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The current in-game year is 1372, there are 345 days in the year, 9 months, 7 days in a week, and three moons. The moons are called Mara, Ern, and Vids. They were originally called the First, Second, and Third Moons, but after the all of Saarvous, they were renamed in honor of the heroes responsible for his downfall. Mara is the first, and cycles the fastest. Ern is the second, cycling at a moderate pace, and Vids is the third, cycling the slowest. Mara is a bright yellow, Ern is a pale red, and Vids is a dark blue.

The months are Aqiel (37 days), Rielaph (38 days), Zielel (38), Ardain (38), Saraf (38), Hielach (38), Dallik (38), Gadriel (37), and Muntar (43 days). The days are Alin, Manael, Rafael, Bezaz, Rielik, Jhamue, and Samua. The game will start on Zielel 23rd, likely in some tavern. Since each season is about two and a half months long (with the exception of fall, only being a month and a half long, but also taking place in the longest month of the year), starting when we are will put is in the opening days of Spring. The 23rd is a Rafael, or a Tuesday in Earth time.

A pastebin containing the calendar for the current in-game year can be found here.

There are three very large continents, one large island, and several smaller islands across Gauwell. Continent one is Niensfol, where the party will be starting.

Niensfol is comparable in size to North and South America combined with Australia, and consists of five distinct countries. Niensfol is called the Cardinal Continent because the five countries have radically different environments. The center country is called Viace, and is considered the capital of the world in both economics and politics. The northern country is called Lemas, and it is a very snowy and mountainous region. They have the most powerful warriors on the continent, and as such have rarely lost a war. Not to mention it's cold as balls there, so invading forces are fucked. The southern country is called Duriz, and this place is very hot. And sandy. As far as warfare goes, they're the best at Naval shit, and are big on trade as well. The eastern country is called Shai, and their lands are very plains-like with a fuckhuge mountain near the border of Lemas. They excell at siege warfare, are the culinary leaders of the world, and their mountain is where most monks go for training. The western 'country' is known simply as The Great Forest. It is literally just a massive forest with a citadel in the middle. The Great Forest is home to all elves. Elves living in the Citadel are considered High Elves, those in the forest are Wood Elves. The slums of the Citadel are where 'Dark Elves' hail from. There's also an island about a month's sail away from the shores of the Great Forest called Xanar. It is a place the party will not be visiting, as it is the host to a three way war between Magic, Science, and Religion.

Across the choppy waters of Shai lies a country of desert and desolation. This country is called Nymeira, and it is ruled by a race of half snake creatures called Lamias. While home to many different races like Niensfol, it is not the same. The once humble Gnomes are a slave race/cattle on this continent, and most other races are treated like dirt. Humans are treated with dubious intent, often used for the sick pleasures of the ruling caste as well as for the creation of more Lamias. Black Blood runs through the land like water, and the snake creatures imbibed the black blood long ago, during the founding of their kingdom. As a result, they mutated into vampires. Since the mutation, Nymeria has been a plague upon all of Gauwell, even being responsible for the World War. The Nymerian Church is the only place where any race may be treated fairly, and humans in the Church are not allowed to become enrolled in the 'Lewd Draft'. The Church keeps the Lamians in power, their clerics, paladins, and oracles commanding the power of strange, otherworldly gods who smile upon the Nymerian people because they are similar to those who worshiped them once before.

Once a land of great architecture and greater military prowess, the kingdom of Garnier and the continent Havienta are no more. Now it is a land simply known as Ukamin. After the second Great War, a plague set itself upon Havienta and the Garnier kingdom, its civilization swiftly eroding away. A disembodied entity, called 'The Undoer' by some more (and rightfully so) fearful folk, would unleash a miasma of horrid things upon any organized area, reducing once powerful cities to ruins, or engulfing them completely in the forests and jungles that cover the landscape. The populace is thus forced into nomadic tribes, living off the land and only settling in an area to gather resources. Some groups are fortunate enough to come across the ruins of a town, and settle there. The foolish few attempt to rebuild civilization from these ruins, but are swiftly stopped by the beast. Those attempting to escape are only punished by this unknown monster if they work together to leave, but not if an individual group makes the effort. There have been exploration fleets sent out by both Nymeria and Neinsfol to discern the disturbing silence of Havienta, but those fleets are often annihilated before they reach the shore. The more pious of Niensfol theorize that the force at work on Ukamin (a Lemasian word for 'house in disarray', often translated as 'Asylum' and its synonyms) is a creature, or even a facet of the Creatist god Lun. With very little left, the people of Ukamin often wonder why their gods have forsaken them, though some believe these hardships are a test of faith, or perhaps a punishment for past transgressions. There is also no centralized government on Ukamin thanks to the creature's interference, but the militaristic values are still upheld. The tribes become mini-civilizations and families at the same time, creating their own style of dress and politics, even warring with other tribes. In addition, Niensfol Scholars have began calling the creature 'Byugial', a Viachie word meaning 'Horror'. Byugial is often used to describe a creature of nightmare rather than the emotion, and the beast that plagues Havienta is certainly a creature of nightmare.

