20:10:03) Slider_Eclipse: can't jak's afk
(20:10:13) Jack_McDack: Back.,
(20:10:25) Slider_Eclipse: or not..
(20:11:37) Jack_McDack: Will we need a room for the night, or is this the morning?
(20:12:01) Drakesword: (This is the morning.)
(20:12:23) Jack_McDack: Alrighty then...
(20:13:08) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *looks at innkeeper* Is there anything that needs to be done around here? And if you have rats in your cellar, I will sic the loli on you.
(20:13:12) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack rolls 1d10 and gets 5.
(20:14:26) Jack_McDack: ._.
(20:15:02) Drakesword: The man looks at Yaeman and shakes his head, "Well there is some moron stealing some supplies coming into town to the north near the mountain. You could deal with 'im."
(20:15:58) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: Good enough for me.
(20:16:57) Drakesword: "Go north outta town. Be back by sunset though, I'd be too busy serving drinks if you come back after then until tomorrow morning to reward ya."
(20:17:42) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *looks at Rave and Stella* Any objections?
(20:17:51) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: hmp, meanie.. stealing all the affection..
(20:18:29) Drakesword: (Nask is AFK. We'll say Rave is drinking in a corner like Aragorn.)
(20:19:25) Jack_McDack: So...
(20:19:35) Drakesword: (You can continue.)
(20:19:51) Jack_McDack: By myself or the whole party?
(20:20:02) Slider_Eclipse: ( eh, i think stellas fine with it.. though she might wanna waste a spell on a prank as we exit..)
(20:20:31) Drakesword: (With Just you two.)
(20:20:40) Jack_McDack: Alright.
(20:20:46) Drakesword: (I wouldn't Eclipse.)
(20:21:04) Slider_Eclipse: ( you wouldn't use create water to fill the bards pants with ice cold water?)
(20:21:13) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *gets up* Rave, you, uh...soak up info or something. And then pretend to tell us it when we get back.
(20:21:18) Drakesword: (No. It's a waste.)
(20:22:02) Slider_Eclipse: ( true.. but it would still be hilarious you have to admit.. plus she is a 9 year old who lived in a forest.. with wild pokemon as parents..)
(20:22:15) Drakesword: (It's a WASTE. Don't do it...)
(20:23:04) Drakesword: (Plus Karma.)
(20:23:04) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *looks at Stella* I know you're planning on doing something wasteful and the omnipitent voice in our collective heads are telling us not to do it. So let's go.
(20:23:11) Slider_Eclipse: ( bleh fine.. though i don't think stella would be willing to go without doing something to the guy...)
(20:23:55) Drakesword: (Karma.)
(20:24:11) Drakesword: (But go ahead...)
(20:24:18) Nask: k back
(20:24:42) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: aww.. fine... * picks up her gold and slips one to a waitress telling her shes paying for a mug of there finest beer.. filled with hot sauce or some equilly hit substance that would make sense and follows yaeman out the door*
(20:24:48) Nask: What do I missed>
(20:24:50) Nask: .
(20:25:04) Drakesword: (WB. Do you have time for...ADVENTURE!)
(20:25:13) Slider_Eclipse: paying for a mug to be given to the bard*
(20:25:24) Nask: Ready.
(20:25:35) Jack_McDack: Yaeman and Stella are currently going to find some moron who's stealing stuff to the north of town or something. So come.
(20:25:36) Slider_Eclipse: ( roll?)
(20:25:48) Nask: ah.
(20:26:09) Drakesword: (Okay. Rave is following. Now, Roll to leave.)
(20:26:17) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d10 and gets 7.
(20:26:20) Jack_McDack: Me?
(20:26:22) Jack_McDack: Ah.
(20:26:49) Slider_Eclipse: ( i really hope my action made sense)
(20:27:07) Nask: .
(20:27:45) Drakesword: The small group walks toward the northen gate of the town. Most wave off the group except when they start leaving. As they are walking out of the way, they see Two roads. One that goes up the mountain, and one through a mountain pass.
(20:28:17) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: * snickering to herself at her little prank*
(20:28:28) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: ...Well...fuck.
(20:29:51) Drakesword: (What path do you take?)
(20:30:02) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: I hate making decisions like this...
(20:30:13) Nask: (I vote for Mountain Pass)
(20:30:47) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: come on come one! its only a teeny tiny mountain.. lets go upwards!
(20:31:26) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: The Loli says upwards. So...Mountain pass.
(20:31:49) Drakesword: (Roll D100 for the mountain pass!)
(20:31:54) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: AWW... * kicks yaeman in the shin*
(20:32:15) Nask: Rave: =.= *is looking at the pass*
(20:32:25) Nask: So... who want to roll?
(20:32:35) Jack_McDack: I got 'dis.
(20:32:38) Slider_Eclipse: i'll roll if noone else does..
(20:32:39) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack rolls 1d100 and gets 27.
(20:32:55) Jack_McDack: That is a bullshit roll and you know it.
(20:33:42) Slider_Eclipse: looks like stella gets her wish afterall
(20:34:30) Drakesword: (I'll let everyone roll...)
(20:34:36) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d100 and gets 31.
(20:34:40) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d100 and gets 33.
(20:34:59) Jack_McDack: These are all bullshit rolls and ISSAC knows it.
(20:35:36) I.S.S.A.C.: i know you are but what am i Jack_McDack?
(20:35:39) Drakesword: ...I'll allow everyone a reroll...
(20:35:52) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack rolls 1d100 and gets 97.
(20:35:54) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d100 and gets 32.
(20:36:09) Jack_McDack: B.
(20:36:13) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d100 and gets 46.
(20:36:15) Jack_McDack: B.
(20:36:21) Jack_McDack: B.
(20:36:25) Jack_McDack:
(20:36:29) Jack_McDack: Swag.
(20:37:00) Drakesword: Okay then.
(20:37:40) Drakesword: As the group walked through the mountain pass, they notice something to the side. Another they look they see it leads downwards and INTO the mountain itself. Walking down the path,
(20:38:00) Drakesword: They see a few odd symbols and a door with an old rusty lock in their way.
(20:38:13) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: oohh! maybe this mountains a volcano!
(20:39:09) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: Odd symbols and locked doors. Something tells me that whatever's behind that door, it's still alive.
(20:39:50) Nask: .
(20:39:58) Slider_Eclipse: * stella trys to break the lock so the door may be opened*
(20:40:40) Slider_Eclipse: ( roll a 1d10?)
(20:41:01) Drakesword: (D50)
(20:41:14) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d50 and gets 25.
(20:41:22) Slider_Eclipse: * sweatdropps* exactly half..
(20:42:04) Nask: ._.'
(20:42:09) Jack_McDack: ._.
(20:42:48) Drakesword: The door's lock creaks and cracks greatly. It falls off, but the girl is too tired to push the door open alone.
(20:43:28) Jack_McDack: LazyPurple got a girlfriend?
(20:43:42) Slider_Eclipse: who?
(20:43:51) Jack_McDack: Oh, wait, neverming.
(20:44:13) Jack_McDack: Dude on Youtube who has a Steam group.
(20:44:20) Slider_Eclipse: ahh
(20:44:25) Slider_Eclipse: nasks turn i think
(20:44:35) Jack_McDack: His Steam group just updated with "MEET THE GIRLFRIEND" and I didn't know he had one.
(20:44:51) Nask: Rave: =.= *opens the door*
(20:45:04) Jack_McDack: Oh well, irrelevant.
(20:45:43) Drakesword: (Roll D10)
(20:47:08) Drakesword: (Nask. D10.)
(20:47:10) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 4.
(20:47:15) Nask: sorry, Drake.
(20:48:21) Drakesword: (It's fine.)
(20:49:12) Drakesword: With a good bit of pushing, rave opens the door and old Icicles fall around them. They are huge and obviously OLD OLD OLD by the size. It's also black as night in the new area.
(20:49:52) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: Gee, an incredibly dark area. I wonder how we will see.
(20:50:20) Nask: Rave: ... *looks at Yaeman, gesture for lights if Yaeman can understand him*
(20:50:27) Nask: light spells*
(20:51:00) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *looks at Rave* Yeah, I got it. *Light spell away!*
(20:51:10) Jack_McDack: (Roll, or not?)
(20:51:20) Drakesword: (Choose what you make Glow.)
(20:52:14) Nask: (Jak? You decide)
(20:52:21) Jack_McDack: Considering I'm going to be in the back for any combat, and Stella's the close-combat one and would therefore be the closest to any enemies...
(20:52:31) Jack_McDack: Something on Stella.
(20:52:55) Jack_McDack: And Rave's and Illusionist.
(20:54:07) Jack_McDack: ...
(20:54:12) Drakesword: (You can only cast it once, unless you use both spells.)
(20:54:27) Jack_McDack: Only one.
(20:54:52) Jack_McDack: On something that Stella has.
(20:55:16) Slider_Eclipse: cast it on her luna tone.. then we have a giant boomerang flashlight
(20:55:27) Jack_McDack: Okay then.
(20:55:46) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *Casts Liught on Stella's Luna Tone*
(20:55:49) Drakesword: (Can't be cast on a living thing.)
(20:55:58) Slider_Eclipse: doh
(20:56:08) Jack_McDack: ...the boomerang is alibe?
(20:56:10) Jack_McDack: *alive
(20:56:14) Slider_Eclipse: all stella has then is her naginata...
(20:56:28) Slider_Eclipse: yes jak.. its a fucking giant floating rock with eyes..
(20:56:36) Drakesword: (Then pick up a Rock.)
(20:56:44) Jack_McDack: Fucking...
(20:57:09) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *Picks up a rock and casts light on it*
(20:57:58) Jack_McDack: ...Wait, if we break the rock apart, will each part still glow?
(20:58:01) Slider_Eclipse: in hinesite.. if anyone had a bottle stella could have cast the create water spell to fill it then had the light cast on the water..
(20:58:09) Drakesword: ...Uh...
(20:58:16) Drakesword: ...I dunno...
(20:58:36) Jack_McDack: Because that would be incredibly useful.
(20:59:06) Slider_Eclipse: wait i just had a brillent idea..
(20:59:10) Nask: Rave didn't have a bottle on him. ._.
(20:59:33) Slider_Eclipse: use cast light on a fallen icicle then have someoen carry it.. then they can just stab it back into the ground if we run into a battle
(20:59:47) Jack_McDack: But it might melt.
(20:59:58) Slider_Eclipse: touche...
(21:00:10) Drakesword: The Light produces No heat. And the area is Freezing.
