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Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.


The village, Antol, is a quiet and small village close to the border of Ylissian grasslands and Plegian wastes. The village Inn and Bar is where many weary and tired adventurers and mercs rest but not for long in fear the risen might give chase. Many forget the village existence once they leave. Now the influx of people to the this remote place brings all sorts. They look for the one the villagers call “The Oracle” a man who foresaw the true end of Grima. The man who can tell them how to end the beast.

In the market a man with medium length mess of hair quietly stands moving his head scanning the area. Not unlike some he wears sorcerer garb dulled and weathered by the elements the once black cloak is now dull grey with holes and tears. The scarred skin tanned by long journeys and untold combat the most striking feature on the man is his clouded eyes that peer into the far distance. The man lifts his hand and only through his eyes can he see how the wind moves charged with magic, he can see the crowds shift and turn like a tide. With sure footed step he heads towards the Inn or what he assumes must be based on the noise inside. A smile seems plastered to his face as he moves forward with grace and practiced step.

Sipping a drink, a young woman glanced up from her seat on the ground, watching someone walk towards the Inn. The woman herself was just sitting outside of it, as she twisted and turned a stone over in circles, a look of disinterest on her face. She didn't pick up anything important from this man, thus she just turned away from observing him and instead went back to fiddling with the item in her hand.

"... Came all this way and nothin..."

Attempting to hide most of his face and attire underneath a brown cloak, a feminine face's eyes glanced around the village, eventually finding and locking onto the inn. With below-average height, the cloaked traveler easily entered the inn among other groups. The traveler's eyes wandered again, taking in the unfamiliar view of such a gathering of mercenaries, travelers, and the like; the atmosphere felt foreign, in comparison to the common casual banter among villagers.

Not wanting to stand out from literally just standing in awe of the place, the traveler sits alone at a small table near the counter and takes out a notebook he pretends to read through while trying to listen to any relevant gossip.

A passing by merc brandishing his sword to an archer pass by the woman who in their perspective is playing in the dirt.

"I'm telling you I could have taken that rich bastard at the bar! Double or nothing!"
"Sorry mate but I'm telling you he was holding back. Plus we need that money to buy some more vulneraries anyway from the last fight you were in."

An tall, young man with braided hair is seen drinking his ale, currently stewing in his thoughts and as well as to rest abit from his travels. He watched the bar going on it's business, probably booming business thanks to the influx of people coming in for that rumor.

Well, better get started. Things won't get down if he idles around.

Once it seem like the man behind the counter doesn't look TOO busy in his eyes, he calls out to them as he wave out to him. "Oi. Barkeep, I got a question here I would like to ask." He give the man an casual grin, probably to make things abit ease.


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