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RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 05, 2017, 12:53:37 AM »
"Alright, sorry just don't want the miss to yell at me again." He turns to grab a mug and walks through a door in the back. A peek reveals several barrels of ale stacked on top of each other. He soon returns with a filled frothing mug and slides it over. "On the house for asking the favor. Next order will be 7 gold."

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 05, 2017, 12:21:27 AM »
Callen chuckles and averts his "gaze" away from the male. Resting his hand on the table me relaxes and dispels the aura of magic he uses, plunging him back into darkness.
"Well, I apologize, you have a voice of a siren. That is to say it's very nice. I suppose we should introduce ourselves since we're going to sit at the same table. I'm Callen, might I have your name?"


"Look lass, My wife got on me for letting a boy fool me into giving him the strongest drink. Order something weaker lass, for me." The wife must hold power over this man.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 04, 2017, 11:56:15 PM »
embarrassed by the fact he completely missed someone already at this table he raises his hand towards the voice closing his eyes and smiling so he doesn't have to pretend to make direct eye contact before giving a warm smile.
"I-I'm fine miss, I just hit my knee against the table as I sat down. I'm sorry I didn't notice you here I can go find another table if I'm bothering you."

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 04, 2017, 11:20:58 PM »
"Aren't you a little young to be at a bar missy?" The barkeeper raises an eyebrow before looking at the bowman again. "He's alive and well but again we haven't seen him in a while." the man proceeds glare at the other mercs and their conversations resume.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 04, 2017, 05:00:06 PM »
"Ah, the Oracle, many have been asking about him lately. Everyone in the village knows him... " The barkeep looks around at the sudden quieting of the room all waiting for him to reveal more about their target. "Village secret I'm afraid. A good man he is, doing all he can for our little patch of ground. Haven't seen him come around lately due to unforeseen circumstance." The barkeep goes back to polishing the mug as the bar has gone completely silent that none dare to break.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 03, 2017, 11:29:37 PM »
The barkeeper turns to look at the man and shrugs walking over. "What do ya need lad? Not often I see a feroxi bowman." all the while he polishes a glass mug.


The sorcerer hums quietly as he opens the door to the bar. The lack of wind in the building doesn't really help him as he attempts to find a place to eavesdrop on the local conversations. Finding a  table near the counter he takes a seat not noticing the figure already there. Of course the sure-footed grace he had outside goes out the window as he almost falls out of the seat after banging his knee against the table. He laughs at his clumsiness.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 03, 2017, 10:48:31 PM »
A passing by merc brandishing his sword to an archer pass by the woman who in their perspective is playing in the dirt.

"I'm telling you I could have taken that rich bastard at the bar! Double or nothing!"
"Sorry mate but I'm telling you he was holding back. Plus we need that money to buy some more vulneraries anyway from the last fight you were in."

RP's / Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 03, 2017, 12:30:55 PM »
The village, Antol, is a quiet and small village close to the border of Ylissian grasslands and Plegian wastes. The village Inn and Bar is where many weary and tired adventurers and mercs rest but not for long in fear the risen might give chase. Many forget the village existence once they leave. Now the influx of people to the this remote place brings all sorts. They look for the one the villagers call “The Oracle” a man who foresaw the true end of Grima. The man who can tell them how to end the beast.

In the market a man with medium length mess of hair quietly stands moving his head scanning the area. Not unlike some he wears sorcerer garb dulled and weathered by the elements the once black cloak is now dull grey with holes and tears. The scarred skin tanned by long journeys and untold combat the most striking feature on the man is his clouded eyes that peer into the far distance. The man lifts his hand and only through his eyes can he see how the wind moves charged with magic, he can see the crowds shift and turn like a tide. With sure footed step he heads towards the Inn or what he assumes must be based on the noise inside. A smile seems plastered to his face as he moves forward with grace and practiced step.

SinisterSpirit13 Combat Profile
Name: Sinisterspirit13
Age: unknown
Species: Mimicalian
Appearance: A skeleton wearing a severely damaged hoodie with a large hole where his heart would be and jeans. The shoes on his feet is made of solid darkness which pools underneath. A dark black and red aura surrounds his body. Within his ribcage right where his heart would be floats a dark purple sphere of fire.
Bio: A cruel and powerful Mimicalian who used his powers to lay waste to his new dimensional home. The residents converted to slaves and live only for his personal amusement. By his people's law he can be judged then imprisoned for his crimes but thanks to his meddling in that dimension it cannot move forward without him.  Serving his time he came back and started where he left off. He and CC are opposing free Mimicalians. Where CC wishes to better people he meets, SS wishes to bring upon ruin. Their style of fighting is based off an ancient Mimicalian fighting style but each use it differently.

