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Ruth walks out of a hotel (which it is cheap for usual standards), he nearly covered his (seemly closed) eyes to avoid being blinded by dawn's light. Once initial blindness is down, the man takes a deep breath to take in the city's air and cough abit, since the city seem to lack the crisp fresh air that he used to back at home.

...Home. It reminds him of the dream that he slept to catch up his sleep, eversince Ruth just came into this country from previous night. If the messy brown head remembers anything, it left him a impression that he felt abit homesick. Perhaps it is, but Ruth is here for this errand that his father mention and return home, after enjoying himself to the natural sites of the city.

His hands dugs into the pocket of his coat and takes out the city atlas, just to see if the address where he picks up is there......

....Ruth shows a frown at the map, it seemed that the address is not there. This would take him awhile to find the landmarks around the local area. If he can find one that match the description.

Or just ask the locals. Yes, locals would be nice. Frown, now becomes a smile. Ruth walks into the crowd of people, where his large height really makes him stick out in the sea of swarming faces. Not that he mind much, since there's alot of diversity in the city.

Akuma Killer:
About 30 minutes later, I was finished as the head of Fujimura thanks me.
"Thank you Emiya!"
I was handed my pay, about 3000 yen. I've been doing work to support myself. I know there's a stash of money somewhere in my household which is pretty big...But I prefer to help other people out. I get paid too, so that's a plus!
"I'm off!"
And so I walk to school, with my schoobag in hand. What about the test? What about the upcoming dance? All these upcoming things at school is in my mind right now as multiple scenarios and "what if" flashes...
After all, don't be so ridiculous. Dead people can't be alive! It says so in the textbooks!
I arrived at school when...I see a massive gathering of students around...Two people? A fight? This early? I think of what to do in a situation like this.

Sam Altaris Leonhart:
As William was walking through the town, he heard a commotion. He went towards it, and noticed it was the high school. "Glad I shaved the whiskers last night..." he muttered, rubbing his neck and jaw. There was his normal half-goatee left, but he could get away with that. He approached behind another student(Emiya).

Dagon rode down the street on his Motorcycle, his helmet having a few designs on it depicting the plains far away from where he was. But, his home was not on his mind, it was the odd dream he had the night before. As he came to a stop, he focused on the odd memory. A large plain, like he was home as he rode onto a cliff, he saw a huge battle field. The battle field full of strange people fighting to the death, or those who already were dead.

As he looked out, he saw someone standing on the cliff face looking out. The figure tossed him a contract and pen, Dagon read it quickly and nodded. Signing the contract after a few minutes he heard the words 'See ya tomorrow partner." Then, he simply woke up.

He was riding to school and he passed a few houses as the light turned green. He had always liked traveling to his uncle's and aunts who lived in Japan. His family always agreed to things like him travelling to Japan to save money on the farm. To keep them under budget and staying with his uncle at the small bike shop and going to the school.

Sure, he didn't understand all of the Japanese language verbally, but he had gotten the hang of it mostly. And reading it wasn't that hard learning it from his parents too. 

Akuma Killer:
I watch as the small student is being overwhelmed by the more menacing, tall one. This isn't a fight. It's a one sided beatdown. That's it. I can't take it anymore. I maneuver my way through the crowd as the tall student grabs the short one by the collar.
"Look who it is...Emiya, huh?"
The student is dropped. He sits down and doesn't move at all.

"What are you going to do, use your superpowers? Aren't you a little too old to think you can be a superhero?"

He laughs. This is pissing me off...!!! I mumbled a few words. My dad was a magus, but he only taught me Reinforcement, Alteration, and Projection. The last two were difficult so I never used them. Reinforcement on the other hand...Was sorta simple. I use it whenever I need to fix something or when I need to reinforce my body, but it's sort of ineffective in general, but it works. But I do see...weird my body when I use Structure Grasp on myself.

Structure Grasp, Start.

I mumbled the words as silently as I can, so no other mages can hear. After all, magic is kept secret after all. I scan my body...

"Did you said something?!"

Looks like I somehow pissed him off...No matter. I pour mana into my arms.

Reinforcement, start.

I don't know exactly what my trigger is to open my magic circuits so I forcefully open them. The process is like trying to dig out a object stuck in your body with a knife. Extremely painful and unsafe. My dad says I should stop doing it, but this is really the only way I can use magic till I find my trigger.

I reinforced my arms.

"Alright...You asked for it then!"

As he was about to attack me with his fist, I knocked him squarely on the face. Normally a regular punch wouldn't do much against a big guy like him, but since I reinforced my arms... He fell down face forward.



The bell rings as the crowd walks to class.

"Did you saw what Emiya did?"
"He punched him and was knocked out!"
"Wow, he's strong!"

Heh, another person saved...But too bad I used violence. He did too, so I had no choice. I think Shirou would do too.

"Thank you Emiya!"

The student thanked me as he runs to class. Stuff like this makes me proud to be a superhero. After all, isn't it wonderful to help each other out?


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