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I am so close...

They need... To know...

...These are the thoughts of a creature as they escape from shadow to shadow. They don't know how long they traveled since they escaped such a dangerous place. Dangerous than any other place..

A woman appears from the dark alleyway, yet she does not appear in good condition. To put it simply, her black dress that was once a fancy dress that is now in tatters. Wounds on her body. She seem to keep pushing herself and takes another step, then she fell down hard on the paved ground. Loose pink hair spread out around on the ground.

She's breaths in and out slowly as she tried to stay awake, yet it is failing as her eyes starting to close. Conscious fading in and out... Thoughts in clatters...

Yet one thought remains... Before fell into unconscious.


It wasn't long until someone stumbled upon the fallen woman, a cigarette in mouth and in a black suit and tie, "What the hell happened here?"

The man, known as Terc, picked her up from the ground, making sure she was alive at first. "... She's still here..." he sighed in relief, spitting out his cigarette onto the pavement as he carried the woman home. Careful not to shake her too much, he gently creaked the door to his house open before using his shoulder to open it all the way, "Hexes! Come here, bring the first-aid!" he hollered out, laying her down.

There was some loud crashing sounds, and a few thuds, as Hexes came down, fortunately in her body, carrying the first aid kit.

"Why do you need... Oh." She muttered before handing it over, having no real knowledge of how to use medical appliances. "... She doesn't look familiar. Friend of yours that I don't know of?"

"I found her on the streets." he told his wife, taking the kit and starting to wipe the wounds clean, and wrap gauze around her wounds, "... she kinda... Looks like Xak, you know." he grimaced, having taken note of the resemblance. After a few minutes with bandages and wraps later, he sighed, "Think she'd know anything about her?" he raised his brow, looking up at Hexes.

"Well now that you mention it... She does sorta..." Hexes muttered examining closer. "I guess she might know something about her... Haven't seen her in a long time though... I could find out forcibly?... No that'd be bad." Hexes shook her head and stared.

"... I hope she wakes up soon at least."


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