Other Lands
There are four spires that pierce the skies of Gauwell, and they are located at the cardinal directions. The Northern Spire resides in Lemas, the southern spire is located on an assumed to be inhabited island (there's a shit ton of monsters in the sea in the south, so only a couple Duriz ships have gone out there and come back), and the Eastern/Western Spires jut out from the ocean. It is believed that these two spires are actually one, as they look exactly the same.
The party will be starting in the country of Viace, likely in some tavern.

There are several organizations that exist in Niensfol, some of which are recognized elsewhere on Gauwell. These organizations are the Mage's Council, the Grand Church, Druid Circles, the Quaking Palm Monastery, and the Askald Order.

Mage's Council
The Mage's Council is a collective of the greatest Arcane minds of the world, and the regulators of the mystic arts. Each field of study has an elected official to represent it during Council Summits, as well as representation in the five or six Arcane Colleges in Niensfol. Any caster of the arcane persuasion must follow the rules laid out by the council, which are few, but important. Casters can be largely unaffiliated with the Council, under the stipulation that they follow the Golden Rule, as well as Duel Regulations. The Golden Rule can be boiled down to 'Don't be a Dick with your magic'. Duel regulations are as follows- Every Magician has the right to call Provocatio Magorum on another caster, regardless of additional affiliations of either party. Provicatio Magorum is an honor duel system that was originally written to be Death Battles, but in recent years has also become a sporting event. When called, the challenger sets the duel as either Traditional or Sport. If Traditional, the duel does not end until one magician is dead. If Sport, the duel is not over until one magician is incapacitated due to severe injury or a yield is called. Post-duel wagers may also be established, and the challenged makes the first attack.

The Grand Church
The Grand Church is the organization which handles all religious affairs in Niensfol. Each deity recognized by the church has a representative who speaks on the behalf of his/her religion at the Semi-annual High Mass. In the event of a religion having too many gods for individual representatives, the church allows the appointment of a pope-like figure to speak for their whole religion. This prevents an imbalance in power at High Masses, thus preventing a Holy War. The church has four Branches within it that handles specific needs as a person of the faith. There is the Magos Technica which monitors the activities of casting-heavy members such as Oracles and Clerics. The clerics and oracles are to send regular reports on their activities to their faith's representative. The Millitarium which is basically Paladins Incorporated, the Ordos Tactica which is basically the Inquisition, and the Acolyta which is the branch that handles the everyday priests and sermon givers. Inquisitors may come from the Millitarium or Magos Technica, but often they reside within the Ordos Tactica. With training, anyone from the Acolyta may join the folds of another branch.

Druid Circles
Druids come from nomadic tribe like organizations called Circles, which they are born, raised, and trained in. The various Circles try to keep in touch with one another, but some Circles bear animosity towards others. Most of the Circles are named for a specific group of animal and perform companion rituals for members of that group, and in the last few years in-game, Druids have come to be very respected within the world as a whole. In addition, each Circle has a symbol that sets them apart from the others. Think of it as the heraldry of a noble house or the mark of a clan.

Quaking Palms Monastery
The Quaking Palm Monastery is the most well known of the monk orders. Certainly not the ONLY monk order, but it's the one that almost everyone in Niensfol has heard of. Quaking Palm offers a distinct MMA style of combat that combines Shotokan Karate with Hokuto Shinken from Fist of the North Star, for sake of comparison.The style can be divided further by which aspect is more focused on. Those of the Quaking Palm who focus more on the styleís Shotokan Karate elements are called Striking Palms, and those who focus more on the Hokuto Shinken aspects are called Disrupting Palms. Alternatively, Quaking Strikers and Quaking Disruptors respectively. Those who focus on both aspects equally are just called Quaking Palms. They are the Neutral faction of the order, and thus simply take the name of the order itself.

