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RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: January 29, 2018, 02:25:02 AM »
With a satisfying snap the Risen Pegasus rider lays motionless on the ground and with that the last of the risen have been taken care of.

The swordmaster looks to the side briefly to register the approaching mage then to his comrade. With practiced grace he rolls towards the left evading the blast of fire while smothering the flames barring his way. Breaking into a sprint towards the Beserker intending to catch the sorcerer and healer off guard as he does. He moves like the wind across the plains switching between his Wyrmslayer to an iron sword. Not a slouch in dealing with casters taking special precautions with counter hexes and some talismans. He smirks continuing forward without hesitation knowing they can barely touch him. (Tomebreaker)

The Beserker chuckles and meets the shield bash with a strong shoulder tackle. Preparing for a follow up attack the man clutches his brave axe ready to meet the spear and strike the man with an immediate follow up.


Callen readies his Tome intent on assisting Renton only to pause noticing the rushing swordmaster coming toward him. Cursing to himself he turns and throws out an Arcthunder in an attempt divert the Swordmaster but it misses going too far to the left. "Too fast, Hato! Incoming enemy can't stop them from approaching!"

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: December 18, 2017, 05:59:38 AM »
The Risen begin to scatter with their lower numbers and the complete devastation of their forces. Many are warped out of battle by some unknown force while others run. The Risen Pegasus Knights instead of flying off remain grounded and again attempt to stab into the fallen Valant.

 The Swordmaster caught off-guard by the lack of resistance and blood skids to a stop. Sensing danger the man turns and swings his sword at the incoming flames taking a fair amount of damage against the swordsman but rendered his path clear of flame. Taking a stance he stares down the dragon waiting.

The Beserker turns in such a way to avoid the spear and grabs the shaft. Tugging it towards him as well as applying more pressure to the Axe embedded in the man's shoulder. He reels back his armored head and proceeds to attempt a rather powerful headbutt.

The remaining archer takes a quick glance at valk and walks forward avoiding the arrow (Bowbreaker) and pays no attention to the rider instead spotting his opportunity to strike the Physic healer with the two protectors distracted he readies his bow and aims.


Callen's wounds healed but not enough to stop all the bleeding he stands while throwing out his arm to the side and the Archer evades a violent gale. The arrow launched from the bowman is sent harmlessly into the far distance due to the sorcerer's attack. "Adelaide, that wasn't me who sent down that flyer. There is however another mage out there fighting them! He has thinned out a significant portion of the army to cause a retreat!" Callen yells clutching his injured chest, with a quick scan with his wind magic to survey the skys noting them clear. He switches tomes.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: December 08, 2017, 12:23:29 AM »
Seeing how the Tomahawk didn't stun or deal that much damage to the Lance wielding man he yells and switches to another Axe being a rather worn Brave Axe. Upon getting close he swings with astonishing speed towards Renton's mid-section. Be it blocked, land, or evade he brings the axe down aiming for his skull.

The swordmaster with the wrymslayer like a blur makes it to the dragon without much of an issue and with another burst of speed attempts to cleave through Calix's mid-section.

An unamused falcon knight survives the blaze of an arcfire and flies fast in a specific direction followed by the other two pegasus knights getting out of the way of any spells and leaving before turning around each at frightening speed charge spears aimed in such a way making it exceedingly difficult to escape the incoming knight from three different directions. The knights that were distractions are nothing more than empty suits of armor.

The astra archer takes the arrow through the chest and collapses. The man does not rise again. The other archer however prepares another arrow now having recovered and quickly aims and fires at Hato before he's interrupted again.


The soldiers heading towards Callen weren't expecting to be launched into the air and sent flying into the distance by violent winds. Noting the arrow but unable to recast rexcalibur after stopping the constant winds to counter the on foot soldiers he quickly casts a weaker spell pushing Hato just out of the way to avoid another arrow. However the opportunity the winds have died down are taken by a bold risen Wyvern lord hefting their short axe and throwing it before retreating back to the ground. Unable to really react as fast as he would have liked. The Axe sinks itself into the sorcerer's chest sending him off his feet and flat onto his back. The pain coursing through his body Callen clenches his fist and steadily rises to his feet the Axe still in his chest he casts his spell. The malice infusing with the magic as a cyclone rips a portion of the risen army. The energy leaving him causes him to kneel from pain.

"Damn it, that was not ideal..." The blind man says removing the axe and now bleeding profusely. "Heh, I got too lucky, almost passed through."

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 30, 2017, 06:31:56 PM »
The archer frowns at the Dragon getting in the way of his aim thus forcing him to find a new target. A quick scan over any other vulnerable target he decides to aim at the healer closest to the sorcerer. With a deep breath he readies his shot only to experience a large amount of pain as an arrow enters his ribs puncturing something. The arrow is let loose and without intervention lands near the feminine male stabbing the earth next to his feet. The Astra wielding archer shakes his head and yanks the arrow out of his arm then with effort and pure rage as a green glow envelopes the bow again as he draws the arrow. All 5 arrows are launched at Valk.

