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RP's / Broken World
« on: April 26, 2014, 10:23:27 PM »
((Begin the Group Campaign Mode! Starting of from the previous post in the One on One Version. Link: ))

RP's / Order of XIII: Search For Her
« on: December 20, 2013, 05:01:39 PM »

I am so close...

They need... To know...

...These are the thoughts of a creature as they escape from shadow to shadow. They don't know how long they traveled since they escaped such a dangerous place. Dangerous than any other place..

A woman appears from the dark alleyway, yet she does not appear in good condition. To put it simply, her black dress that was once a fancy dress that is now in tatters. Wounds on her body. She seem to keep pushing herself and takes another step, then she fell down hard on the paved ground. Loose pink hair spread out around on the ground.

She's breaths in and out slowly as she tried to stay awake, yet it is failing as her eyes starting to close. Conscious fading in and out... Thoughts in clatters...

Yet one thought remains... Before fell into unconscious.


Chat Plots / (Chatplot) Mystery of Winds
« on: November 04, 2013, 05:29:02 AM »
Slider Eclipse's Chatplot
Title: Mystery of Winds
Players: Slider_Eclipse, Nask, Lione Tabuukillia Fortuna, Bolverk, Mew, Kimoto, Sena (Kimoto), EeveeandAbsol, Eve (EeveeandAbsol), Aryll (Formerly Slider Eclipse, then Mew)
Location: Great Sea (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
Start Date: 11/03/2012 -

(part 1)

(22:26:02) Slider_Eclipse: well.. now what?
(22:26:05) Bolverk: Because it always changes.
(22:26:12) Nask: hm...
(22:26:15) Kimoto: Yeah ._. All Fiction tends to leave a lot of weird plot holes and shit
(22:26:15) Slider_Eclipse: touche..
(22:26:31) Nask: .-. well. I got nothing.
(22:26:44) Slider_Eclipse: i could try casting some wind magic and see where that leads us?
(22:26:59) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: One of these days all of those plot holes we leave behind is
gonna come bite us in the ass.
(22:27:01) EeveeandAbsol: Doesn't it make plo holes, not leave them technically? *@ Kimoto*
(22:27:15) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *are
(22:27:29) Kimoto: ... Well sorta Sari >.>... It makes more when you try to figure it out since it
erases it, yet not the memories, and nothing it's done ._.
(22:27:31) Nask: ._. Eh. Sure. *at Eclipse*
(22:27:34) EeveeandAbsol: *plot
(22:27:55) EeveeandAbsol: Ah.
(22:28:06) Slider_Eclipse: *shrugs* well, might as well give it a shot* pulls out a purple hat and
(22:28:26) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: As long as we don't end up on some Yandere-infested area, sure,
let's see where this goes.
(22:28:32) Slider_Eclipse: * starts waving hands like a crazy man and a tornado forms around teh
(22:29:10) Bolverk: *cleans the Zweihander*
(22:29:40) Slider_Eclipse: * loud ripping sound as the winds rip the building into the air, followed
by wizrobes cackling outside*
(22:30:05) Nask: ._. Wizrobes?
(22:30:14) Bolverk: *shrugs*
(22:30:20) Slider_Eclipse: ( the loz things?)
(22:30:28) Nask: ah.
(22:30:31) Bolverk: Wizards.
(22:30:38) Bolverk: from Majora's Mask
(22:31:08) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Well, we're in a gianr building flying via tornado. They're
pretty much roadkill for us...
(22:31:16) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *giant
(22:31:20) Bolverk: Yup.
(22:31:39) Sceptilelv100: Be right back, restarting computer.
(22:31:44) Bolverk: k
(22:31:47) Slider_Eclipse: ( and the tornado suddenly stops, dropping the building to the ground in
the great sea, a wisrobe crushed by the hanger doors which ended up perfectly level with the sea*
(22:31:48) EeveeandAbsol: k
(22:31:50) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Okay then.
(22:31:51) I.S.S.A.C.: Sceptilelv100 logs out of the Chat.
(22:32:12) Nask: ._. *looks out of the window* Oh cool. The Great Sea.
(22:32:17) Nask: ...wait.
(22:32:20) Bolverk: Neato. .w.
(22:32:33) Slider_Eclipse: huh.. i was aiming for the palace of winds but this works.. * sweatdrops*
(22:32:37) Nask: *looks around to see if our appearance changed to fit with the world*
(22:32:55) Slider_Eclipse: * everything is mildly cel shaded, but otherwise still the same*
(22:33:14) Nask: ah good.

(22:33:19) EeveeandAbsol: ... I need to blend in.
(22:33:36) EeveeandAbsol: *Turns into a delicious muffin*
(22:33:50) Slider_Eclipse: muffins exist in hyrule?
(22:34:01) Bolverk: Well there are bakeries...
(22:34:09) Bolverk: Assuming
(22:34:10) Slider_Eclipse: touche..
(22:34:12) Nask: ._. You mean hundreds of years after Hyrule is flooded. *at Eclipse*
(22:34:20) Slider_Eclipse: what nask said
(22:34:42) EeveeandAbsol: *Delicious and moist*
(22:34:47) Bolverk: I'm sure there's one somewhere on these islands.
(22:34:55) Nask: ._. Let me check...
(22:35:18) Bolverk: Probably not shown in the game though.
(22:35:19) Nask: *takes out the crystal ball and have it shown where we are exactly in the Great Sea*
(22:36:14) EeveeandAbsol: *Just look at that nice top - mmmm. Damn I want a piece of that*
(22:36:28) Bolverk: XD
(22:36:45) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Goddamnit Eevee now i'm craving muffins D:<
(22:36:47) Kimoto: ... Well in better ne-
Sena: Muffin! *grabs the Muffin*
(22:36:50) I.S.S.A.C.: Sceptilelv100 logs into the Chat.
(22:36:51) Nask: hm... ._.
(22:36:54) Nask: hi Scept.
(22:36:58) Kimoto: Wb Scept
(22:37:04) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Heyo there.
(22:37:05) Bolverk: Yallo Scept.
(22:37:36) Slider_Eclipse: well.. anyway while eevee becomes canabalised.. we should probably scout
the area to try and figure out where in the sea we are?
(22:37:42) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Uh Sena, you might not want to eat that muffin...
(22:37:42) Nask: ._. *keeps searching for any recognizable island or at least the distance between
the FFU building to a island*
(22:37:48) Sceptilelv100: Who missed me? .w.
(22:37:56) EeveeandAbsol: *Grabbed* *Yeah, that's right baby, take a nice long bite outta ths, once
you go blueberry you don't go back*
(22:37:58) Slider_Eclipse: i didn't not miss you
(22:38:10) Nask: I'm still working that out Eclipse. ._. ...Crystal balls are searching...
(22:38:14) EeveeandAbsol: *Wb Scept*
(22:38:17) Bolverk: :I
(22:38:30) Bolverk: XD *at Eevee*
(22:38:31) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...And now I feel dirty for wanting to eat a muffin. DX
(22:38:43) Slider_Eclipse: * theres nothing to the south and west, and only minor islands to the
north and east*
(22:38:51) Nask: hm... ._.
(22:39:05) Sceptilelv100: Not sure how to take that, Eclipse. Q.Q
(22:39:17) Nask: There's some islands to the north and east... so... eh. Can't be too sure.
(22:39:46) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *coughEclipseistsundereforSceptc​ough* : D
(22:39:49) Nask: ._. *have the crystal balls explore to the north and east*
(22:39:50) Slider_Eclipse: then i did my job.. * throws a bagel at scept*
(22:40:13) Nask: btw... if we do find something. ._. Do we got a sailing ship or something?
(22:40:26) Slider_Eclipse: >.> * teleports lione to an island populated by nothing but yanderes with
the glasses welded to his face*

