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FFU TRPG - "Descent to the Midlight"
« on: November 17, 2012, 04:11:40 PM »
This is an original story TRPG that I had made with help from some good TRPG veteran friends. I will be the GM, and this TRPG will take place on the D&D channel on chat. Sessions will be recorded and listed on this topic so no posting unless its a session record. Now, let us get on with the story.

The world is brimming with life and adventure. Everywhere you go, you can spot travelers of varying races and classes roaming. Everyday there are marks, jobs, and errands filled out, and even more added. Guilds rule the adventuring community.

There is one hot topic that has all the guilds and communities abuzz. A discovery of a hidden cave underneath an abandoned lighthouse far off in the sea near the Port Town of Ghidos. From legends around the area, the island was used as a way point for vessels to steer themselves to port and not towards the deadly waters near the lighthouse. Bu now, as technology has advanced, the lighthouse fell into disuse. Rumors flutter in the air that the cave is a secret site of a grand pirate's treasure nest, or that it holds the loot excavated from sunken ships. Some say its the nest of the devil, or that it leads to an unknown realm. Whatever lurks inside the deep cave, it has sparked the interests of adventurers looking for glory and fame.

And now, you, with a band of other wannabe heroes, have signed up to explore the mysterious depths of Midlight.

Now for the character sheets. When making a character sheet, please do it in chat when I am on. I will need to log your character data and also check if you didn't cheat and max out your stats. Not that it matter since some monsters can kill you even if you have perfect stats.

Here is an idea of what the stats are and what they affect:

Name - Your name. Very straight forward.
Age -
How old your character is. You may increase your character's age without penalty up to 40. After 40, each decade can reduce your character's STR, CON, DEX, and/or APP. Age increases can be used to train your character as well.
Job/Class - Your occupation. As an adventurer it is important to have abilities that suit your class.
Traits - These are things about your character that you may be able to use in situations. Like 'big boobs' to increase Persuasion against those of opposite sex or those that have a kink for that. It may also demerit yo in situations.

Strength - Represents the physical power of your character. This affects your physical damage output and bonuses.
Magic - How magically capable your character is. This attribute does NOT imply that your character has any knowledge of powerful spells from the get go. Especially if your job isn't magic-oriented.
Constitution - The basic ruggedness of your character. It is your vitality. This factors in how many turns your PC can stay 'KO'd' before they die. As well as give certain bonuses or demerits to some abilities.
Dexterity - Generally represents how agile and adept your character is. This factors your turn order and evasion.
Appearance - The general attractiveness of your character. Low APP might imply scars or deformities. This stat provides bonuses outside of combat and to gender or races. It might also work on some enemies in battle.
Will Power - Shows how willful, manipulative, or easily manipulated your character is. This is your mentality. The higher you are, the more you can withstand. The lower, makes your mind as soft as tofu.
Education - How educated your character is. Helps determine the likelihood of a character having heard or read about a specific topic that is not otherwise referred to by other factors on the character sheet. This will calculate your Core SP.
Size - Represents the body shape to some extent. If you decide that your character is tall, a low SIZ will make him/her thin. If you decide that your character is short, a high SIZ will make him/her fat. This might give you advantages or disadvantages depending on the terrain or situation.
Intelligence - How smart your character is. Note that intelligence is not education. This calculates your Sub SP.
HP - Based on your character's CON and SIZ, this number represents how much damage your character can take from physical attacks before he/she dies.
MP - Your character's maximum in Magic Points is equal to his MAG attribute. If your character knows any powerful spells (Rank 5~7) or Finishers, he/she must use Magic Points to fuel the spell.
Idea - Based on the character's intelligence, this attribute is designed to help your character think through problems, and notice things that the player might miss.
Luck - Based on the character's magic attribute. This represents how well or ill disposed the universe is to your character, in that it is a reflection of how well you can relate to the true nature of the universe. Luck rolls can help your character succeed when he would not have, or to assist other characters in some action.
Knowledge - Based on the character's intelligence. Knowledge can never be more than 99%, to represent the fact that no investigator can know everything. This attribute helps to represent all of the trivia that the character may have picked up through his or her lifetime. It also affects what and how much information the GM will tell you.
Sanity and SAN - This statistic, which can fluctuate depending on roleplay, is based on the SAN attribute. When play begins, unless the character's background dictates otherwise, Sanity will have the same value as SAN. As your character is forced to recognize the reality of otherworldly and inhuman concepts, his Sanity will drop. Once it reaches zero, the character has gone completely insane and will not be able to function in human society for many years, if ever. Psychoanalysis can repair some of the damage to a character's psyche, but can never give more Sanity points than the SAN attribute. Success sanity, gained by thwarting an evil plot, can also recover Sanity, and CAN boost Sanity above SAN.
Dodge - Determines how well and how often your character can get out of the way of things. This skill can be increased with skill points and roleplay.
Credit Rating - Most often, people are judged by first impressions. Credit Rating helps to establish how good a first impression a character can make, especially among well-to-do company.
Note: The calculations will give you your character's BASE Credit Rating. You may spend skill points to raise Credit Rating.
Damage Bonus Calculation - Due to your character's strength and size, or lack thereof, he or she is allotted a bonus for all physical attacks.
Magic Bonus Calculation - Due to your character's magic potential and intelligence, or lack thereof, he or she is allotted a bonus for all magical attacks.