The paladin did not learn to fly and promptly splats near the dragon and his supposed rescuer screaming all the way. Very much dead based on the fact many limbs should not be bending how they are but on the bright side there is a concoction that survived the fall that rolled near the duo.

The Berserker reacts first among the startled soldiers switching to a tomahawk. With a great heave from a single rotation the Axe goes airborne in a flying arc towards Renton. The horizontal spinning death is aimed at chest level. The Berserker charges after his axe bringing the surprised soldiers to their senses and continue their advance. The sword master pulls out a wyrmslayer and immediately beelines towards the dragon. The soldiers seemed to have agreed that the sorcerer has to go. The quick glance at the sky as their undead support is either ripped asunder by violent winds or retreating to the back.

The Risen now sensing a threat behind them turn towards the mage torching their comrades. Several Pegasus Knights and a Falcon Rider return to the backlines no longer trying a suicidal aerial charge at the smaller group or village. The Falcon Knight dives with a silver lance aimed straight at the Mage's head. A group of fodder knights attempt to distract the mage by charging him with iron lances.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 24, 2017, 08:41:47 PM »
The Astra Archer reels back as their less armored arm is impaled by an arrow significantly hindering their ability to draw another arrow. Their fellow Archer stunned by the appearance of a dragon yells something to approaching Grimleal before taking out another arrow and aiming at the healer who seems to be casting their spells. Taking his time to line up that shot. The approaching on foot soldiers range from a Beserker, two soldiers, a sword master, and three Heros only one with an axe make their way towards the group. The dismounted Paladin takes the opportunity to strike at the distracted healer with his Silver Sword attempting to cutting deep into his side.


Callen smiles at having taken the arrow but before he could anything about it a roar cuts of his train of thought. A silhouette of a dragon rips through his "sight" as he turns his head to it. "So there was a dragon. Delightful..." He smiles a bit to himself and reaches for his previous tome. Upon hearing Hato breaks Callen from his focus and grunts as the arrow is taken out of him. Realizing the danger the boy is in as the Paladin lunges towards him blade at the ready. Callen steps in front of the attack and with surprising force deflects the sword with his tome and kicking the paladin backwards.

"Hato, I want you to either stick close to me or fall back!" Callen says as wind begins to whip around him violently. "Rexcalibur!" With the spell cast the magic goes high missing forces on the ground entirely but where the funnel of wind was sent and unearthly cries are made as several Risen Wyvern and Pegasi fall to the earth in front of the approaching Grimleal. Startled by the falling dead they stop in their tracks briefly.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 18, 2017, 11:20:47 PM »
The approaching grimleal archers enter range and see the paladin off his horse. One of them quickly draws their bow and fires at the sorcerer the other Archer pulls out a special bow. The bow itself resembles that of a dragon's fin on both ends. A blessed green light surrounds the arrow as he notches it taking aim away from his companion's target and at the resting tactician. Both Archers let loose their arrows. At the green lit Arrow flies from the bow an ethereal arrow appears within the Archer's hand which he quickly notches and fires at Callen. He repeats the action 3 more times. a real and phantom arrow fly directly at the tactician, 1 at Callen, another is sent at Adelaide, and the final phantom arrow sails towards Valk.

In Callen's "sight" he sees only two arrows being launched and reacts quickly as he can by moving out of the way of the one directed to him and turning around to cast another spell to protect the girl only for him to yell in pain as the phantom arrow sinks into his back. The Paladin takes this opportunity to lunge for the vulnerable sorcerer as his prepared spell vanishes from his arm.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 15, 2017, 08:28:32 PM »
The blue-haired tactician seems to have passed out during the teleportation. She is clutching tightly to something in her sleep though. Meanwhile Callen focuses on the still charging Paladin who hasn't slowed in the slightest. As he nears Callen thrusts his right arm forward and a sphere of wild electricity launches surging from his shoulder to his palm out towards them. The Paladin dives off their horse before it's reduced to ash as the ball explodes outwards in a much larger sphere of arcing bolts of death. Rolling to the side outside of the sphere's radius as it dies down the Paladin stands glaring at the Sorcerer who continues to hold his magically charged arm towards him.
"Try not to get distracted, Renton, the Paladin and his friends are the least of our problems. The horde of beyond them that seems to slowly be growing is a much larger threat... much larger." Callen arm hold firm while aiming at the Paladin. He doesn't seem interested in charging into a Arcthunder.


