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The Fiendish Arm
« on: June 11, 2015, 03:22:20 PM »
The Fiendish Arm

The Fiendish Arm is a new part of the possessed's body, unleashing Demonic energy to lacerate and destroy foes who stand before them.

Class Skills: In addition to the normal Skills gained, the Fiendish Arm gains the Knowledge (Planes) skill.

Fiendish Arm

At the first level, the creature is bestowed with the arm of a Fiend. Their skin is scaled, producing a tough outer armor. This arm cannot be removed or dismissed unless the Fiendish Arm is dismembered from their body. The arm's hand is clawed, dealing 1d4 damage if the creature is Medium sized.

The Fiendish Arm itself cannot change it's shape or the damage type the Arm does, it only can deal Slash damage.

Rapture Claw

The Fiendish Arm can still act as a Mind Blade despite it being a Natural Weapon. By channeling a red-aura psionic energy, a Fiendish Arm may create a weapon known as the Rapture Claw.

The Fiendish Arm may initially pick between three different Auras to deal more damage than the normal Natural Attack. The base Critical Multiplier of the Rapture Claw is 19-20/x2 in all forms. The Light Aura deals 1d6 points of damage, the Medium Aura deals damage of 1d8, the Heavy Aura is the strongest Aura, increasing the damage to 1d10. All of the Rapture Claw forms require a movement action to form.

The Medium Aura may be used with a Shield or light weapon, while the Light Aura can be used with a One-Handed weapon (If the Arm is on the off-hand). However the Heavy Aura is encumbering on the Fiendish Arm's mind, and requires a free hand in order to maintain it. Once an Aura is chosen, it cannot be changed (Unless they have an appropriate Blade Skill). When using any of the Auras to attack normally, the Rapture Claw adds their full Strength modifier to damage.

The Rapture Claw, unlike the Fiendish Arm itself, does not have a set damage type. The Fiendish Arm may choose either the Bludgeoning, Slashing, or Piercing damage types. Once chosen, the Rapture Claw always is formed with the selected damage type. The time required to change this damage type is one Full-Round Action.

The Rapture Claw may also be sundered, unlike the Fiendish Arm. The Rapture Claw has a Hardness of 10 and 10 HP points, though if sundered, the Fiendish Arm may call upon it again with their appropriate Action.

Unlike the Fiendish Arm though, the Rapture Claw does not count as a Natural Weapon. When a character selects the Improved Natural Attack feat for the Fiendish Arm's claw, it does not increase the power of the Rapture Claw. Additionally, unlike the Mind Blade, only one Rapture Claw may be created at a time.

This ability replaces the Form Mind Blade and Shape Mind Blade, but counts as both class features in order to meet prerequisites. Any rules not listed are assumed to act the same as a normal Mind Blade.

Soul Eater

At the first level, the Fiendish Arm can release a deadly energy from their arm as a blast that eats away at the life force of the target. This ranged attack deals the same damage as the Rapture Claw - its range depending on the Aura and requires the user to sacrifice their Aura to throw it. Normal Claw or Light Aura’s range being 30’, the Medium Aura having 20’, and the Heavy Aura reaching only 10’.

This ability replace the Throw Mind Blade class feature.

Bonus Feat

A Fiendish Arm may pick any of the following feats at the first level: Power Attack, Improved Natural Attack, or Weapon Focus.

Soul Siphon

At the third level, the Fiendish Arm can empower their claw with a sinister aura. Releasing it upon any attack that she wishes, including Soul Eater, to deal an extra 1d8 damage. She may hold it as long as she wants and this charge is not wasted if the Fiendish Arm misses their attack, only losing it when the extra damage is dealt. This damage is not considered precision damage, and it can effect creatures otherwise immune to extra Critical damage. This attack has a Negative Energy basis, dealing Profane damage for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

At every four levels after third, the damage of Soul Eater increases by 1d8.

This ability replaces the Psychic Strike class feature, but does count as Psychic Strike for meeting the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Blade Skills

Maintain Heavy Aura: When using the Heavy Rapture Claw and maintaining Psionic Focus, a Fiendish Arm regains their free hand.
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