Phantom Skull: much like options these skulls can turn into a sword or project a barrier. What's different is that they can spew a stream of flames that can devour everything except the one who summoned them or a Mimicalian.
Flames of destruction: a special flame that consumes all but the summoner or another Mimicalian.
Dark pool: The darkness that pools at his feet can be manipulated to form tentacles and the like. It will remain at his feet though.
Bone Fang: A dragon like creature that is hidden within him. A skeletal dragonoid with large wings which he uses in a hybrid mode. Primal mode he summons the creature from his back by forcing the skills into his body. It attacks in tandem with him.
Fearsome Dragon Arm: a dragon skull that bites and fires concentrated balls of flames of destruction. Also a formidable shield and battering weapon.
Fearsome great demon blade: A blade formed from the bones of a giant dragon.
Skeletal wings: skeletal wings heavily enchanted allowing it to take flight and descend darkness on the land. With a powerful beat can send razor sharp winds.
Soul strings: strings that bind can bind anything with a soul. Used ultimately to hold targets in place for supers.

Phantom Skull functions:
Obliterate: any threatening OHK and high powered attacks are negated. Meaning no supers or finishers will harm him. Any supers or finishers used on him that involve the physical body receive 300% return on in damage and will reduce health to 0 if they do enough damage. There are no exceptions.
Sword: same function as CC's options. Can extend in length and change where the blade can be. Unlike CC's options the blade remains strong at any length but has a limit to compensate it can charge to deliver a destructive attack.
Skull: works like a laser option. The shoots flames of destruction instead. Fireball attack grows in strength the further it travels..
This form WILL tackle as an attack and is constantly emitting the flames of destruction.

-Special attacks-
Shadow travel: vanishing he can reappear in any shadow and strike. The flame in his chest will give away his position. If not countered quickly enough he will appear behind the chosen target and pierce their body with his hand.
Shadow slam: using the pool of darkness he grabs a target and slams them into the ground twice before blasting them away with dark energy.
Disaster: Lighting his hand aflame he pierces the ground and the surrounding area around him explodes with flames of destruction. The attack can be performed in the air being faster and stronger.
Killing intent: arms are engulfed in flames buffing his hand-to-hand attacks.
Mayhem: launches a fireball skyward and float there for a moment before firing a concentrated blast with the flames of destruction. (Like a laser) twice.
Dark beat: with a powerful beat from his wings he sends a wave of darkness at a target.
Reverse Judgment: Becomes a flaming Phoenix of destruction and swoops at a target.
Great disaster: wings burst into flames before wildly scattering flames of destruction over the battlefield with strong and powerful beats.
Death's breath: Bone Fang breathes a jet of flames.
Plague claw: a claw coated in a deadly poison. The poison makes the victim slower and causes immense pain. If they are weakened enough death.
Death Frenzy: Cannon arm bites at target wildly fangs coated in the flames of destruction.
Desperado Gatling: Rapid and powerful shots are fired from the cannon.
Infernal Blast: A grape shot from the cannon. The smaller highly concentrated balls of flames explode on impact.
Apocalypse: Piercing a flame coated sword into the ground causes a much larger and stronger explosion that also scatters the flames.
Soul taker: a sword swing that is coated a deadly poison that reduces living tissue to mush. It also sends a wave of flames if it doesn't make contact with anything.
Ultimate End: Spins until they become a tornado of flames dragging in all. Sends waves of fire one after the other at the target.
Lasts for two posts.

-super and finishers-
! :NOTE: ! all supers/finishers are cinematic. If the strings/attack connect the attack will continue. Repeat. if the strings/attack CONNECT the attack will continue. Clarification: he cannot be hit out of his strings and damage is negated until he retracts strings. If a string touches you are  instantly bound. If the attack connects it will auto. ! :End Note: !
Fear puppet: Binds a target in soul strings before summoning a creepy put together puppet of them holding two swords. It starts to spin rapidly except the head which laughs before spring many sharp blades out from the body and going through the victim. Deals major damage and causes SS to laugh.
Bloody Mary: Binds a target in soul strings before grabbing the target behind the head and throwing them face first into a mirror. The target stumbles free from the soul strings only to turn around to see a girl with a bloody gown holding a bloodied knife behind a mirror or better yet where they once stood. Desperate to escape they bang on the mirror to get out only to watch the crazed girl stab the mirror shattering it. The mirror and girl vanish as the victim clutches their heart gasping for breath. Deals major damage and leaves the target slowed. SS laughs back turned from the
Into the void: expands the pool of darkness along the ground. Any target caught in it get dragged down and is dealt heavy damage as and is left laying on the ground when the pool shrinks back to normal.
Last Light: A five post charge up. Charges can be interrupted. Sinister holds up a small ball of light and it gathers energy for 5 posts or is put away. When taken out or used on the 6th use it will release extremely intense light that if seen sends you to a realm you can't escape. Inside the realm there is nothing but darkness as a rings of purple flaming spheres form around you. They spin a while before dashing through you setting you aflame. Until the world fades in and find yourself on SS' fingers as he blows your soul's tiny flame out walking away from your dead body. In groups the flame is everyone who looked into the light.