The Askald Order
The Askald Order is a group that fulfills two purposes. One, they act as a central hub for mercenaries of all kinds, allowing for the vagrant fighters to have a home of sorts. Two, they train specialist warriors for use as private mercenaries for simple guard jobs for a noble, or for use as supplements to an army force in war time. Rumors of warriors such as Dragon Riders and other strange types surround the Order, but nobody that has hired the specialist services of the Order has confirmed or denied the existence of men who ride the beasts of legend as if they were mere horses.

Prihte Kyuur Order
The Prihte Kyuur Order is the organization that started the revival movement for the long lost art of the Magical Girl, and now dedicates itself to the training of a new generation of 'Mahou Shoujo', as they are called in Shaian. A splinter organization of the Mage's Council, the Prihte Kyuur Order takes in those wishing to learn the secrets of this old schooling of Magi, and it is notably an all-female organization. Males may possess the powers of a Magical Girl, but they are not supported by the order. Magical Boys are supported by the Mage's Council instead. The order started up some twenty years ago, and has been growing steadily since then.

This explains in so many words specific cans/cannots with races. Generally, if it's on the PFSRD, I'll allow it, however, there are some exceptions... More races will be covered if they're brought up.
Half-Orcs and Orcs are near nonexistent due to being subject to many a crusade at the hands of the Dwarves. They may exist within small tribes or mixed race settlements within Viace, but never more than that. Gnomes have been reduced to a slave race/cattle in the Nymerian Empire. Minotaurs are largely uncommon in Niensfol and Nymeria, however they have known prominence in Ukamin.
There are more hybrids than just half-elves here, as well. The half-elemental races are a thing, along with Mulds (Half-Dwarves), Half-Dragons, Aasimar, Tieflings, Dhampirs, and Kemonos, or hybrids of an animalistic race.

TOBAL makes use of the following additional rulesets, in addition to the homebrews of myself, Sari, and Kimoto as outlined throughout the post/thread
-Path of War 1 and 2
-Pathfinder Unchained: Class rules, Background Skills, and Skill Unlocks (Subject to Change)

The party members and select NPCs in the Thong of Bones and Lyres campaign have Advantages, specialized bonuses that give them a leg up on more common adventurers.
  • Jamamros, a Samsaran Druid, has Swift Rebirth, a homebrewed racial trait that allows him to spontaneously reincarnate at the cost of one hit die when/if ever he is reduced to -*His con score* HP. This penalty is temporary and is removed upon the next level up. Also he will be a Shota for an unforeseeable amount of time.
  • Ariel, a human Oracle, has Lunaris, which grants her the following benefits- Her spells and class features use her Wisdom modifier instead of her Charisma modifier; Instead of the standard damage, Moonbeam deals damage similar to the burst ability of a Magical Girl three levels lower than Ariel, and +1 damage for every four oracle levels instead of every two. The range stays the same, and the DC for the Fortitude Save against Blindness is 10+ Ariel's Class Level; Ariel gains Aspect of the Beast as a Bonus Feat, and can utilize it without meeting the prerequisites.
  • Annabeth Vermillion Karth (or simply Anna), a Half-Elf Swashbuckler has Rebel Noble Daughter, which gives her the following bonuses: +2 to Knowledge- Nobility and Diplomacy, +4 to Bluff when attempting to 'seduce' a male.
  • Ryuji, a Kitsune Psion, has Enigma, which reads as follows- Whenever you are the target of an enchantment spell or a power from the telepathy discipline, you are treated as having the Volatile Mind ability as a Wilder of 9th level, granting you a +2 resistance bonus to the save.
  • Xara, a Human Monk/Soulbolt, has Hidden Soul, which reads as follows- Xara was given a second chance at life due to her second soul. The soul of a long-thought dead hero by the name of Terc; while in his life he possessed many supernatural abilities, Xara has yet to gain most of them. And she most likely will never achieve them. However, Terc's soul kept (and continuously keeps) her alive by radiating a personal-bound field of Positive Energy, granting Xara Fast Healing 1.
  • Kek, A Tengu Monk, has Iron Resolve, an ability that gives him a +2 to saving throws against spells or abilities that inflict conditions such as shaken.