Here is a table for the bonuses:
2 to 12 -1D6
13 to 16 -1D4
17 to 24 0
25 to 32 +1D4
33 to 40 +1D6

Money - Helps determine how wealthy your character is. It generally shows how much money you can expect to get in a normal year of work, and how much you have managed to purchase and save over the years.
Note: This Stat can be changed by roleplaying and background information.

Core & Sub SP, or Skill Points - This is determined by your EDU and INT for Core and Sub, respectively. The more in those stats means more you can allocate to your skills. Core skills are abilities used in combat. Sub skills are your latent abilities that help you both in and out of combat. Subs only add boosts to your abilities or skills. Some Sub skills can be passive, thus having no Sub SP cost. Please check with GM for skills.
The minimum value for skills are 30 and maximum 90.

All Purpose & Proficiency SP, or Skill Points - This is determined by your DEX, EDU, INT and CON, DEX for All Purpose and Proficiency, respectively. The more in those stats means more you can allocate to your skills. All Purpose skills are abilities used in combat that can also be used out of combat. Some of these skills may give bonuses to your class. If you are a healer, having skills in Biology or First Aid is a good idea. Proficiency skills are your basic combat skills. These help you in combat when dodge is unavailable. Please check with GM for skills.
The minimum value for skills are 30 and maximum 90.

Here is my house rule.
1~5 is a Critical Hit.
95~100 is a Fumble.
In the case of a 99 stat like KNOW, 100 will be an auto-fumble.
If your KNOW is over 99, any remaining values will be converted into Skill Points or Stat Points.
You may only have 12 All Purpose, 6 Core and Sub, and 4 Proficiency skills until further notice.
You may also have 19 Base skills. These are All Purpose skills that do not take SP and stay at their base levels. You may try to roll the skill. Any successful attempts will increase their success rate.

As for the RP part, the GM will reward risk takers who live with bonuses sufficient. Be as creative as possible in situations for some hidden dialogues.

Here are numerous skills for All Purpose:

Accounting 10
Anthropology 05
Archaeology 05
Art 05
Astronomy 05
Bargain 05
Biology 05
Chemistry 05
Climb 40
Conceal 15
Demolition 05
Drive 20
Electrical Repair 10
Fast Talk 05
First Aid 30
Geology 05
Hide 10
History 20
Jump 25
Library Use 25
Listen 25
Locksmith 05
Martial Arts 05
Mechanical Repair 20
Medicine 05
Natural History 10
Navigate 10
Occult 05
Operate Heavy Machinery 00
Language 05
Persuade 15
Pharmacy 05
Photography 10
Physics 05
Pilot 05
Projectile 25
Psychology 05
Psychoanalysis 05
Ride 05
Sneak 10
Spot Hidden 25
Swim 25
Throw 25
Track 10

I will add more to this list when players add in unique skills.
Magic oriented skills will be in teal. Craftsmen skills in green.

Core Skill: Destruction (00), gives the PC access to powerful arcane spells of the elements.
Core Skill: Conjuration (00), gives the PC access to powerful espers that follow their command.
Core Skill: Mysticism (00), gives the PC access to powerful ailment spells that wreck their enemies.
Core Skill: Alteration (00), gives the PC access to powerful buff spells that support the party.
Core Skill: Restoration (00), gives the PC access to powerful healing and restorative spells.
Core Skill: Illusion (00), gives the PC access to powerful spells that distort the senses.
Core Skill: Great Magics (00), allows the PC to cast the most ancient arcane spells to devastate.