(21:00:36) Jack_McDack: If we use a rock, then we can chip off a part of it and toss it places if we need to light up multiple places.
(21:00:54) Drakesword: (One moment. I'll ask Fumi or Tom for a ruling on that.)
(21:01:02) Jack_McDack: 'Kay.
(21:01:32) Slider_Eclipse: true.. but in that same sinario there would be more icicle to use.. and ice is easier to cleave than rock
(21:04:31) Jack_McDack: ._.
(21:04:43) Jack_McDack: Well I already casted it on the rock.
(21:04:54) Jack_McDack: There that post is.
(21:04:56) Drakesword: (The ruling is as such. As it's broken up, the light grows dimmer on each peice.)
(21:05:32) Jack_McDack: Alrighty then.
(21:05:51) Jack_McDack: So, if we have to break it up, do it sparingly.
(21:06:00) Drakesword: (So I'll say...The rock is roughly the Size of a Tree Branch,)
(21:06:25) Drakesword: (Alright. Continue.)
(21:07:01) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *holding rock* ...Well then, after years of stalling. Shall we?
(21:07:04) Slider_Eclipse: i think we were waiting for you to do the dm thing
(21:07:13) Nask: Rave: *nods*
(21:07:18) Drakesword: (Alright.)
(21:07:32) Drakesword: SO...Jack had taken his turn by casting the spell. So...
(21:08:12) Slider_Eclipse: stella: * howls and then runs forwards ready to slash anything she sees*
(21:08:18) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d10 and gets 9.
(21:09:15) Drakesword: The cave is illuminated by the glow from the stone. The area is...well old to be blunt about it. The walls were made of stone and had many paintings on the rocks themselves along with plenty of icecicles. Stella ran ahead, chopping a bit of a huge ice pillar and uncovered something in the ice. It seemed to be...well something strange. An odd round marker the size of a coin.
(21:10:30) Nask: Rave: *noticed something strange, he walks up to look at the round marker*
(21:10:49) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 8.
(21:11:50) Drakesword: The marker was under at least four inches of clear ice. The main draw to it was that it seemed connected to the wall with the symbol of a small flaming Hammer.
(21:12:42) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *walks up and looks at the marker* ...Flaming hammer engraved in ice. Can you spell Irony?
(21:13:09) Drakesword: (You can continue how you'd like.)
(21:13:09) Nask: Rave: ... *rubs his hands*
(21:13:32) Slider_Eclipse: ....
(21:13:45) Jack_McDack: ...
(21:13:55) Slider_Eclipse: it is your turn jak..
(21:13:59) Drakesword: (I ment Jack with an Action.)
(21:14:08) Jack_McDack: Alright.
(21:14:11) Jack_McDack: Um...
(21:14:29) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *Continues down the cave*
(21:14:40) Jack_McDack: 'Cause I can't think of anything else to do...
(21:14:43) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack rolls 1d10 and gets 8.
(21:14:47) Jack_McDack: : D
(21:16:30) Drakesword: As Yaeman keeps walking down the cave he kicks a stone by accident down the corridor...and as it skips along a burst of FIRE nearly roasts him, of it was set off by the stone and missed him thankfully. The hallway was long and the bit that shot fire was in the shape of Charizard head.
(21:17:39) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *steps back in time* Gah!
(21:18:03) Slider_Eclipse: * stella casts guidance!*
(21:18:14) Slider_Eclipse: brb
(21:18:26) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: Why did nobody think to check for traps?!
(21:18:41) Drakesword: ok
(21:18:56) Jack_McDack: Kay.
(21:19:12) Nask: Rave: *...Raise hand. He was planning to, but Yaeman and Stella gone too fast for him to try to stop them*
(21:19:41) Slider_Eclipse: back
(21:19:51) Slider_Eclipse: do i need to roll for stellas spell
(21:20:02) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: ...Right. If either of us proceed into a suspicious room without checking, please slap us.
(21:20:37) Nask: Rave: -.- *nods*
(21:21:11) Drakesword: You do.
(21:21:23) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d10 and gets 9.
(21:21:29) Slider_Eclipse: so many swag rolls
(21:21:41) Jack_McDack: Nice.
(21:21:48) Nask: Nice.
(21:23:18) Drakesword: One moment to look up Guidance.
(21:23:26) Slider_Eclipse: k
(21:24:53) Drakesword: ...Who does Stella cast Guidance on?
(21:25:18) Slider_Eclipse: who?
(21:25:49) Slider_Eclipse: oh.. doh i thought it was like a helpful assist or something.. i guess give it to yaeman then
(21:25:52) Drakesword: ...
(21:26:22) Drakesword: Alright then. Yaeman you get +1 to your next roll.
(21:26:35) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: ...Thanks, Stella.
(21:27:46) Nask: Rave: *gesture Yaeman and Stella to look out for traps, before Rave goes to try to disarm the Charizard trap*
(21:28:04) Nask: what dice?
(21:28:18) Drakesword: D20. I need to look at Rave's sheet...
(21:28:21) Nask: k
(21:28:25) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 5.
(21:28:28) Nask:
(21:28:35) Jack_McDack: Wwwelp.
(21:29:06) Drakesword: ...*clicks my tongue*
(21:29:18) Slider_Eclipse: whos in the mood for some extra crispy rave for dinner tonight?
(21:29:30) Nask: ...Cannibal. ._. *at Eclipse*
(21:30:15) Drakesword: Rave nearly has his cloak burnt, as his reflexes save him from getting torched. The trap is now stuck On.
(21:30:29) Nask: Rave: =.=
(21:30:44) Drakesword: So on that hall that you can see, it has a small stream of FIRE going across the middle.
(21:30:48) Slider_Eclipse: *shrugs* eh, when you have an oc raised in the wild...
(21:30:52) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: ...*pats Rave on the back* You tried.
(21:31:23) Jack_McDack: Okay, ah...
(21:31:37) Jack_McDack: ...Question.
(21:32:00) Drakesword: Is the question for the DM?
(21:32:15) Jack_McDack: How does the trap work? Like, is there a pilot light that sets off fuel that's being spat out?
(21:33:42) Drakesword: Rave was sticking his hand where the pebble landed where they're was a pressure plate, attempting to pry the plate up but failed and now it's stuck down.
(21:34:12) Jack_McDack: ...
(21:34:25) Jack_McDack: That...doesn't answer my question.
(21:34:43) Drakesword: You cannot see that bit.
(21:34:52) Jack_McDack: Fuck.
(21:34:53) Slider_Eclipse: hmm... is the hole that the fires coming from visable?
(21:35:05) Jack_McDack: Okay, shot in the dark,
(21:35:16) Drakesword: Fucker, I know how you adventeres think. Cheating assholes.
(21:35:27) Drakesword: It's coming from a Charizard's mouth Eclipse.
(21:35:39) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *Picks up a nearby icicle and throws it at the Charizard's mouth.*
(21:35:49) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack rolls 1d10 and gets 1.
(21:35:55) Nask: Rave: ....
(21:35:57) Jack_McDack: Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff​fffffffffffffff..................​.
(21:36:04) Slider_Eclipse: ahh, so would it be possible to.. say... cast create water inside the mouth so it gets the insides of the trap flooded
(21:36:18) Slider_Eclipse: well.. at least its a 2 and not a 1 jak..
(21:36:38) Jack_McDack: Oh. That makes so much of a different.
(21:37:05) Slider_Eclipse: consitering that a 1 is an epic fail and a 2 is just a fail... i'd say its all the difference...
(21:37:10) Drakesword: It melts. And then sets off another trap in a chain so the OTHER charizard statues breath fire down the hallway.
(21:37:23) Nask: Rave: ....
(21:37:40) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: ...
(21:37:41) Slider_Eclipse: right then... time for stella to use her badass points and save our asses then..
(21:38:18) Drakesword: (BRB. I'll give you a Hint.. Think of Skyrim and Pressure plate traps.)
(21:38:34) Slider_Eclipse: stella: STELLA SMASH! * try to slice the ice pillar from earlier clean off the floor then chuck it like a football down the hallway*
(21:38:43) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d10 and gets 5.
(21:38:55) Nask: Rave: o-o *at Stella*
(21:39:11) Jack_McDack: ...
(21:40:13) Slider_Eclipse: too much?
(21:40:32) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *Tempted to smash something himself out of anger*
(21:42:44) Drakesword: (back)
(21:43:20) Slider_Eclipse: wb
(21:43:29) Nask: .
(21:43:32) Nask: wb.
(21:43:43) Jack_McDack: I'm trying to think of what you mean by traps in Skyrim, but waiting until the trap stops is kinda useless when it never stops.
(21:43:47) Jack_McDack: And wb.
(21:44:03) Drakesword: ...Stella's 'mighty smash' did something. Those not what was intended. A good...4 inch thick three wide ice chunk was knocked off. She threw it down the hallway...only have it Fucking Melt.
(21:44:17) Drakesword: (Think of Other traps.)
(21:44:44) Jack_McDack: In that case, yeah, I think I know what I'm doing with my turn...
(21:44:56) Nask: ...And since I didn't play Skyrim. Rave's gonna look for anything that can help them pass the traps.
(21:45:03) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 9.
(21:45:42) Slider_Eclipse: i've wanted to play skyrim.. i just never got the thing sadly
(21:46:32) Drakesword: Rave looks around the room they arrived in with the pillar of Ice...he notices something...the bit Stella knocked off was where the small 'stone coin' was. But it looked to be set into the wall.
(21:46:34) Jack_McDack: I've played Skyrim.
(21:47:16) Jack_McDack: So I think I got this.
(21:47:21) Jack_McDack: My turn?
(21:47:29) Nask: Yeah. ._.
(21:47:36) Jack_McDack: Right.
(21:47:56) Jack_McDack: Is inspecting the coin from earlier a turn?
(21:48:29) Nask: Rave already inspected that.
(21:48:36) Jack_McDack: Oh, right.
(21:48:56) Nask: so... Try touch it?
(21:49:29) Nask: brb.
(21:49:40) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *Looks around the indent for anything that would be movable*
(21:49:43) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack rolls 1d10 and gets 3.
(21:49:47) Jack_McDack: ._.
(21:50:19) Slider_Eclipse: wow i think i should have cast guidance on rave that one time.. yaeman's luck is shit...
(21:50:21) Drakesword: He sees a small line around the 'coin'. But that's it.
(21:50:31) Drakesword: (Oh. You mean the indent near the pressure plate?)
(21:51:08) Jack_McDack: You know the Golden Claw 'puzzle' in Skyrim?
(21:51:15) Jack_McDack: I was looking for something like that.
(21:51:44) Drakesword: (And where are you trying to find that?)
(21:52:01) Jack_McDack: Around the stone chip thingy.
(21:52:08) Jack_McDack: Or where it was.
(21:52:38) Drakesword: All he sees is a small outline around the stone. That's it.
