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6:35 AM

Jamie yawned as she pushed open the door to The Revolution... First Day Open, a Hiring Sign on the outside wall, and very few secure employees.

None of that really mattered, as she just went to the nearest couch and fell asleep on it before Adam got there, who stared for a minute, and started getting the store ready for the day by himself. His manager... Was useless. He made sure to put up the hours sign. Each day The Revolution would open at 9 AM, and close at 11 PM. Those who could show up most days are the best for hiring.

He felt fairly uncomfortable as he spent the next 2 hours and 20 minutes cleaning thought due to the... Adult Gods area upstairs.

"Hey. Kitty. Wake up." He flicked Jamie's forehead as he yelled at her, causing the short one to fall off the couch.

"Ow... Kiki you jerk... Just a few more minutes couldn't have hurt..." He directed the manager to the clock... As she suddenly started freaking out, running to check everything, while he himself went over to the place where he could make and sell coffee.

9:00 AM

And like that... The Revolution was officialy open. Though the two employee's inside weren't really doing the best to make it look impressive.

Adam just stood there as the coffee brewed, dressed in a dark green t-shirt and blue jeans, while Jamie ran around with a checklist, looking over all the work Adam did, while wearing a pink no sleeve and camouflage jean shorts. Unmatchingly she also had sandals on, and hadn't even bothered trying her hair up that morning. Adam on the other hand had been sure to gel his hair back.

There was a tap on Jamie's shoulder. The moment she turned around, she'd see an orange, bright, and tacky as all hell Hawaiian shirt on a woman who was grinning from ear to ear and saluting.

"Z Marx, reporting for duty, SIR!" Zelina shouted, adjusting her jeans a bit with her other hand. "Where am I stationed today?!"

She'd honestly probably be shouting all day if she wasn't told to use her inside voice.

There's a whistling sound coming from the Comic Book section. To be exact, a carefree tune coming from a Latino woman wearing black shirt and jeans. Normally if it's any other day, Olalla would have been at school by now. She isn't though, mainly her local high school is on Spring Break.

She's not complaining though and didn't think about it. All's she's thinking is wondering what kind of costumers that this place are going to have today for her first job. Even daydreaming for that kind of moment, despite the yell from her fellow co-worker in the area.

"Wonder if it's a super hero like those covers talks about?~" Olalla optimistically said. ...Yeah. Her imagination is either wild or naive for what awaits for her.

Jamie turned and smiled as she pointed... Over at the stairs.

"Someone needs to take care of the clothing today. And uh... The... Adult Stuff... Incase someone goes in there." She obviously wasn't comfortable with that area even if it had been her idea.

"Clothing shop it is! Right away, SIR!" Zelina shouted, before walking upstairs with a swing in her step and a smile on her face. The moment she turned the corner upstairs, however, she ducked against the wall and her face blanked. Her head almost creaked as she slowly looked at the Adult store and sent a silent prayer to whoever's listening that no one would enter it today. She then regained her posture and walked over to the clothing store, jumping over the counter and putting on a cheery face.

Now all she had to do was wait.


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