The great knight watches the situation unfold near the paladin and raises an his left arm high. The Risen suddenly begin to move arming themselves with bloodied weapons. As soon as the arm comes down they break into a full on sprint. Undead flying mounts and riders take to the skies archers riding with them. Their march and cries can be heard across the mostly open fields of grass long before they can be seen. The Great Knight smiles beneath his mask and looks at the mage who continues to chant for more of the risen they call allies.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 12, 2017, 08:48:09 PM »
In the distance Valk can see a group of soldiers lead by a paladin bearing down on a much smaller group. Two healers, some soldier, and a sorcerer.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 12, 2017, 04:40:11 PM »
The paladin throws the spear and it sails through the air. Without missing a beat Callen swings his arm out to his side and a column of anarchic green wind knocks the spear off course and hurtles it to the far left of Hato. Disconnecting the link to the soldier near him and dispelling the wind hindering his "Sight" the breeze picks up blowing across the field. He frowns deeply before switching his rexcalibur tome with an arcthunder one.
"I will do my best to assist, if she is important then leave her there with those two. I'm sure one of them might be a healer. Tell me soldier can you still fight?" The paladin still approaching pulls out a sword and attempts to urge the horse faster. Callen still waits as the enemy approaches however sparks run down his arm and arcs. "Cause there is a very big problem beyond the ones who attacked you."


The Great Knight sighs before turning to look at the mage behind him. The man seems to be consumed in whatever chant he was performing but nevertheless he's very important to the cause. Ever since the girl escaped them he has started this chant but the results seem to be overkill to the knight. Behind him warping from circles that keep forming were hordes of Risen. Likely directly from the wastes south of here. The lifeless soldiers all patiently waiting for orders and all wielding vastly different weapons. Undead wyverns and pegsi all wait with their dead masters for orders from him.

"Tell me, is such a thing really necessary for one girl? To summon an army this strong?" The Great Knight asks dismounting his stead and approaching the focused caster.
"Lord Grima will rise again and his will was clear. The girl must be sacrificed. No matter the cost." An ethereal voice emanates from a stone around the caster's neck. "Once you give the order to attack the girl, the oracle, and any rabble in the village shall vanish. I will warp you both back as soon as the numbers are high enough. Guard him well captain." The stone still glows and the knight bows before heading back to his horse.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 12, 2017, 01:26:51 AM »
"Retreating to the village can put it in danger." Callen says still moving forward before stopping, facing the approaching Grimleal. "Tell me solider can you describe your attackers for me?" around his right burned arm symbols and arcane circles appear around it. The wind seems to have picked up around him.

The enemies continue to approach and the Paladin takes on a full on charge leaving units behind. Spear glinting menacingly as he readies it in hand taking aim at the closest healer, Hato.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 10, 2017, 11:39:46 PM »
"Damn it the girl is getting away! You do something!" someone cries behind Renton and before he can look back an arrow pierces his shoulder. The physic spell Hato casted reaches the woman and her color returns and her focus returns though her strength is still sapped. There are soldiers in the distance seem to be getting closer several soldier and two distinct archers but the most imposing of the incoming enemies is a Great Knight. Helmet blocking his face but it's very clear he is not someone who can be challenged directly. Gratefully he seems to only be commanding these men. The strongest oncoming foe is a Ylissian Paladin. Each of these men bear the mark of the Grimleal.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 10, 2017, 10:49:21 PM »
"What the-" The Lance cleaves the paladin's head clean off. His body goes limp and falls to the ground. Renton is now the proud owner of a silver lance. Celebration is short as the sound of a fair amount of people are coming towards them. The Tactician pulls Renton's arm but whatever energy she had keeping her alive earlier seems to be fading. Her skin is pale and eyes are losing focus.

"W-we need to go..." Yep, she's close to fainting.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 10, 2017, 05:08:40 PM »
The paladin ducks the swing and lunges after doing so. Silver lance primed to go through Renton's chest. "You're too slow kid! Maybe you should have stayed home in Valm!" The lance goes forward aiming for his heart. From training something notable about this paladin's stance is that it leaves his left exposed after he strikes.


"I'm hoping we can be of assistance. What I'm seeing is him in danger. Until I can get closer and see for myself I'm taking faith that we can provide significant assistance." Callen says now leaving the village and letting go of two. He continues to keep moving towards Renton's location pulling out a green tome.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 09, 2017, 01:44:54 AM »
The paladin strikes the shield exclaiming surprise as his horse suddenly goes down. Using some of hist basic training he's on his feet in no time Silver Lance in hand. He glares at Renton and readies himself again. "alright kid you're stronger than I thought and I'm not gonna make that mistake again." He charges forward aiming to impale Renton through the gut however just before the spear can make contact or blocking range he pulls it back to shield bash the young soldier.


"I'm actually a sorcerer, skilled in the dark arts and various other magics. Wind is just more helpful when needing to get to point A to B in a normal setting." Callen explains dodging a wheelbarrel of watermelons.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 09, 2017, 01:10:56 AM »
"Funny, I don't see you coming up with any interesting leads to counter mine." Callen says looking towards Renton's position. "Also my lead is in trouble so we need to hurry. Trust me a little on this." he grabs both their arms and begins striding forward with confidence. leading both healers through the streets and towards the northern fields like the wind. "I should introduce myself to you Adelaide, I'm Callen."

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