(21:52:56) Drakesword: OKAY GUYS...Fumi has a tip for you.
(21:53:07) Drakesword: Endure elements on a tower shield should do the trick, failing that, stop sucking at exploration.
(21:53:47) Nask: k back.
(21:53:54) Jack_McDack: So does anyone know how to do that?
(21:54:03) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: Stella smash!... AGAIN! * grabs her lunatone and trys to smash through the ice to hit the coin symbol with the giant living rock*
(21:54:10) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d10 and gets 1.
(21:54:11) Drakesword: (W
(21:54:17) Slider_Eclipse: ... epic fails...
(21:54:19) Jack_McDack: WB.
(21:54:37) Slider_Eclipse: wb btw
(21:54:38) Nask: ._. Eclipse? Do you have Endure Elements in your spell list?
(21:54:41) Drakesword: Lunatone floats up before Stella throws it, and drops her ass on the ground.
(21:54:45) Slider_Eclipse: no...
(21:55:34) Jack_McDack: Brb
(21:55:47) Drakesword: (Ok.)
(21:57:14) Nask: hmm... ._. Rave have Elizabeth use Psywave on the ice, carefully remove it from the stone coin?
(21:57:32) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 4.
(21:57:34) Nask: .....
(21:57:46) Nask: Dice enough with the bad rolls. >_>
(21:58:01) Jack_McDack: Back.
(21:58:03) Slider_Eclipse: dice:
(21:58:20) Drakesword: The Psywave merely presses the stone coin, making a loud stone move from nearby.
(21:58:39) Nask: ...Works for me!
(21:58:40) Jack_McDack: Stone: *vuvuzela noise*
(21:59:12) Jack_McDack: Okay, I'm getting a little tired of this.
(21:59:15) Drakesword: Next.
(21:59:21) Drakesword: Tired of what? Warlords?
(21:59:31) Jack_McDack: No, this puzzle.
(22:00:11) Jack_McDack: Find a large stone (Not ice, STONE) that's tall enough to block both fires and push it down the hall, blocking the fires as they come from the charizard heads.
(22:00:17) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack rolls 1d10 and gets 6.
(22:00:46) Jack_McDack: ...Eeeeeeh...
(22:02:09) Drakesword: Picking up a larger flat stone, and hugging the wall. The young mage runs down the hall using it as a shield. The heat singes his robes a bit and gives him a nasty burn on his hand. But alone, he gets off alright in a small circular room. Having brough the light stone with him.
(22:02:31) Nask: Rave: .....
(22:02:42) Drakesword: -4 HP
(22:03:04) Slider_Eclipse: .. stella's gonna break both of his legs when he gets back
(22:03:30) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *holding his hand, but alive* The pain is immense, but the joy I'm feeling is great! *looks at charizard heads* Now, if only I can figure out how to turn these off...
(22:04:18) Jack_McDack: ...Wait. Fuck, I'm not in that room anymore, am I?
(22:04:30) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: * lets out a loud scream that can likely be heard from town and commands scyther to use vaccum wave on yaeman for leaving her behind*
(22:04:31) Nask: Yep.
(22:04:34) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d10 and gets 5.
(22:04:38) Drakesword: In the new room, he sees a few things. But as he looked back...he saw something. A small pedestal on the wall being held up by a small stone infront of something glowing dark red.
(22:04:59) Drakesword: Vaccum Wave simply makes the Fire fill the hall, but not reach Yaeman.
(22:05:06) Jack_McDack: Veeery descriptive there.
(22:05:16) Nask: Rave: ....
(22:05:31) Nask: Rave: ... *have his pokemon, who are used to see in the dark to find where the stone sound thing is coming from or anything out of the ordinary*
(22:05:36) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 1.
(22:05:42) Nask: You got to be kidding me...
(22:06:02) Jack_McDack: Is there any way they'd hear if I shouted to them?
(22:06:04) Slider_Eclipse: yea.. yaemans about to become a lady if stella ever gets her hands on him..
(22:06:38) Drakesword: The pokemon are staring at the ice chewing on it. And Yes. They can hear you.
(22:07:05) Nask: Rave: .... DX *pulls his pokemon away from the ice, it is not for licking!*
(22:07:42) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *yells back* I'll turn off the Charizard heads in a second! *mumbles* If I can figure out how... *yells again* I'm just, uh...scouting the next room!
(22:08:10) Jack_McDack: Actually...
(22:08:37) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: YOU DUMMY! YOU LEFT US WITHOUT A LIGHT SOURCE! * shouts back in annoyance and rage*
(22:09:32) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: ...*breaks the rock in half and throw/slide the other half down the hall*
(22:09:39) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack rolls 1d10 and gets 9.
(22:10:50) Jack_McDack: ...
(22:11:03) Jack_McDack: That definitely wasn't a bad roll.
(22:11:26) Drakesword: He is able to Slide most of the very hot stone down the hall toward Stella and Yaeman, but...wait. It's not a stone. From the heat, it showed now a gleaming bronze colored metal. Picking it up, a small symbol of a Hammer on fire was shown on the bit of metal being able to be seen.
(22:12:20) Jack_McDack: I kinda meant the glowing stone, but the one I used to block the fire works, too.
(22:12:48) Drakesword: (Be specific next time)
(22:13:01) Jack_McDack: 'Kay.
(22:13:31) Slider_Eclipse: stella: * trys to throw a random rock at yaeman's head*
(22:13:37) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d10 and gets 6.
(22:13:51) Drakesword: A small stone hits Yaeman's shoulder.
(22:13:57) Drakesword: Though it is slightly on fire.
(22:14:42) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *hit, pats the fire out before it spreads* You're welcome. *mumbles* Bitch...
(22:15:03) Slider_Eclipse: yea.. stella is kinda useless atm cause of blind rage and fear...
(22:15:09) Nask: Rave: *looks to try to find where the rock sound is coming from earlier with his pokemon*
(22:15:13) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 5.
(22:15:19) Drakesword: Eclipse...She's not a Barbarian.
(22:15:26) Drakesword: She's a Shaman.
(22:15:52) Nask: I think it is personality-related, Drake. ._.
(22:15:59) Slider_Eclipse: what nask said..
(22:16:28) Nask: and add to the fact that she is still a kid....
(22:16:30) Slider_Eclipse: shes a 9 year old raised by WILD POKEMON IN A FOREST she is going to be easily frightened and enraged..
(22:17:32) Drakesword: True.
Rave looks around and sees...Wait. That Dark passage around where the Button was...That's new. It's really dark in there though...Strange. Seems like a new passage.
(22:18:07) Nask: Rave: *pulls Stella to show her the new passage*
(22:18:36) Drakesword: *More imagines Rave just forcing Stella's head to look the way of the Passage.*
(22:20:06) Nask: Jak's turn?
(22:20:08) Drakesword: Next.
(22:20:19) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: Hope Rave and Stella find an alternate way. Now then.
(22:20:43) Jack_McDack: *Inspect the red thing on the pedastel*
(22:20:49) Jack_McDack: *Yaeman:
(22:20:54) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack rolls 1d10 and gets 8.
(22:21:18) Slider_Eclipse: .. you mean the red stone you threw at the still raging stella?
(22:21:43) Jack_McDack: ...I thought I threw the stone that I used to get through the hallway.
(22:22:23) Drakesword: He threw the stone he used as a shield.
(22:22:24) Slider_Eclipse: *shrugs*
(22:22:38) Jack_McDack: Okay, good.
(22:22:44) Slider_Eclipse: all i know is that we need to hurry to a checkpoint, its almost dinner here..
(22:22:47) Jack_McDack: Now then, I got a pretty good roll.
(22:23:55) Drakesword: Yaeman walked over to the pedistal and pulled the Glowing Jewel off the Pedestal. But as he takes it off...he notices something. The lights...they got ALOT dimmer...He looked into the hall...And saw nothing. Nothing in the hallway at all.
(22:25:05) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: ...The fire's gone. Hah! They can get through! ...Shit, Stella can get through.
(22:25:21) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: yay no more fire!.. except now its darker.. * screams and runs down the hallway, aiming to plow both her feet into yaeman's privates in a flying jump kick of epic lolz*
(22:25:49) Slider_Eclipse: * also pain, lots and lots of pain*
(22:25:58) I.S.S.A.C.: Slider_Eclipse rolls 1d10 and gets 6.
(22:26:13) Nask: Rave: '-'
(22:27:21) Drakesword: The Pain came...very quickly. Though Stella ended up kicking the hand Yaeman held the stone in and broke the rock in two. Making the young mage yelp in great pain dropping the light and nearly the glowing jewel.
(22:27:25) Drakesword: Next.
(22:28:13) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: FUCK! *holds hand* Hey fuck you, I got us all through the hallway!
(22:28:41) Nask: Rave: ... *looks at teh new passage and the now-trap free hallway.... Goes to where the group is and looks into the next room to see if there's any traps in it*
(22:28:47) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 4.
(22:28:48) Slider_Eclipse: Stella: you left us in complete darkness you big meanie!
(22:29:05) Nask: ...and hopefully Search Skill comes through...
(22:29:32) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: You had a hallway full of fire! How could you not see anything?!
(22:30:25) Drakesword: The room Rave now goes into following the little girl. Seeing a few things in the new room. A new larger Iron door with a small handle to pull on it. But no visible traps.
(22:30:50) Nask: Rave: *frowns*
(22:31:45) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *picks up the jewel again* Ugh...whatever. *looks at door* This seems suspicious.
(22:32:11) Nask: Rave: *picks up the second light*
(22:32:47) Slider_Eclipse: ( sorry guys but unless we have a safe spot in the next room i'm gonna need to call it a night, dinners done)
(22:33:00) Jack_McDack: Yaeman: *inspects the door and area around it thoroughly, for anything that could possibly be a trap, not wanting a repeat*
(22:33:02) Nask: (okay.)
(22:33:04) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack rolls 1d10 and gets 5.
(22:33:08) Jack_McDack: (Okay)
(22:33:43) Drakesword: (You coming after dinner Eclipse? If so, we can log it now.)
(22:33:49) Jack_McDack: Actually, we can probably just stop here.
(22:34:13) Slider_Eclipse: ( maybe, depends if anyone will still be online when i get back, dinner will be at least a half an hour if not longer..)
(22:34:16) Drakesword: True. Impressive skills finding a way through the Hall of Flames.

