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Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
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Sandra and Samus both said "Got it." As the connection was severed.


"You're right," Mark said to Sing. "That man in your head is dangerous. You better keep it a secret from aaaaa-" He started spinning around slowly, his arms out as if he was presenting something, "aaall these people. Because, you know, there's so many people who could use this information against you."

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Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
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Maria nodded to them as the connection cut. , keeping an eye on the strange guardian of marth before trying to read into his mind again now that her telepathy is freed up... one hand keeping a steady grip on her spoon in case he tried anything..


Airlia Sweatdropped at the groups antics.. " no idea, seems the action's all stopped for now.. perhaps we should try getting out of town for now? after all if people see us like this things will get awkward and difficult to explain.." she said while looking around, her foot tapping as she didn't want to stand in place too long.. probably a slight influence caused by her use of sonic's power.
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Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
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"...Just go with the excuse of us being part of a cosplay group and hope there's a convention going on. If someone asks." Jude bluntly said. "Since we do RESEMBLE our Smashers. And we head to the Dreamvale Academy... Which it has been repeated before."

If he remember right, the school still mostly empty due to Winter Break going on currently. So if they decided to leave town and go into the outskirts, that school campus would be the good place to go through. "...So. Should we get a move on? or just standing around?"

...He's not going to hold Pit's Guardian all day you know?


Uria felt the connection is cut off. Better hope it goes well on Maria's and Sandra's end, especially if the Guardian of Zelda's request for medical expert for Sandra's treatment do happen. Now back at the task on hand... The Dark head seated next to Sandra and looks to the rest of the guardians.

"Okay. I'll start by summarizing our situation so far..." Then the Guardian of Zelda start explaining. Recounting the events that happen since this morning starting from when a flash of light explodes at the peaks of Mount Smash to the awakening of their Smashers to the invasion itself. Some of the words Uria said made it seem abit harsh, yet it is blunt to drive home the point of their current situation. Also she kept the account of events happening in general, without any specific events like the mental conversations.

"...And that's our situation so far." Uria finished debriefing. Then she goes to point out. "...Now I think about it. I would say these enemies do look familiar... Like from the same game that our Smashers are from?" While this knowledge won't help much, it is a start that if they take the time to look into the general information of their enemies. Especially if their Smashers' can't react giving information in time... Well. General information, not specific ones that wasn't known before.

'You are indeed correct, Uria. There will be times that we cannot act quickly enough.' Zelda said, though she is curious about what Uria just mention. What the princess get in return... is what looks to be a cover that shows some of her fellow smashers, all their backs toward to what seem to be a source of light. She blushes for the moment upon seeing Link on the cover until she saw the title 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl'. 'What is this?' Confusion shown in the Princess' tone.


"...Got it." Jun replied and makes a sharp turn around the street corner. Heading toward to the center of the city via one of the streets. If they take a more observing look, they could see the first evidence that's resulted from the invasion that's unknown to them, namely smoke and ruins in the distance and the road is more empty than before. And meanwhile, the Guardian of Link could hear another motorcycle sound. Causing him to take quick glance to see where the source of the motorcycle sound coming from...
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Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
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"Cept for me who looks like a normal person." Sing pointed that out to Jude, due to the fact she had changed back when in shock.

"Also, if you use Sarcasm with me again, I am going to deck you." She made that side comment with a glare at Mark, before she started walking without waiting for a vote.

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Re: Magical Guardians: A GA RP
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"I'm on the highway to hell! I'm on the highway to hell!"
Hunter is STILL driving... Infact, it took him a couple of pages and he still haven't found the person he's suppose to look for.
...Well in reality, he is doing donuts in a circle because he has infinite fuel.
Doing donuts in place is fun, but someone must think that would be boring after a while. So hunter just continued to follow the dust cloud...when he sees a man who turns his head towards him. He's on a motorcycle too.
"...Yo. Let's race."
"...There is no time for r-"