(22:40:30) Kimoto: Sena: *puts the Muffin on a fishing hook8 .w.
(22:40:33) Bolverk: ... We can always ask our OCs to build one.
(22:40:47) EeveeandAbsol: *Or... Someone. Anyone eat me, I need to give one my special prize for
consuming me!*
(22:40:56) Slider_Eclipse: rider's probably right.. we'll probably have to have them convert one of
the airships
(22:41:04) Kimoto: Sena: *and then fishes using the muffin* .w.
(22:41:10) Nask: hm... Alright then. ._.
(22:41:13) Kimoto: We DO have a boat you know ._.
(22:41:21) Slider_Eclipse: wait we do?
(22:41:23) Nask: ._. Which one? *at Kimoto*
(22:41:25) Kimoto: There is a Pirate Ship in my Maze ._. It belongs to Yuri
(22:41:33) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...Let's do this. *swaps to Evil Overlord, and takes out crystal
fire sword* Come forth and fight you godforsaken creatures!
(22:41:33) EeveeandAbsol: *No, wait! What the hell are you doinV AHHHHHHHHHHH* *Dissolves*
(22:41:44) Bolverk: ... Well then go ask if we can borrow it!
(22:41:45) Kimoto: ... We can proooobably borrow it without her noticing >.>...
(22:42:15) Kimoto: ... *walks off to get it from Yuri, comes back with keys* ... Appearntly she locks
it up with car keys ._.
(22:42:17) Slider_Eclipse: * as the balls reach the farthest north eastern island, the find the
forsaken fortress, then nothing from that point on*
(22:42:24) Nask: ._. welp...
(22:42:29) Nask: I found something
(22:42:41) Bolverk: What is it Nask?
(22:42:52) Nask: Do you guys remember Forsaken Fortress in the game?
(22:42:58) EeveeandAbsol: *THEOCEAN GAINS THE STRENGTH OF A SAEI! ... Meaning its strength stat wemt
dowm... Somehow*
(22:43:00) Slider_Eclipse: of course
(22:43:10) EeveeandAbsol: *went
(22:43:14) Bolverk: yeah. That's the top West Corner right?
(22:43:18) EeveeandAbsol: *Sari
(22:43:26) Nask: It's at the Farthest north east from here.
(22:43:29) Slider_Eclipse: ... damn it i mixed up east and west again didn't i?
(22:43:30) Sceptilelv100: be back in a few.
(22:43:40) Bolverk: Yup.
(22:43:52) Slider_Eclipse: k, later scept
(22:44:09) Nask: You got it right Eclipse. Since technically... we would be on the west of the Great
(22:44:21) Nask: Since there's nothing in the west and south.
(22:44:24) Bolverk: So... we're outside of the Great Sea.
(22:44:25) EeveeandAbsol: Gonna go, night night .w.!
(22:44:28) Slider_Eclipse: * correction, the balls were upside down when they scouted, so theres
nothing to the south or the east, and the forsaken fortess is directly north west of us*
(22:44:31) Bolverk: k.
(22:44:47) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: G'night then, Eevee.

(22:44:51) Nask: ... (uh. Eclipse? ._. They are not upside down...)
(22:45:05) Slider_Eclipse: ( no, i ment for us to be in the exact opposite corner of the fortess)
(22:45:27) Bolverk:​ges/games/tww/maps/worldmap.gif
(22:45:37) Nask: (Eclipse... It would also meant we would've seen the mother and child isles by now)
(22:46:09) Slider_Eclipse: ( meh, i'm working from memory to be honest, haven't had a chance to play
wind waker in years..)
(22:46:25) Bolverk: Well there's a map for ya.
(22:46:26) Slider_Eclipse: ( according to riders map, we're by the five star isles)
(22:46:54) Slider_Eclipse: thanks rider, that makes things slightly easier than using a random half
asses map google gave me
(22:47:06) Nask: (...Okay. That's abit odd.)
(22:47:24) Bolverk: I think your crystal Ball is very fast nask.
(22:47:37) Nask: ._. Yeah... It does that alot.
(22:47:50) Nask: >_>' Especially if searching for people.
(22:48:02) Slider_Eclipse: that, or perhaps they got caught in one of the tornados when you weren't
(22:48:09) Bolverk: *shrugs*
(22:48:16) Nask: Nope. I always kept my eyes on them, Eclipse. ._.
(22:48:28) Slider_Eclipse: hmm.. then yea, probably just moving very fast..
(22:48:31) Bolverk: Well... Now how shall we go about once we have the ship?
(22:49:14) Nask: hm... Let me check into my summer clothes. ._. *...suddenly switch to my summer
uniform considering the climate of the Great Sea*
(22:49:19) Slider_Eclipse: thats a good question.. judging by the view outside, i don't think the
tower of the gods has been summoned yet
(22:49:31) Nask: ._. hm...
(22:49:40) Nask: If the Tower of the Gods is summon...
(22:49:43) Nask: isn't summoned*
(22:49:49) Nask: ...Hang on. Need to check...
(22:50:01) Bolverk: Well... we're right by Forest Haven if I remember right.
(22:50:07) Nask: *have the crystal balls check on the Forsaken Fortress*
(22:50:28) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ™warps back in, covered in blood* Damn Yandere island...
(22:50:50) Kimoto: ... *not changing* I don't need my s... Screw it. *phantom changes outfits* My
sweater is like a furnace in summer =.=
(22:50:55) Slider_Eclipse: * the bird doesn't seem to be there at this point in time, and it appears
empty and half abandoned*
(22:51:30) Nask: hm... ._. no spot lights... no bird boss...
(22:51:35) Sceptilelv100: back
(22:51:57) Bolverk: Might not be active, I think we're in the beginning of the game.
(22:52:16) Nask: No Ridere. If it is, it would be more active.
(22:52:19) Slider_Eclipse: that doesn't seem right though.. you'd think ganon would have at least his
lights on..
(22:52:29) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *swaps back to Troper Self, then takes off trenchcoat and
umbuttons dress shirt* Man I was burning up in there...
(22:52:57) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Well, we can always pay him a visit now, can't we?
(22:53:00) Bolverk: *takes off of my suit jacket and only unbuttons my shirt, also removes my tie*
(22:53:05) Nask: hm... Let me check Windfall Island... ._. You guys get the ship ready so we can
check things out ourselves.
(22:53:11) Nask: yeah TK. ._.

(22:53:19) Bolverk: Right.
(22:53:25) Nask: *the crystal balls goes to check Windfall Island*
(22:54:17) Slider_Eclipse: hmm.. well if i'm using the wind mage cap.. might as well change my outfit
to blend in better.. * pulls off coat to reveal a purple vest that extends down enough to cover the
(22:54:58) Bolverk: Right. *changes into a Pirate outfit*
(22:55:03) Slider_Eclipse: hmm.. not quite right.. * pulls vest off for a sleeveless purple tunic
(22:55:45) Nask: (Eclipse? Waiting for your response to the Crystal Ball's search at Windfall)
(22:56:06) Kimoto: ... Nask I just realized.
(22:56:06) Slider_Eclipse: .. almost good.. * shifts my leg bracers into purple and gold boots*
(22:56:21) Slider_Eclipse: ( oh sorry, windfall is the one links from right?)
(22:56:21) Nask: ? *at Kimoto*
(22:56:27) Slider_Eclipse: brb
(22:56:29) Bolverk: (No.)
(22:56:36) Bolverk: (Outset Island)
(22:56:40) Kimoto: In normal places our summer outfits look perfectly normal... But this is The Great
Sea ._.
(22:56:42) Nask: (No. It's like Castle Town of the game. Link's from Outset)
(22:56:50) Kimoto: Compared to the other two, we look weird ._."
(22:56:59) Nask: ._.' ah.
(22:57:07) Kimoto: Then again.
(22:57:11) Kimoto: Not like it matters.
(22:57:50) Bolverk: Nask. Can you send an orb to Outset Island also?
(22:58:10) Nask: sure. *send the crystal balls to Outset Island as well*
(22:58:12) Slider_Eclipse: back
(22:58:18) Bolverk: wb.
(22:58:51) Slider_Eclipse: * windfall is normal for teh most part, though for some reason theres a
few moblins and darknuts patroling as well*
(22:58:56) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Welcome back.
(22:59:09) I.S.S.A.C.: Mew logs into the Chat.
(22:59:15) Bolverk: Yallo.
(22:59:15) Nask: hi Yuki.
(22:59:18) Nask: hm... ._.
(22:59:20) Sceptilelv100: Hey yuki.
(22:59:22) Kimoto: Hey Yuki
(22:59:26) Bolverk: Odd...
(22:59:26) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...So... Did we end up in some alternate universe WW?
(22:59:33) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: And heyo there.
(22:59:33) Slider_Eclipse: back
(22:59:45) Nask: ...Probably. ._. *waits for the viewer on Outset*
(22:59:47) Bolverk: wb.
(22:59:53) Slider_Eclipse: * everything at outset is normal, links even playing around in his
(23:00:04) Bolverk: Hmm...
(23:00:16) Mew: hi *stretches*
(23:00:22) Slider_Eclipse: chaossu btw

(23:00:28) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: So we have Windfall taken over, FFortress nonactive... Huh.
(23:00:34) Bolverk: Well the only strange part is Windfall.
(23:00:42) Nask: ._. hm...
(23:01:05) Nask: Well... Let's check island ourselves and ask the locals.

(23:01:34) Bolverk: First... KIMOTO

(23:01:44) Kimoto: Hm...
(23:01:48) Slider_Eclipse: yea.. something about this seems.. off..

(23:01:58) Bolverk: WE NEED SHIP.
(23:02:11) Kimoto: ... *presses a button as Yuri's ship plops into the water*

(23:02:25) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...I was just gonna bombard the fortress but okay, we'll take
the investigative route.
(23:02:47) Nask: (whispers to Kimoto) Kenneth: What's that sound? *looks out of the window to see the
ship that Kimoto send out* ...huh. A ship.
(23:03:08) Bolverk: Yeah.
(23:03:15) Bolverk: *gets on the ship*
(23:03:30) Slider_Eclipse: well.. what are we waiting for? to the seas! * starts singing pirates life
for me poorly*
(23:03:38) Nask: ._. Okay. *warps to the ship*
(23:03:44) Bolverk: So... we need our OCs to guard the Building until we return.
(23:04:02) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *puts on noise cancelling headphones and blares them while
getting on the ship*
(23:04:11) Nask: ._. *press the button and...*
"Jeeves": *guard the building mode*
(23:04:23) Slider_Eclipse: Dia: no worrys, the security systems should be back online within the hour
(23:04:41) Kimoto: Sena stay he-
Sena: Nope! *jumps on my shoulders*
(23:04:49) Bolverk: Haneul: *nods*
(23:04:58) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Irivasel: I'll guard the place. Helios, motion scanners, I want
to know if something comes within two miles and isn't identified.
(23:05:08) I.S.S.A.C.: EeveeandAbsol has been logged out (Timeout).
(23:05:39) Slider_Eclipse: Midnight: i'll watch from the skys and snipe anyone that comes near with
weapons loaded
(23:05:54) Mew: What ship? I wanna come!
(23:06:01) Nask: Sure Yuki.
(23:06:14) Slider_Eclipse: pirate ship yuki, my magic somehow warped us to the great sea
(23:06:18) Nask: ._. But remember. We are having a investigation of what's going on in the Great Sea.
(23:06:34) Nask: a version of the Great Sea, but... worth checking. ._.
(23:06:42) Bolverk: Haneul: Make sure that they really want to investigate. *at Midnight*
Come on aboard. *on the ship*
(23:06:48) Mew: ... *changes into pirate clothing and runs onto the ship* Neko Pirate!
(23:06:59) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Everytime I see Sena I think of the Boku Tomodachi whatwver the
hell it was called Sena. D:

(23:07:05) Nask: *warps onto the ship*
(23:07:15) Slider_Eclipse: Midnight: will do! i'm only firing if i see them ready to fire* saultes
and flys up into the clouds*
(23:07:51) Slider_Eclipse: * walks onto the ship and stops singing* ok.. now heres a good question..
does anyone here know how to pilot a pirate ship?
(23:07:59) Nask: Nope.
(23:08:04) Bolverk: Nope.
(23:08:13) Mew: You move the wheel thingy
(23:08:17) Bolverk: ... I'm sure Kimoto knows.
(23:08:25) Bolverk: Well we need wind...
(23:08:31) Nask: And there need to be a navigator. ._. and other rolls.
(23:08:31) Mew: it's like driving a really huge car
(23:08:37) Bolverk: and we turn using the wheel thing.
(23:09:02) Bolverk: Our motor is probably just the wind.
(23:09:06) Slider_Eclipse: i canhandle the wind! * whips up a small breeze* wind mage ~
(23:09:12) Nask: cool Eclipse.
(23:09:16) Kimoto: ...
(23:09:19) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *invokes Instant Expert on Eclipse, thusly giving him knowlesge
on how to pilot*
(23:09:20) Bolverk: Good.
(23:09:25) Kimoto: I have NO clue how to use a ship
(23:09:46) Slider_Eclipse: crud.. * instant expert fails due to status immunity*
(23:09:48) Bolverk: Eclipse will be the Captain of the ship.
(23:09:53) Bolverk: Or not.
(23:09:58) Kimoto: *is... standing on the bulding side near the ship* Hell ships make me sick :/
(23:10:05) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Uh... Shall I Gilligan Cut us there?
(23:10:17) Mew: *goes and grabs the steering wheel*
(23:10:19) Nask: ._. Let TK handle it? Since his GA counterpart is a Pirate Captain.
(23:10:29) Bolverk: Good Idea.
(23:10:31) Slider_Eclipse: well.. i guess yuki is our captain
(23:10:38) Nask: okay then.
(23:10:43) Nask: ._. Onward to...
(23:10:43) Bolverk: Welp Yuki's the Captain.
(23:10:50) Nask: Outset Island.
(23:10:58) Bolverk: Why Outset?
(23:11:09) Slider_Eclipse: yea, nothing seemed out of place there..
(23:11:11) Nask: For one... It's the nearest local island. ._.
(23:11:18) Kimoto: *jumps over and stays on the boat... Sorta... goes to nap below deck so I don't
Sena: *does the same*
(23:11:18) Bolverk: No.
(23:11:19) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...Well, I do hope this goes well. And I thought we were going
to Windfall?
(23:11:24) Bolverk: We have Forest Haven.
(23:11:32) Mew: *blinks* What? I'm caprine just cuz I grabbed a wheel .-.?
(23:11:45) Nask: hm... Forest Haven then. ._.