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Re: Session Logs
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2013, 09:50:42 PM »
Drake's Campaign
Game: Warlords
Title: Escape of Slaves, part 3
Players: Rave (Nask), Thrall (Hula)
Location: Catacombs, Phoaeir

(18:43:58) Drakesword: "That's a quick way out of the city. At least, it should be."

 (18:44:00) Nask: Arrive at the entrance to the catacombs.

 (18:44:16) Nask: ._. so... yeah.

 (18:44:33) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Aite... So, Skinny. Think we should press on?

 (18:44:43) Nask: Rave: *nods*

 (18:44:47) Drakesword: (Yeah.)

 (18:44:57) Drakesword: (It can be Nask then Hula.)

 (18:45:36) Hulaabeo: (kk)

 (18:45:48) Jack_McDack: (Back.)

 (18:46:03) Jack_McDack: (Fuck, gotta go.)

 (18:46:18) Hulaabeo: See Ya

 (18:46:45) Drakesword: (Later.)

 (18:46:57) Nask: .

 (18:47:02) Nask: ate my action.

 (18:47:38) Nask: Rave: *enter the entrance first, mentally prepare himself for any suprises within the catacombs*

 (18:47:40) Drakesword: (Alright. Nask can make an Action.)

 (18:47:51) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 7.

 (18:48:51) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *follows, keeping the kid close to him*

 (18:49:46) Drakesword: Walking into the catacombs Rave sees a large light that scares him knocking him back. The light soon goes down a hole making an eerie light making the little kid shake. "You guys gotta be careful...Who knows what things are down here?"

 (18:50:33) Nask: Rave: *held his chest, nods in agreement*

 (18:51:15) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Dun't worry, kid. Whatever might be hangin' around will have ta deal with us.

 (18:51:41) Hulaabeo: *Thrall presses onward, weapon in hand*

 (18:51:49) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d10 and gets 6.

 (18:51:51) Drakesword: (You know, Thrall was based off Thrall from Warcraft who was an Orc. Makes sense Hula got him.)

 (18:52:31) Drakesword: Thrall walks forward holding his weapon in his hand. He doesn't hear much but a soft pitter patter and a bit of dripping water coming from the walls.

 (18:52:32) Hulaabeo: (You don't say? XD )

 (18:52:36) Nask: (Yep. ._. ...I kept somehow imagine Thrall as orc than human)

 (18:53:44) Drakesword:​ds/9/90456/1410539-thrall.jpg

 (18:53:55) Drakesword: (Next.)

 (18:54:32) Hulaabeo: (So... Nask turn?)

 (18:54:42) Hulaabeo: (Or do I continue with mine?)

 (18:54:47) Drakesword: (eeyup. Nask's.)

 (18:54:51) Nask: Rave: *cautiously looked around as they continue onward*

 (18:54:56) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 5.

 (18:55:00) Nask: ._. Meh.

 (18:55:07) Nask: Meh I say. Meh!

 (18:56:20) Drakesword: It's pretty dark. Though the boy pulls out a small torch hanging on the wall and lights it with a match.

(18:56:30) Hulaabeo: How I imagine future combat...

 (18:56:48) Nask: XD *at Hula's link*

 (18:57:22) Drakesword: LOL

 (18:57:24) Drakesword: Next

 (18:59:15) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *tries to find something of use, whether is be a passage an item or what.*

 (18:59:18) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d10 and gets 4.

 (19:00:03) Drakesword: As thrall moves forward he feels something loud crunch under his foot. Looking down, he sees it is a large bone of some kind connected to something half buried in the wall.

 (19:00:48) Drakesword: (Also, no school for me.)

 (19:01:14) Drakesword: (Not tomorrow.)

 (19:01:27) Nask: Rave: *gulps, but looks ahead to see if there's anything worth noting in current lighting*

 (19:01:34) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 5.

 (19:01:43) Nask: cool Drake.

 (19:01:59) Drakesword: Rave walks forward looking around and only sees a few dark and narrow tunnels.

 (19:02:02) Hulaabeo: (Lucky)

 (19:02:39) Nask: (how many Drake?)

 (19:03:02) Drakesword: From the dim light...three tunnels stand out. The rest seemed buried.

 (19:04:25) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Huh... *using a not so well known law that, when in doubt, go left*

 (19:05:04) Drakesword: (D20)

 (19:05:11) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 6.

 (19:05:15) Nask: ....

 (19:05:17) Hulaabeo: ...Crap.

 (19:06:22) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack has been logged out (Timeout).

 (19:07:00) Drakesword: As Thrall walks three steps down the left tunnel, he trips on something and as he falls...he keeps falling...and falling...until he hits a large pool of water at the bottom of a hole.

 (19:08:12) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *sputter sputter* Fuckin' shouldn't 'ave trusted my teacher... *waddles out of it*

 (19:08:20) Nask: Rave: o_o *follows Thrall til he stops before teh hole, he would've called out to the gladiator but can't*

 (19:09:09) Drakesword: "Wow...he really fall down a big pit didn't 'e?" The young kid asked looking down. "So...How are we gonna get down there buddy?"

 (19:10:01) Drakesword: The area Thrall wades out onto is fairly large, as if it were another area to the catacombs long forgotten. Even used as something other than a place to bury the dead as there were many symbols of legendary Pokemon on the walls and some even pictographs telling some sort of Story...

 (19:10:15) Nask: Rave: ... *motions to jump in with a question look to the kid*

 (19:10:42) Drakesword: "What if we hit something in the water?" He asked nervously bitting his fingers.

 (19:11:02) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Ugh... readin' ain't me strongest point... *disregards the symbols and looks around*

 (19:11:38) Drakesword: (Nask's turn first.)

 (19:11:54) Nask: Rave: ... *that is what the question look was* ... *shook his head, but he looks around to see if there's anything to get down to where Thrall is. Safely*

 (19:12:00) Hulaabeo: Yep, just making sure what I'll do

 (19:12:13) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 4.

 (19:13:21) Drakesword: Rave sees mainly darkness and ceramic pipes sticking out of the wall.

 (19:13:28) Hulaabeo: (Ouch)

 (19:15:06) Nask: Hula's turn.

 (19:15:27) Hulaabeo: Right, I made my action a little bit before Rave's so...

 (19:15:30) Drakesword: (Indeed.)

 (19:15:31) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d10 and gets 7.

 (19:16:10) Drakesword: Thrall sees a larger tunnel going down a good bit that seems to be lit somehow not far into the distance with what looks like a strange door...

 (19:17:23) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *notices this* Aite... *turns back to ensure the other two members of his party make it out safely*

 (19:18:16) Drakesword: (rave.)

 (19:21:25) Nask: Rave: ... *thinking. Thinking... Til he looks at the kid's Gastly. He gesture the kid to see if the Ghost Pokemon can carry them to the bottom or get Thrall out of the hole*

 (19:22:22) Nask: Should I roll or...?

 (19:23:19) Drakesword: (one sec.)

 (19:23:40) Drakesword: "Ghast? Nah man. Ghast is gas. He can't carry much."

 (19:25:01) Drakesword: (I'll let you have another action.)

 (19:26:44) Drakesword: .

 (19:27:05) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Eh, Skinny! *wading into the water* Jump 'n I'll catch!

 (19:27:55) Nask: Rave: *silently sigh. Since they cannot see to find anything to get to the bottom or back up in current light- or go with Thrall's suggestion* ... *nods, he salutes to the Kid before jump into the hole to where Thrall is* DX

 (19:28:07) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 6.

 (19:28:58) Drakesword: D20 Hula.

(19:30:29) I.S.S.A.C.: Error: Connection status: 12002

 (19:30:32) Nask: .

 (19:30:32) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 12.

 (19:31:23) Drakesword: Nask play d20 aswell

 (19:31:31) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 15.

 (19:33:10) Drakesword: As Rave jumped from the top, he used a few pipes sticking out to swing down a little farther before swinging toward the water's edge where Thrall stood. Bracing themselves, Thrall caught Rave stumbling a bit and almost dropping him into the water before settling in Thrall holding Rave Bridle style.

 (19:33:48) Nask: Rave: .... DX *hands up in the air*

 (19:34:04) Nask: ._. Now... the kid's attempt. Right?

 (19:34:37) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Hello, Skinny. .w. *pushes him aside to the water's edge* Your turn, kid!

 (19:34:38) Drakesword: (One momento.)

 (19:34:42) I.S.S.A.C.: Drakesword rolls 1d100 and gets 24.

 (19:34:52) I.S.S.A.C.: Drakesword rolls 1d6 and gets 4.

 (19:34:55) I.S.S.A.C.: Drakesword rolls 1d20 and gets 12.

 (19:35:07) Drakesword: Ment for it to be 20...One moment.

 (19:35:43) Nask: Rave: >.< *before looks up to the kid*

 (19:36:12) Drakesword: The kid jumped not long after Rave...not being able to be caught by Hula until...He belly smacked into the water...

 (19:36:58) Nask: Rave: .... >.< *wince that the kid got belly smacked*

 (19:37:44) Hulaabeo: Thrall: D:! *wading into the water, pulling the kid into his arms and checking if he's alright*

 (19:39:08) Drakesword: "Ow..Ow...Ow..." He said shaking a bit holding his stomach as Ghast flying around. "That...sucked..."

 (19:40:20) Nask: Rave: *nods, before looks around to see the symbols on the wall and the mysterious door* *raise eyebrow* ...? *points their surroundings in question*

 (19:41:12) Drakesword: (Is this conversation?)

 (19:41:18) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *relieved sigh, carries the kid out of the water and into the room* That it did, ma boy. Never caught your name by the way...

 (19:41:27) Hulaabeo: (brb)

 (19:41:27) Nask: (Yeah. ._.)

 (19:42:00) Drakesword: (ok.)

 (19:42:43) Hulaabeo: Back

(19:43:12) I.S.S.A.C.: Error: Connection status: 12002

 (19:43:16) Nask: .

 (19:43:31) Drakesword: (W

 (19:43:57) Drakesword: (I have to look up how to spell it, one sec.)

 (19:44:11) Nask: k

 (19:44:35) Drakesword: "Caligula sir. Least that's what my parents called me. My friends call me Lig."

 (19:45:40) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Alright Lig, you think you can walk on your own? I would be more than happy ta carry you if you can't...

