Author Topic: Mini-Game Challenge  (Read 3431 times)

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Mini-Game Challenge
« on: March 30, 2014, 08:57:39 PM »
The Devicer has many tools, but have you ever wanted to take one he uses often as your own? Well you can, if you can win a simple mini-game for it!

Opponent/Host: Kimoto

Objective: Win the Designated Game

Reward: One item from the Dimensional Storage of your Choosing. (Chosen at the Start)

Arena: Depends

Event Rules

1. Depending on the Item Chosen, The Game will Change.
2. It may be a game that requires more than two people, and in that case the winner gets the item.
3. One must obey the rules of the game presented. In most games, powers will not be allowed.
4. Not all Tools are Eligible.

Total Match Attempts:
Total Victories:
First Winner:

Tools Won: