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Event Match Log
« on: November 27, 2012, 10:01:29 PM »
Post all event match logs here. Put the name of the event, who's fighting who, and the day this event took place.

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Re: Event Match Log
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2012, 10:07:10 PM »
Training Day!
Senran (Inugami) vs Wyatt and Eric (Tom)

(14:57:07) Inugami: Tom
(14:57:12) TomJackal: What?
(14:57:25) Inugami: Wow, that post had a huge ass lag
(14:57:29) Inugami: Anyways,
(14:57:35) Inugami: I challenge you
(14:57:38) Inugami: On your event
(14:57:51) TomJackal: ... Lolwut
(14:58:05) Inugami: Your event Tom
(14:58:15) Inugami: Training Day was it?
(14:58:23) TomJackal: Dude, you would tear through that easy.
(14:58:31) TomJackal: Why even bother?
(14:58:52) Inugami: Who said I was fighting?
(14:59:01) TomJackal: ... Huh?
(14:59:13) Inugami: I'm going to summon one OC and have him do the fighting in my place
(14:59:16) Inugami: Or her
(14:59:18) Inugami: Or it
(14:59:23) TomJackal: ._.
(15:00:47) Inugami: What say you Tom?
(15:00:55) TomJackal: Uh... Sure.
(15:01:13) Inugami: >_>' Whats with the lack of motivation?
(15:02:09) TomJackal: Nothing I just wasn't expecting you to wanna challenge my event.
(15:02:38) Inugami: I challenge events when ever I feel like it ._.
(15:02:52) TomJackal:
(15:02:55) I.S.S.A.C.: Inugami rolls 1d21 and gets 11.
(15:04:09) Inugami: ...Senran
(15:04:28) TomJackal: Senran?
(15:04:33) Inugami: *Pokerface* Well, I have my contestant
(15:05:25) TomJackal: Wyatt: Should I get into my armor for this?
(15:06:05) Inugami: : *Walks in* ...It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Kangan Senran. I have heard all about your wonders and feats...
(15:06:50) Inugami: Well, at least you got him as an opponent instead of the other two wind users Tom
(15:07:04) TomJackal: Wyatt: A pleasure to meet you as well, Senran.
(15:07:15) TomJackal: ... Wyatt's gonna need his armor isn't he?
(15:07:50) Inugami: Hati, a god-level wind user with a mace
Wyatt, Hati's youngest son and boomerang user. Also shares a name with your Wyatt... so it would be quite confusing should they meet >_>'
(15:08:30) Inugami: Depends Tom. I'm not spoiling his strategy. Not that its a secret since its written out
(15:09:55) TomJackal: ... Well the fights go to yield or knockout, so...
(15:10:10) Inugami: : *Tying his hair up* At your ready.
(15:12:21) TomJackal: Wyatt: *draws his sword, opting to stay in his casual attire, holds his sword in a neutral position* Ready when you are.
(15:14:31) Inugami: : I will take your offer then. *Darts in towards his opponent*
(15:15:25) TomJackal: Wyatt: *shifts his sword into a more defensive position, just stands there*
(15:16:52) Inugami: : *Swings his right arm to throw a few thin needles at Wyatt; his left arm shooting quickly to the front, side, and back in gesture*
(15:17:52) TomJackal: Wyatt: *swats the needles away with his sword, then moves in for a stab to Senran's chest*
(15:19:54) Inugami: : *Using his run's momentum, he slide under the thrust and propels his self up with his right hand; his legs shooting upwards like spring at Wyatt's chest and neck*
(15:23:15) TomJackal: Wyatt: *sent back quite a bit due to momentum, coughing* Ha... Nice kick... *going on the offensive, he surges forward at Senran after taking a moment to recompose himself, sword held ready for a 45 degree upward slash*
(15:26:13) Inugami: : *Lands on both feet and turns his body left to dodge the slash; his right hand runs gently slides up Wyatt's sword arm as it leaves a slight glimmer where he touched* I thank you for the compliment
(15:28:04) TomJackal: Wyatt: You're pretty quick too... Might just wear me out! *brings his sword back up, going for a horizontal slash this time*
(15:32:27) Inugami: : *Jumps high over the slash and uses the flat part of the blade as a quick platform to jump back and away from Wyatt* I am still inexperienced. Your flatter me too much.