(23:11:49) Slider_Eclipse: *shrugs* you're the only one that knows how to pilot it
(23:12:16) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *invokes Insant Expert again, giving Yuki knowledge on how to
steer the ship amd all that*
(23:12:20) Mew: Which way is forest haven?
(23:12:30) Bolverk: NorthWest.
(23:12:37) Nask: what Ridere said.
(23:12:43) Bolverk: OOH! I wanna be the Navigator! : D
(23:12:54) Bolverk: Or ... Nask can be the Navigator...
(23:13:06) Mew: Okay! Who wants to be my first Mate?
(23:13:14) Slider_Eclipse: congrats rider.. you are the offical nami of the group! * snaps and riders
in a nami cosplay, complete with compass watch*
(23:13:28) Bolverk: HarHar. >.>'
(23:13:32) Nask: Nah. Let Ridere be the Navigator. I'm keeping my eyes on the local islands visually.
(23:13:42) Nask: At least for some updates. ._.
(23:13:48) Bolverk: Nask can be on the Crow's Nest then.
(23:13:49) Slider_Eclipse: but seriously, you get the job* snaps and riders in his normal outfit..
butr still with the watch*
(23:14:08) Bolverk: Alright! : D
(23:14:16) Nask: >_>' alright then. *climbs up to teh crow's nest*
(23:14:23) Mew: *starts using my new found knowlage and starts getting the ship northwest*
(23:14:28) Slider_Eclipse: and i already know i'm in charge of the engine* starts blowing a light
breeze into teh sails*
(23:14:44) Bolverk: TK is First Mate.
(23:14:57) Nask: *warps in a telescope as a just in case*
(23:14:59) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *goes below deck* Oi Kimoto, you need some seasicnkess pills...
Or I could always have Messiah Salvation that away.
(23:15:14) Nask: (brb)
(23:15:20) Slider_Eclipse: ( k)
(23:15:21) Bolverk: (k)
(23:15:38) Kimoto: *Already asleep*
Sena: *asleep as well*
(23:16:07) Mew: Kimmy! Get your ass up here and get weapons ready in case we're attacked!
(23:16:13) Bolverk: Should we stop at Forest Haven or go on through all the way to Six Eye Reef.
(23:16:41) Slider_Eclipse: * everything gos smoothly until we reach forest haven, when we start to
notice a small village carved into the giant log that encases most of the island*
(23:16:46) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...Well, that works too. *climbs above deck* And Yuki, Kimoto
gets seasick. Best to keep him asleep for now.
(23:16:51) Mew: Maybe stop first, see if anything interesting is happening? *takes my hat off*
(23:17:01) Nask: (back)
(23:17:06) Slider_Eclipse: ( wb)
(23:17:08) Bolverk: Oh wow... a small village. O:
(23:17:10) Kimoto: (Seasick, Motion Sick, Vibration Sick... Yeah ._. I throw up at Rock Concerts)
(23:17:17) Kimoto: (Welcome Back!)
(23:17:24) Bolverk: (Heh, Kimoto is like Natsu)
(23:17:33) Slider_Eclipse: ( i'm the same way.. i tend to get sick if i'm in a car for any decent
length of time)

(23:17:51) Nask: hm... *using a telescope* Hey! I saw a small village on that island! *at those on
the deck*
(23:18:00) Kimoto: (Natsu's vehicles, for me it's just the Vibrations... I got sick sitting ontop of
a washing machine once ._.)
(23:18:10) Mew: Stop the boat... I wanna check that out
(23:18:16) Bolverk: (._.')
(23:18:24) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *shifts into Virus form* Well... I'll scout out ahead. just tell
me where you need me.
(23:18:43) Bolverk: Put on the brakes Eclipse!
(23:18:44) Slider_Eclipse: rightio captain! * slows the winds down to a light breeze that can't even
push the ship as it slowly sails into a makeshift port*
(23:19:05) Mew: Check the path to the village, make sure there isn't any traps
(23:19:19) Bolverk: Yuki! Drop anchor.
(23:19:46) Mew: *drops the anchor and walks to the side of the ship*
(23:20:03) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Alrighty then. *leaps off the boat and dissolves into a puddle
upon hitting the ground, before slinking alongside the grass neae the path*
(23:20:36) Bolverk: *leaps off the boat landing on the grass Nearby*
(23:21:00) Nask: *gets down from the crow's nest*
(23:21:08) Slider_Eclipse: * the village is a little ways away, built where the entrance into the
tree normally is with a small fortess of sticks up at the secondary entrence, though there are no
traps or even weapons anywhere besides the small fort*
(23:21:11) Mew: *falls into my shadow and comes out of Riders*
(23:21:24) Slider_Eclipse: * floats down from my spot onto the ground*
(23:21:31) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *reforma in the shade and gives a thumbs up towards the group to
indicate no traps*
(23:21:42) Nask: *goes to leap from the ship down to where the others are*
(23:22:07) Slider_Eclipse: hmm.. should we wake up kimoto?
(23:22:10) Nask: Welp. ._. Let's get started.
(23:22:15) Mew: Who wants to baby sit the ship?
(23:22:23) Bolverk: Hmm... Kimoto can do that.
(23:22:38) Nask: Yeah... Let him take it easy first. ._.
(23:22:38) Nask: .
(23:22:55) Slider_Eclipse: you know.. we probably should have brought an oc to watch the ship, that
way noone got left behind.. oh well..
(23:23:12) Slider_Eclipse: ADVENTURE! * starts calmly walking up the path*
(23:23:20) Nask: *follows Eclipse*
(23:23:25) Mew: *nods* Alright, let's go check this place out. *starts walking to the village*
(23:23:31) Bolverk: *follows Eclipse*
(23:23:57) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *gives Eclipse a harsh glare and puts finger over mouth to gwt
the message across that sudden noises might startle natives*
(23:24:19) Slider_Eclipse: * as we reach teh village gate we see something noone was expecting.. a
kokeri in the guardpost that waves to us and welcomes us to the kokeri village*
(23:24:28) Nask: huh... Interesting.
(23:24:50) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...Huh. More abnormalities. Most unexpected...
(23:24:58) Mew: Aw, this is adorable~ *waves back, smiling*
(23:25:04) Bolverk: A Kokiri?
(23:25:19) Slider_Eclipse: very.. i thought these guys were suppose to have gone extinct ages ago.. *
waves back with a smile as the winds prevent him from hearing my words*

