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Warlords: More info, Weapons, Boats, ECT.
« on: December 20, 2012, 10:08:27 PM »
Weapons do affect combat, just different weapons do it differently. I'll explain how here.

Swords: Your classic RPG weapon has decent reach and attack power. If you start as a knight or paladin you have a sword. It gives you +1 piercing. Added to your STR (strength stat). Other ones will give you increased damage or different elemental damage. Also, these swords are one handed, so you could use a shield.

Two Handed Swords: A big two handed sword. Adding Pierce damage depending on your STR. While it is two handed you will have no shield to help you defend.

Daggers: A knife having less reach then a sword will less rely on your STR stat, but more on your DEX stat. It will add half the DEX stat to the damage of the weapon. Along with a d20 roll to throw it. That will add all the DEX to the attack.

Axes: Your classic axe would deal a mix of Blunt and Piercing damage. Each for the starting Axe, the wood cutter's axe, will only deal blunt damage +1. It will add 1/2 your STR stat and 1/2 of your POW stat.

Staff: Not a very good weapon, dealing 1 blunt damage along with 1/3 your STR stat. Mostly these are last resort weapons for mages and sometimes have some kind of increase for their magics.

Lance: A lance is normally used by those on a pokemon they can ride. It deals 2 piercing and can't be used unless riding.

Maces: Their big, normally made of iron or steel, and heavy. You need at least 13 Pow to wield a mace and then it adds the rest of your POW to half your STR stat. Deals 1 blunt damage.

Pole arms: Like many longer ranged weapons they are on a staff and normally bladed. Depending if you have a subcategory of Pole arm you will have a spear,which gives piercing, or a Halberd, which gives blunt damage. Each have much better range than a normal sword or ax. They add half your STR and Added to half you DEX.
Ranged Weapons Section
Crossbow: Crossbows will come in Three styles, each dealing with the dex stat though each will weigh differently and have you have to take more into consideration with using both. Light will deal a 1/3 of your dex but is easier to use, Normal will use 1/2 your dex and will take a little practice to use, and Heavy will take alot of practice to use and use 2/3 of your dex stat

Net: Now nets will deal no damage,except much later when you can make them out of razor wire, and will stop the enemy from attacking unless they can roll to dodge the net or get out of it. Your skill depends on the Dex Stat.

Bow: A ranged weapon depending on your Dex stat. It will take half your DEX Stat along with add any additional damage dealt by arrows. The basic iron arrow only deals 1 Piercing Damage.

ADV Ranged Weapons: This section is for the engineer's made weapons that they use, you must have the profession engineer to use these weapons if it says "Engineer".

Flintlock Pistol:Engineer. Using gunpowder you can fire small slugs of metal out of the barrel, must use dex 1/2 to see if you hit, check the enchantments, and a D20 if it blows up in your face or not.

Bombs: Engineer. While bombs use gunpowder ignited by a wick they are not need to directly hit someone. Just aim near them, the only problem with the bombs is they can hurt your allies too.

Time to explain Armor, Armor is going to keep you alive. Simple as that. Though different armors do it in different ways. There are different Tiers of armor and different types and added benifits to each of them.

Cloth: Cloth armor is very light, only requiring 2 POW minimum. The only problem, the starter set of cloth only gives +2 armor, and that is not good. At all. But it does help with spells at a higher level. possibly boosting your magic skill or damage.

Leather: Leather is the next tier of armor, and thus is stronger but heavier. It requires 5 POW minimum and gives you +6 armor along with added Pierce resistance +1. A little better and sometimes it will be very dark, the starter set will give you +1 stealth in forests, because it's brown.

Mail: Now you get into your warrior area. Mail is a strong and durable armor, though very heavy. It will have you have to have 10 POW to wear it. Now it does give +12 armor, which is good for a starter and +2 Pierce resistance.

Plate: Now we get into pure tank and heavy armor. Normally unless you have 15 POW you won't be able to wear plate mail at the start. It will give you a +20 Armor along with resistance to Pierce and blunt damage. A down side of it, will be you will be seen as a bigger threat and things will most likely attack you first.

Shields: Now Shields are only able to be used by people with a free hand. So you cannot be using a sheild while using a two handed weapon. The basic shields will add +4 armor.

(Tom's input for Oriental weaponry)
ORIENTAL: These weapons vary from Long, Short, and Projectile ranges, and are affected by various stats. The weapons in this category are Naginata (polearm), Katana(sword), Shuriken(projectile), Kunai(dagger), Nunchaku(mace), Sai(dagger), Kama(dagger), Ono(axe), and Otsuchi(mace).
Naginata take a +2 pierce. Katana has a +1 Pierce or a +1 Smash, depending on if your DEX is higher or lower than your POW. Shuriken require a d20 roll for throwing, plus 1/2 your WIL. Kunai are based off of WIL mainly, taking a +1 pierce when thrown. Nunchaku are all smash and bash, getting a +x Blunt, the x being the result of 1/2 your DEX plus a d12 roll for a "do i hit myself" check. Sai are stationary daggers, so they take a +1 pierce if your DEX is higher than POW. Kama are mini scythes, that usually come in pairs and take a +1 pierce if your DEX is lower than POW. Ono and Otsuchi are both POW based, but with the Otsuchi, you need to roll a d12 for a "do I hit myself" check. They both have a +1 Smash.

Boat Section:
In the world that we all either fly on pokemon, ride on water pokemon and walk on foot. There are times that we don't have access to either those opinions. Especially those who have no experience with pokemon. In those times to cross the seas from Nations to Nations, the characters only available transport at this time are Sailing Ships. However... The journey on the waves are not safe, for the sea are filled it's own dangers just as much if not more than land.

