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Slider Eclipse:
Luciel was Watching the School from inside a Seemingly Ordinary Van down the street, a glass of Grape Juice in hand. " how about we get this party started.. Archer you got  Saber in Sight?" she said.


" Yes Master" She said from the roofs, A Spear Kocked and ready to fire.. then she got her order.. and fired it at his sword arm.. at the same time.. every toilet in the School Exploded violently.. Luciel's Attack had begun.

Lancer watches the school blow up in certain areas and decided to report back to Kuromi. Though it'd take too long while astralized, so she materialized and started jumping back at high speeds.

I had a weird feeling as if I just missed something hilariously dangerous...

Akuma Killer:
Saber watches as there was an explosion at the school.
"Shit... Who could've done that?"
He looks around and people are scrambling.
"It'd be foolish if I just go there... I'll go to my Master quickly!"

So Saber ran.

I was in the shed still, finding objects when Saber arrives.
"Master, something happened at the school."
I look at him and drop the things I'm holding.
"Give me a second Saber, I need to find a weapon... Sometimes tells me this is a Master attacking in daylight..."


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