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Akuma Killer:
I wake up from the slumber. For some strange reason, I have this weird dream with a knight in full armor with a sword...But this is normal. It has happen to me in the past few months, but I guess it turned into a normal daily occurrence.
Just another day in the Emiya household. Since my dad left me 10 years ago, I don't know what to do with my life so, I decided to follow his way of view when he was younger.
"When I was young, I always wanted to be a superhero. Your late grandpa, Kiritsugu always told me his stories. I was interested in his adventures. To other people, he seem cold and distant...but I know the true Kiritsugu. He was a bit clusmy, but a cool dad nonetheless."
Ah. Being a superhero. Wanting to save everyone. It's time to do my daily routine!
I dress up and walk out my home. I sometimes wish he didn't left. It's lonely being here alone, but I guess this would do. I waved at the Fujimura head.
"Hello Emiya."
"Need any help?"
"Well...the bike fell apart again for the 10th time this month."
I sighed. I went back inside and took out my toolbox, fixing the bike.
Yep, just another normal day for Emiya Daisuke.

Sam Altaris Leonhart:
William lay in bed, eyes closed. His head was still filled with the image of blood-stained fields, and cries of those left to die.
"What the fucking hell..." he muttered, rolling out of bed and trudging to the door. He put his shoes on, paid the hotel owner, and started walking the streets.

I hit my alarm clock off the stand, blinking.

"Quiet..." I mutter, hearing yelling.

"Miss Yatsufuni!" Shut up... Wait... Miss?

"... Where am I...?"

"The Tohsaka Household." I roll over and stare at the ceiling. Right. I made a deal... To play in some sort of Tournament... Last night is a blur... I had a weird dreams of a figure in... Red? Green? Holding some sort of pole...

What did they offer me for it again...? Money? No it was something about wishes... Why can't I remember? Also my body feels heavy, and I can't remember much about last night... Maybe I should heal myself... Though Magic is my special secret... Wait did that have to do with it?

... I can't remember...


I left the Tohsaka house early... It was a large place. Though the lady who got me to participate in all this... She was acting really rigid... Maybe to make sure I agree...? I'm still sleepy.

As I walk I tie my hair up into short twin tails on both sides, straightening my uniform. Only one school around here unfortunatly, so I have to go there. I want friends but get to nervous... So I end up driving people away... Oh looky, while I was monolouging I got here...

As I walk in the gate, way to early to school I swear someone whispered in my ears... The words being along the lines...

"Nice to work with you Master."

"Thaaaat's it. Keep walking. That's a good little cheater." Phineas' voice was heard by no one as he sat in the beat up old Lincoln, watching a businessman stroll along his routine trip to a seedy love-hotel. Phineas had watched him enter and exit numerous times over the weeks of his contract, but he'd been doing this job long enough to know how much evidence would be necessary to make the case stick.

 Today would be his last day of surveillance though, sitting on the memory stick for his camera was a high quality shot of money changing hands between this poor shlub and a high-class call girl, more than enough to give his wife bargaining rights in the divorce, anything else was just icing. As the man disappeared from sight Phinny flicked through his photos again, picturing the fat bonus cheque he'd been promised for making this case stick before admiring himself in the rearview mirror.

Looking back at him were piercing emerald eyes shaded by the brim of a fedora, hiding his short cropped blonde hair. The only indicator of his every day nature was the gaudy pentagram hanging from his neck under his trench coat. Otherwise, he was just another foreigner in a town full of them. Flashing himself a winning smile, he pointed at the love hotel with his thumb and index finger extended, like a kid playing cops and robbers. Dropping the 'hammer' he intoned to the silent interior of his vehicle "Bang!"

An hour later he was back in his home, a comfortable little house on the edge of town, that looked perfectly normal on the outside. Opening the door he yelled out
"Mephisto, Come to me!" dramatically as the black cat that he shared his space with greeted him, chirping and mewling happily.

Hanging his hat and coat he checked the sigils and talismans placed over his entry-way, various herbal rubs mixed into a dye and used to carve runes from seven different dead languages formed the basis of a 'protective spell' on every entry point in to the house. Of course, none of the symbols and herbs meant anything, they were simple foci for his magic, the real power lay in the expenditure of Prana that gave his wards meaning.

Stopping at a shrine on his dresser he admired the carved skull and made an offering to the voodoo god of death, 'Baron Samedi', tossing back a shot of rum before plugging his camera in to his computer and setting the photos to upload to his backup server. Scratching the cat above the ear he cooed, in a voice that was almost a perfect imitation of a woman's 

"Soon we're going to have another room-mate, yes we are, Mephistopheles. I wonder who they'll be?"

Tossing on one of his favorite Jazz albums he swayed around the ritual circle, triple checking it, making sure every detail was perfect.

Rouga was sweeping leaves in to a pile. He had woken up early today after suffering a surreal dream. He dozed a bit and when he snapped out, their family shrine was cleaned up nicely. Not many people come to pray, but its best to keep the gods and spirits happy.

He looked out from their shrine steps and to the city below. He had barely been inside the city's outskirts, even less outside of the shrine grounds due to his illness. Today he could see much clearly than usual. It shocked him how far the city stretched. He stared at the landscape and felt a bit sad at how far the world stretched out of his home.

His parents were busy with his sister's wedding so they probably wouldn't notice him missing for a few minutes...

He looked back to see if the coast was clear and then left down the stairs towards the city...


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