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War of the Gods
« on: March 22, 2016, 12:19:52 AM »

This games year won't matter but it's set in 592. There are exactly 360 Days a Year though, leading to 5 days in a week. Thus there are 72 weeks in the year, with 8 months. This leads to each month being about 9 Weeks long. Thus there are 45 days in each month even.

The months in order are Elhans, Pherox, Lefal, Ubos, Narin, Zonk, Cornus, and Sharim. The days in order are Yexan, Quotal, Squalil, Eine, and Klar. Each season lasts two months longer. Why? Because the gods of this world really love things being organized and punctual.  The seasons are Helo (Spring), Kozu (Summer), Arah (Fall), and Mest (Winter).

Two unique traits of this world are that despite their being light, The Sun Glows Black instead of Yellow or White. The Moon is a red Blood Moon all year long, and is always visible in the sky, not changing through the week, unlike the sun that blends into the sky at night.

The campaign shall start in Kozu, in the month of Ubos, on the 33rd. Thus on a Squalil.

There are Five Continents in this world. Four Known and one only in Myth. This world itself is called Enhalzen. Naturally the first Continent listed will be where our adventure is starting. You may find out more information on the other Four Later.

Versalis is a large continent about the size of Asia, thus the largest Continent in Enhalzen. It consists of four different Countries, each with their specialties. The land of Versalis lingers around the center of the world actually, causing it to be a great area for most.

First is the country to the north, Haven. It takes up one fourth of the total landmass of the continent. Known as the Center of Adventures, it is home to The Collection of Guilds, split into cities all over the country. Each City is home to a different kind of Guild, be it for Merchants, who govern the economy, or Magicians who coop themselves up in their research. Much of the land in the north is covered in roads, mountains and forests though, leading to a somewhat typical expectations of the land being like a fantasy adventure. While the Guilds aren't valid in other Countries, it is the only Country who has guilds for almost all forms of Profession. Caves and other such are often seen as well. They are lead by the leaders of each Guild who form a council rather than work alone.

The second Country is Kleine Kingdom. Holding about twice the land of Haven, it has the middle of Versalis Continent, hogging two fourths of the entire continent to itself. The land here is harsh and actually tends to consist of marshes. There is a lot of water around, thus forming many enclosed lakes and wetlands. The entire area itself is much like a huge rain forest, with diverse creatures. While this area isn't as cultured as Haven, it is known for being the land with the Strongest Military Power, and revolves around their capital land near the eastern shore, often known for the immense castle and surrounding city that covers it. Very much a powerful capital with tall walls. As well, they are the most religious country in the world, taking great pride in their gods.

To the south there is the third country, Akuras. Unlike Haven and Kleine Kingdom, it boasts nothing strong about it's Military Power or it's Culture. Taking up one fourth of the landmass of Versalis, it specializes in being the center of Trade. Far more pushing than the Merchants Guild in Haven, the entire country revolves around Wealth, and thus those who visit must be ready to consult their wallets. Do to being the furthest south it seems the country has a lot more water than the other two, even more so than Kleine Kingdom. Thus the entire country, as hard as it can be to believe, is much like a giant city built on waterways. Thus rather than 'Landmass' The truth is Akuras is an artificial Country on Enhalzen, built by human hands for the sake of Commerce. Rather than a Kingdom like their neighbors, they are a Democracy with an Elected Leader.

And there is the final country. A rather small country that is actually more of a City-State. A small Religious City along the border of Haven and the Kleine Kingdom. The name of this place is Radia. Radia is a very religious place, that serves as a home for Worship. While the Kleine Kingdom claims to boast their Religion, they only worship the gods often hailed in this world in other Countries. These gods reflect and exist in Norse Mythology. While those gods are hailed in most of the world, a little known fact is that the gods often speak with those that live in the land of Radia, kept a heavy secret. Thus to those who know this truth, Radia is also known as The Land that Bridges to the Home of the Gods.

To the West there is a harsh land plagues with sandstorms, and harsh environments. This land is Barmat. Known as the Lawless Continent, Barmat actually has no form of Central Government. Thus the entire Continent is a single Country at that, with lesser towns all ruled by the idea that Strength is Law. The terrain itself is much like a desert. The Continent is actually the smallest of them though, roughly about half the size of Australia. Those who are wanted for crimes tend to flee here.

Roughly the size of Europe, Ortellins is fairly unique in terms of how it works. The continent exists in the far east, and is split into two large Countries. The Dracnea Empire, and The Britona Alliance.