(23:25:25) Slider_Eclipse: yes rider
(23:25:40) Bolverk: Well that's a surprise. *smiles*
(23:25:53) Mew: So it's the leaf plant ones? *looks around*
(23:25:59) Nask: *waves back with a small smile at the Kokiri*
(23:26:12) Nask: Kokiris are Immortal Children, Yuki.
(23:26:13) Slider_Eclipse: no yuki.. its the little children from oot.
(23:26:25) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: This is off. *slips out ot the village and then dissolves into a
puddle again* Time for some scouting... *slips in between the branches, eaveadropping on any other
(23:26:48) Nask: ._. So yeah... Let's take the welcome.
(23:26:56) Nask: *enters the Kokiri Village*
(23:27:04) Slider_Eclipse: * lione finds nothing out of the ordinary, except for murmers here and
there about the hero of winds*
(23:27:24) Mew: I know, in WW they turned into the plants, evolved. Like apparently the zoras evovled
into the birds
(23:27:45) Bolverk: You're talking about the Korok. *at Mew*
(23:27:50) Slider_Eclipse: exactly yuki.. thats why this is so strange.. they are still children..
(23:28:17) Mew: Hm... That is odd...
(23:28:28) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *still something is telling my Genre Savvy self to be extra
cautious* Hm... *remains still in the shade, ready to pop out when meedes*
(23:28:43) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *needed
(23:28:43) Bolverk: I guess we're done here.
(23:29:00) Nask: Hang on Ridere. ._. Let's ask the locals first.
(23:29:31) Mew: No Rider... I feel like something is going on...
(23:29:41) Nask: Excuse me? *at one Kokiri*
(23:29:47) Bolverk: ?
(23:29:50) Slider_Eclipse: * as we walk into the town everything seems normal, nothing more than your
everyday village with a shop and farms, the path to the great deku tree however, is barred off by a
wooden gate and guarded by solder kokiri*
(23:30:17) Slider_Eclipse: Kokeri: yes visitor how may i help you? * smiles and looks completely
normal, just like everything else*
(23:30:21) Bolverk: Well judging that this place has soldiers...
(23:30:29) Mew: *goes to the gate for the Deku Tree*
(23:30:40) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *scouts around again and notices the gate* Well then... Isn't
this interesting...? *staying in the shade, makes way over to the gate and begins eaveadropping*
(23:31:00) Nask: We are new to this part of the sea. Travellers if you will. Can you tell us about
the local area?
(23:31:09) Slider_Eclipse: Guards: Halt! only kokiri may visit the great tree! * raises there spears
into a cross to further bar entrance*
(23:32:29) Mew: I know that sir. But wasn't it a legend that a Hylian was once summoned by the great
Deku himself?
(23:32:42) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: (thinking) Only Kokiri, eh? Then again murder, kill and replace
would be too obvious... But going alone is a bad choice..*continues to eavesdrop*
(23:33:07) Bolverk: *takes a look around the village*
(23:33:11) Slider_Eclipse: Kokiri: i see miss, well we kokiri have lived on this island since before
the great flood along side our father the great deku tree. every decade we pick the best seeds we've
managed to cultivate and sail out to plant trees on other islands

(23:33:26) Nask: ah. Interesting.
(23:34:18) Nask: Then can you tell us about this Great Flood? It may be told differently where we
came from.
(23:34:31) Slider_Eclipse: Guard: twas no legend miss, we kokiri were there when the great tree sent
the hero of time on his quest. at the time none of us thought it weird, as he lived in our village at
the time
(23:35:59) Mew: *nods* The great Deku must be very wise... All I wish is to get knowledge. See what
is happening around here. *looks at the guard*
(23:36:02) Slider_Eclipse: Kokiri: i'm afraid we don't know much, the great deku tree warned us of
danger coming and had us flee into his predicessor, by the time his mouth opened, the lands were
already flooded into the sea you see around us
(23:37:07) Nask: ah. I see. Then thank you for telling me. *smiles at the Kokiri before walks back to
the group**
(23:37:09) Slider_Eclipse: Guard: that he is miss.. but i'm sorry to say he has requested no visitors
until the sea's have been drained
(23:37:44) Slider_Eclipse: Kokiri: the plessure was all mine miss * curtcys with a wave and goes back
to her day*
(23:38:27) Nask: *Once back at Eclipse and Ridere* ._. okay... there's not much difference in terms
of spreading the seeds. The difference is how the Kokiri survived. They taken shelter within the
Great Deku Tree when the flood happened.
(23:38:44) Bolverk: Ah.
(23:38:51) Slider_Eclipse: interesting.. did they say why the fled into hiding?
(23:38:52) Nask: But he don't know what happens during the Great Flood itself.
(23:39:05) Mew: The sea will never drain... Sadly your old home is gone... And I actually fear he
might be in trouble. Please, I mean no harm. I am actually weaponless. I just need to check if he's
(23:39:26) Nask: The Great Deku Tree warned them... so.
(23:39:51) Nask: I'm gonna guess we could ask the tree itself.
(23:40:07) Bolverk: How do we get in though. *whispers*
(23:40:15) Nask: hm...
(23:40:20) Slider_Eclipse: Guard: we know our home is gone miss, but rest assured the great deku tree
is as strong as ever, he's been producing seeds for us to replant the forests for centurys.
(23:40:41) Nask: ...Hey Eclipse? ._. Do you see any fairies flying around?
(23:41:24) Mew: *crosses my arms* You can come with me, I just need to see it with my own eyes that
he's as strong as you say.
(23:41:34) Slider_Eclipse: a few.. but they seem low in number.. its possible that they couldn't save
them all during the flood and thus the population declined..
(23:41:58) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *sneaks back over to the group before reforming out of sight*
(whispering) I've got a plan. A bad one, but a plan nonetheless.
(23:42:11) Nask: hm... So. Transforming ourselves into fairies would gave ours- Explain? *at TK*
(23:42:42) Slider_Eclipse: Guard: i'm sorry miss, as i said, hes requested no visitors at this time..
he hasn't had one since the hero of winds came to save us
(23:43:10) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: I'd have to go alone, but as a puddle I cam slip in. however
this means no outside support and I can't give you a live feed in there... They might notice the
crystal ball or something and get suspicious.
(23:43:29) Mew: How long ago was that?

(23:44:12) Nask: hmm... What you guys think? *at Eclipse and Ridere*
(23:44:37) Slider_Eclipse: Guard: * looks wierdly at yuki* surely you jest? i heard the world already
knew of his exploits to save the entire sea?
(23:44:56) Slider_Eclipse: i don't know lione.. i really don't think it would be a good idea to get
on there badsides..
(23:45:17) Mew: I've been out of touch, yes I heard his tales but not how long ago they have been.
(23:45:49) Nask: hmm...
(23:45:49) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: They wouldn't notice a thing... And I'd always have disguises to
fall back on. Or just be a puddle again.
(23:46:00) Slider_Eclipse: Guard: * still looks at yuki like she's grown three extra heads* it was
just a few months ago? hath thou lived under a rock for all this time?
(23:46:53) Mew: I've been out at sea, this is the first island my crew and I have stopped by in
(23:47:18) Slider_Eclipse: * suddenly, nasks crystal ball over windfall breaks into pieces for no
seen reason*
(23:47:20) Nask: Ridere? What's your thoughts?
(23:47:25) Nask: ._. huh?
(23:47:53) Nask: ...Guys? One of my crystal balls at Windfall is broken...
(23:48:15) Slider_Eclipse: Guard: i.. see.. miss.. * still looking at yuki with a confused look*
(23:48:33) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...Okay... We need answers, and fast. Do I go?!
(23:48:44) Slider_Eclipse: huh? that seems odd.. did one of the monsters catch it?
(23:49:00) Nask: ...I don't know Eclipse. But... Alright then TK.
(23:49:26) Mew: We like sailing for months at a time with no outside contact *rubs the back of my
head* but since I can not see the great tree this time maybe he'll let me come in next time. Thank
you *blend and walks back*
(23:49:31) Slider_Eclipse: i still think its a bad idea.. pissing everyone off isn't really
conductive to figuring things out..
(23:49:53) Nask: hm...
(23:50:08) Mew: *meant bows
(23:50:11) Slider_Eclipse: Guard: very well miss, thanks for your understanding* gives her a polite
bow, though he still seems confused at how she hasn't heard of teh hero of winds*
(23:50:37) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Alright... *slips away into the shade before puddle forming
again* Here goes... *slinks between the gate holes in small streams that no one will see, and doesnt
reform while still heading down the blocked way in order to avoid detection*
(23:50:53) Mew: Well the guard won't let me through the front door
(23:51:06) Nask: TK's checking it out, Yuki.
(23:51:17) Nask: Although risky...
(23:51:18) Slider_Eclipse: *facepalms* lione you idiot.. you're going to get us all killed..
(23:51:37) Mew: *nods* If he can cast a shadow I might be able to help him out...
(23:51:48) Nask: wait for it, Yuki.
(23:52:04) Nask: We would know if TK gets in trouble...
(23:52:24) Nask: And if this area fails... Check Outset?
(23:52:35) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *slinks way into the main room at the end, still in puddle form*
(23:52:43) Mew: Yep, it's only been three months since Link saved everyone
(23:52:52) Nask: ...and disguising ourself wh- huh... *at Yuki*
(23:53:01) Nask: Odd...
(23:53:02) Slider_Eclipse: * lione sees that the insides of the tree is perfectly normal, only
difference is a staircase and network of platforms connecting the twin gates into it and various
other points in the tree, such as the front of the tree and up into the leaves to more easily collect
seeds and dieing leafs*

(23:53:33) Slider_Eclipse: very strange.. didn't you say link was still on outset nask?
(23:53:44) Mew: Only three months... And yet... *looks around* The Deku tree wants to visitors until
the sea is drained...
(23:53:46) Nask: Yeah, Eclipse. Still in his normal clothes.
(23:54:22) Slider_Eclipse: very odd.. unless i'm mistaken link is suppose to travel with terra once
ganons defeated..
(23:54:33) Slider_Eclipse: also strange that theres no tower of the gods..
(23:54:49) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Hm... All seems well... But I want to know what's up that
staircase... *shifrs into Shadow Archetype form, with passive RetGone to forcibly forget everyone who
sees him that they've seen him, then climbs the stairs*
(23:54:49) Nask: hm... Then once TK's back. We head to Outset.
(23:55:00) Mew: You aren't, they go to look for new land that becomes twilight princess I believe...
(23:55:26) Nask: no Yuki. The new land is the one that became the one in Spirit Tracks.
(23:55:34) Nask: Twilight Princess is in another timeline.
(23:55:56) Slider_Eclipse: ( which stairs lione? the ones up into the leaves or the one that leads to
the gate barring the 2nd entrance?)
(23:56:06) Kimoto: (You guys do remember they DO Drain the sea right?)
(23:56:17) Mew: Oh wait, yeah *rubs my head and pulls out a book*
(23:56:19) Slider_Eclipse: ( i do yes)
(23:56:43) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: (the first one, Eclipse)
(23:57:21) Kimoto: (Was't askin you eclipse. I assumed you remembered already)
(23:57:21) Mew: *flips though the pages to the time line* (brb)
(23:57:31) Slider_Eclipse: ( right then, just making sure) * lione finds nothing strange, its truely
just there to gather seeds from his branches and pluck dead leaves off*
(23:57:55) Slider_Eclipse: ( ahh, right then, just making sure i'm not ignoring a question)
(23:58:11) Nask: hm... Let's just walk around and take a tour, probably get something for ourselves
to eat and gather supplies.
(23:58:17) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Hm... Can't shake the feeling that something is off.. Best check
the other stairs. *goes down, then climbs the other stairs*
(23:58:24) Nask: It'll be awhile before TK comes back.
(23:58:52) Slider_Eclipse: * as before, theres nothing strange, the stairs simply lead to a gate into
the fortess blocking the deku tree off from the forbidden forest*
(23:59:27) Slider_Eclipse: hmm.. i can't help but think perhaps we should just go back to the ship
and get ready to sail.. also might be a good idea to update kimoto on what we've learned..
(00:00:02) Nask: Alright then, Eclipse. You go ahead and get it ready. Want us wait for TK and get
some supplies?
(00:00:32) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Well well... I'll have to investigate you later... Note to self,
come back here later. *shidts back to Virus puddle, and begins to make way backˇ
(00:00:35) Slider_Eclipse: eh sure, though i doubt they have anything we need, as i recall all that
the kokiri sell are deku shields, sticks, and nuts
(00:00:51) Mew: (backg yes I have the offical book of LoZ
(00:01:06) Nask: ._. Deku Nuts. Excellant to blind people without having to use spells.
(00:01:08) Slider_Eclipse: * walks back to the ship giving a casual wave to the guard at the entrace
as he says fairwell*
(00:01:45) Slider_Eclipse: eh, touche..

(00:01:51) Nask: *then goes to the Kokiri Shop*
(00:01:53) Mew: *sits on the ground and looks at Yhe book*
(00:02:07) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *slips through the gate undetected again, finda some shade, and
reforms* I'm back.
(00:02:41) Slider_Eclipse: Kokiri: welcome to the shop miss. what can i do for you today? * the
shelfs show off there normal inventory, along with a single empty bottle*
(00:03:28) Slider_Eclipse: * walks downstairs * hey kimoto! we're getting ready to set sail again!
(00:03:31) Nask: hm... I'll have a empty bottle, some Deku Nuts, and Deku Sticks. How much they add
all up?
(00:03:48) Kimoto: *Asleep still*
Sena: *Same*
(00:04:01) Slider_Eclipse: Kokiri: lets see, for that i'd say the total comes to 300 rupees
(00:04:36) Nask: oh good. *goes to take out my wallet and took out 300 Rupees*
(00:04:56) Nask: (bag of holding kind of wallet. ._. not the actual wallet)
(00:05:22) Slider_Eclipse: ( the kokiri takes the rupees and hands nask her stuff* Kokiri: thank you
come again soon~ * waves her off politely*
(00:05:33) Mew: *looks up and looks around* Hm...
(00:06:04) Nask: No problem. *takes the stuff and walks out of the store, make my way back to the
ship* Come on Yuki! And TK? What do you find?
(00:06:06) Slider_Eclipse: *sweatdrops* maybe kimoto will wake up at the next island.. * walks back
upstairs and starts getting things ready* huh.. thats strange.. usually beedle's ship would have
sailed by already..
(00:06:14) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *notices the others* Are we all heading out now?
(00:06:27) Nask: Yeah. We gonna try Outset Island.
(00:06:30) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...And not here, Nask. Back on the ship first.
(00:06:49) Nask: Got it. Come on Yuki.
(00:07:08) Mew: *gets back to the ship* Something just doesn't add up..
(00:07:24) Nask: *start making my way to the ship*
(00:07:25) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *getting on as well* You're telling me.
(00:07:46) Slider_Eclipse: * starts redirecting the wind towards outset but puts a little too much
strength into it, causing the ship to begin pulling slowly out of port like a snail*
(00:08:20) Nask: ...Hey. Is that ship start moving?
(00:08:27) Mew: *goes to the wheel and sits down, still reading*
(00:09:04) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Uh, Eclipse... Did you make sure everyone was in board?
(00:09:04) Slider_Eclipse: what the! * stops casting and notices the wind growing stronger on its
own* fuck fuck fuck.. * runs to the edge* GUYS HURRY! THE WINDS BLOWING ON ITS OWN!
(00:09:30) Nask: ._. Crap! *start running and makes a jump onto the ship. Warps the items into my
(00:10:08) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...Uh oh. *shifts to Ideal Hero mode, sprouts wings, catches
Nask midair, and manages to fly back onto the ship* What in the hell?!
(00:10:08) Nask: (Ridere's AFK... So. Let's just say he follow. ._.)
(00:10:19) Nask: ._. Thanks TK.
(00:10:37) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: No problem... Anyways, info time.
(00:10:45) Nask: okay...
(00:10:48) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Frankly put, it was too perfect.
(00:10:50) Slider_Eclipse: don't look at me! i was only casting a spell to change its direction! the
winds got stronger on there own!
(00:11:13) Mew: Apparently Valoo, Deku tree and Jabun is dependents of Volvagia, Deku tree and