(15:36:14) TomJackal: Wyatt: I give credit where it's due. *rests his sword tip in the ground for a moment, takes a deep breath, then grips the handle with both hands, and charges Senran again, sword scraping against the dirt*
(15:37:52) Inugami: : *Uses his right hand to throw a few needles; his left hand arcing back a few times* ... *Looks at a loss for words*
(15:41:19) TomJackal: Wyatt: *swings his sword up in a wide arc to deflect the needles again and fling a few small stones at Senran, then brings the Dragonbane blade humming down in a similar arc on the Young God, angle looking like it could catch his shoulder or drag agross his chest*
(15:44:31) Inugami: : *With both hands he quickly swings them around in the air as the rocks split and drop as if the hit something; with a quick snap of the wrist, Wyatt's sword hits something and slides off course and down to the ground as it makes a sharp screech of metal against metal*
(15:47:44) Inugami: : *Turns his left hand slightly as the arena lights refract off of and trail down extremely thin wires*
(15:48:15) TomJackal: Wyatt: *grins, panting a little* You're good... Quick reflexes, neat tricks... I may just have to take you on a dungeon crawl...
(15:48:59) Inugami: : Your swordsmanship is refined, perhaps you could learn under my brother
(16:33:59) Inugami: : *The air around Wyatt occasionally glimmers...* Little wounds are the least of your worries
(16:34:55) TomJackal: Wyatt: I feel like if I step in the wrong spot my head will get lopped off.
(16:36:08) Inugami: : ...maybe? *Throws a few needles at Wyatt; his left hand unmoving*
(16:37:30) TomJackal: Wyatt: *brings his sword up to deflect again, though a couple needles catch him in the shoulder* Damn.
(16:38:37) Inugami: : *Dashes forward but stops just out of Wyatt's sword range and flicks one needle at his neck*
(16:41:06) TomJackal: Wyatt: *deflects that one* Nope. *charges Senran, going in for a horizontal slash*
(16:42:10) Inugami: : *Quickly pulls his left arm back behind himself which causes the needle and wire he planted in Wyatt's sword arm to thrust out forward instead, missing its mark*
(16:43:05) Inugami: : As you said, "Nope" *Brings his foot up and kicks Wyatt with an upwards kick*
(16:43:45) TomJackal: Wyatt: ... Oh you sneaky d-*kicked, stumbles back* Ow.
(16:45:55) Inugami: : *Jumps back and moves his right hand around in the air*
(16:49:36) Inugami: Lag?
(16:49:41) TomJackal: Yeah
(16:50:45) TomJackal: Wyatt: *charges Senran again, sword angle makes it impossible to tell what kind of strike he's going for this time*
(16:52:24) Inugami: : *Takes the defensive and flicks two needles at Wyatt with his right; his left hand twitches in tandem with the throw*
(16:54:13) TomJackal: Wyatt: *deflects, raising his sword for what looks like a one handed overhead slash*
(16:55:55) Inugami: : *His eyes glow green and he releases a strong blast of wind from himself*
(16:57:32) TomJackal: Wyatt: *thrown back, lands on his ass* Ow... *sheaths his sword* Alright... I know when I'm beat. I'm done.
(16:58:41) Inugami: : *Sighs in relief* That is good to know. I was worried you would see through my ruse...
(16:59:20) TomJackal: Wyatt: Ruse...? *gets up, dusting himself off*
(17:01:22) Inugami: : I never said that my wires could cut human flesh, and I never had my wires around you
(17:02:52) Inugami: : *Picks up a few thin threads of his long hair* What you saw were these around you. I took some time to pull a few when I was tying my hair...
(17:03:15) TomJackal: Wyatt: ... Tricky. I like that. I definitely need to take you on a dungeon crawl with me sometime...
(17:05:00) Inugami: : If my lord brother would agree. He isn't keen on the idea of having me in such places...