(19:47:00) I.S.S.A.C.: Error: Connection status: 12002

 (19:47:05) Nask: .

 (19:47:18) Drakesword: "Yeah...Yeah I think I am." He said pushing himself up. "I don't need any help, though...this place is cool. Father Sistro would love the symbols down here." He looked at the walls.

 (19:47:38) Nask: Rave: *nods*

 (19:47:57) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *lets him go, joins Rave in an attempt to figure out what these hieroglyphics mean't*

 (19:48:30) Nask: .

 (19:49:03) Drakesword: The hall lights down the hall flicker a bit as some can feel a small draft coming from above and somewhat you can hear the tramp of large metal shod feet.

 (19:50:12) Hulaabeo: Thrall: ! *drawing his sword at the sound, twitching a little*

 (19:50:31) Nask: Rave: *draws his knives, alert*

 (19:51:16) Drakesword: The metal shoes seem to come from above you, and a few large torches from above. From catacombs above.
"Wow...they really wanna catch you..."

 (19:51:30) Nask: Rave: ... *nods*

 (19:52:32) Nask: Rave: ... *he looks at the strange door closely to see if it can be open*

 (19:52:39) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d10 and gets 2.

 (19:52:43) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Best get movin' then! Forget this scrawl. *referring to the stuff on the walls*

 (19:52:43) Nask: .

 (19:52:45) Nask: wow.

 (19:53:10) Drakesword: Rave trips down the small hall.

 (19:53:31) Nask: Rave: >.<

 (19:53:55) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *follows Rave down the hallway, helping him up before attempting to open the door*

 (19:54:25) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d10 and gets 2.

 (19:54:28) Hulaabeo: ...Aww

 (19:56:09) Drakesword: As Thrall walked down the hall to a larger door and...what is infront of him is strange. It is a large circlure door way with different planets going outwards. Each marking the planet with a number and having a picture of a great magician and mathemiticain known throught the world for his work on different carts and making something some called 'An Engine' that none had got to work.

 (19:57:42) Hulaabeo: Thrall: ...What the 'ell is dis...? ._.

 (19:57:56) Nask: .

 (19:58:17) Nask: Rave: ._. *clueless*

 (19:58:44) Drakesword: "Huh...seems like a door..." Lig said and leaned against it turning one of the rings that the different planets were on in sucession.

 (19:59:45) Nask: Rave: ... ._. *noticed the turning of one rings, he taps Lig's shoulder at the rings turned. Perhaps this is a puzzle?*

 (20:00:37) Drakesword: "Maybe a puzzle...But....I mean...Planets, A ring...Doesn't make much sense other than it's in a circle."

 (20:01:53) Nask: Rave: ... *gesture to... wing it?*

 (20:02:02) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *absolute shit with anything required with some any advanced degree of thinking*

 (20:03:24) Drakesword: Roll a D20

 (20:03:28) Drakesword: (Both.)

 (20:03:36) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 5.

 (20:03:58) Nask: Rave: >.< *absolutely clueless about advanced education*

 (20:04:08) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 3.

 (20:04:23) Nask: ...I would laugh if Rave somehow breaks the door. ._.

 (20:04:47) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *as stated previously, fucking sucks at puzzles.* ...Aite, stand aside... *raises his sword* ...Imma break it!

 (20:05:18) Drakesword: D100

 (20:05:20) Nask: Rave: D:< *....he's obviously gesture GO FOR IT!*

 (20:05:30) Nask: Rave: *before step away with the kid*

 (20:05:38) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d100 and gets 22.

 (20:06:02) Hulaabeo: Thrall: ARGHGHGH~!

 (20:06:09) Nask: Rave: DX

 (20:06:55) Drakesword: Hitting the door with his sword only makes one of the rings spin around and his face meet the door.

 (20:07:42) Nask: Rave: DX *he goes to wing it by messing with the rings and hopes for the best*

 (20:07:42) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *faceplant* ... *cue the sounds of pride cracking*

 (20:07:56) Drakesword: Roll d100

 (20:08:00) Drakesword: (Make that D20)

 (20:08:02) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d100 and gets 15.

 (20:08:06) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 9.

 (20:08:28) Nask: ._. I think Rave somehow make Link cry in one random universe.

 (20:08:32) Nask: brb quick.

 (20:09:23) Drakesword: Spinning another ring that time it...Moves them until they stop being the most innermost rings at the numbers of 314 leaving a few more rings to move.

 (20:10:22) Nask: k back

 (20:10:47) Nask: Rave: >.<

 (20:10:58) Drakesword: (W

 (20:11:13) Nask: *Rave don't know the f*ck he's doing basically*

 (20:11:32) Hulaabeo: (wb)
Thrall: *refuses to accept his defeat by a bloody door* ARGHGGHGH~! *swings at the door again*

 (20:11:56) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d100 and gets 10.

 (20:12:03) Hulaabeo: ...FUACK...

 (20:12:28) Drakesword: (I'll give you a hint. It has to deal with Pi.)

 (20:12:48) Drakesword: Face + Door = Pain for Thrall.

 (20:13:19) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *just sort lies down in the corner, finally accepting defeat...*

 (20:13:33) Nask: (True... ._. but. Rave and education don't mix well)

 (20:14:31) Nask: Rave: DX *refuse to give up. He just keep moving the rings*

 (20:14:39) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 9.

 (20:14:51) Hulaabeo: Thrall: e.e

 (20:14:55) Drakesword: (D2)

 (20:15:04) Nask: ._.

 (20:15:09) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d2 and gets 1.

 (20:15:12) Nask: >_>

 (20:15:14) Hulaabeo: DX

 (20:15:21) Nask: Dice really want to mess with us...

 (20:16:56) Drakesword: Finally, through a few lucky turns the door opens up in a twisting and spinning manner as it falls into the ground showing a small lit room with high class looking coffins. They could easily go in and see royal looking statues.

 (20:17:22) Nask: Rave: '-' *don't know how the f*ck he did it*

 (20:17:35) Nask: Rave: ._. *at the room*

 (20:17:59) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *walks in, dragging his sword behind him, placing an arm on Rave as he does so* Good job... Rave... *starts prying coffins open for loot*

 (20:18:08) Hulaabeo: **Skinny.

 (20:18:34) Nask: Rave: ^^'

 (20:19:16) Drakesword: Lig is watching and blinks, "What are you doing?!" He runs over and hits Thrall's back. "Don't steal from coffins."

 (20:20:40) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *blinks at Lig* Aite... I know dis may sound a little rude... These blokes are dead and we need stuff more desperately than they do.

(20:21:51) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Ain't that right, Rave?

 (20:21:59) Hulaabeo: ***SKINNY.

 (20:22:36) Drakesword: "It's still not right...But..." He looks around a bit. "Sometimes when warriors are buried. They have a big chest full of junk near their tombs. And as this seems like some noble grave, it shouldn't be that hard to miss right?"

 (20:23:51) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Ya never know... *glances around, looking for a chest of any sort while using his sword to pry a coffin apart*

 (20:24:17) Nask: Rave: ... *He reluncantly nods, but gesture to be very careful of what to loot. While they maybe graverobbing teh dead, that does not mean the dead would rise and curse them. Mainly due to some of the stories he heard from his childhood*

 (20:24:52) Drakesword: Roll d20 both.

 (20:24:58) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 7.

 (20:24:59) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 11.

 (20:25:11) Hulaabeo: ...Agh, Curse the Dice Gods.

 (20:25:17) Nask: Yep...

 (20:26:56) Drakesword: As the two look around they do see a few small chests near a few statues of different people in very regal looking robes and all wearing similar looking masks. "You know..." Lig said, "This mask looks familiar...but I can't put my finger on it."

 (20:27:18) Nask: Rave: ...? *at Lig*

 (20:28:20) Drakesword: "Dunno...just...I should know where they come from but..."

 (20:29:06) Nask: Rave: ... *shakes his head, pats Lig's back. It would come to him sooner or later*

 (20:29:47) Hulaabeo: Thrall: You keep thinking about that, we need a good brain in this little team of ours... *still trying to pry the coffin up*

 (20:30:05) Nask: Rave: *he looks into one of the small chests*

 (20:30:32) Drakesword: (Roll a D100 for Thrall and a D20 Rave)

 (20:30:38) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 8.

 (20:30:43) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d100 and gets 80.

 (20:30:44) Nask: curse ye dice.

 (20:30:49) Hulaabeo: Yesh.

 (20:30:51) Hulaabeo: YESH.

 (20:32:15) Drakesword: (BR

 (20:33:27) Hulaabeo: (k)

 (20:42:41) Drakesword: back

 (20:42:49) Nask: wb

 (20:42:51) Drakesword: (NOW...we'll do loot then take a break.)

 (20:43:10) Nask: ok

 (20:43:41) Hulaabeo: (kk)

 (20:44:33) Drakesword: After prying open one of the coffins, Thrall finds a sword that glowed slightly and a few gemstones on the skeleton inside. The sword was to it's side, and it had afew metals on it's old chestpiece made of bronze. Rave pried open the small chest finding a small ruby. But that's it.

 (20:45:19) Drakesword: (Okay, log it nask?)

 (20:45:55) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *takes up the sword within the coffin* ...sorry, melord, but this is a nice sword... I think I'll keep it. .w.

 (20:46:11) Nask: okay Drake.

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Re: Session Logs
« Reply #4 on: February 23, 2013, 10:16:15 PM »
Drake's Campaign
Game: Warlords
Title: Escape of Slaves, part 4
Players: Thrall (Hula), Rave (Nask)
Location: Catacombs, Phoaeir

(20:05:12) Drakesword: Okay, roll for turn order.

 (20:05:17) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d6 and gets 1.

 (20:05:33) Nask: *heals self*

 (20:06:02) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d6 and gets 5.

(20:06:04) I.S.S.A.C.: Error: Connection status: 12152

 (20:06:11) Drakesword: Hula is first.

 (20:06:41) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *brandishing his new sword* Aite... Where to now...? *looking around for an exit*

 (20:08:00) Drakesword: The young boy just kind of looks around nervously. "We should get through here...were ever this leads..."
The room is still very dark with only a light glow around it...the room seems rather small though with a pillar around it and the place seems to be having coffins are on the walls though some have fallen out over time...

 (20:08:03) I.S.S.A.C.: CartoonE enters the channel.

 (20:08:11) Drakesword: (Hello E.)

 (20:08:13) Nask: hi E

 (20:08:27) Hulaabeo: Hiya E

 (20:09:48) Drakesword: (Now Hula. You may move. And E seems to be here for watching.)