NPCs/Former PCs:
  • Erik Hawkes, a Human Fighter (Two-Handed Fighter), has Hawk Rider, which grants him a giant hawk animal companion/mount.
  • High King Jormungand Eld, a Human Warlord, has King. This advantage gives him a +6 to both Knowledge- Nobility and Diplomacy.
  • "The Face Tailor", a Tiefling Alchemist (Internal/Vivisectionist), will also not have his advantage publicly displayed until revealed In-Character.
  • Giovanni, a Human Oracle, has Nymerian Subject, a +4 to all Will saves, with a flat immunity to charm effects, and the ability to reroll DCs against Compulsion effects and take the better result.
  • Shirogane, an Aasimar Samurai (Tajiya) has Advanced Battle Cry, which is similar to the normal Battle Cry Ability, but it adds a Save-or-Shaken effect with a DC of 10+CHA Mod+Shiroís Level for 1d6 rounds.
  • Grey, a Human Artificer, has Artificial Creator. This advantage allows him to create new appendages that were lost by combining his Artificer skills with his Spell Orbs. To do this, he takes a -1 on all Healing Spell Orb uses to charge it.
  • Leila, a Half-Drow Witch/Magus (Bonded and White Haired Witch/Magical Girl), had Dark Lordís Heir, a homebrewed class feature of the Bonded Witch Archetype available to those who take the Ring familiar. It grants the user a once per day use of Dominate Person as a Spell-like Ability, with the character level counting as caster level for purposes of determining duration.
  • Abdshems El-Hashem, a Human Cavalier (Honor Guard/Gendarme) has Murderhobo, which gives him a +2 to attack rolls and damage rolls as long as he does not obtain a permanent home.
  • Rune, an Elven Bard/Ninja, has Foreign Princess, which grants her the following benefits- +5 to Diplomacy and Knowledge Nobility checks, making both class skills if they aren't already; In addition, you can have one free enchanted item with no greater than a total +4 enchantment, or start with an extra 20,000 GP as well as a set of fancy clothes befitting your station worth at least 100 gold.
  • Serenity, a Kitsune Monk (Unchained Kyuubi Visionary), has Genie's Slave, which gives her the Genie-Bound Template with the Efreeti rules. She gains the use of the boons that come with being Genie-Bound by sacrificing 25% of her income to the Efreeti she serves.
  • Sophia, a Dhampir Rouge (Scout/Sniper) is in possession of the Batís Cloak, a wondrous item that grants her a permanent partial concealment (20% miss chance), and a +4 to stealth.
  • Anvillus Dredd, a Human Paladin (Warrior of Light) has Squire, which works similarly to Erik Hawkes's Hawk Rider. It gives him a non-combative NPC for the purpose of having extra carrying capacity and somebody to help him in and out of armor.
  • Pirogoth Dolosera, a Nekomimi, has Bag of the Supporter, which gives her a backpack that functions as a much larger Bag of Holding than the normal max. Each of it's four outer pocket functions as it's own bag of holding type II. The Main Pocket functions beyond a Type IV, having a high limit. Items taking out of the Bag of the Supporter though are completely useless unless money is exchanged for them.

More Advantages will be added to the page as they are created/revealed.

In addition to the classes available on the main d20PFSRD site, Tom has also included certain additional options for classes and such.
-Magical Girl Archetype: This is an archetype of the Magus that I created. Mechanical information, as well as some additional related setting information can be found in here. May need to be reworked further for use in the future, but for now, consider it a non-option.
-Saarvous: "Saarvous was a dark lord that plagued Gauwell in 775, his deeds gaining him a massive reputation of vileness. After being slain by heroes unnamed, but forever thanked, Saarvous vanished from this plane. Nobody knows where he really went, but some say that he grooms misbegotten Witches into becoming his successor." Saarvous is a patron available to witches who take the Bonded archetype and use a ring as their bound item.
More will be added as things come up.

In addition to the base options, there will be a somewhat stronger focus on martial capability and skill. As such, the Martial Training Feats may be taken as a bonus feat when a character qualifies for it. There are some conditions for taking advantage of this, however.
1. The character must select a discipline available to the ruler of their country.
2. 9th Level Casters cannot take this option, as they are dedicated to magic, divine or Arcane. If they wish to have Martial Training feats, they must take them normally.
3. Psions and those using a prestige class only get Martial Training 1 as a bonus feat. The other feats in the Martial Training tree must be taken normally.
4. When/if a PC that previously benefited from the Martial Training Bonus feats takes a level in a full initiator class, they lose the ability to take further MTs in this way. Instead, they may ready one additional maneuver or select one additional maneuver when they would have gained a MT as a qualifying non-initiator of their level.
5. You may take disciplines that are only available to an Archetype of your ruler's class as long as it is not a Martial Tradition.

