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The Dual Duel
« on: October 13, 2013, 08:46:33 PM »
At Inugami's untimely, but much celebrated, death, the summoned are getting rather bored with their not so eventful lives. Perhaps one would like to challenge them?

Host/Opponent: Fude-Ken

Twin Wolves - Teal and Lain
Silent Predators - Datu and Lain
Boogieman Parade - Aster and Tinto
Industrial Beats - Aster and Wren
Teller's Symphony - Teal and Aster
Bad Company - Dominikov and Datu
Shock and Awe - Wren and Rosenkrantz
Shades of Black - Rosenkrantz and Lain
Magical Warefare - Teal and Dominikov
Trauma Center - Bekho and Tinto
Bestial Tensions - Lain and Bekho
Dragon Rising - Rosenkrantz and Dominikov

Million Omnilex - Teal and Alev

Apocalyptic Arcanum - Tynni and Alev
Rainstorm - Senran and Dagg
God's Conqueror -  Cihangik and Shirogane
Frozen Clock - Tynni and Dagg
Tactical Charge - Alev and Cihangik
Calming Storm - Senran and Shirogane
Mercury Well - Dagg and Eydis
Dominance - Sno and Dagg
Beast and Beauty - Ryker and Eydis
Goddess Sisters - Eydis and Sno
The Executioners - Ryker and Sno
Ice and Fire - Dagg and Ryker
Unlikely Friends - Wyatt and Alev
Burning Winds - Yuriye and Wyatt
Rival Brothers - Ashley and Ryker
Beat'm Up - Dagg and Yuriye
Rocky Relations - Yuriye and Ashley
Down South - Wyatt and Ashley
Bringers of Ragnarok - Skoll and Hati
Odin's Wolves - Freki and Geri
Royals of the Dawn - Skoll and Freki
Royals of the Dusk - Hati and Geri

Or you can choose two OCs to fight. But beware, some combinations can be disastrous.

Objective: Defeat the pair of summons! You may fight alone or with another, or an OC. Or Two OCs!
Victorious - Bragging rights and a possible chance for them to make a contract with you.

Loser - Well, you just lose.

Normal Arena

Stage description:
A normal arena.

Kimoto and Pippa vs Calming Storm - Kimoto LOSE.

No instant kills.
Time is unlimited, but you don't want to drag it on as it becomes disadvantageous.
No teleportation or warping, but using a two-way dimensional opening is allowed. A T-WDO is a method of movement where you do through one opening and come out of another much like Portal's Portal Gun. You are not allowed to hide in a dimension, thus once you enter an opening, anything inside will instantly come out the other end.
No OP/God-mod/power wanking/etc. Any questions regarding abilities can be explained out in the match for fairness.
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