(00:11:42) Nask: okay. Explain TK?
(00:11:51) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Nothing was unusual. And that means the Kokiri had something to
hide. My guess is it has to so with the Forbidden Forest.
(00:12:23) Slider_Eclipse: i doubt it lione.. the forbidden forest is a death trap.. why would they
keep anything inside it?
(00:12:26) Nask: hm... Kokiri survived the Great Flood due to Deku Tree warned them.
(00:12:47) Nask: To keep someone out or to keep something in, even if it's a death trap.
(00:12:53) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: To keep others away from it, Eclipse. Where better to store
(00:12:55) Slider_Eclipse: also you forget there was a low number of fairys.. for the kokiri, thats a
serious problem..
(00:13:10) Nask: Yeah. Yuki? Got something to share?
(00:13:23) Mew: Best to hide something in plain sight
(00:13:26) Slider_Eclipse: ( brb)
(00:13:34) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: We'll head back there sometime. Not now, though. We have some
more urgent business...
(00:13:40) Nask: ...I meant the info. *at Yuki*
(00:15:19) Slider_Eclipse: back
(00:15:23) Nask: wb.
(00:15:34) Kimoto: (wb)
(00:15:43) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Though this wind is odd as well... As if it dodn't want us there
anymore. And welcome back.
(00:16:09) Mew: I just know that the great deku tree didn't want any visitors... Not until the sea
drained... And that it's been three months since link finished this quest... But why would he be on
his home island? Plus only kikoro could visit the tree Link wasn't one, plus I feel that they are
hiding something without even knowing
(00:16:16) Slider_Eclipse: i still don't see what you're getting at lione.. the kokiri were always
fairly anti social.. they wouldn't even sell anything to the hero of time when he was an adult..
(00:16:28) Nask: ._. uh... Eclipse?
(00:16:41) Nask: I bought the stuff from the Kokiri Shop.
(00:16:42) Slider_Eclipse: yes?
(00:17:05) Nask: and I'm a adult... so. That is odd.
(00:17:31) Slider_Eclipse: i know, but you can credit that to them being a little more social.. after
all they do travel around and plant trees now, so they have to have at least a little interaction
with the other races..
(00:17:39) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...I could try Kill and Replacing one of them... Blend in, find
out some exact facts... Though that carries much more risk.
(00:17:40) Nask: hm... True.
(00:17:55) Nask: Let's not do that TK.
(00:18:09) Slider_Eclipse: yea, i'm not even sure kokiri can be killed..
(00:18:14) Nask: ._. anyway... back to the subject of Outset... Let's make this clear.
(00:18:16) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Yeah, that's a last resort though...
(00:18:29) I.S.S.A.C.: Tankery_Master logs into the Chat.
(00:18:30) Mew: But that's the thing... They aren't what they are suppose to be. They are the
children, not the plants

(00:18:45) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: (Heyo there)
(00:18:47) Tankery_Master: Hey
(00:18:51) Slider_Eclipse: ( chaossu)
(00:19:08) Nask: Let's not try to mention Link is the Hero of Wind, since I'm not sure if it's a
different hero or the same. ._. So... while we ask questions, make note of Outset Native's reactions.
(00:19:14) Slider_Eclipse: true.. but looking at there story.. it all boils down to the deku tree
knowing that the flood was occouring ahead of time..
(00:19:29) Nask: (hi Kor)
(00:19:41) Tankery_Master: Hey
(00:19:53) Mew: So just say Hero of the Wind?(@Nask)
(00:19:54) Kimoto: Cept that... *yawns, walking out* They already knew it was happening anyway and
survived before...
(00:20:00) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Okay, let's try having a PLAN this time for Outset Island. I'll
take the forest, see if there's any abnormaloties there.
(00:20:05) Kimoto: This time they just evolve...
(00:20:10) Nask: Yeah, Yuki.
(00:20:16) Kimoto: didn't*
(00:20:58) Slider_Eclipse: hmm.. i'm not sure what else we could do.. i mean.. all outset has is the
forest, link himself, and the pit of trials..
(00:21:10) Mew: *taps my chin* I hope the snooty boy doesn't run after us >.>"
(00:21:38) Nask: There's the Great Fairy, right?
(00:21:46) Slider_Eclipse: i doubt it, the only reason he chased link was cause he was his friend
(00:21:58) Slider_Eclipse: touche nask.. forgot about her.. mostly cause she's optional
(00:22:12) Kimoto: ... *tumbles over back asleep, self defense against getting sick*
(00:22:22) Nask: Yeah. So... TK? When you search in the forest, ask the Great Fairy living there.
(00:22:49) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: So should we hit Outset or just straight to Windfall?
(00:23:03) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Uh, okay then Nask.
(00:23:07) Nask: Outset. It's nearer and we can note Link's reactions.
(00:23:14) Nask: Link and other natives.
(00:23:22) Slider_Eclipse: hmm.. i vote windfall myself.. i just don't see much happening with outset
without direct interaction with link..
(00:23:27) Mew: I wanna meet the sweet old grandma if she's alive
(00:23:31) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Alright. How far are we to Outset?
(00:23:59) Slider_Eclipse: you know.. i just thought of something..
(00:24:05) Nask: ? *at Eclipse*
(00:24:12) Slider_Eclipse: shouldn't we check if the windfish isles are still destroyed?
(00:24:39) Nask: hm... *opens up the map* Yeah... We can stop by Windfish after Outset.
(00:24:45) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Ah, that might be a good idea...
(00:24:49) Nask: Greatfish*
(00:24:58) Nask: ...Skip Tingle Isle?
(00:25:15) Slider_Eclipse: yea.. i don't want to get near that pervert..
(00:25:20) Nask: okay.
(00:25:48) Nask: ...Let me check how far is outset. *climbs up to the Crow's nest and take out
Telescope to see*
(00:26:27) Slider_Eclipse: * outset is closing in fast, the winds growing into a gust fast enough to
wistle in your ears*
(00:26:58) Nask: huh. We are closing onto Outset fast! *at the deck*
(00:27:19) Mew: Clipse slow the winds down