The rulers of the countries are as follows-
Viace: Zealot/Stalker (Players may select disciplines from either Zealot or Stalker if they are from Viace.)
Lemas: Warlord
Shai: Zealot (The Ivory Dragoness is a Psion, but the traditions of her late husband are taught throughout the country as a sign of respect and honor for his legacy.)
Duriz: Mystic
Great Forest: Warder
Nymeria: Harbinger
Havienta/Ukamin: No central government, PCs may choose any discipline not linked to a Martial Tradition
Xanar: Ruled by a Parliament system rather than a single leader, PCs may choose any discipline not linked to a Martial Tradition

There exist several religions in Gauwell that are recognized, but few hold more followers than the state religions of Niensfol, Nymeria, and Havienta/Ukamin.

Niensfol Religion
Niensfol prays to a pantheon of gods and goddesses, some good and some not so good. They are as follows:
Hurdil: Overdeity, Chaotic Neutral. He Who Sleeps, an Elder God said to bring the apocalypse upon his waking. He does not gain power from followers, but it certainly works the other way around. Followers of Hurdil have a very pervasive 'Every Man for Himself' mentality. They do what they want, when they want, with no care of the consequence. He is often depicted as a tanned, muscular man with a massive white beard and dressed simply in a robe the color of 'clashing chaos and order'. Domains- Chaos, Destruction, Fate. Favored Weapons- None, use whatever you want.

Andensi: Greater Deity, Lawful Good. The Penmistress, the Queen of Gods in the Niensfol Pantheon and daughter of Hurdil. She gave us the various planes of existence, and created man and beast. Kings are crowned in her name, and she is one of the most worshiped deities in the pantheon. Followers of Andensi are generally good folk, and Adventurers who follow her tend to have more potential for leadership. She is depicted as a woman with flowing blond hair and kind cyan eyes, wearing a light blue dress and matching footwear, with her rapier Inkblade at her side. It is said that she used Inkblade to weave the words that would bring Gauwell and Man into being on the Canvas of Existence. Domains- Good, Law, Imagination, Nobility. Favored Weapons- Rapiers.

Yunzai: Greater Deity, Neutral Evil. The Typeruler, Son of Hurdil, and Lord of the Abyss. He is the patron of tyrants and corruption, bringing that what was once good to its lowest depths. Yunzai believes that he and his followers are superior above all others, and that they should be the highest power, not his sister and her ilk. With his wretched tome simply called The Book, he crafts plagues and wickedness, releasing them on the world to torment his sister and her creations. He is said to be a young man with unkempt black hair and blood red eyes, wearing a cloak seemingly made of shadows, and umbral armor consisting of a breastplate and greaves. Domains- Evil, Tyranny, Curse, Darkness. Favored Weapons- Daggers.

Gheirz: Hero Deity, True Neutral. The Reaper, collaborative creation of Andensi and Yunzai. The only thing the two siblings ever agreed on, Gheirz is a creature with the power over souls. It can impart upon departed souls some of its power, allowing them to collect souls for Gheirz to judge. He needs no followers, but his name is often invoked at funerals. He is depicted as one would assume a reaper to be, a skeleton swathed in a tattered black robe. Domains- Death, Judgement. Favored Weapons- Scythes.

Barcet: Lesser Deity, Neutral Good. The Watcher, and first creation of Andensi. He is in charge of keeping time flowing, as without him it would be in chaos. He also has control over The Planes, and most of his followers are tinkerers and Summoners. He is depicted as an older gentleman with tanned skin, white hair cropped short with a small beard, and orange eyes. He dresses in a white shirt beneath a black vest with yellow trim, black trousers and shoes, and a green overcoat. Domains- Artifice, Time. Favored Weapons- Maces, Guns.

Vika: Intermediate Deity, Chaotic Good. The Nurturer, and second creation of Andensi. She is the Goddess of Fire and Family, but primarily fire. Vika is not usually a vengeful goddess, but very much favors an explosive battle strategy. Mothers often pray to her in times of strife, and Alchemists pray to her when creating new bombs. Like how fire can be used to warm your tired bones and incinerate your foes, Vika is as much a protective goddess as she is destructive. She is depicted as a woman with silky brown hair and warm brown eyes, dressed in a purple robe and white slippers. Domains- Fire, Community, Love. Favored Weapons- None, but slapping a fire enchantment on your weapon is encouraged.

Furge: Lesser Deity, Lawful Neutral. The Punisher, and first spawn of Yunzai. Furge controls the storms, and passes judgement on those needing it. He is an unforgiving god, often seeing the misdeeds of mortals before the other gods, and striking them down accordingly. While born of the Typeruler, he is more an enforcer of all commandments, much like Gheirz judges all with equal measure. His followers are mostly sailors and jailers, but the stray adventurer may pray to him as well. Despite being a Storm God, it is also said that he created dragons, and is their patron lord. He is described as a man with short-cropped black hair and piercing grey eyes, wearing a vest of green scales and nothing more, as his lower half is that of a shark's, plated with black and gold armor. Domains- Judgement, Water, Storms, Dragons. Favored Weapons- Flails.

