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The FFU Family Tree
« on: June 22, 2013, 07:59:32 PM »
So... we were discussing the FFU Family Tree, which has been mentioned in the chat now and then. So I decided to make this topic so people can post their relations to each other so that someone can draw it to make sense of this shit. Post what you know of your relations to other people and let's get this shit started!

I'll update this master list as you guys post and tell me and shit...

Cousin of Akane
Cousin-in-law of Austin
Son of Sam
Step-son of Grim
Second-cousin of EC
Second-cousin of Virgil and Sophie
Step-brother of Caeth

Nephew of Austin and Akane
Second cousin of Takashi and Caeth
Cousin of Virgil and Sophie, Kenneth and Jun

Sister of Ridere
Mother of Kenneth (by Austin) and Uria (by Marf)
Step-mother of Virgil and Sophie
Aunt of Noah and Rie

Husband of Akane
Uncle of EC
Father of Virgil and Sophie (by Akane)
Father of Kenneth (by Nask)
Cousin-in-law of Takashi

Wife of Austin
Aunt of EC
Mother of Virgil and Sophie
Cousin of Takashi
Step-mother of Kenneth

Father of Noah and Rie
Husband of Cat
Brother of Nask
Uncle of Kenneth, Jun, and Uria

Father of Noah and Rie
Wife of Ridere
Sister-in-law of Nask
Aunt of Kenneth, Jun, and Uria







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