 (20:09:54) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *still looking around for an exit* See anything, Skinny?

 (20:11:03) Nask: Rave: ... *squint his eyes to search, but shook his head no. It is too dark to see any*

 (20:12:24) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Bah. *knocks over a coffin*

 (20:12:50) Drakesword: Make a Roll.

 (20:13:07) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d6 and gets 4.

 (20:13:21) Drakesword: d20 please.

 (20:13:38) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 11.

 (20:14:40) Drakesword: As Thrall hit a coffin with his thick armed he cracks it and behind it opens what seems to be an eerie blue light coming from a crack...

 (20:15:07) Hulaabeo: Thrall: ...Well what do we have here?

 (20:16:22) Drakesword: You may investigate both of you as a free action

 (20:16:36) Nask: Rave: ? *noticed the eerie blue light, he walks next to Thrall* ...? *make a push motion*

 (20:16:59) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *takes a closer look*

 (20:17:09) Nask: Rave: *takes a closer look as well*

 (20:17:13) Drakesword: D20 both of you.

 (20:17:20) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 8.

 (20:17:24) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 15.

 (20:17:24) Nask: ._. wow...

 (20:18:04) Nask: ...5 Search counts to this right? ._.

 (20:18:09) Nask: Search Rank*

 (20:18:59) Drakesword: Rave tries to look, but is pushed away by the much larger Thrall. As the Gladiator looks through, he seems and pair of what look like statues in a large antechamber while it's illuminated by very bright blue crystals.

(20:19:33) Hulaabeo: Oh wow, you made Thrall look like an ass. XD

 (20:19:41) I.S.S.A.C.: CartoonE leaves the channel.

 (20:20:27) Drakesword: (Compairing the two. Thrall is the Bruiser and Rave is a twig.)

 (20:20:46) Nask: yep.

 (20:21:13) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Sorry, Skinny. *tempted to smash the stuff apart*

 (20:21:51) Drakesword: "We really shouldn't mess with that..." Said the young Caligula as his Pokemon floated around his head nervously.

 (20:22:08) Nask: Rave: ? *at Cali*

 (20:23:17) Drakesword: "IT's some sort of Magic...I really don't like magic..."

 (20:23:23) Hulaabeo: Thrall: And why the 'ell not? We're still trying to find a way out... *looks at the small boy with a disgruntled look*

 (20:25:36) Drakesword: "Well...I kind of...My mother was a mage and kind of...Blew up my last home with a spell..." He said sadly and sat on a stone. "Now I have nothing...I guess...let's get out please..."

 (20:25:37) Nask: (Drake? Would Mind's Eye applies to this?)

 (20:26:54) Drakesword: (You may use it as a spell.)

 (20:27:13) Nask: (._. I thought it said to be a passive... but sure)

 (20:27:42) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *really feels like an ass now...* *walks over to Cali and crouches next to him, leaving a hand on the boy's shoulder* I'm sorry, lad. You have us now. We'll get you outta here in one piece, I promise ya.

 (20:28:02) Drakesword: (It's like a PAssive ability to look through, you gotta use a roll to activate it.)

 (20:28:10) Nask: (ah.)

 (20:29:00) Nask: Rave: *since he didn't see it, Rave looks through the blue light thing. Activating Mind's Eye to see what kind of magic*

 (20:29:11) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 1.

 (20:29:13) Drakesword: Caligula: *Looks up at Thrall and smiles and hugs him* Thank you so much...I promise I'll try not to be a burdan...just...I have been on the streets so long...I remember my father would come one day to the city again...I'll do anything to do get to him.

 (20:29:18) Nask: got to be kidding me.

 (20:29:31) Hulaabeo: XD

 (20:30:51) Nask: ...

 (20:30:57) Hulaabeo: Thrall: ! *hugged* Right... Let's get out of here. *hoists Cali onto his back, not really bothered by it*

 (20:31:40) Drakesword: As Rave tries to activate Mind's Eye...he sees things he had never dreamed of. Around him was a dark world as he floated along seeing places around him in the form of crystals or floating platforms. He spied something flying in the distance look at him and roar. Rave was thrown out of this strange world and felt that he had another connection and now has a strange sickly yellow bit on his left eye where it should be white.

Please put 'Plane Effect: ??? ' Somewhere on the sheet.

 (20:32:01) Nask: ._. weird...

 (20:32:24) Nask: on Spell/Abilities?

 (20:32:27) Nask: or Notes?

 (20:32:52) Drakesword: Notes Please.

 (20:32:57) Drakesword: And that's Rave's turn.

 (20:33:12) Drakesword: Caligula hangs on smiling a bit. "Thank you..."

 (20:34:12) Nask: Rave: ... *on his knees when he's mentally thrown out, shook his head. Unnoticed his eye changed*

 (20:34:42) Hulaabeo: Thrall: No problem kid... *walks over to Rave* You alright, Skinny?

 (20:35:52) Nask: Rave: ... *he looks Thrall, before shrugs. He cannot explained what happened with his ability*

 (20:37:56) Drakesword: (Good good...Now it's Thrall's turn.)

 (20:37:59) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *pats Rave's back* Alright... *didn't make out the yellow patch on his eye in the darkness, turns to face the weakened wall* Let's see what we found... *lifts his sword and strikes at the crack, hoping to break it apart and allow the trio to move onwards*

 (20:38:50) Drakesword: D20 Please

 (20:39:02) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 19.

 (20:39:14) Nask: one more number and it should've been swag. ._.

 (20:39:26) Hulaabeo: XD

 (20:40:46) Drakesword: As Thrall hits the Wall, the swords glows a deep purple and before it even touches the wall, it knocks a good sized hole in it enough for all to get through. The sword is now glowing a dim purple in the gloom of the room and is accented by the dark blue crystals in the next room.

 (20:42:01) Nask: Rave: ._. *at Thrall's purple glowy sword curiously*

 (20:42:14) Hulaabeo: Thrall: What did I tell ya guys? Good loot! *walks on through*

 (20:43:07) Nask: Rave: ... *walks to follow Thrall*

 (20:43:31) Drakesword: Roll d20 both of you.

 (20:43:36) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 16.

 (20:43:37) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 12.

 (20:43:42) Nask: .

 (20:45:56) Nask: brb quick

 (20:45:57) Drakesword: As the room opens up to the small group, they see it is in a large ornate room. It's full of old mosaic tiles on the floor and ground showing different pokemon gods and battles through the ages along with old heroes of Yore. As the room goes down, small statues of each of the God Pokemon are along the lines and the end of the line is a pair of Coffins along with three very very large statues acting as pillars to the rest of the room. They are the Ying-Yang Duo and their 'Emptyness' third.

 (20:47:50) Nask: k back

 (20:47:53) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *doesn't appear at all impressed, looking about but really only focused on the two coffins*

 (20:47:56) Hulaabeo: wb

 (20:47:59) Drakesword: (okay)

 (20:48:33) Drakesword: Caligula is amazed by it all. He mumbles to himself naming each of the gods then stopping at the final trio and says, "This must be the tomb of the first true emperors..."

 (20:49:09) Nask: Rave: ...? *at first true emperior part*

 (20:49:31) Hulaabeo: Thrall: You don't say? *following the little boy, sword still drawn*

 (20:50:26) Drakesword: Caligula noticed the confused look on Rave's face and said as he hopped off the big man's back. "Yeah...they followed their great partners who has become two of our Greatest gods of our land along with the Demon of War and Emptyness to create the land of our own...which became Phoaeir..."

 (20:52:39) Drakesword: That's where he stops to stare at the tombs in wonder.

 (20:53:08) Nask: Rave: ... *have that ah look. As he join in the stare in wonder as well*

 (20:53:43) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *not much interested in the tomb as he is in finding an exit*

 (20:54:41) Drakesword: "I thought this was lost to even the royal family...along with the Great Masks..."

 (20:56:54) Nask: Rave: ...? *at Great Masks*

 (20:56:56) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Huh.

 (20:58:36) Drakesword: "Some...sort of magical mask that increases the powers of the wearer...that's all I remember..."

 (20:58:55) Nask: Rave: ... *have that ah look again*

 (20:59:19) Hulaabeo: Thrall: Well, sounds interestin' and all...

 (21:01:09) Nask: .

 (21:01:16) Hulaabeo: Thrall: *looking for an exit*

 (21:01:54) Drakesword: D20 both of you

 (21:02:02) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask rolls 1d20 and gets 4.

 (21:02:06) Nask: ._. great....

 (21:02:16) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo rolls 1d20 and gets 12.

 (21:02:56) Nask: .

 (21:04:25) Drakesword: As Rave and Thrall start walking forward, they hear the moving of metals and stones and the statues near the coffins move their heads to just Stare at you as each has a different color of eyes.

 (21:05:11) Nask: Rave: ... *at the statues, have a bad feeling....*

 (21:05:13) Hulaabeo: Thrall: ! *had pulled Cali behind him with his sword at the ready*

 (21:05:36) Nask: Rave: *knives ready*

 (21:07:22) Drakesword: The statues continue to stare as behind them...Cali looks back to sees a very rocky exit. It seems that the floor ahead of them was glowing and the rest was not...

 (21:08:33) Hulaabeo: Thrall: You see something, lad? *not taking his eyes off the statues*


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Re: Session Logs
« Reply #5 on: May 18, 2013, 09:03:46 PM »
Leveling up Sky- Game 1.