Avrai: Demigoddess, Chaotic Neutral. The Concubine, and second spawn of Yunzai. Avrai is a creature built primarily upon pleasure, and the queen of all succubi and incubi. Many of her followers' primary motive is lust, and she is host to the most hedonistic traits of mortals. Her teachings are often based upon a mindset that the only pure constant in the world is pleasure and the obtaining thereof. She is commonly known to appear as a common Succubus, with pale blue skin, sleek black hair, and radiant golden eyes in favor of the mortal spectrum of hair, skin, and eye color as common Succubi do. Her clothing or lack there of is a subject of debate among her followers. Domains- Lust, Trickery. Favored Weapons- Whips.

Artemak: Lesser Deity, Chaotic Good. The shaper, and third creation of Andensi. He is the God of Wilderness and Adventurers, having the power to craft untamed lands for man and beast to roam. Nameless regions for mortals to claim, or to let beasts live in peace. Artemak loves explorers, and will create new caves or even a new continent on a whim if he believes that his previous creations have been conquered already. He is described as a young man with messy light brown hair and innocent green eyes, skin tanned and horns of stone curling from his head. Tribal markings in red ink lay across his arms and bare chest, and he bears a centaur like physiology, with his lower half being that of a deer. Domains- Animal, Earth, Glory, Plant, Travel. Favored Weapons- Polearms.

Lun: Intermediate Deity, Chaotic Evil. The Father of Evil, Lun was created in a fit of jealousy by Yunzai, and has been out of control since. He spins words like Andensi, but he brings only destruction. Monsters of madness and Plagues far worse than those that Yunzai creates, he is possibly the greatest divine threat to the world. His appearance is up for debate, but most can agree that he is an ever changing thing wielding some kind of pen. Domains- Chaos, Evil, Madness, Void. Favored Weapon- None, use what you want.

Irlev: Intermediate Deity, Lawful Good. The Protector, Irlev was created by Andensi in response to Lun. Irlev is a Goddess of War and Defense, and Heroism to some. She supports giving your life to save others and other such selfless acts. A warrior at heart, no pure caster would normally give her praise. Military leaders are appointed in her name, and she is also invoked in battles. She is unanimously agreed to be a woman with dirty blonde hair done up nearly, with serious blue eyes, and almost always in full plate. Domains- War, Protection, Law, Strength. Favored Weapons- Greatswords.

Marit: Demigoddess, Neutral Good. The Teacher, Marit is the most recent addition to the Pantheon. Once a mortal woman who wished to share her knowledge with the world, her efforts eventually caught the eye of Andensi. After a testing of Marit's devotion to knowledge and her magical power, she was promoted to godhood, and is quickly gaining followers of all kinds. She is believed to be the greatest magical force in the entire pantheon. She is described to be a woman with silver hair and mocha skin, with brilliant purple eyes and dressed in a robe of black and yellow. She is also said to carry an ornate staff with magical runes littered across it. Domains- Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Rune. Favored Weapons- Quarterstaves.

Nymeria worships gods not of this world, having found them by mistake during the country's founding. They worship the Egyptian gods, as outlined in the Domains/Subdomains page on the PFSRD site.

The people of Havienta once worshiped otherworldly gods as well, though not the same as Nymeria. They prayed to the Greek/Roman gods, as outlined in this thread from Giant in the Playground, as I could find no other suitable source. In recent times, however, Ukamin's prisoners are widely either driven to atheism, or a cult-like worship of the force that rules the land like a tyrant. Some, however, cling to the old faith in belief that one day a hero will rise and save them.
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This is a list of rules changed or added to the game to assist in the transition from Half-SoS to full Pathfinder

1. Weapon Finesse- This feat is pretty much no longer a thing. When determining TAB, use the higher modifier between DEX and STR, unless using a two-handed weapon. You always use STR for that. In addition, unless you have Deadly Agility, apply STR mod to damage.

2. HP- Take the full die value at 1st level, then roll everything else. SARI'S NOTE-You can re-roll a result of 1 once when determining HP!

3. Stats- Before, I've said that you can do 2d6+6 or a 25 point buy. Point Buys are shithouse, like Core IUS. We 2d6+6 only now.