Core Skill: Disassemble (00), allows the PC to break down a mech-type opponent's body to lower def and res.
Core Skill: Interference (00), the PC uses a high frequency wave to distract opponents. On mech-types, it will cause them to shut down for a short duration.
Core Skill: Shrapnel Shot (00), the PC utilizes a small ballista to launch a projectile at an enemy.
Core Skill: Power Vice (00), the PC uses a mechanical arm to hold down an enemy.
Core Skill: Catastrophe (00), the PC uses their mecha to launch a powerful and devastating attack on the area.

Sub Skill: Arcane Studies (00), gives the PC +1d4 Magic Bonus if successfully rolled.
Sub Skill: Discard Chant (00), allows the PC to cast a spell without having to wait a turn(s) if successful.
Sub Skill: Ailment Immunity (Passive), the PC is immune to all negative ailments.
Sub Skill: Resistance (Passive), the PC has an innate +10 to their resistance rating.

Sub Skill: Sabotage (00), if the PC is familiar with a machine type foe, a successful roll will award +1d4 to damage. If the PC is not familiar, the roll will add knowledge on the enemy weak point. Any Sabotage rolls then after will have a +1d4 per successful roll.
Sub Skill: Salvage (00), the PC has a chance to obtain materials from defeated mech-types to use for upgrading their mechs or item creation.
Sub Skill: Analyze (Passive), the PC is able to understand the workings of a machine from any era and operate it.
Sub Skill: Reprogram (00), the PC is able to rework the entire code of a machine and turn it to their side. Enemy must be 'knocked out' to use.

Here are a list of Proficiency Skills:

Wpn: ----- (00), a necessary skill for any combatant. The PC attacks with his/her weapon of choice.
Block (00), the PC blocks an attack with their gear, shield, spell, or weapon.
Parry (00), the PC parries an attack and stuns the enemy with their shield, spell, or weapon.
Run (00), the PC runs from the battle.
Cover (00), the PC covers an ally and takes the damage for them. A -1d3 to damage.
Provoke (00), provokes the enemy into attacking and targeting the PC.
Roll (00), the PC rolls away from an attack.
Counter (00), the PC counters an attack.
Magic Counter (00), the PC counters with a spell.

Any questions, please ask me, Inugami the GM, when I am in chat. Or send a PM
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Re: FFU TRPG - "Descent to the Midlight"
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2012, 11:27:48 PM »
Here's my character, just tell me if I did anything wrong or if there's any changes.

Name Duxe Howard
Age - 21
Job/Class - Machinist
Traits - Curvy Body

Strength - 14
Magic - 12
Constitution - 10
Dexterity - 13
Appearance - 11
Will Power - 14
Education - 14
Size - 14
Intelligence - 17

HP - 48
MP - 12
Idea - 85
Luck - 60
Knowledge - 70
Sanity and SAN - 70
Dodge - 65
Credit Rating - 18.5
Damage Bonus Calculation - +1d4
Magic Bonus Calculation - +1d4
Money - 20000

Core & Sub SP, or Skill Points - 280 (Core), 170 (Sub)
Core SP
Disassemble  (90)
Interference (90)
Catastrophe (90)

Sub SP
Sabotage 90
Analyze (Passive)
Salvage Parts 80

All Purpose & Proficiency SP, or Skill Points - 440 (All Purpose), 230 (Proficiency)
All Purpose SP
Physics 05 + 85 = 90
Mechanical Repair 20 + 70 = 90
Electrical Repair 10 + 55 = 65
Operate Heavy Machinery 00 + 50 = 50
Demolition 05 + 25 = 30
Navigate 10 + 20 = 30
Projectile 25 + 25 = 50
Hide 10 + 20 = 30
Listen 25 + 35 = 60
Spot Hidden 25 + 20 = 45
Sneak 10 + 20 =  30
Throw 25 + 15 = 40

Proficiency SP
Weapon Proficiency (Wrench) 50
Block 70
Counter 50
Running Away 60

First Aid 30
Drive 20
Climb 40
Library Use 25
Swim 25
Accounting 10
Conceal 15
Jump 25
Martial Arts 05
Medicine 05
Art 05
Pilot 05
Language 05
Ride 05
Chemistry 05
History 20
Bargain 05
Persuade 15
Photography 05