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War Campaign
« on: July 15, 2015, 10:06:18 PM »
The World as We Know It

Qlif, One of Two Super Powers of the world, at war with it's opposing country Gherlin. Both have similar structures, voting for their leader, and are fairly modern but resembles countries during the time they suffer after instead.

The entire sky is covered in a thick smog, leaving it a dark place without much color. Occasionally it rains, but often also rains Ashes instead. The deeper structure for each area depends on what type of place it is with what environment, which shall be split into 10 area for each country. These have yet to be done in greater detail.

Players are to play the side of Qlif as members of the army. A specialized squad of elites meant to infiltrate the enemies lines, steal information, and destroy their country from within without being caught. The methods are left up to them but they are to not bring too much attention to themselves on their missions.

House Rules

Stats are gained through the roll 4d6, drop lowest.

Guns are commonplace but not always reliable due to the world having the effects of the arcane, which are less respected within Qlif than in Gherlin. Qlif has superior technology, thus is ahead with high-tech item lists. As characters are in a modern age, the armors used protect one effectively from standard bullets - normal guns do not deal Touch Attack. However, Technological Weapons do deal Touch if specified.

Update on Guns Rules: They do Touch unless the enemy has the Armor Option Bulletproof, which costs another 100 gold. This makes it so they have to hit AC at normal ranges with guns, but if within half the range of your gun, you still roll against touch. Tech Weapons remain the same.

Races tend to be fairly spread out, despite their usual conventions. Thus normal alignment rules will not apply for characters (But still apply for Classes).

Technology in Gherlin stops at stuff like The Modern Fire Arms and Tanks and stuff. In Qlif, Technological Rules such as Technological Weapons. Laser Torch, Stun Batons and the like. Gherlin utilizes magic so they have items like Wands and Wondrous items.

Leadership is allowed, it can only be taken by one member of the group that the group agrees on, and can be used to recruit an NPC as a Follower, not create a second PC.

You can have one skill at max for your level at all times without counting against your skill points as your area of Expertise in terms of War Training

You get your money from the missions. You can choose which ones kinda like a mercenary groups, and know their pay out too. You could also kill and loot, but wouldn't that be really suspicious and draw attention?

Money is kept on credit in a high tech bracelet in Qlif. Gherlin has flat currency of dollars, exchange is possible in Qlif. Gherlin Cash can't be exchanged for Credit. Cash and Credit go along 1:1 ratio with GP for the purpose of item purchases. (IE, 1 Credit/1 Dollar = 1 Gold Piece)

Cash wise same as normal, due to the high damaging weapons and many wondrous items all characters gain Max HP every level.

Use Technology, Pilot, Drive, Knowledge (Technology), Knowledge (Medical)...

If Ride is a class skill one can make Pilot and Drive as Class skills.
If you have heal as a class skill so is Knowledge Medical.
If you have use magic device as one, Tech and Know Tech are class skills.

Every character starts with two traits. Skilled is a trait that is allowed, One Flaw can be taken for one Trait though only one Flaw can be taken.
Alternatively, one may take a Major Drawback for a Bonus Feat (Said Feat can only be a Feat able to be taken at level 1) or two additional Traits. A character cannot have both a Flaw and Major Drawback.

Unchained classes are not permitted at this time, however the Path of War Feats and Classes are available. TOBAL ALTERNATE FEATS ARE NOT ALLOWED, ONLY CORE FEATS.
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