4. Other Feats- Sari's working on these as necessary. He'll be running you all through everything that isn't the Weapon Finesse Issue.

5. Traits, spells, and assorted other goodies from SoS- Since we're not using SoS stuff anymore, anything you pulled from there is more or less a nope.avi. If there's a trait from SoS you'd like to see come back, I'll work my magic and pump something out myself. Alternatively, you can ask Sari and Kim to work something out, since they're GMs too. KIMOTO'S NOTE- Tom said Skilled was okay to keep!

6. Crit Rules- When you roll a Natural 20, your critical hit is automatically confirmed. If you have to confirm a crit, and the confirm is a failure, deal max damage with that weapon instead.

7. Homebrewed Skills- Sometimes, the normal skills don't cut it. Sometimes we gotta make stuff up ourselves. May lead to shenanigans. List will be updated as necessary.
  • Knowledge (Last Night). A hilarious if not very situational skill. Knowledge (Last Night) checks are made when one needs to recall events that occurred whilst intoxicated. This skill has no ranks, but instead simply uses your INT and WIS mods to act as the Skill Modifier.

8. Races- While Pathfinder does provide a lot of options for races, sometimes personal interpretation messes with that. In TOBAL, Kitsune have the ability to adopt a partial form, which is basically just the human form with fox ears and tail(s). Kitsune Kemonos are born in partial form, and are unable to shift into full human or full kitsune without the aid of a polymorph spell of some kind.
Kemono race info
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I thought it'd be a good idea to provide some more information on the setting, since most of this stuff probably won't come up in normal play. So here we go, Gauwell's Setting Expansions!

In the central country of Niensfol, there are few families who can call themselves a noble house. These houses are listed as follows, in alphabetical order.
  • Almaric- A house of magicians whose head is always the court wizard, and whom have close ties to the Mage's Council. Their house symbol is an open eye, and their colors are purple and black.
  • Dupari- The Dupari family is considered nobility due to the fact that their eldest daughter is the queen. Since being elevated, the Dupari have taken charge of Viace's agriculture. They manage and direct most, if not all of the farms in the country. Their house symbol is a rooster's head looking west, and their house colors are green and brown.
  • Eneviro- The Eneviro house is a family of creative minds, producing great musicians, artists, and writers. Their head is the founder of the Bardic Association, a Viace-exclusive group for songwriters and similar folk. Their symbol is a bird mid-flight, and their colors are blue and orange.
  • Karth- House Karth is the family which the party is currently working for. They are primarily a Merchant family, working behind the scenes to make sure that gold flows through Viace like a shining river. They have been quiet in the years following Matthias' reign, but have become more known in the public eye thanks to Alex's diligent work as the first Lady of the House. Their house symbol is a snake, and their colors are blue and black.
  • Monmorne- The Monmorne family is one born and raised in the flames of war. The greatest generals and soldiers of Viace's fighting forces have been Monmornes, and not much else. Most other houses hold some level of disdain for the Monmornes, as they are snobby and unsure how such brutes came into nobility. Their house symbol is an axe, and their colors are red and white.
  • Tellian- House Tellian is the other of the two Viace houses in the Game of Thrones. They are a very religious house, incorporating their faith into everyday life, and hoping that all folk of their great kingdom can do the same. Almost all Tellians are part of the Literist Clergy, and have very tight bonds with the Grand Church. Their symbol is a sword pointed downward with a pair of wings sprouting from it, and their colors are silver and red.
  • Vulcait- House Vulcait is the ruling family of Viace, and have been since the days of the Second Great War. They have no great specialty worth of note, but there is an unusual amount of magicians in the family with a penchant for conjuration magic. The house is in a bit of a dire strait, as their oldest child left some years ago to 'work on relations in Lemas', leaving their younger brother next in line if they do not return in time and the Vulcaits are not dethroned. Their house symbol is a be-haloed lion, and their colors are white and yellow.
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On several occasions I've made references to World Wars or Great Wars. I figured now would be an opportune time to explain these, as well as other wars. I will also be updating the main setting info to better reflect all this.
  • The Sharpp War: The Sharpp War is what the conflict between the Ellshaam Empire (Ancient Niensfol), Elven Resistance (Humans were assholes way back when, go figure), and Orcish invaders (WAAAAAAAAGH!) would come to be known as. It lasted from -879 to -873, when the Ellshaam Empire crumbled under the collective forces. While the elves were easy enough to repel up close, the danger was having them far away. Magic was something the Balderson Regime did not account for, being very melee oriented and simple folk. However, the Orcs were far better at both close and long range (as they were great archers on top of being FUCKING HUGE), which resulted in the inevitable downfall of the humans and dwarves. With the kingdom of man and dwarf in ruin, the kingdoms of Elf and Orc would rise.
  • The Unchaining: A swift and bloody altercation in -438 where humans, for lack of a better term, bum rushed half of the landmass currently known as Viace that the Elves controlled in the second age. Needing more space, they then bum rushed the other half, which the orcs had control of. The second bum-rushing occurred in -437 and lasted until -419. Afterwords, the landmass was the starting point of Niensfol (the Kingdom).
  • The War of Mights: The War of Mights lasted from -52 to 100, followed swiftly by the Fourth Age/The Modern Era. The Humans and Dwarves fought the Orcs and Elves, and the end resulted primarily in many an elven death. It is believed by Literians that the Time God Barcet intervened near the end of the war and granted Elves a much longer life span. No evidence has been brought to light to suggest otherwise, so this is a commonly accepted fact. A fair amount of records on this event have been destroyed by one thing or another, so there is actually not a lot known of this war. What is known is that the Humans and Dwarves won, taking over the other lands before the Humans annexed Cargh in 100.
  • The Great Wars: In the long history of Niensfol, there have been no larger altercations than the Great Wars. In both wars, the desert land of Nymeria was the aggressor, and both times, Niensfol arrived late to an already occurring combat between it and Havienta. The first war happened in 957 and lasted until 1023, and the second occurred in 1147, ending in 1263. After the second war, connections between Havienta and Niensfol were cut off by some strange force.
    In the first war, Nymeria was having a crisis of population, and decided to kidnap Samsarans from Havienta. Not!Egypt and Not!Greece/Rome then got in a slap fight over the Lesser Time Lords. Then Niensfol came in near the end and bashed Nymeria over the head with a large metal pipe. The Lesser Time Lords were returned to their home, and Nymeria slithered away into the darkness. In the second war, Nymeria tried to be conquerors and claim Havienta in the name of their freaky desert gods. Havienta didn't like this. Another slap fight ensued, but Havienta was doing really shitty this time. Niensfol came back with its +5 Metal Pipe of Greater Ass Beating and whopped Nymeria once again. The snakes returned to their sandy fuck holes after snatching up the gnomes of Havienta like a predator snatches up small children. The country would have protested this, but it suddenly came down with a case of "Isolated-by-an-eldritch-horror-itis". The Lesser Time Lords didn't like this at all, so they engaged in a collective exodus from Havienta. Most Samsarans came to Niensfol (for the BEEG VIACHIE TEETIES), but others went to Xanar so they could fulfill the prophecy of their heritage and become the masters of all things STEM. There was also a small group of masochistic Samsarans that went to Nymeria. No idea what happened to them.
    A summary of the wars brought to you by TTS!Emperor.
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Since the new year is tomorrow, I might as well finish it off with a new setting expansion. This time, I'm doing the holidays of Niensfol's state religion, Literianism.