SinisterSpirit13 is a dangerously powerful foe. His attacks lack defense thanks to the overall cover his skulls perform and he WILL perform his attack with reckless abandon. Lock him into a combo and don't let your guard down once you got it and he's yours!

-Rewards for defeating sinisterspirit13 the first time. (your choice)-
Flames of destruction ability
Bone Fang assist (plague claw and death's breath specials)
One Super of your choice. (Does not come with soul strings)

SinisterSpirit13 challenge Medal

-5th victory- : (your choice) and SS13 conqueror medal :
Last Light finisher
Bone Fang fusion (Dragon Cannon, sword, and Wings)
SinisterSpirit13 boss use. (Can run the event challenge if you want)

Event Matches / Alternate FFU boss- Mimicalian Conqueror, SinisterSpirit13
« on: February 27, 2016, 10:08:29 PM »
A new floor in FFU appears! The doors that lay within are filled with the strongest alternate versions of FFU that can challenge the origin. Behind door 13 is SinisterSpirit13 the opposite of Copycat13! Can you defeat the ruler of the dimension or will you be sent back broken?

Host: Copycat13

Stage: Sinister Dimension
Description: a bloody battleground outside of the smoldering remains of the alternate FFU building overrun by corrupted OCs and authors. A barrier protects the challenger from the dimension’s corruptive aura and any interference that might be done by the servants of SinisterSpirit13. No gimmick other than the boss can leave the barrier.

1.Warping is allowed, cannot be excessive. (3 posts before next warp)
2. stick to combat profile provided to me.
3. can only challenge this boss twice per day.
4. please do not attempt to break the barrier.
5. Fight to kill not K.O.
6. Have fun
7. rule 1 is for the challenger only.

Attempts: 1
Wins: 0
Most wins: -------
Most Attempts: Akuma_Killer

« on: December 31, 2015, 08:01:15 PM »
"You're right it would be unfair. One of my more trustworthy decks is my skull king deck. I believe it's made it into a highlight for a how quickly that duel went." Alicia said holding up a deck and flipping over King of the Skull Servants. "It may not be the most famous but is one of the most dangerous decks to underestimate." Flipping the card back into the deck she shuffles it and puts it back into a deck holder.

« on: December 31, 2015, 01:55:43 PM »
Alicia smirks at robert before holding out her hand. "Alicia Ravine, It's a pleasure to meet you. I suspect we may meet in the battle field but I want to ask anyway. What deck are you running? This goes for everyone." Though she figures Gearhead and Popstar are using super heavies and exodia based on the conversation and previous duel. "I hope some of you brought more than one deck as to not give away your entire strategy."

« on: December 27, 2015, 12:52:24 AM »
"Unlike how my brother does it I suppose she buys them from tournament winners and possibly wins them too... maybe some are gifts from fans." Alicia throws out some other theories before turning to Robert. "I'm sorry but I don't think you told us your name monsieur. Nor are you familiar... but I remember your face. You are the host no? Are you here to interview us?" Alicia says putting her hand on her hip and looking at him expectantly.

« on: December 15, 2015, 02:34:42 PM »
"My first duel has been good Gearhead." Alicia smiles "Sorry, Edward... I only crushed my opponent." Looking over at Usagi and giggles. "It's alright. I see you took up another disguise popstar. I see you made it to the next round. Someone screamed exodia then there was a decently large explosion." taking out her deck Alicia shuffles and draws the top card. "My brother said he'd like to duel you if you ever happen to be in France when the tournament is over." clearly Alicia forgot that Alice was there with the two other duelists.

« on: December 14, 2015, 08:55:36 PM »
"Usagi Testarossa, I call her popstar and I kicked her ass when we first met." Alicia giggles "okay I didn't kick her ass. It was a good duel and a very fun time afterwords." looking over at the crowd she spots Edward walking by and calls him over to join the conversation.

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