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« on: January 01, 2013, 06:03:08 PM »
It's war-time folks.

I, Warboss Hulaabeo, am invading the Chat World for the fun of it. The invasion will consist of a relatively thought out attack from my side, the Orks and whatever forces I may have scrounged up in my spare time. Your side will be defending the Chat building from the incoming tide of Orks, wherever they may be coming from. The event will begin with the discovery of Ork Kommandos in the base. The defenders get to decide if they want to defend as one unit or split up to defend more ground. If you fight as one army, the defenders will be fighting large waves of Orks for 5 or 7 rounds. If the defenders decide to split up, they have to defend different objectives.

For example: The defending team breaks into squads one, two and three. Squad three would defend the Chat's revival Engine, the second squad would defend the lobby and the last squad can be a reserve or defend some other necessary component of the Chat.

Orks (With assistance from Leri, who's throwing something in the mix)
Everyone Else.


1. OC's Only
2. You must be present before the initial attack to attend.
3. No God-powerful OC's
4. 3 OC's per author.

Date: January 6th, Saturday.
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