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An olive skinned boy of Southeastern European/Mediterranean descent, looking around the age of 13 or 14, dressed in a red short sleeve hoodie with a small black crown decal on the back, over top a loose white tank-top, and wearing khaki cargo shorts, Alev looked up and closed his large, thick book slowly with a slight clap. His legs hung in the air from the stool he sat on and kicked his feet slightly as he shifted in his seat. A hand scratches his short and slightly messy tuft of reddish auburn hair as he looks at Horus rather dully, hinting of frustration, with dark scarlet eyes.

"It isn't so much as 'bringing' but more like 'lost refugee'. What I thought was a day of going to Greece turned into some shitty father-son bonding time that I don't want to take part of. Next thing I know, I'm out of there while my dumb ass father's back is turned. And what do you know, I get lost and somehow end up some place that definitely doesn't look like molten fire or South Europe. And I'm definitely not on Earth with all those funky races walking around like an Anime-con. Well at least not my Earth. Fucking joyous really."

Resting his head on his arm he adds,

"I'm having a splendid day, thank you."

Horus stared at the boy as he set a cup in front of the boy and poured orange juice in it. What are those places the boy mention? Horus thought really hard, maybe he can get the historian to define those places, at least he would know what those are. "Well, I'm sorry to hear that." He was not sure how to help the boy's situation but hopefully something to drink will cheer the boy up. He pushed the cup to the boy. "It's on the house; Well, if you need a place to rest, I know someone who will help you with that." Horus said concerned for the boy, putting a rag into the water bucket under the bar counter.

Alev took the drink and took a sip. Tasted like oranges. Figures, but you never know if its laced with drugs or tastes like fish in a world so familiar but alien. Is this even Earth?

"That'd be great thanks. I was wondering where I could sleep since kids my age should totally be out lost in the dead of night and panicking how to get back home."

He took a look around and then back at Horus. Studying his features.

"So... to the basics. Where am I, what is the date, and did the world we know of end in a nuclear warfare that may or may not have happened because of something trivial?"

What Alev saw was a man who seems to have some bird like features particularly the feathers around his arms. Judging by that he may be a Half-Avian. When Alev mention the date, Horus gave Alev a questioning look as he answered, "You didn't know? It's April 14th 2172. The world 'ended' by Demons running the place. If I know the history from a particular customer of mine. Humans were almost wiped out. So I guess that is the reason why all of these 'funky' races is roaming around as you described it, and why this place is a complete mess." Horus said tilting his head to the door that leads outside.


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