(18:41:53) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal enters the channel.
(18:42:00) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask enters the channel.
(18:42:04) I.S.S.A.C.: Hulaabeo enters the channel.
(18:42:12) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White enters the channel.
(18:42:39) Jackal: (OK, give me a sec to pull up some monsters from the D&D wiki.)
(18:42:48) Sky_White: (OK.)
(18:43:53) I.S.S.A.C.: Sam_Altaris_Leonhart enters the channel.
(18:44:02) Sam_Altaris_Leonhart: Hey,.
(18:44:28) Jackal: (Nask, cna you give me the list of monsters available on the area?
(18:44:33) Jackal: *can
(18:45:20) Jackal: *in
(18:46:18) Nask: (Wolves, Giant Bees, Man-eating plants, and occasional bandits as a start. But you can expand it to fit with D&D)
(18:46:32) I.S.S.A.C.: Drakesword enters the channel.
(18:46:39) Drakesword: (Hey guys
(18:46:39) Nask: (hi Drake)
(18:46:46) Sam_Altaris_Leonhart: Oh, you're on earlier then I expected.
(18:46:53) Jackal: (Thanks Nask.)
(18:47:01) Sam_Altaris_Leonhart: We'll have to wait for Sky to finish, then we can start roman D&D.
(18:47:01) Drakesword: (So I need to find V and whoop him to get him to get on and do his admin job on the server.)
(18:47:04) Drakesword: (Hey Nask.)
(18:48:28) Drakesword: 'cause I'm getting sick of the people on the server...
(18:49:06) Nask: ah.
(18:49:37) Jackal: (OK, I have some monsters now.)
(18:49:56) Drakesword: (So who am I playing again?)
(18:50:32) Sam_Altaris_Leonhart: (No one, yet. We have to wait.)
(18:50:40) Sam_Altaris_Leonhart: (I thought you'd be gone longer.)
(18:51:05) Jackal: As you advance through the forest, Sky, you come across a wolf. Do you attack?
(18:51:29) Sky_White: Yeah, I'm gonna claw the crap out of that wolf.
(18:51:37) Drakesword: (What are we doing though?)
(18:51:42) Jackal: Roll initiative.
(18:52:10) Drakesword: (Me too?)
(18:52:11) Sam_Altaris_Leonhart: (No clue. I was just going to watch and wait.)
(18:52:33) Nask: (This is mainly for Sky's level grind, Drake)
(18:52:43) Drakesword: (I'll be back later then.)
(18:52:43) Jackal: (I'm helping Sky level up. And Sky, to roll here, there's a roll command. /roll and then amount of whatever die you need to roll.)
(18:52:55) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 11.
(18:53:19) Sky_White: 15. 11 +4 initiative bonus.
(18:53:29) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 5.
(18:53:43) Jackal: Okay, you go first, Sky.
(18:54:02) Sky_White: Alright... Using my claws to attack.
(18:54:10) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 19.
(18:54:45) Jackal: That hits. Proceed to claw.
(18:54:57) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 5d4 and gets 2,1,1,4,3.
(18:55:54) Jackal: 11 damage. The wolf is looking very nearly dead.
(18:56:30) Jackal: Nkw it's the wolf's turn.
(18:56:33) Jackal: *Now
(18:56:38) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 2.
(18:57:04) Sky_White: ... That is not hitting me in any way .
(18:57:30) Jackal: Haha, OK. Do you want to kill it?
(18:57:48) Sky_White: Yeah, I think I'll kill it.
(18:58:02) Jackal: Roll to attack.
(18:58:12) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 13.
(18:58:18) Sky_White: 17.
(18:58:36) Jackal: Roll damage.
(18:58:46) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 5d4 and gets 3,3,1,3,4.
(18:59:49) Jackal: 14 damage. The wolf is giga killed.
(18:59:59) Sky_White: Loot the body!
(19:00:17) Jackal: Search check, missy.
(19:01:35) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 17.
(19:02:03) Sky_White: I don't have ranks in search, but I get a +3 thanks to ability mods.
(19:03:11) Jackal: Pfft. Silly. Okay... You bag three pounds of wolf meat, and a Wolf Skull.
(19:03:27) Sky_White: Neat. Moving on.
(19:04:39) Jackal: Okay. Continuing on your quest, you now encounter a human warrior.
(19:04:58) Sky_White: Would I be able to discern his alignment by looking at him?
(19:06:48) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack enters the channel.
(19:06:56) Sam_Altaris_Leonhart: Hey, Jack.
(19:06:57) Jackal: He's got blood on his sword and is wearing an amulet of Erythnul. Also he just generally looks like a major asshole.
(19:07:12) Jack_McDack: Pay no mind to me. I'm still just a potato in the audience.
(19:07:26) Sky_White: Right then! Attacking the asshole.
(19:07:36) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 4.
(19:07:40) Sky_White: ... 8
(19:07:49) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 2.
(19:08:04) Jackal: Asshole does not go first.
(19:08:40) Sky_White: Attackin'.
(19:08:46) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 13.
(19:09:09) Jackal: That does not hit. Nkw it's asshole's turn.
(19:09:17) Jackal: *Now
(19:09:27) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 17.
(19:09:55) Jack_McDack: (Asshole stole my dice. :I)
(19:10:06) Jackal: Does an 18 hit your Armor Class?
(19:10:18) Sky_White: It is my armor class.
(19:11:47) Jackal: Okay then.
(19:12:05) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d8 and gets 8.
(19:12:15) Jackal: You take 9 damage.
(19:12:27) Sky_White: Ow!
(19:12:39) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 5.
(19:12:49) Sky_White: Damn it.
(19:13:02) Jackal: Now it's asshole's turn again.
(19:13:11) I.S.S.A.C.: Drakesword has been logged out (Timeout).
(19:13:14) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 11.
(19:13:38) Jackal: I take it 12 doesn't hit your AC.
(19:13:43) Sky_White: Nope.
(19:13:45) Sky_White: My turn.
(19:13:53) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 5.
(19:13:56) Sky_White: Damn it!
(19:14:06) Jackal: Asshole's turn.
(19:14:10) I.S.S.A.C.: Tankery_Master enters the channel.
(19:14:15) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 8.
(19:14:16) Sam_Altaris_Leonhart: Hey, KOR.
(19:14:26) Jackal: Does a 9 hit your AC?
(19:14:29) Nask: hi Kor.
(19:14:31) Sky_White: Lolno
(19:14:45) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 17.
(19:14:53) Sky_White: Does that hit?
(19:14:56) Tankery_Master: Hi
(19:14:59) Jack_McDack: (Finally.)
(19:15:00) Jackal: Yes.
(19:15:09) Jack_McDack: (Hey, Kor.)
(19:15:13) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 5d4 and gets 4,1,4,1,4.
(19:15:33) Jack_McDack: (That...was really cool. .w.)
(19:15:59) Jackal: ... You rip a hole through his torso and make his intestines spill out onto the grass.
(19:16:09) Sky_White: How'd I do that!?
(19:16:25) Jackal: He only had 6 HP.
(19:16:43) Sky_White: ... Loot the body.
(19:16:51) Hulaabeo: Oh wow. ._.'
(19:16:51) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 11.
(19:17:36) Jackal: 14. You find a Longsword, and some healing potions.
(19:17:38) Jack_McDack: (Take the liver. It's got tons of nutrients if you're not grossed out by cannibalism.)
(19:17:41) Sam_Altaris_Leonhart: (Just like how Tom's character once shattered an enemy's nose, causing bone fragments to pierce their brain and kill them.)
(19:17:54) Sky_White: How big are the potions?
(19:18:11) Jackal: They're like... Water bottle sized.
(19:18:33) Sky_White: Take the sword and the potions, then drink one of the potions.
(19:18:45) Jackal: You're at full health again.
(19:19:19) Sky_White: Sweet. Onward!
(19:20:11) Jackal: You come across a lake.
(19:20:25) Sky_White: Clean the sword and my claws up.
(19:20:58) Jackal: Okay... As you wash the gore off your weapons, a wild Freshwater Shark appears!
(19:21:11) Jackal: Roll initiative.
(19:21:28) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 7.
(19:21:35) Sky_White: 11.
(19:21:43) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 10.
(19:21:58) Jackal: 12. Asshole Shark goes first.
(19:22:03) I.S.S.A.C.: Tankery_Master leaves the channel.
(19:22:11) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 7.
(19:22:25) Jackal: Does a 9 hit your AC?
(19:22:33) Jack_McDack: (Prefacing every enemy name with Asshole is kinda redundant.)
(19:22:39) Sky_White: No. My turn.
(19:22:54) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 19.
(19:23:51) Jackal: That hits. Also, Jack, the asshole *insert enemy here* is a joke from my D&D club.
(19:24:00) Sky_White: Usin' the claws.
(19:24:07) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 5d4 and gets 2,1,4,1,1.
(19:24:18) Jack_McDack: (Ah.)
(19:24:38) Jackal: Shark takes 9 damage. He's not quite dead yet, but he looks kinda pissed.
(19:24:58) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 7.
(19:25:11) Jackal: Okay, yeah, 9 again. Nope.
(19:25:22) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 20.
(19:25:29) Sky_White: O_O
(19:25:32) Jack_McDack: (This'll be epic.)
(19:25:47) Jackal: Roll to confirm crit.
(19:25:57) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 18.
(19:26:05) Sky_White: O_O
(19:27:35) Jackal: You eviserate the shark in one swift swing of your claws, spilling guts and blood into the lake. Might wanna get out of there before more Freshwater Sharks show up.
(19:27:36) Sam_Altaris_Leonhart: O_O
(19:27:46) Sky_White: Quickly loot the body!
(19:27:47) Nask: '-' Swag.
(19:27:47) Sam_Altaris_Leonhart: Jaeger Svag?
(19:27:54) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 9.
(19:28:44) Jackal: 12. You rip some teeth out of the shark's head. You now have five shark teeth.
(19:29:16) Sky_White: Run from the lake and move onward.
(19:29:26) Jack_McDack: (You could make a necklace out of that and become a surfer.)
(19:30:46) Hulaabeo: *still watching, impressed with the lucky rolls*
(19:30:51) Jackal: You GTFO from the lake with great speed. You then come across another wolf. This one looks kinda wounded. Do you want to attack the wolf, or do something else?
(19:31:22) Sky_White: ... Train the wolf and/or convince it to come with me.
(19:31:34) Jackal: Handle Animal Check.
(19:32:37) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask leaves the channel.
(19:33:00) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 8.
(19:34:35) Sky_White: 12.
(19:34:59) Jackal: The wolf looks at you for a moment, growling quietly.
(19:35:06) Sky_White: Try again.
(19:35:13) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 20.
(19:35:54) Sky_White: (11 on last roll, sorry.)
(19:36:48) Jackal: You critted a skill check you don't have ranks in. Impressive. The wolf is now in your party, as it seems to have taken a shine to you.
(19:37:00) Sky_White: Yay!
(19:37:31) Jackal: Do you want to name your wolf friend?
(19:37:42) Sky_White: I will call him Balto. .w.
(19:38:13) Jackal: Right then. You now have a wolf named Balto in your party.
(19:38:25) Sam_Altaris_Leonhart: Jaeger Svag, alvight. .w.
(19:38:25) Sky_White: Onward to victory!
(19:39:52) Jackal: You and your fluffy buddy advance onward, and come across a monstrous spider. Roll for Initiative.
(19:40:08) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 4.
(19:40:14) Sky_White: 8.
(19:40:30) Jackal: Okay... I'll control Balto for now.
