Author Topic: Joe's Fire Red Omega Nuzlocke Run done specifically for FFU  (Read 8138 times)

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Welcome to Joe's Nuzlocke Run.

Same rules as always

1: Only the first Pokemon to appear in each area will be allowed
1a: If the Pokemon is one I already caught, I get a do-over, with a maximum of 3 do-overs per area.
1b: Gifted Pokemon will be an exception, but only after the first Pokemon of the route appears.
2: All Pokemon must be nicknamed
3: If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead, and must be put in the specially designated "Graveyard". If every Pokemon in the party is dead, then it is a Game Over. No exceptions.
3a: Pokemon who have been taught HM's or can learn them are allowed, but only if they are the only Pokemon who can learn said HM. If all over Pokemon end up dying and they are the last one, it is considered a game over. If I get a new Pokemon who can learn an HM, then the dead Pokemon is forced back into the graveyard for the rest of the game.
4: Every time I get a new Pokemon, I shall have handy data to get you to know them.

Name: (What I called them)
Pokemon: (What Pokemon they are)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Nature: (What's their nature like?)
Ability: (What ability do they have?)
Starting Moves: (What moves do they know when I catch them?)
Starting Level: (What level are they at when they join?)
Holding: (What item are they holding onto?)
Special Attack:
Special Defense:

At the end of each page, I'll give a detailed summary of changes, including who joined, who got swapped out, and who is added to the graveyard.

With all that said and done, let's begin the game
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Part 1: The journey begins
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2015, 03:09:44 PM »
Alright, let's begin the journey.

First off, I need a name. Obviously, my name is Joe, so...Joe it is.

And now, my rival needs a name. And since he's a douchebag, and douchebag has too many letters in it, let's call him Douchey.

Perfect. Now we can begin the game.

We start off in my room. Since this is Fire Red, I go over to the Computer and pull out the Potion that's stored there. I have a feeling that is going to be neccessary.

You should all know the drill by now. Go out towards the tall grass, get stopped by Oak, go to Oak's lab and pick a Pokemon. However, we're playing Fire Red Omega, which changes things around. Instead of the usual starters of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, our choices are now that of Magby, Elekid, and Smoochum.

So, let's roll the 3-sided die (that is available in the chat) and find out who we're picking for the team.

And our number is...1

Magby it is.

Name: Magnus
Pokemon: Magby
Gender: Male
Nature: Lonely (Aw. :()
Ability: Flame Body
Starting Moves: Scratch, Leer
Starting Level: 5
Holding: Oran Berry
HP: 21
Attack: 14
Defense: 9
Special Attack: 13
Special Defense: 12
Speed: 14

So my rival chooses Elekid. Smart move considering that Smoochum's Ice type makes it have a disadvantage to Magnus.

And so, time to fight.

First attack from Elekid activates Flame Body, since Elekid used Quick Attack. So now he's burnt, giving me an advantage right from the start.  After three turns, with the third hit being critical, Elekid is defeated. Hooray! And Magnus leveled up to six, which improves all of his stats...except his defense for some reason. Dammit. On the bright side, he learned Ember. Hooray!

Douchey gives me $80 and then he's off. Smell ya later, douchey.

So, my Pallet Town Pokemon is a Magby. Alrighty then.

Off to Route 1. To make this fair, since I'd be at a huge disadvantage if I didn't do so, I won't be counting any Route 1 encounters that I have during this part of the game since there is no way for me to catch any Pokemon at this point in time. So, we go to Viridian, get Oak's Parcel for him, and go back down to get the Pokeballs. Now that that is done (and after getting a map from Douchey's sister), on to Route 1 proper.

Since I forgot to before, I got the Potion that's available from the Pokemart guy on Route 1. And shortly after, my first encounter of the Route! What Pokemon could it be? Why, it's a Hoothoot! Get it into the red, throw the Pokeball at it, aaaaand.......success!

