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The air was crisp in the stadium hall, on this brisk March day in Neo-Yorkas. It was practically packed, both with contestants and onlookers. It was the preliminary rounds of the seventeenth Regional Tournament. The stadium was insanely noisy from all the conversations, but the tapping of the mic on center stage quieted the crowds. As eyes turned to the stage, a young man with black hair stood at the mic.

"Ah... This thing is on right? It is? Okay. Welcome, everyone, to the Duel Monsters Seventeenth Regional Tournament. For those of you watching at home, we are live from Lyons in Neo-Yorkas. Today we are doing the preliminary or elimination rounds. Due to the massive pool of contestants, we'll only be looking at handfuls of duels today. But, for those at home, there'll be updates on practically every duel going on, gradually scrolling at the bottom of the screen. Our initial host, my step-brother Gregory Waites, had something come up last minute, so I'll be your host for this part of the tournament, Robert Waites. There's still a couple minutes left until the matches start, so Duelists, please take to your respective areas. For the sake of time and money, The preliminary rounds will only be Standard Duels. Good luck!" He started to walk away, but came back quickly. "Oh, directions to the duel fields are designated on the floor of the stadium with tape-arrows. Your entry tickets will indicate which field you're dueling on, so... try not to get lost." Robert gave a small bow to the crowd, then walked off stage, muttering to himself quietly. The crowd began to disperse, duelists moving to their fields and the audience getting properly seated.

The young man named Edward looks at his entry ticket for the number in question. It looks like he'll be dueling at field 28 for this match, he pockets the ticket into his pocket where it is safe before goes along with the crowd to the field. He rubs his shoulder, still sore from that particular day before glance around the dueling crowd for familiar faces. Some of his friends, some of his co-workers, and some of those he met sometime ago.

"Well. I got time before the match starts." Edward mutters to himself, before he straighten up his casual shirt and goes off to meet up at least one of the people in mind. Mostly the ones who are nearby as he's not expecting to talk to all of them before the preliminary matches start. No need to delay any further than necessary for it.

With a heavy sigh a young woman walks steadily forward with her entry ticket towards her dueling field. Her duel disk is old fashioned but it seems to suit her tastes as it is and can keep up with the new standards. upon reaching her destination: dueling field 12 she notices her opponent is already there a kid talking with his friends before everything starts. letting out another sigh she walks away from her dueling field without being noticed to see if she can run into a familiar face not that far from her field.

"Not exactly like the tournaments back in my home country. Hopefully I get to keep my hard light settings the way they are." Alicia says bored looking around before spotting Edward walking who knows where. Checking her phone for the time before she starts walking towards Edward. "I got time to say hello. Wonder if I'll meet Usagi later."

"Ah. Hello, Alicia." Edward greet the foreigner duelist when he noticed her. He put one of his hands in his pocket before shook his head, "It may be possible between rounds. Things will get busy here... How are you feeling at this moment?" He asks, note the old fashion duel disk for the moment. He did not choose to comment upon it as this is the lady's choice to stick with that particular model instead of the recent ones, either respectfully or just indifference upon it in terms of reaction.

"I'm doing good, but I swear to god if someone asks me about why I'm using this older model I'm gonna show them what my rail cannons are like without mercy." She says crossing her arms. " I'm not expecting much from this tournament other than a few wins before that major loss. So, what about you? how are you feeling about it?" she takes out one of her decks from her belt and starts shuffling it for a while.


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