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Warlords: (Basics)
« on: December 15, 2012, 11:50:36 PM »
Welcome young Warriors and Warlords. In this midevil world of Pokemon Wars you will have to pit yourself and your Pokemon against one another until you gain power of an Army.

At the start you are alone with no army sadly. Only with Two Level Ten pokemon which are free pick, (If you don't pic something super rare depending on Type)

Adds To +2 Diplomacy
Reduce Fire Damage by 10%
Adds Ten Gold to the start with.

Added Grass type damage
Plus 2 damage to oriental weapons.
Adds one point to Dex.

Plus 10% defense from Ice damage
Added skill with Blacksmithing (plus 2 to dice rolls).
Adds to skill with axes.

Plus 10% defense from water damage.
Plus damage 10% damage from swords
Easier traversing through forests.

Ground Resistance 10%
No damage from Sandstorms
Resistant to damage to weapons. (IE Rust for swords)

Each class would get a boost depending on which type/types would each class. You get +10 to capture pokemon of the same type but -5 on weakness.
Steel- Gives +2 boost to armor protection but -2 resistance to electric attacks
Rock- +1 Power -1 to swim checks
Ground- Gives +2 Health - 1 to Swim Checks
Electric- +2 To electric attacks and resistance - 4 to Ground types
Fire- +2 to Fire Resistance - 2 to damage on Water Types
Water- +1 to Water Attacks, + 2 to Swim checks -2 to Electric attacks -1 to Grass attacks
Grass- +3 To cause Status affect -3 to resist status affect
Bug- Not effect by Psychic Effect -5 to Fire resistance
Flying- +4 To flight checks -4 underground related check
Poison- +5 to Cause Poison, Steel damage x1.5
Dark- Turns invisable once a Day, Sunny day has a 2 and 50 chance of causing burn. The Numbers of the Dice are 1 and 50 of a 1d50
Ice- +5 to Icey Terrain Checks -5 to Desert Checks
Dragon- +3 To all Spell checks - 3 to Killing Strike rolls
Normal- +2 Cha -1 Pow
Psychic- +3 Psychic related check, -4 checks dealing with bugs and ghost
Ghost- +3 To Dodge Physical attack, -3 To Dodge Special Attacks
Fighting- +2 to STR and Pow, -2 to Dex and Cha

Now...Each class you have to figure out which will aid your Character and class in each way. You get one or two types. Pick one and it'll be more focused while the other it'll be balanced. You have to mix and match each class and figure how to level the class up.

Race: (New on the Races post)
Class: (Magics depend on what pokemon you have)
Pokemon: (Add them as you go. Pick two first limit is Ten)
Image: (But you don't have to put this. It'll just be interesting)

Items: Starting with basic low level gear and 100 P$
God: (Pick One god, and you can change it keep it to what I got done so far please. But if not, I'll think of something)

Knight: A knight is your very powerful armored tank. They wield large weapons, clubs, and shields. They are very strong and noble, much more able to be welcomed into most towns. Assuming they are following their own god.

Mage : Your classic magic user, wielding powerful spells. Most of the magics they learn are from their pokemon. If a mage were to have a pokemon with Ember, they'd be able to learn ember or a more powerful version.

Archer: Like your classic archer, they use mostly use bows along with an assortment of knives and things like that. They have more skills in forests and can lay traps for catching or hunting pokemon.

Monk: A fighter using staves and their fists, they are charismatic people. Able to help any and coming from monestaries and able to drink any normal man under the table.

Thief: A thief is a character willing to steal or attack any of those for money. How ever, they are honorable to a point and some will go on to be...Assassins. (Must have High Dex.)

Paladin: Warrior but has slight healing and powers from a "God Pokemon"

Bard: Your Chr character that sings to help the team. You can help with different things and give different abilities.

Priest: This is the class that focuses most on the gods. Different following will give a Priest a different set of spells and then different buffs they can give them.

Illusionist: A "Mage" character that can cast spells to steal things or trick their Enemies. (Mix of Magic and Dex)

Alchemist: In the world of Alchemy profession, one cannot gain something without losing something of equal value in return. That is the First Law of Alchemy. That is the sole creed Alchemist live by. With their magical symbols they draw they can change things from one to another, if they give equal value. It has been a long standing law They focus on their Will and items to transform things/ Without a alchemical symbol and field. Very few can use their abilities.

