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Where ever they are, or at their homes waiting, those who are Gifted would receive a letter, addressed to Them, with a white envelop and red wax Seal, with their name on it...

Xara, the destined hero... It has been a few months since the battle to save all that was of the mortal world she knew, and the Gods that ruled them. Though without help her journey would've been an impossible task to complete, however, in her final moments when her life was on the line she had to pull through alone... And she did.

The young woman sighed though, it was not a sigh of grief though, but a sigh of joy. She felt happier, more confident; even able to take off her casts just a few days before having made a full recovery. But something was off... She glanced over at the coffee table, a letter with her name written on it, "What... Is this?" she picked it, having not seen this letter before. It looked very nice though, pure white envelope, an authentic wax seal, and her name hand written...

She did the obvious thing to do, she broke the seal, and read what was inside.

In another world, in another time. In a ruined world where her inhabitants suppressed by the empire ruled under the demonic king. Leaving those who remained to survive from day to day that's resulted of a system created by the empire. However, this isn't about this world... As this starts with a letter falling from the night sky..

Guided by the cool winds, it gently floats in the air. Until a gloved hand caught it. The owner is a boy with red hair and pointed ears, covered in a brown cloak. Golden eyes looks at the object blankly, ...A letter? He said, though his tone is wrong as it sounded empty. The boy looks around as his current location is what seem to be the topmost floor of a building, a ruined and abandoned one like the rest of this old, small town except those like him who are using it for the night.

There's no one there, even outside of the building where the rest of the ruined town and to the extent, the barren lands of the wilderness can be seen.

Looking back to the letter, he noticed that it was addressed to him. Jun Becote. ...Odd. He commented. Then the boy named Jun opens the envelope and reads the contents of the letter.

Lione Tabuukilla Fortuna:
On a ruined Earth, in another timeline out of the many out there, a twenty year old man put out the final ashes of his fire in the plains as the sun began to set. Smoke during the night meant a signal for raiders and those who preyed on those in the night. As a precaution, he felt for his revolver on his left side, alongside the rapier sheathed on his right side. His headphones from home still hung around his neck, though his music player was off to conserve battery during the night.

Over the ruined landscape, a small streak of white catches his attention. With the reflexes of four years of fighting, he draws the revolver in a heartbeat. However, there is no combat to be found. Just a small, hovering piece of paper. Catching it with his bare  left hand, he looked at it with scrutiny, wondering if this was an elaborate trap.

Two minute passed by with nothing else happening, Benjamin Fermont, though he was better known as Ben to most people, holstered his gun, but remained cautious. Seeing as it was safe for the moment, he examined the paper further. What he thought was a simple sheet of paper ended up being an envelope, specifically addressed to him, his name written in fanciful handwriting. "...Possibility of something laced in the letter?" Pausing, he thought of the possibilities, "...unlikely. Getting one's hands on something like that in this world would mean that they've been into the cities. I'm at least four days out from the nearest city, and I didn't hear a car nearby. Reward outweighs probable risk."

Checking around one last time and finding it safe, Ben opened the envelope, breaking the rather ornately designed wax seal, and read the contents.

Slider Eclipse:
in a pocket dimension between the hyperdimensions of Gamindusri, a young girl was relaxing in the hot springs with her sister. a flock of small fluffy bunny like creatures floating in the water with them. " Ahh, this feels so good! " Ciel said as she stretched  " We haven't had any problems in months. seems everything's Stabilized for a while" she continued as she turned in the water and rested her head on one of the creatures.  after a few moments of this she started to get drowzy from the warm waters and decides to get out. " i think i'm going to go do one final check on the dimensions and call it a night. good night sister.. " she said as she waved back to her sister as she played with the strange creatures. ' just where do those things keep coming from.. they aren't from gamindustri thats for sure ' she though to herself as she got dressed before noticing a letter in the bottom of the basket. in curiousness and a hope its from her father. she opened it. and began to read what was inside.


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