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Custom Items
« on: October 30, 2013, 07:06:18 PM »
Items can be made specifically to fit a person, and are usually very special when made by a Devicer. But can you earn a custom made one for yourself while it's being used against you?

Opponent/Host: Kimoto

Objective: Incapacitate Kimoto

Reward: A Custom Made Tool specifically made to try and match your style. (And if The Secret Requirement is Met, any one item from the Dimensional Storage of your Choosing)

Arena: A Plain Large White Room that can't be destroyed.

Event Rules

1. The Host will use the weapon or tool made specifically for the challenger to battle them, as well as a few other chosen items to keep it as close to even as possible.
2. Defeat the Opponent without Killing, as the death would destroy the tool.
3. Hour Time Limit. OOC counts against your time.
4. There are Secret Objectives that someone else will be informed of. If you can clear them, you get to pick any one item from the Host's Storage to take for yourself. The Object Changes depending on the challenger.
5. No OP/God-mod/power wanking/etc. Any questions regarding abilities can be explained out in the match for fairness.
6. Limited Healing is Allowed (Up to 10% over the entire match).
7. No luck based or instant knock out moves. Applies to making unable to battle too.
8. No Unavoidable Attacks. This includes auto-hitting moves. If they are like this they must be fairly week
9. No Attempting to take the custom item during the match. Destroying the Item is also a loss.
10. If the Match is Lost, the Item will stay with the Devicer. Even if added to the Storage, this item will be the reward if one challenges and beats the event in the future. If the Match is won, a different custom item will be made for the next time.
11. Mirror Mirror.

Total Match Attempts: 6
Total Victories: 2
First Winner: Saarloos_W.Hund

Tools Won: Contractors Rite (Inu)
Baltic Fists (Ridere)
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