Ships: Your transport outside of pokemon. Especially when you need to travel from one nation to the next. Ships comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. All have different strength and weaknesses, along with how much health, offense and defense it comes with. It differs from between each nation on minor scale.

Cannons: The ship's main offensive means of defending itself on the sea. It comes in three sizes of Small, Medium, and Large. Like ships, it have different strength and weaknesses, but it also determines how many that a ship can carry depending on the ship's size. There are a variety of Cannons depending on each Nation. The aim roll of the cannon is determine by Cannon Size, DEX to aim, and distance between the two ships.

Ship Combat: Unlike on land battles, the battle on the sea is different. To win a battle, you can either sink the enemies ship or defeat the enemy ship's captain via force them to surrender or kill, however, this also apply to your ship as well. But this is no simple beat the enemy down, due to there's other conditions such as... Method on how to reach the enemy ship. Weather Conditions. And the classifications of the ship and cannons.
Methods- Since two ships are separated by the sea, they need to get close to each other so the crew and pokemon who lacks the means of swimming, flying or long range attacks can get close. But this increases the modifer bonus of the Aim roll of the Cannons.


Outside of battleship. There are other dangers as well... Namely Mother Nature and Monstrous Pokemon.

Weather - The indicator of how fast your ship can go and determines weither it'll assist or hinders your ship. (Weather Topic not yet made) But... in certain cases, it's tells of a warning.

Monstrous and Mysterious Pokemon - A much larger and powerful sort of Pokemon that inhabits the seas all over the world. Preying on whatever they can to protect themselves. The indictator of where these sort of Pokemon are when the weather changes or follow the rumors and myths of where the ships are constantly sunk. Due to this, this brings greater rewards if any of the wreckage are found. Yet due to their nature, they cannot be tamed (or in the case of Pokeballs, cannot be caught). There are also Shiny versions and perhaps... those that are stuff of legends.

Combat against Monstrous and Mysterious Pokemon- Unlike Ship Battle, this battle comes two modes. Time or Chase.
Time- A Battle where Crew must beat the Pokemon under a set number of turns or failure to do so will end in a losing condition of where the Ship is destroyed, regardless of health or Ship is destroyed. This form of mode situation are usually where Monstrous Pokemon appear out of the sea and a continous version of Whirlpool appears around it, to suck the Ship (and Pokemon who are swimming) in. To determine how much time that the Ship have are determined by the Ship's size.

Chase- A mission where you are chased or chase the Pokemon. Winning Condition goes two ways, if chased the ship must make a successful Escape Save or if chasing the Pokemon, beat it down to low health or Chase it away. Losing Condition is when your ship's health goes down to zero. You neither win or lose if the Monstrous/Mysterous Pokemon runs away or if you managed to escape.

Health: 300
Cannons: 0 (0 per side)
Speed: 9/10
- Rowing Boats would have 2/10 Speed.
- Medium or Smaller sized Pokemon with swimming/flying ability would be classified under this section in terms of size compared to the ships.

Health: 700
Cannons: 2 (1 per side)
Speed: 7

Health: 1000
Cannons: 6 (3 per side)
Speed: 5

Health: 1200
Cannons: 12 (6 per side)
Speed: 4
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Enchantments. Now for those who are doing Enchant professions or found a magic item and so-on. Each weapon or armor have a something magical in it right? Each enchantment have a sort of style that's organized under 17 Types...Generally. Let's see what we got here.... Please note that the following stats below do what they increase generally. It may or may not comes with exceptions.

Poison – A type of enchantments that's usually revolve around increasing DEX. Increasing Critical rate. And a chance of inflicting/resist Poison.

Ground – A Enchantment that usually increases STR and WIL. Increasing ATK Rate.

Rock - Increases POW and STR. Slightly increase armor and health.

Psychic – Greatly increases Magic attacks. Slight increase to WIL stat. Slightly increase Resist. Increase Chance of inflict/resists Confusion.

Ghost – Increase Avoid/Dodge stats. Increase DEX and slightly increase WIL. Slight increase in armor. And slight chance of inflict/resists Confusion.

Dragon – Powerful Stats all-round. But comes with a expansive costs and drops very rarely.

Fighting – Increases All-around Offensive stats, but lowers Defense stats. Slight Increase in Speed.

Steel – Increase all-around DEF stats. Increase health. Slight Increases armor and resistance to statuses. Requires certain materials made from Blacksmith and Engineer professions.

Normal – All-around average stats. Slight increase in speed.

Flying – Increases DEX and Increases Speed. Slight increase Avoid/Dodge stats.

Grass – Increases Health and Armor. Slight chance of inflicting/resists Burn, Sleep, Paralyze, and/or Poison.

Fire – Increases Fire and Ice resistances. Increases STR and WIL. Increases chance of inflict/resists Burn. Can Cause Fire-Bonus damage.

Electric – Increases Speed and WIL. Slightly increases Magic and Resists. Increases chance of inflict/resists Paralysis. Can cause Electric Bonus Damage.

Water – Increases Armor. Slight increases CHA, WIL, and Avoid/Dodge stats.

Ice – Increase Ice resistance and CHA. Increases chance of inflict/resists Freeze. Can cause Ice-bonus damage.

Bugs – Varied at random except Armor is slightly increased.

Dark – Increases DEX and Resistance. Slight increase in Armor and Speed.

??? - Unknown.

Now just to note. Since there are Dual-types, the enchantments can be stacked. Only in Major/Minor way terms. For example...

“Fire Shield of Charizard” - With Major stats in Fire and Minor stats in Flying or...

“Lance of Beedrill” With Major stats (although varied) in Bug and Minor stats in Poison.

Now... There are Shiny versions say “Helm of Shiny Gyarados”. It comes with reduced stats and more money value, but like Shiny Pokemon those drop rarely.

Now please note that the stats above may or may not changed.