Name: Celeste
Pokemon: Hoothoot
Gender: Female
Nature: Brave
Ability: Insomnia
Starting Moves: Tackle, Growl
Starting Level: 4
Holding: Nothing
HP: 19
Attack: 8
Defense: 7
Special Attack: 8
Special Defense: 9
Speed: 8

Celeste the Hoothoot, named after the Animal Crossing character. Goes along pretty well with the Magby named after a Kid Icarus: Uprising character. Right after that, I encounter a Level 2 Ponyta. Too bad, Ponyta. I already caught a Pokemon on this Route. Sorry :(

Now, we're back to Viridian City. A noticable change here is that the game actually adds patches of grass in certain locations, like cities, so I can get a Pokemon here. And my first encounter, two birds in a row. Weaken it down to red and...oh no, Flame Body. Well, no Pokemon from Viridian City I guess. Sad :(

However, there is a Route to the west of Viridian. Maybe I'll get a Pokemon here. So what is my Pokemon? It's a Mankey! And since I don't know if there's any Grass or Water types I can get from now until Pewter City, I'll take it. And thankfully, this one goes better than last time.

Name: Tifa
Pokemon: Mankey
Gender: Female
Nature: Mild
Ability: Vital Spirit
Starting Moves: Scratch, Leer
Starting Level: 5
Holding: None
HP: 20
Attack: 13
Defense: 8
Special Attack: 9
Special Defense: 9
Speed: 13

Tifa, after Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy VII.

So now, we'll need to do some level grinding, because I want to be able to fight and beat Douchey and get some experience before we go into the Viridian Forest.

While leveling up everyone to level 10, Celeste learned Foresight and Tifa learned Low Kick. However, during the fight, Celeste was killed by a Skitty and, unfortunately, is the first casualty of the team. :(

R.I.P. Celeste the Hoothoot
Lv. 4-Lv.6

So, with Tifa and Magnus both at Level 10, it's time to fight Douchey again. His first Pokemon is a Level 9 Zubat. Which goes down pretty easily thanks to Magnus. As does Elekid. He runs off, and Magnus levels up to Level 11, which also lets him learn Karate Chop. Helpful.

So after learning how to catch Pokemon, despite having played this game since I was like 7, it's time to move on. There's a guy who gives you the Old Rod nearby. Onto Route 2. What's our Pokemon here? A pidgey. Another bird. But at least this one can fill in for Celeste. We caught this one, thankfully.

Name: Tweety
Pokemon: Pidgey
Gender: Female
Nature: Calm
Ability: Keen Eye
Starting Moves: Tackle, Sand Attack
Starting Level: 6
Holding: Nothing
HP: 21
Attack: 9
Defense: 10
Special Attack: 9
Special Defense: 9
Speed: 12

After a quick heal, we continue on. Huh, who's this? Oh, it's a person with a gift Pokemon: A Treecko. Well, I don't want to, but it's a gift Pokemon.

Name: Dan
Pokemon: Treecko
Gender: Male
Nature: Modest
Ability: Overgrow
Starting Moves: Pound, Leer, Absorb
Starting Level: 10
Holding: Nothing
HP: 28
Attack: 13
Defense: 14
Special Attack: 19
Special Defense: 19
Speed: 19

I named him Dan, after Dan Green, who voiced Grovyle in a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon promo. Plus, well, Treecko is a green Pokemon, so it makes it funny that way too. With that, we're gonna go inside the building and prepare for the Viridian Forest.

Got Magnus the Magby in Pallet Town
Beat Douchey
Delivered Oak's Parcel to Oak
Got Celeste the Hoothoot on Route 1
Lost a Viridian City Pokemon
Got Tifa the Mankey on Route 22
Celeste died
Beat Douchey
Got Tweety the Pidgey on Route 2
Got Dan the Treecko as a gift.
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Part 2: The (not so) Lost Woods
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2015, 09:35:35 PM »
So, after a break, on to the Viridian Forest.

Current Party: Magnus, Tifa, Tweety, Dan

Heading up a little and into a large field of tall grass, I grab a Poke Ball. But before I can get out of the grass, I encounter the Pokemon I'm going to have to catch for this area: Weedle...that's pretty disappointing.