In this fustercluck of a religion, there are a few observed holidays. They are as follows, in chronological order.

Einglasa is the holiday of renewal, the New Year analog basically. A day of reflection and setting goals for the coming year. Takes place on Rielaph 1st.

Vika-laru roughly translates to 'Day of the Warm Mother' in the God-Tongue. It is a combination of Mother's day and Valentine's day. Since the Literian pantheon has no specific Goddess of Love, Vika takes it upon herself to handle romantic affairs in these situations, on top of her standard maternal duties. Takes place on Zielel 15th.

The Nouveil Festival is the first of two very important Literian Holidays. Nouveil is an event for the celebration of artistic creations, no matter what stripe they are. Bards and the like use this time to release new works and show them off at the festival in Bellmoth. Though the festival only lasts two or three days, it is a very productive time for everyone. Takes place from Ardain 24th to the 25th or 26th.

The second of the very important holidays, Quilis is a week-long affair celebrating the creators of artistic work. Like Nouveil, bards and the like have a tendency to release new works with great frequency during Quilis. However, Quilis is held in Feln, the capital of Viace. Begins Dalik 15th, and ends on the 22nd.

Visitation of the Spirits
Visitation of the Spirits is the only major holiday during the Leaf-Fall months in Niensfol. While the date varies, it is always within that time frame. Visitation of the Spirits is a single day in which relatives who have died are able to return to the mortal realm as ghosts, and spend time with their still-living loved ones.

Fetri is a yule-time analog, it is a three day long celebration of family as the year winds down. Gift-giving and feasts abound. Takes place from Aqiel 31st to the 34th.