(17:05:31) TomJackal: Wyatt: Little over protective, is he?
(17:08:52) Inugami: He would be Wyatt. Senran here is his beloved wife's little brother. He'd protect him at all costs
(17:10:35) TomJackal: Wyatt: Ah... In that case I'll bring Bently with us should it be allowed... He is meatshield personified and it's glorius because he can actually wreck the enemy while making sure the squishier members of a party don't bite the dust.
(17:12:16) Inugami: >_>
(17:12:56) TomJackal: Bently is actually a good tank. That breath weapon is murder.
(17:14:15) TomJackal: Wyatt: Anyway... I'll let you handle the big guy now. *leaves the arena*
(17:16:00) Inugami: : Big guy?
(17:18:33) TomJackal: Erik: *behind Senran* You rang?
(17:19:12) Inugami: : *Turns around* Oh, a pleasure to meet you. My name is Senran. Kangan Senran.
(17:19:56) TomJackal: Erik: Erik Hawkes. Nice to meet ya.
(17:23:52) Inugami: : *Bows and takes distance*
(17:25:45) TomJackal: Erik: *reaches behind his back and undoes a couple clasps, then grabs the handle of his blade and swings out, letting the tip smash against the ground and stir up a small dust cloud*
(17:26:42) Inugami: : *Holding a few needles* At your ready
(17:30:25) TomJackal: Erik: *lifts his blade up, holding it offensively* Ready.
(17:31:32) Inugami: : *Throws ten needles from each hand at Erik*
(17:33:50) TomJackal: Erik: *jumps to the side, then charges Senran*
(17:34:44) Inugami: : *Eyes glow green and the needles turn around and fire towards Eric's back; he throws another rush of needles at Eric's charge*
(17:37:00) TomJackal: Erik: *ducks, holding his sword straight up, letting the needles clatter against the large weapon*
(17:39:26) Inugami: : *Holds his right hand out and fires a slice of wind at Eric*
(17:41:24) TomJackal: Erik: *tries to roll away to dodge, but gets hit regardless, getting a nice cut along his arm* Magic user, right?
(17:43:53) Inugami: : ...I was given this talent. So I am not sure...
(17:44:10) Inugami: : *Dashes towards Eric and fires another round of needles*
(17:45:31) TomJackal: Erik: Hm. *turns his blade so the flat is facing Senran to make the needles bounce off, then brings the blade down on the young god by the flat like he was wielding a hammer*
(17:47:04) Inugami: : *Jumps to the left and rolls away from the attack* Such strength...
(17:48:36) TomJackal: Erik: Thank you! *rushes Senran, blade angled for a wide arcing slash*
(17:50:07) Inugami: : *Jumps back and throws a small bean bag in the swing of the attack*
(17:52:00) TomJackal: Erik: *slices the bag in half before his blade crashes into the ground, stirring up another cloud*
(17:53:00) Inugami: : *The bag releases small pellets that spark and the explode into small loud cracks of lights*
(17:54:19) TomJackal: Erik: Close range fireworks! Interesting! *obviously dazed and probably blinded for a few moments*
(17:54:55) Inugami: : *Swings his arms quickly in the air as he runs around Eric in that moment* Jyourougumo Shibari *Pulls on the wires and they constrict around Eric*
(17:56:42) TomJackal: Erik: Well I'm screwed.
(17:58:44) Inugami: : Kaguramai: Nue Shibire! *Yanks the wires back towards him, causing the wires to burn with friction on Eric's body*
(18:00:48) TomJackal: Erik: *lets out a sharp yelp in pain, gripping his sword's handle tighter* WELL THAT HURT.
(18:01:28) Inugami: : *Dashes and jumps right above Eric, taking a deep concentrating breath*
(18:03:04) TomJackal: Erik: *sees an opportunity, swinging his sword right at Senran*
(18:06:05) Inugami: : *Gets slashed and hits the ground hard* AUGH!
(18:06:27) TomJackal: Erik: ._. I did NOT think that would work.