(19:40:46) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 2d20 and gets 3,8.
(19:41:06) Hulaabeo: (Terribly sorry, had laundry to do. ^^')
(19:41:23) Jackal: Spider goes first, then Balto.
(19:42:09) Jackal: Spider goes for the girl with the claws.
(19:42:15) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 9.
(19:42:32) Jackal: Does a 10 hit your AC?
(19:42:37) Sky_White: Lolno
(19:42:47) Jackal: Balto's turn then.
(19:42:54) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 4.
(19:43:34) Jackal: Balto Also fails to hit. Your turn.
(19:44:04) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 12.
(19:44:58) Jackal: That sadly does not hit. Also I just noticed you rolled higher than Balto for Initiative. Sorry.
(19:45:05) Jackal: Spide's turn
(19:45:17) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 7.
(19:45:44) Jackal: 8 does not hit your AC, right?
(19:45:49) Sky_White: Yeah
(19:45:56) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 3.
(19:46:09) Jackal: That does not hit. Balto's turn.
(19:46:20) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 20.
(19:46:24) Jackal: ...
(19:46:46) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 15.
(19:47:19) Hulaabeo: ... Helluva dog you got there. ._.'
(19:48:29) Jackal: Balto crits. He bites one of the fucker's legs off.
(19:48:57) Jackal: Spider is now mad. Also it's Spider's turn.
(19:49:04) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 4.
(19:50:00) Jackal: That's nit hitting anybody. Also, Sky, have we been adding your STR mod to your damage?
(19:50:13) Jackal: *not
(19:50:27) Sky_White: Don't think so. My turn though.
(19:50:34) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 2.
(19:50:38) Sky_White: Lolnope
(19:50:53) Jackal: And now it's Balto's turn.
(19:51:06) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 20.
(19:51:09) Jackal: ...
(19:51:18) Hulaabeo: ... Like I said, one helluva dog.
(19:51:44) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 11.
(19:52:37) Jackal: Aw. Normal hit.
(19:52:57) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d6 and gets 5.
(19:53:13) Jackal: ... Spider is ded.
(19:53:31) Sky_White: Hooray for Balto! Onward!
(19:54:54) Hulaabeo: *verily amused at the spider's fate at the hands of Balto*
(19:55:08) Jackal: You and Balto continue on, and come across a couple more humans. They look similar to the asshole you killed before, in the sense that they have the same amulets. Roll for initiative.
(19:55:11) I.S.S.A.C.: Jack_McDack has been logged out (Timeout).
(19:55:17) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 18.
(19:55:25) Sky_White: 22.
(19:55:40) Jackal: Okay... Asshole 1....
(19:55:46) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 16.
(19:56:02) Jackal: Asshole 2...
(19:56:07) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 16.
(19:56:13) Jackal: And Balto.
(19:56:16) Hulaabeo: ._.
(19:56:18) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 7.
(19:56:40) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask enters the channel.
(19:56:45) Jackal: So it goes Sky, Asshole, Asshole, Balto.
(19:56:55) Sky_White: Goin' for 1.
(19:57:04) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 2.
(19:57:08) Sky_White: ... Nope.
(19:57:20) Jackal: Asshole 1's turn.
(19:57:25) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 19.
(19:57:36) Jackal: Does that hit?
(19:57:42) Sky_White: Yeah
(19:57:50) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d6 and gets 1.
(19:58:14) Jackal: He nicks your shoulder. 2 damage.
(19:58:25) Jackal: Asshole 2's turn.
(19:58:31) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 15.
(19:58:46) Jackal: That does not hit your AC.
(19:58:52) Jackal: Balto's turn.
(19:58:58) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 9.
(19:59:18) Jackal: That's not hitting anyone.
(19:59:27) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 1.
(20:00:09) Jackal: That is very unfortunate. Asshole 1's turn.
(20:00:26) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 2.
(20:00:38) Jackal: Okay, maybe not. Asshole 2.
(20:00:46) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 15.
(20:01:20) Jackal: That doesn't hit you. It does hiwever hit Balto.
(20:01:33) Jackal: *however
(20:01:58) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d8 and gets 7.
(20:02:14) Jackal: Balto does not look very good.
(20:02:23) Jackal: Balto's turn.
(20:02:30) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 8.
(20:02:37) Jackal: Maybe not.
(20:02:48) Sky_White: Attacking 2.
(20:02:59) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 7.
(20:03:06) Sky_White: Maybe not.
(20:03:19) Jackal: 1's turn. Going for sky.
(20:03:25) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 13.
(20:03:40) Jackal: Or not. 2's turn. Also going for sky.
(20:03:46) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 6.
(20:03:58) Jackal: Or not. Balto's turn, going for 2.
(20:04:03) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 1.
(20:04:09) Jackal: Or not!
(20:04:19) Sky_White: Going for 2 again.
(20:04:24) Hulaabeo: *trying to imagine this fight* ._.'
(20:04:31) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 4.
(20:04:37) Sky_White: ... WTF
(20:04:54) Jackal: 1's turn. Attacking sky.
(20:05:00) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 17.
(20:05:10) Jackal: Closer, but no.
(20:05:19) Jackal: 2's turn. Also going for sky
(20:05:29) Jackal: Roll 1d20
(20:05:38) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 6.
(20:05:45) Jackal: Lolno. Balto.
(20:05:55) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 14.
(20:06:07) I.S.S.A.C.: Nask leaves the channel.
(20:06:28) Jackal: So close!
(20:06:37) Sky_White: 2.
(20:06:42) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 20.
(20:06:46) Sky_White: ...
(20:06:55) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 8.
(20:07:01) Sky_White: DAMN IT.
(20:07:14) Sky_White: Oh well. Rolling attack.
(20:07:26) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 5d4 and gets 1,3,4,2,1.
(20:07:29) Hulaabeo: >w>
(20:08:09) Jackal: 13 damage. You explode his chest with your claws.
(20:08:19) Jackal: Asshole 1's turn now.
(20:08:44) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 11.
(20:08:51) Jackal: Nope.
(20:09:00) Jackal: Balto now.
(20:09:06) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 18.
(20:09:22) Jackal: And we have a hit.
(20:09:35) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d6 and gets 4.
(20:09:51) Jackal: Asshole 1 is looking very nearly dead.
(20:10:00) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 2.
(20:10:04) Sky_White: Nope.
(20:10:12) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 12.
(20:10:25) Jackal: Asshole didn't hit either. Balto now.
(20:10:31) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 2.
(20:10:41) Jackal: Jeesh, these dice are horrible.
(20:10:51) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 18.
(20:10:56) Sky_White: Yes!
(20:11:07) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 5d4 and gets 3,1,3,3,2.
(20:11:16) I.S.S.A.C.: Tankery_Master enters the channel.
(20:11:31) I.S.S.A.C.: Tankery_Master leaves the channel.
(20:11:46) Jackal: 14 damage. You explode the other asshole's chest.
(20:12:17) Sky_White: Use my other healing potion on Balto, then check the bodies.
(20:13:21) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 3.
(20:13:51) Hulaabeo: ... Methinks they glued their armor to their bodies. ._.'
(20:14:03) Jackal: Balto is healed, and the dead seem resistant in giving you things. Would you like to try again?
(20:14:19) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 15.
(20:15:32) Jackal: Better. You find four healing potions of water bottle size, and some food. To be specific, sandwiches. Roast beef and cheddar jack on white.
(20:15:41) Sky_White: Sweet! Onward!
(20:16:35) Jackal: (brb)
(20:17:35) Hulaabeo: Well this has been somewhat fruitful, has it not? ._.
(20:20:14) Jackal: (back)
(20:20:18) Hulaabeo: wb
(20:22:57) Jackal: Okay... As you and Balto travel onward... You come across... A...
(20:25:53) Hulaabeo: What do we have that's big, nasty, and lumbers about the Chat?
(20:26:40) Jackal: Black Bear.
(20:27:07) Hulaabeo: That works. ._.
(20:27:35) Sky_White: Has it noticed me yet?
(20:27:53) Jackal: No. You're kinda looking at its ass right now.
(20:28:56) Sky_White: ...
(20:29:01) Sky_White: SNEAK ATTACK!
(20:29:10) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 4.
(20:29:32) Jackal: .
(20:29:40) Jackal: Your attack fails.
(20:31:47) Jackal: Also it knows you're there now.
(20:32:02) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 14.
(20:32:15) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 10.
(20:32:29) Jackal: Turn order is sky, bear, Balto.
(20:33:23) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 11.
(20:33:39) Jackal: 12 does not hit anyone.
(20:34:05) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 2.
(20:34:13) Jackal: Balto also misses.
(20:34:25) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 12.
(20:34:53) Jackal: Ooh.... Close, but not quite.
(20:35:00) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 16.
(20:35:25) Jackal: That doesn't hit Sky. Balto's turn.
(20:35:31) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 6.
(20:35:40) Jackal: That ain't hitting anyone.
(20:35:48) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 10.
(20:35:52) Sky_White: Nope.
(20:35:58) Jackal: Bear.
(20:36:03) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 6.
(20:36:07) Jackal: Balto.
(20:36:13) I.S.S.A.C.: Jackal rolls 1d20 and gets 7.
(20:36:20) Jackal: Sky.
(20:36:27) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 13.
(20:36:43) Jackal: That hits. Make yiur attack roll.
(20:36:47) Jackal: *your
(20:36:56) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 5d4 and gets 4,3,4,4,3.
(20:38:27) Jackal: ... 20 damage. Your claws penetrate the bear and kill it. That was a CR 2 monster, and you just one-hit-KO'd it.
(20:39:01) Sky_White: .w. Okay. I loot the body.
(20:39:13) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 5.
(20:39:23) Jackal: ... Try again?
(20:39:30) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 1.
(20:39:38) Sky_White: WTF?
(20:39:51) Jackal: Thurd time's the charm?
(20:39:56) Jackal: *Third
(20:40:04) I.S.S.A.C.: Sky_White rolls 1d20 and gets 16.
(20:40:45) Jackal: You aquire five bear claws and a Black Bear Pelt.
(20:41:33) Sky_White: OK, I think I've done enough for today... How much EXP do I get?
(20:41:38) I.S.S.A.C.: Tankery_Master enters the channel.
(20:42:28) Jackal: Let's see... Wolf, three human warriors, Shark, animal buddy, spider, bear.... 500.
(20:42:41) Sky_White: Sweet!
(20:43:55) Hulaabeo: > You collect Five Bear Paws
Seems legit. XD
(20:46:43) Jackal: Claws, Hula.
(20:47:18) Sky_White: I'm gonna go back into the main room.[/quote]