Gladiator: They're attack damage is based on how much health they have left. While high they are a balanced attack but when getting lower in health, they will become faster, and stronger. Though they will lose health easier. They would more easily use swords and possibly later become a higher grade of warrior. (Suggested Type, Steel)

Shaman: Your decent strength and high magic has allowed you to be in tune with nature. Though you must have a grass or bug type, you gain many new abilities. You can now heal, move through forests easier, and in some cases, speak to wild pokemon with your mind. (Requirements, A Grass or bug type pokemon starter.)

Dragoon: You are strong, can hold your own in a fight, but your bond with pokemon is different. While being like a warrior you ride on the back of a pokemon, weither it be a normal Ponyta, Blitzel, or another pokemon that can fly. You use spears and ride hard. You do gain the ability to carry more gear then normal aswell, prepare to be a work horse. (Must have a pokemon you can ride.)

Dark Magician/Cultist: You have lived your magical life in private. You maybe very powerful, but for most of the common people, you are a heretic. You worship the "Dark" gods, Either the Nightmare pokemon Darkrai, or the God of the Underworld Giratina. You get new abilities including able to find dark and hidden places, but one must make an offereing to these gods every so often.

Dancer: A Seducer of the Men or Women, (What ever they perfer), they use their skills to distract and get items from the
unexpecting along with learning to become a Blade Dancer.

Changling: A mage who has learned the move "Transform" and can turn into a small amount of things.
Sorcerer: Think a Mage on magic roids, he learns much more powerful attacks. Even moves like Hyper Beam at high levels.

With the help of Meteor, I have the set world of the Warlords game world. This is the "Canon" World for the game and we have more information in the works. You may add what nation you are from, but you may also say you are a Lord or child of a Lord from an island seeking out more from the main lands. If you wage war on one country, they will attack your base on thier lands and other nations might help you or another nation so be warned

In Warlords, Classes' abilities compared to other TRPGs are what is considered to be limited. But what makes up are the skills that assist the class itself and the pokemon that they bonded with. Each class have a passive ability, 4 movesets, and a skill that affects pokemon.

Bonds are what linked between the warlords and Pokemon through various relationships. It is how warlords tame the pokemon beyond his/her main partners, usually by gaining the pokemon's respect through various means depending on the pokemon in question, often by Types. However, there are pokemon who are exceptions to the usual method to the Types. Furthermore, not all relationships are good, there are less moral means to tame pokemon, even mind control. Some Pokemon can be treated as trash and property. This lead to some pokemon having a limit to how the bond is impacted negatively, if it ever strained to the point of breaking or worse...

Each of these bonds can effect the skills that you have. As such if you have a Fire bond high up you get a spell such as "Ember" Or "Flamethrower" And other such spells or as a magicless class you'd get fire resistance.

This is where I'll list the abilities of classes. I'll list 3 that will be starting abilities/spells.

Mage Spells/Abilities:(+D&D Spells. Same chart and everything. Spell Bonuses work the same as Wizards)
Mage's Study(Passive): Allows the use of one move of each pokemon that the mage owns.
Mage Light: Produces a small amount of light from the mages hand in a small sphere. Costs 1MP a turn to keep lit.
Ignite: Lights a small flame on something flammable. Costs 2 MP to instant cast.
Mana Bolt: A pure blast of magic energy. Deals 2/3 of Will stat.
Scry: (Pokemon Needed) Allows the mage to see through the eyes of the pokemon with use of a reflective surface.

Thief Abilities:
Carry this: Allows a pokemon to keep things for their Warlord to keep safe until the lord takes it back.
Hide: Allows one to hide in darkness, up to the DM's desecration if hiding is feasible.
Backstab: Deals 2X weapon damage if behind an enemy.
Throw: You throw something at your Enemy. does half weapon damage after a roll if you hit them.
Rescue: (Pokemon) If the lord were to be captured the pokemon might be able to function without them to go and save them, if the bond if positive and high enough.

Knight Abilities: (Fighter Abilities)
Cover:(Passive) If a large steel,rock, or ground pokemon is owned they can use them as cover and charge.
Shield Bash: You hit a an enemy with your shield for half of your POW.
Slash: You slash or bludgeon an enemy with your weapon, adding 8 Damage.
Head Bash: You deal your Armor of your helm to your enemy, and take 11 damage.
Team Work:(Pokemon) Works together with their pokemon to do some sort of action.

Archer Abilities: (Ranger Abilities.)
Keen Vision: (Passive) Adds 2 to all Sight Related Check
Knee shot: Rolling a 20 die will tell you if you have shot the enemy in the knee and make them unable to attack for the rest of the fight.
Strangle: When out of arrows you are able to Strangle the enemy with your bow string.
Arrow Jab: When having no Dagger or close range weapon, you may try to stab your enemy with an arrow.
Shot Type: (Pokemon) Allows a pokemon to add some sort of extra damage to an Arrow. IE Fire Arrow, Ice Arrow, Dark Arrow.

