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Fallen Champion
« on: November 12, 2012, 09:25:34 PM »
Two Triforces down, only one to go! Team up with the last surviving member of The Trio to take down the Anti-Triforce Demigod before it's too late!

Battle: Timed

Host/Opponents: PitFTW, LinkFTW, PokeMaster

Objective: Team up with a Trio member to defeat your opponent within one hour

Current Challenger:

Upcoming Challenger:

Stage: Inverted Earth

Stage description: It is a wide black emptiness with twelve numerous floating platforms that encircle a single large floating platform in the very center. Occasionally, bridges appear to connect the platforms, but a person with good leg strength can easily jump from platform to platform. Falling into the black void beneath the platforms does not cause an automatic lose, but the person who falls takes extremely heavy damage when they are teleported back onto a platform. A single pool of clear water is seen on the largest platform, which floats in the center of the stage. Within that water is an illusion of a clock that ticks down the amount of time you have left before your partner is killed and their Triforce taken. Every ten minutes, a random event occurs that can either benefit or harm the challenging team, the event decided by rolling a 1d6.
1- Flame of War, a great rain of fireballs that rain down on each of the twelve platforms. The middle one is the only on left unscathed
2- Flame of Mercy, a single sheet of warm fire that can be used to heal 50% of the wounds sustained by either the challenger or the challenger's partner
3- Acid Rain, a corroding downpour that affects all thirteen platforms. Acid rain deals burn damage and lowers defenses for its duration
4- Sparkling Rain, a gentle rain that calms the challenging team and heals them about 5%. In addition, magical resistance is raised.
5- Forest of Torment, dead trees erupt on all twelve of the platforms, poison dripping from their branches. If one should land on any of the twelve platforms during the duration of this effect, then they will be poisoned. This basically forces everyone to move to the middle platform
6- Forest of Life, a single living tree sprouts up from the center of the pool of water, its branches heavy with golden fruit. A bite of this fruit enhances attack, defense, and speed by a tiny margin. In addition, this fruit is heavy enough to be used as a good slingshot weapon thing

Host/Opponent: LinkFTW, PitFTW, PokeMaster

1. Roll 2d3 to decide your partner and opponent. You get to choose from the numbers you roll which is which. (Ex. If you roll a 1 and a 2, you can choose Akane or Taka as a partner and face the other)
2. No G-modding
3. No time warping/reality alteration
4. No changing the effects or somehow trying to null them in any way (Ex. no burning the trees, no making the rain evaporate, etc.) Blocking effects is fine
5. No killing your partner... that just nulls the point...
6. Insta-kill attacks aren't allowed
7. Roll a 1d6 every ten minutes to decide the effect of the stage
8. After one hour, if the Demigod is not defeated, then it is an automatic lose
9. Only the challengers are allowed to heal
10. Your partner has the right to fight, so do not stun them or incapacitate them in any way
11. You are perfectly allowed to give orders to your partner, but they can regard or disregard them
12. For the demigod, they must wait until both their levels types are at 100% before they unleash a Finisher (Ex. If Austin is the partner and Taka is the opponent, Taka must wait until both his Power and Wisdom Levels are 100%)
13. Demigod levels start at 50% each, but when it comes to the levels climbing, it is every other turn for each one. (Ex. Power one turn, Wisdom next, Power next, Wisdom next...)
14. If your partner dies before time is up, you can either forfeit the event or attempt to defeat the Full God by yourself
15. This event is not effected by Rule 13 of the general rules.

Total Match Attempts: 1
Total Victories: 1
First Winner: Akuma_Killer