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The Pangoll Race
« on: September 18, 2015, 07:27:44 PM »

Pangolls are hardy desert and savanna dwelling beings that live in small, close knit communities. They are consummate tunnelers, creating extensive tunnel networks just beneath the ground, where they cultivate insects and eat a mash of the deep tap roots of the plants above. Above ground, the cactus orchards, ant, and termite mounds provide the majority of their food. They have also been known to keep bees and use the honey in their healing medicine to make it more palatable and give much needed nutrition.

Physical Description

Pangolls are short, sturdy, and well armored everywhere but their inner thighs up to their face which is covered with a soft fur. They have large flat tails that can be longer than they are tall. A pangollís ears are actually a group of specialized scales that act as pseudo ears as well as helping to disperse heat and can be tucked against it head when in danger or to show aggression. Because of their mouth shape Pangolls have trouble speaking languages other than their own and are unable to raise their voice to yell. They use gestures of the tail for basic communication over larger distances. Pangoll scales come in a variety of warm earth tone colors ranging between reds, oranges, yellows, and dull browns. Their fur is typically in a range of cream to tan. Males are typically a bit larger than females and have longer snouts, while females have smoother ears.

Racial Traits

Ability Score: Pangolls are armored and sturdy creatures, but their natural armor and their natural tendency to live on the outskirts leave them weak in certain areas. They gain +4 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, and -2 Intelligence.

Type: Pangolls are humanoids with the Pangoll subtype.

Size: Pangolls are Medium creatures. They gain no penalties nor receive any benefits from their size.

Lumbering Gait: A Pangoll's base speed is 20 feet. However, unlike other creatures, a Pangoll's speed cannot be lowered by armor nor encumbrance.

Languages: Pangolls begin by speaking Common and Pangollian. Pangolls with high Intelligence scores may choose from the following: Dwarven, Orc, and Terran

Natural Armor: Due to their durable hide, Pangolls gain a +1 Natural Armor bonus.

Defensive Curl: When threatened, a Pangoll curls up into a ball to protect their vulnerable underbellies. During a Total Defense action, the Pangoll may choose to curl up into a ball, doing so grants the Pangoll an addition +4 to their Natural Armor score. During this, a Pangoll may not attack nor move, and they fail Strength and Dexterity skill checks as well as Saves against Spells with somatic components and reflex saves. They also lack the ability to see while in this state. This may be ended as part of a Movement action.

Prehensile Tail: Pangolls have a long flexible tail that may be used to carry objects. This tail cannot attack using a weapon, but may be used to retrieve small objects on their person as a swift action.

Racial Feats

Roll Out

Prerequisites: Pangoll

Benefit: While in their Defensive Curl, a Pangoll may take a 5-ft step, make Reflex saves, as well as make Acrobatic checks.

Ball Rush

Prerequisites: Tail Slam, Roll Out, BAB +5

Benefit: While in Defensive Curl, a Pangoll may make a single attack with their Tail Slap or perform a Charge (The attack must also be a Tail Slap).

Child of the Earth

Prerequisites: Pangoll

Benefit: A Pangoll gains a Burrow Speed up to half their base speed.

Hardened Hide

Prerequisites: Pangoll

Benefit: A Pangoll's natural armor increases by 2.

Reflexive Defense

Prerequisites: Reflex Save +5

Benefit: Once per day, a Pangoll with this Feat may enter a Total Defense stance as a swift action. This may only be used at the start of an encounter.

Tail Slam

Prerequisites: Pangoll, Improved Unarmed Strike

Benefit: Gain the Tail Slap natural attack. (1d8+STR, Blunt)

Additional Information

Click the following link to view the Pangoll complete guide.