(18:09:13) Inugami: : *Gets up and blows out a pinkish gas*
(18:09:22) I.S.S.A.C.: Inugami rolls 1d2 and gets 2.
(18:09:56) TomJackal: Erik: ._. Uh...
(18:09:58) Inugami: : Nemuri Kaze *The gas swirls around Eric and lulls him to sleep*
(18:10:48) TomJackal: Erik: *immediately hits the ground, asleep*
(18:14:27) Inugami: : *Raises his leg and reinforces it with wind power*
(18:15:48) TomJackal: ... Oh erik is gonna hit him so hard when he wakes up.
(18:15:51) Inugami: : Ranka Danzan! *Drops his heel on Eric's weapon arm, the impact sends a blast of small wind blades through his arm that lightly cuts the muscle and tendons*
(18:15:56) I.S.S.A.C.: Inugami rolls 1d2 and gets 1.
(18:16:04) Inugami: (Eric wakes up from the pain)
(18:17:00) TomJackal: Erik: *in a jerking reaction, Erik delivers a sharp punch to Senran's groin*
(18:18:37) Inugami: : *Struck and doubles over in pain* ...That isn't... erm...
(18:21:13) TomJackal: Erik: *pulls himself from the ground, letting his left arm hang limp* There are a few things a swordsman holds dear. Wenches, his weapon, and his dominant arm, in reverse order of importance. You sir have crossed a line.
(18:22:30) Inugami: : *Bolts from his spot and slams his foot into Eric's chin with a quick upper kick*
(18:25:36) TomJackal: Erik: *head thrown back, grabs Senran's ankle* You should be lucky I'm not ambidextrous naturally. However, I still kick good. *throws Senran away*
(18:27:19) Inugami: : *Lands on his feet* ...He's hard... *Throws a black ball at Eric*
(18:27:51) TomJackal: Erik: *roundhouse kicks it back at Senran*
(18:28:08) Inugami: : *Bolts from his spot and catches the ball with a crush in his hand*
(18:29:12) TomJackal: Erik: *charges Senran and delivers a hard right hook to the boy's face*
(18:30:11) Inugami: : Kaeshi Dama *Throws the crushed ball in the path of Eric's punch, causing it to pulsate and burst with urchin like spikes*
(18:33:35) TomJackal: Erik: *arm is covered in the spikes* You have a lot of toys, kid...
(18:34:44) Inugami: : I do not have much power like my brother. That is why I use my craft. Fuujin Saika Renda! *Quickly zips his right foot in a flurry of kicks at Eric's chest and finishes with a flip kick with his left foot*
(18:35:58) Inugami: : *He looks worn out despite only getting slashed once*
(18:36:19) TomJackal: Erik: *shoved back, coughing like crazy due to the amount and speed of the kicks to his chest*
(18:37:36) Inugami: : *Raises his left foot and charges it with wind power* Prepare!
(18:39:04) TomJackal: Erik: *surges forward and rears the spike covered arm back, going for a straighforward jab*
(18:39:45) Inugami: : !! *The kick is intercepted and it misses as he is struck back*
(18:40:33) Inugami: : *Falls over on his side* Augh!
(18:40:53) TomJackal: Erik: You done...?
(18:41:14) Inugami: : ...I-I admit defeat.
(18:42:50) Inugami: : I am not as strong nor full of vigor as you. I am at my current limit...
(18:43:50) TomJackal: Erik: You look like you could use some patching up... Go over to the bench. In my backpack there's a large bottle filled with red liquid. Take a few swigs of that and you'll be good as new.
(18:45:14) Inugami: : Thank you... *Hands one over to Eric*
(18:46:06) TomJackal: Erik: *carefully takes the bottle and uncorks it, chugging it*
(18:47:11) Inugami: : *Drinks the contents and recovers* ...I am still inexperienced, I thank you for the fight. Please give Wyatt my thanks as well
(18:48:37) TomJackal: Erik: *nods* Will do. You're a good match, for a... Whatever you are. Magic user I'm sure. Some kind of monk maybe.
(18:49:10) Inugami: : Good bye. *The summon time ends he is dismissed in a ray of light*

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