Karate Chop, Karate Chop, Karate Chop, get Poisoned...Oh shit, NO! NO NOT THAT!

Well, at least I caught Weedle

Name: Sting
Pokemon: Weedle
Gender: Male
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Shield Dust
Starting Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot
Starting Level: 6
Holding: Nothing
HP: 22
Attack: 9
Defense: 9
Special Attack: 8
Special Defense: 6
Speed: 12

Okay. Okay. Don't panic. We just have to get back to the Pokemon Center, and I can heal Magnus if I need to. Just be very careful. It's five steps for every point of HP that he has left, and he's got 27. So basic math tells me that's 135 steps. No pressure...right?
Crap, I'm not out of there yet
Okay, we're in the building
We're in town now. Almost there, Magnus
Good we're in. That was close. I'm gonna buy up some antidotes just in case this happens again.

And while I'm here, I'm gonna get a few more Poke Balls and some Paralyze Heals just in case.

Anyway, going the other way, I can find another Potion, so now I've got 3 to work with. We go a little farther forward and we fight our first fight against a trainer that's not Douchey. And thankfully, every single trainer in this place is a freaking Bug Catcher, and they are horrible at fighting. And while I'm here, I might as well put Tweety in front to give her some easy experience. Plus, there are some Trainers that have Cocoons, so Sting can get some free experience there.

Speaking of Cocoons, I was able to get my first evolution of the run. Thanks to the Silcoons and Cascoons, Sting was able to evolve from a simple little Weedle to a Kakuna! Fun times all around!

I also found an Antidote after one of the trainer battles, ironically, the one where I had Sting poison Silcoon and and Cascoon.

And then, in the fight after that, Tweety was able to learn Gust. Good for her :)

I later find another Potion and use it to heal Tweety, since she was nearly killed by another trainer with a Surskit who brought her down to 1 health thanks to a critical Quick Attack.

After getting out of the forest, I found another woman, who gave me a Torchic.

Name: Colonel
Pokemon: Torchic
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Blaze
Starting Moves: Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember
Starting Level: 10
Holding: Nothing
HP: 29
Attack: 18
Defense: 14
Special Attack: 18
Special Defense: 16
Speed: 16

Colonel also seems to have gotten along rather well with Tweety. Maybe it's because they're both based off of birds. Well, anyway, time to move on and get out of this forest. Pewter City's up ahead, and we'll need to get a Pokemon from there as well.

Once I get into Pewter, I see a patch of tall grass. Since I should probably get that Pokemon out of the way asap, I decide to go in. Surprisingly, there's a Sun Stone in the grass here.

And the Pokemon I'm getting is...Nosepass? Um...Okay. Dan was thankfully able to help me catch it.

Name: Ruby
Pokemon: Nosepass
Gender: Female
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Magnet Pull
Starting Moves: Tackle, Harden
Starting Level: 11
Holding: Nothing
HP: 28
Attack: 15
Defense: 31
Special Attack: 17
Special Defense: 27
Speed: 13

So, with that out of the way, now we can go and heal up.

Inside of the Pokemon Center is yet another Gift Pokemon.

Name: Gobie
Pokemon: Mudkip (I prefer Treecko over Mudkip)
Gender: Male
Nature: Docile
Ability: Torrent (Mudkip's a pirate)
Starting Moves: Tackle, Growl, Mud Slap, Water Gun
Starting Level: 10
Holding: Nothing
HP: 33
Attack: 19
Defense: 15
Special Attack: 17
Special Defense: 17
Speed: 13

So, now we have to do some level grinding. I'm going to try and work Gobie, Dan, and Tifa up to Level 15 if I can. Ruby and Nosepass are going to wait in the box while I do this, so that means Tweety, Sting, and Colonel are going to stay in the group, not that those three are going to get much action. Some lady also gave me an egg. I'll bring it with me for when I go through Mt. Moon. Considering how many times I'm going to go in and out of that place, I might as well. For now, let's do some training. And for that, we're gonna need a montage

With that out of the way, we've got our team of mons that are ready to take down Brock and his rock-types. Let's go!

