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Keeper of the Tome
« on: September 25, 2013, 09:08:07 PM »
Teal F. Arcana, the holder of the all-powerful tome 'Million Teller', has almost completed his data collection of most authors and OCs! At this rate, he will have access to your strongest abilities and will turn them on you, effectively making him a being closer to god (Not that he'd do that mind you). Defeat him to keep your abilities to only you!
Or become a page in his tome...

Teal F. Arcana (Inugami/Saarloos W.Hund)

Objective: Defeat Teal
Victorious - Reduce your data by half (60% -> 30%, 100% -> 50%). Or you could fight an unlimited version for a chance to reduce your data to 0%! You may also have a peek at which abilities Teal has and choose which gets to be deleted when reducing by half.

Loser - Teal will draw out half of your data he doesn't have. If you have 50% data completion, Teal will draw out 25%. 70%, he will draw out 15%. 10%, he will draw out 45%. The lesser data he has, the more he will take; the more data he has, the lesser he can take.
On the chance you fight the unlimited version, Teal will absorb ALL of your data. Giving him 100% completion and a boost when fighting against the same opponent. If the opponent was an author, Teal will gain a slight boost when fighting any OCs from that Author. If the opponent was an OC, Teal will gain a boost against the OC's Author.

Grand Library

Stage description:
A stage set in the Floating Castle's library. Provides great cover through bookshelves and stacks of books.
Fire-based abilities will set the arena on fire, providing great boosts to fire. After a period of time, the library will activate its security system and revert the arena back to normal.
Magic is enhanced in this arena, providing more curative/damage, knock back, and longer durations for effects.

No instant kills. This includes finishers.
Time is unlimited, but you don't want to drag it on as it becomes disadvantageous.
No teleportation or warping, but using a two-way dimensional opening is allowed. A T-WDO is a method of movement where you do through one opening and come out of another much like Portal's Portal Gun. You are not allowed to hide in a dimension, thus once you enter an opening, anything inside will instantly come out the other end.
No OP/God-mod/power wanking/etc. Any questions regarding abilities can be explained out in the match for fairness.
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