The Britona Alliance was originally made of 6 smaller countries, each priding themselves on their honor and the advancements of both their magic and military power. They didn't compare to the lands in the Versalias Continent in terms of Military Power though, and thus honed themselves to incorporate Magic into their daily lives, causing them to rapidly become the most advanced country, using Magic based Technology that is forbidden to leave to other lands. They boast immense destructive ability and the most advanced magic due to this. They are lead by a strong King who's castle is in the northern parts of the country.

Residing on the Eastern side of Ortellins, opposite of The Britona Alliance, is the Dracnea Empire. Rather than focus on things like their counterparts, they instead are a country that Worships Dragons. Dragons do not show up much in other countries, and that is possibly due to the fact they flock to the Dracnea Empire. Dragons smart enough to talk and do as they please are much like nobles here, and lesser offsprings are used in the country for daily labor and other such. Transport, Pets, Guards, and it is said even the Emperor of the Dracnea Empire is a Dragon hidden behind a large Screen in an Imperial Palace in the middle of the country's capital. It is also rumored that those who have lived here for a long time have the Blood of Dragons in their Veins.
Poringtal is a much more simple continent than the others. And by simple it actually means infinitely more complex. Residing in the far north, Poringtal is an icy Contient. It has no countries and is roughly the size of Antartica. The reason for it having no Countries is because the area is mostly uninhabitable. You may find a few villages within these icy Plains, picked into the ice surviving, but much else is rare. Atleast on the front. Hidden behind those icy mountains is a land that is almost constantly in a Spring like State. This is the true area of Poringtal, a land for the Fey Races that hold for them. They are sealed off from the world and only those who leave learn about the outside. They tend to never return though, as the harsh Icy Mountains reject them.

The Continent of Sablier seems to exist only in Myth, having said to been there long ago till a tragic accident occurred. Many scholars looked into the land and found nothing they could say. Though theories say Sablier was the Continent on the southern side of the world, and those there had unusual powers.

I will be allowing almost all races, though Custom or Third Party Races must be approved first. There are no races that don't exist in this world as summoning from other worlds is fairly common, though templates will be hard and must be approved by me as well. For characters made to live in this world, your race can be effected by where you lived. For Example, an Android would only come from the Britona Alliance, while anyone from The Dracnea Empire would most likely be a Half-Dragon. Ask more later to find out, I'll be making a list of what races reside where.

Rather than the normal Classes, we will be using super customized class System.

You'll be categorized based on what Base you pick. First you'll pick a Class from Pathfinder. That class will be what you use for your Hit Die, Saves, and BAB. It will also Determine your Skill Ranks.

Everyone can also freely pick one Classes Weapon Proficiencies and have that as their Weapon Profiency Set. Same with armor.

Everyone will get 5 Starting Feats, and Class Feats at 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20. You will also still get your normal Feats as you level up, as per the normal character growth path.

All Pathfinder Feats are available, and all Class Abilities fall under Class Feats, which can only be picked up with a Starting Feat or a Class Feat at the corresponding levels. Any Abilities are available to choose. There is a limitation of only 1 'variable' Feat, Abilities that grant a variety of abilities within that one ability. Ninja Tricks, Fighter Feats, Gunslinger Deeds, and Warder Maneuvers are some examples. Feats that improve upon level, like Sneak Attack and Flurry of Blows, are not variable, and level with the character. Static Feats such as Barbarians Fast Movement can be taken like a normal Feat. Archetype Class Features also count of course.

Spell Feats from Classes like Wizard give access to their spell lists, and will not be counted as a Variable Feat. But rather than the usual way of obtaining spells, you will only get 3 Spells Per Level, and must pick Spells to learn. You will only be able to cast spells as high a level as the first Spell List you picked would've normally let you cast at that level though. Spells do not need to be prepared, and instead of having uses per day, Your spell will instead drain your health. The cost of HP per Spell used is Spell Level x2 +1. HP you lost by casting a spell will be added to your Non-Lethal Damage as well. Psionics will drain from your health as well, but not at a x2 cost. Your Casting Stat is Based on Which Class Spell List you picked first. You'll have that as your casting stat as well.

I have decided to allow Psionic, Occult Classes, And The First Path of War. And the Starting Level will be Level... 15. We will be using the system of roll 4d6 and dropping the lowest for this campaign stats. Three sets are allowed.
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