Monk Abilities: (Clerical Spells. No Domains.)
Pray:(Passive 1 a Day) Allows the next battle to be
Holy Slam: The Monk rolls a 20 die and gets a chance to inflict damage of their chosen god's type. (Ho-Oh=Fire, Lugia=Water)
Rush: The Monk rushes toward an enemy and hits them after rolling a D10 and dealing half their STR.
Kind Speaker: Speaking kindly outside of battle allows them to better connect to another person. The amount deals with their CHR to the DM's Desecration.
Healer: (Pokemon) With help from a Pokemon the monk can help with any healing. In or out of battle.

Gladiator Abilities:
Hardened: (Passive) Toughed up by all the years fighting you get + 2 with any armor.
Rage Rush: Deals full Weapon and Damage after rolling a d20 while taking 10 damage
Weapon Throw: The Character throws a weapon after dealing double weapon damage but having two turns to get their weapon back.
Shining Steel: The Gladiator shine's their armor or their Pokemon's natural armor adding extra defense to the armor or pokemon for 1/2 day.
Surrounded: (Pokemon) The Gladiator's Pokemon help him keep their enemies from getting away.

Illusionist Abilities: (+Illusion Based Spells from the Wizard Spell list. Same wizard adding system. 3-Catrips. 1-first level spell. Ect ect. Bonuses spells work as Sorcerers.)
Mind's Eye: (Passive) Allows the Eyes to sense a certain bit of magic thing.
Distraction: Does a magical spell to distract the enemies, depending on the Will of the character plus the roll of d20 to see the time length it is effective.
Confusion: Deals damage to the enemy's mind and has a chance to deal Confusion status. Damage depends on the d20 and the character's will.
Illusion Cast/Dispel: Casts or dispels an Illusion outside of battle. Has to do a Will Check and the strength depends on the Level and Will of the caster.
Moving Illusion: (Pokemon) Allows to hide and change what a pokemon is seen as by all others.

Shaman Abilities (+Druid spells. Bonus spells work the same way.)
Nature's Embrace:(Passive) +4 to all Forest or nature related rolls
Regrowth: A spell of d50 and it heals the ally or themselves for the number on the die, plus the will of the caster.
Thorns: a d20 cast which deals X damage from melee attacks
Vines: Can make vines grow out of dirt, can be used to tie up enemies or "Make a Bridge"
Wrath: (Pokemon) With the help of pokemon lets them shoot a cluster of elemental energy.

Alchemist Abilities: (Science and Spells based on Transfiguration. Wizard Bonus Transfiguration spells is the same.)
Alchemist's Vision: +6 to all science checks
Transmutation Circle: Allows the drawing of a Transmutation Circle onto something to allow for the manipulation of matter. The circles only control elements the same as a pokemon type you control.
Change: Allows the Sharpening or other changes to any item. Can't be too in depth, without knowledge before hand.
Creation: If the Item is known well enough, either by how simple it is or by knowledge of crafting, if all the items needed to make it. It is able to be made.
Collection: (Pokemon) Allows pokemon to be used in finding and collecting objects.
Also see Spell list for Alchemists for D&D

Priest Abilities: (Domains of a God Pokemon: 2 (max))
Passive: Pray (Passive 1 a Day) Allows the next battle to be
Channel Element: D20 roll of damage from channeling a Type of their Patron God Pokemon. (Priest of Ho-Oh would be able to create strong winds. Or Small flames,)
Domain Immunity: (Pick one Element that you are immune to from your God. Any weakness will deal double damage.)
Preach: Able to call devouts of your god in towns. Can be used then after a D20 for divining how many are in the town. Then convincing them to do something else.

Bard Abilities:
Music Talent: Can play any instrument for different abilities.
Can cast minor Can trips.
Can cast Ghost Sound at will.
Can play different songs to be determined by the DM for their effect.
It's this character's job to befriend all the things.

D&D Feats/Flaws
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Re: Warlords: (Basics)
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2012, 12:42:44 AM »
Name: Rave
Race: Sandover
Class: Illusionist
Age: 16
Type(S): Dark, Ghost
Pokemon: Cooper (Zorua), Elizabeth (Misdreavous)

Str: 12
Dex: 18
Will: 16
Pow: 14
Cha: 14
Traits: Mute, Extreme Feminine
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