First fight is against a camper named Liam. His first Pokemon is Aron. Gobie took care of him easily. Next up is a Sandshrew. Nothing that Dan can't handle. Finally, he sends out a Nosepass. Tifa didn't even break a sweat against him. Now that he's down, it's time for Brock.

Brock doesn't just have 2 Pokemon in this game. He has six. His first is Geodude. Gobie washes him away with no effort. Next is a Kabuto. It's dual-typing makes it extremely vulnerable to Dan. He even leveled up from it. I also replaced Dan's Pound with Pursuit. Next, Brock sends out Rhyhorn. Tifa takes it down in one shot. Brock then tries to surprise me with Vulpix. But fortunately, I've got Gobie on my team. So it should be easy to-wait, WHAT! Hypnosis! Dammit, I didn't pack any awakenings! And she confuses him! Fuck, I can't hit her! Damn, gotta heal him. Crap, she put him to sleep again! URGH! Oh, great, Substitute. Yeah, that's going to make my life easier. Maybe Tweety can. OH COME ON! HYPNOSIS AGAIN! URGH! How about Tifa! There we go. Vulpix down. Oh, and she leveled up too. Goody. Alright, time to beat Lord Helix. Treecko's got that handled pretty well. Alright, last Pokemon in Brock's team: Onix. Ho boy. Low kick didn't kill him, and he just healed himself. Now he's digging? Alright. Tweety can come out now. She's safe. Let's see if Dan can take him out. Crap, he's paralyzed by Dragonbreath. Let's heal up Tifa and bring her back out. There we go! Brock is down! Oh hey, Tweety even levelled up. Oh, and Dan's evolving from Treecko to Grovyle! That's handy. Anyway, we get the Boulder Badge and the TM for Rock Tomb.

With all of that done, I think now is a good time to call it. Next time, we're off to Mt. Moon


Got Sting the Weedle in the Viridian Forest.
Sting the Weedle evolved into a Kakuna in Viridian Forest
Got Colonel the Torchic from a building just after leaving Viridian Forest
Got Ruby the Nosepass in Pewter City
Got Gobie the Mudkip at the Pokemon Center in Pewter City
Got an egg in Pewter City.
Dan the Treecko evolved into a Grovyle at the Pewter City Gym
Defeated Brock, gaining the Boulder Badge from him.
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Part 3: Fly me to Mt. Moon
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2015, 01:13:45 PM »
Alright, time to go towards Mt. Moon. I've made a few changes to the party

Current Party: Magnus, Ruby, Sting, Colonel, Tweety, Egg

Alright, let's go. Before we leave, the Professor's Aide gives us some Running Shoes. Finally, we can get around faster!

There's a huge Gauntlet of Trainers that we have to fight through in order to get to Mt. Moon. This makes it perfect for Training and Egg Hatching.

Along the way, I got Sting to become a Beedrill. I don't normally like bees, but I'm willing to make an exception with this one.

However, a Trainer's Spearow got Tweety on a Critical Hit. Another body for the graveyard. :(

R.I.P. Tweety
Lv. 6-Lv. 12

Needless to say, Colonel was not happy with me, or with Ruby for that matter since Tweety was sent out to protect her.

Well, good thing Route 3 has grass so we can get a replacement on the team. And who do we get for our first encounter? Electrike. Great! Now we've got more options fo when we go fight Misty.

Name: Ororo
Pokemon: Electrike
Gender: Female
Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Static
Starting Moves: Tackle, Thunder Wave, Thundershock, Leer
Starting Level: 10
Holding: Nothing
HP: 29
Attack: 15
Defense: 15
Special Attack: 20
Special Defense: 15
Speed: 18

Also, Colonel's been pretty attached to the egg ever since Tweety was killed. I wonder why. Conveninently, the egg hatched just as we entered Mt. Moon. This doesn't count towards the first encounter though. So what Pokemon hatched from the egg? Togepi!

