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aToB&L - Kek's Journal
« on: April 15, 2015, 11:44:49 PM »
Kek’s Journal. Ardian 16th, 1372.

Mission: Deal with Druidic circle in Shai.

Mission status: Not so well.

We fixed a wagon for a caravan. The Druid - After some time I have come to know him as ‘Jam’ - turned into a bear for the procedure, and he, I, and one of the caravaners lifted the object. We began walking down the road - I stayed farther back from the group. We were ambushed by the not-cat cat man - ‘Erik’, if I remember his name correctly. The singing one - ‘Rune’ - negotiated. We gave him a sum of coin to prolong our battle. There were a few newly noteworthy ones with the man this time - an elf and another cat woman. Cat woman seemed confident in her abilities. Elf was more skeptical of Rune. The newest one, a changing man by the name of ‘Shiori’, nearly made the conflict escalate, but the situation ended peacefully. The group informed us they were hired by the Druid circle we have been tasked with defeating. Attempted to reflect on this with whole group. Failed - only Jam and the noble (‘Anna’) came. Writing this with the last hours of dusk and last embers of the campfire.

-One of the others provoked me into helping lift the wagon. Seemed confident I would make a difference. Investigate further, or forget?
-Changing man: Disconnect between our group and himself. Didn’t understand to trust singing one. Said odd things that may have provoked further disconnect. Strange man, very willing to shower others with praise, yet I have trouble feeling the sincerity. Still better than the cunt.
-Cat woman was interesting. Made comment about inverting my genitals. Also made comment about dodging my attacks. Said she was a monk. I wish to spar with her at another date.
-Circle hired others to cut off supplies to those we are off to see. Sabotage - aggressive tactics. Without action soon, may be more of a threat than desirable.
-Erik keeps finding new cat women. Investigate where he manages to find so many.

Kek’s Journal. Ardian 17th.

Mission: Deal with Druidic circle in Shai.

Mission status: Faring better.

I woke the others up by exclaiming I had an idea to infiltrate the circle. Most listened. Some chastised. Few were still listening by the end. I left the others to make my own way towards Shai. Upon reaching a split path, I sat and pondered the plan, before returning to the others once more and giving a revised version of my plan. Those that chastised were more contented with this revi

Mission status: Horrible.
An assassin attempted to kill Anna.


-I hate everyone.
-I don't even fucking know anymore.

Kek's Journal. Aridian 18th.

Mission: Druidic circle.

Mission status: Good gods.

We have one mission and we can't even get it right.
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