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A woman stared as her hair wavered in the wind.

"I'll be ready soon..." She muttered towards a shadowed figure, as she walked away. "So be patient... As I get rid of those who could thwart you." Her smile unnerved normal people, as she kept walking, to find her first target. The search wouldn't be easy but...

"The things I do..." The woman pulled her gloves on tight, ready to take out perfectly normal people just to meet a goal.

While the mystery woman searched for her target, a young man wandered through the market with his own agenda. He had a list in his hand and a blade sheathed at his waist. It wasn't exactly commonplace for a boy of 15 to wander about with a weapon, but it could prove dangerous to walk about unarmed.
"OK... Dad said we needed fruit. So I need to find a fruit vendor..." he muttered, glancing at the stalls around him.

Slider Eclipse:
meanwhile a young lady in blue hid behind a near by vendor, a large iron lance and a healing staff slung on her back as she peeked around teh corner to watch the man as he looked at his list. wanting to surprise him she used her quick feet to sneak into a group of students around her age from the near by academy.

Elsewhere. On the grassy field of a park near the academy campus, there's a blond hair teen whose bangs practically covers his eyes. He seem to be resting under the shadow of the tree, his headphones are down yet music comes out of the devices. A axe lay within arms reach, while there's a staff next to it. He seem to be napping due to today's weather as the conditions is perfect for a nap.

And, in a classroom on a university campus, two students were listening to a lecture. Well, one was listening, since his parents had long ago instilled in him the idea that it was important to respect and listen to his senses. His teachers would lead him on the path of enlightenment and therefore an honorable and fruitful life. He sat quietly and listened, taking many notes, not minding that a large amount of ink splattered the side of his hand.

The other student, a girl, was trying to stay awake, but ended up falling asleep because of the sheer amount of daydreaming she had been doing. But could she really help it? This class was incredibly boring and the professor's dry voice was like a lullaby. Her knapsack acted like a pillow as she laid down and began to drift off, unnoticed by the students around her.


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