Name: Foghorn
Pokemon: Togepi
Gender: Male
Nature: Lax
Ability: Serene Grace
Starting Moves: Growl, Charm, Metronome
Starting Level: 5
Holding: Nothing
HP: 19
Attack: 7
Defense: 12
Special Attack: 9
Special Defense: 10
Speed: 7

Foghorn. After Foghorn Leghorn.

Anyway, in Mt. Moon, the Pokemon we encounter is Clefairy! Alright. Magnus even started falling for her. Good thing the catch was succesful.

Name: Titania
Pokemon: Clefairy
Gender: Female
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Cute Charm
Starting Moves: Growl, Encore, Sing, Double Slap
Starting Level: 15
Holding: Nothing
HP: 46
Attack: 20
Defense: 21
Special Attack: 24
Special Defense: 28
Speed: 15

Titania, the Queen of the Fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream

But then, we lost yet another ally. Colonel had fallen, protecting Foghorn.

R.I.P. Colonel
Lv. 10-Lv. 13

Well, at least he's with the Pidgey he loved.

With Colonel unfortunately gone, we had to have Gobie come in. And in our first fight in the cave, Gobie was able to evolve into a Marshstomp! He also learned Mud Shot in place of Tackle.

I've also decided that since each floor of each dungeon has their own encounter lists and rates that encounters on different floors do count like encounters on different routes.

Alright, a bug trainer. And he's got a Metapod. Think I'll use Foghorn here. Let's hope I get a really powerful move with Metrono-WHAT THE FUCK, RNG!? EXPLOSION! SERIOUSLY!


R.I.P. Foghorn
Lv. 5-Lv. 7

Well, at least the Metapod will die...OH COME ON!

And then, while traveling through Mt. Bullcrap, Tifa died due to a Zubat...FUCK!

R.I.P. Tifa
Lv. 5-Lv. 16

Anyway, on Floor 3 of Mt. Moon, not only do we run into Team Rocket, but we get another new Pokemon. A Solrock.

Name: Solaroid
Pokemon: Solrock
Gender: N/A
Nature: Sassy
Ability: Levitate
Starting Moves: Tackle, Harden, Confusion, Rock Throw
Starting Level: 16
Holding: Sun Stone
HP: 49
Attack: 39
Defense: 35
Special Attack: 22
Special Defense: 31

And on Floor 2, we find a Numel.

Name: Don
Pokemon: Numel
Gender: Male
Nature: Lax
Ability: Oblivious
Starting Moves: Tackle, Growl, Ember
Starting Level: 14
Holding: Rawst Berry
HP: 43
Attack: 23
Defense: 19
Special Attack: 26
Special Defense: 18
Speed: 15

However, while fighting another trainer, Sting fell in battle.

R.I.P. Sting
Lv. 6-Lv. 13

Ruby was able to learn Rock Throw, which means she can now actually contribute to the team.

And then, a Team Rocket grunt killed Magnus with a Raticate.

R.I.P. Magnus
Lv. 5-Lv. 15

After agonizing fights, involving so many deaths, I finally get to the fossils. *Flips a coin* Dome Fossil it is.

So, now that we're out, let's see what we can get for our Route 4 Pokemon.

...Okay, the first encounter is an Electrike. Redo.

Second encounter...Sandshrew. Okay, I can work with that.

Caught it!

Name: Dustin
Pokemon: Sandshrew
Gender: Male
Nature: Careful
Ability: Sand Veil
Starting Moves: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand Attack, Poison Sting
Starting Level: 17
Holding: Nothing
HP: 47
Attack: 31
Defense: 38
Special Attack: 11
Special Defense: 18
Speed: 20

So we're FINALLY safe. Going to take a break here and we'll continue later.


Sting the Kakuna evolved into a Beedrill on Route 3
Tweety Died
Got Ororo the Electrike on Route 3
Foghorn the Togepi hatched in Mt. Moon
Got Titania the Clefairy on the first floor of Mt. Moon
Colonel Died
Foghorn Died
Tifa Died
Got Soloroid the Solrock on the third floor of Mt. Moon
Got Don the Numel on the second floor of Mt. Moon
Sting Died
Magnus Died
Got Dustin the Numel on Route 4
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