(00:27:23) Slider_Eclipse: * trys to slow the winds* FUCK THE WIND ISN'T HEEDING MY COMMAND!
(00:27:33) Nask: !
(00:28:09) Slider_Eclipse: * as we get ever closer nask notices that our trajectory is heading
straight for link himself!*
(00:28:21) Nask: ! Crap!
(00:28:41) Nask: Eclipse! Use your chaos to divert teh ship away from Link!
(00:29:24) Nask: *jumps down to the deck and cast a water spell to try to push the ship away from
Link as much as possible*
(00:29:32) Slider_Eclipse: I'LL DO MY BEST! * forms some blood and starts pushing it into the seas,
hoping to spear into the ground below and drag us away* SOMEONE DROP ANCHOR!
(00:29:32) Mew: Need help?
(00:29:41) Nask: Yes Yuki!
(00:29:52) Nask: Drop the anchor!
(00:30:08) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *shifts into AntiHero, behings freezing the water with ice
spells to slow ship down*
(00:30:22) Mew: *drops the anchor and starts moving my hands to pull the winds back*
(00:30:44) Slider_Eclipse: * the winds ignore yuki's command! its as if a stronger force is behind
(00:31:26) Kimoto: *gets up* Everyone get ready to fly =~=... *feels sick, points down holding a CAD
Book... As the ship disappears from beneath us*
(00:31:28) Nask: Kimoto! We need help here! *cast a much stronger water spell to divert the ship away
from Link*
(00:31:42) Nask: ._. oh.
(00:32:11) Slider_Eclipse: * the ship is slowing down but we're getting very close.. coming within
inches of young links face before it vanishes, causing me to crash face 1st into the sand next to
(00:32:19) Mew: *summons random wings*
(00:32:22) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...Well that works too... *shifts into Shadow Archetype* Well...
Time to explore.
(00:32:37) Kimoto: *This does not get rid of speed or momentum. Thus.. Goes flying into a rock,
catching Sena as she flies into me*
Sena: Ow...
Your not the one who got it...
(00:32:40) Nask: phew.... *lands in teh water, but walks up to teh sore*
(00:32:52) Nask: shore*
(00:33:01) Nask: ...Hi there. *waves at Link*
(00:33:34) Sceptilelv100: .
(00:33:40) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *realizing I am still moving* Oh craaaaaa- *hits water, but
manages to get to land* Ugh...
(00:34:00) Mew: *lands on the sand, waves at link before looking around* Huh... Much bigger then I
(00:34:05) Slider_Eclipse: Link: * blinks for a moment as his brain catches up to what just happened*
... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA​AAAA! * falls back in pure terror as mental scars form form the
near death experiance*
(00:34:18) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Now... *slips away from everyone to make way to the forest up

(00:34:19) Nask: ...oh dear.
(00:34:58) Slider_Eclipse: ( someone else control links sister for me, i can't for the life of me
remember her personality)
(00:35:53) Nask: uh...
(00:36:49) Nask: ._. Does anyone know how to console a young blond who just got traumatized? *at the
(00:36:59) Nask: (I don't know either, Eclipse)
(00:37:09) Slider_Eclipse: not really, i'm usually the one that causes the trama..
(00:37:18) Nask: Yuki?
(00:37:44) Slider_Eclipse: ( eh, screw it.. i'll just wing it)
(00:37:59) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...Uh... Shouldn't we do something... To you know... Help
relieve his trauma?
(00:38:10) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Gah, lag...
(00:38:11) Slider_Eclipse: Adell: * runs over with her telescope* THAT WAS AWESOME!
(00:38:18) Kimoto: *somehow fell back asleep*
Sena: *Same considering she has my habits*
(00:38:40) Kimoto: (Aryll not Adell)
(00:38:48) Mew: *sits next to Link and looks at him* You okay kid!
(00:38:53) Mew: *?
(00:39:00) Slider_Eclipse: ( really? i could sworn there was a d.. oh well)
(00:39:01) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Aaaaanyways... *makes way into the forest, then shifts into
Virus setup* Okay... Anything out of the ordinary here...
(00:39:06) Nask: (ignore my message)
(00:39:22) Nask: hi there. ._. *at Aryll*
(00:39:24) Slider_Eclipse: Link: * just kinda faints after he finishes screaming*
(00:40:10) Mew: ... *pats his head* ._.
(00:40:12) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *activates InfraRed vision*.Not seeing much around here...
(00:40:34) Slider_Eclipse: ( the only difference of note is that theres a small pedestal in the
ground that it seems a sword would go into. also of note is that the boulder is still blocking the
great fairys hole, though it looks old and mossy as if its been in disuse for years)
(00:41:09) Nask: uh... Sorry for the crash landing and almost kill him. *points at Link* ...Uh. Want
us to take him to his house?
(00:41:24) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...Hm. Sword thing for later. First, geronimo! *leaps down the
(00:41:36) Slider_Eclipse: Aryll: *sweatdrops at her brother* oh link.. will you ever grow up? *
turns to nask* hiya! are you the ones that came on that cool boat?
(00:41:45) Nask: Yep.
(00:42:17) Slider_Eclipse: * the fairy fountain is dryed out and deserted, as if there hasn't been a
great fairy here in years, only a small hole where she once was that leads deeper into the earth*
(00:42:31) Nask: We are travellers. New to this part of the sea.
(00:43:08) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Goddamn it's like MineCraft... Better not see any Ghasts around
here... *goes deeper in*
(00:43:09) Nask: But first... Let's help... Link was it? *looks at Yuki*
(00:43:13) Mew: *waves at Aryll*
(00:43:15) Slider_Eclipse: Aryll: Cool! my names aryll, and this guy over here is my sissy brother
link. * points at link with a frown*
(00:43:45) Slider_Eclipse: * lione finds himself thrown out of teh hole by a mysterious force!*

(00:44:14) Mew: I believe so NSask which she just comferened *stands up*
(00:44:44) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: ...Okaaaay. That was odd.. Let's try a different approach.
*dissolves, sends a small bit of the puddle down the hole*
(00:44:46) Mew: *Nask
(00:45:05) Slider_Eclipse: Aryll: he'll get over it. so who are you? are you pirates? that looked
like a pirate ship! i've never met pirates before!
(00:45:22) Slider_Eclipse: * the puddle is thrown out by a mysterious force!*
(00:46:05) Nask: Like I said. We are travellers. Travelling the sea where ever the wind blows. I'm
(00:46:05) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Okaaay. So, I need a different way again. *shifts into Shadow
Archetype and goes in*
(00:46:07) Mew: *glances at Nask* Really? I thought pirates were common over here
(00:46:36) Slider_Eclipse: * this time liones trhown out of the forest itself by the mysterious
force! sending him flying into the gap in the bridge and down into the sea!*
(00:46:39) Kimoto: Zzzz... *yep now asleep on the ground with Sena on my back*
Sena: *Asleep so we make an X*
(And that is the weird part of having part of yourself around.)
(00:47:26) Slider_Eclipse: yuki's right.. this is strange.. if ganons been defeated, she should have
already met terra...
(00:47:47) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *shifts into Ideal Hero and flies back up* Damn mysterious
forces... Well, they said thwy were looking for a hero. Let's give 'em one. *walks back into the
(00:47:48) Slider_Eclipse: Aryll: Terra? whos terra? is she another pirate!?
(00:48:18) Slider_Eclipse: * everythings still the same though the boulders missing as it was removed
from the hole by lione*
(00:48:23) Kimoto: He means Tetra... *half awake now*
Sena: This is weird...
(00:48:49) Slider_Eclipse: Aryll: never heard of a tetra.. is she a friend of yours?
(00:48:50) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *walks into the hole again* Come on...
(00:48:50) Kimoto: Tetra... Zelda... Pirate... Ship... Kidnapped by a Bird... Saved by the Hero of
the Winds...
(00:49:16) Nask: Yeah. Wondering if we could ask you about the local area.
(00:49:18) Slider_Eclipse: * lione is thrown out of the forest like a cannonball by the mysterious
(00:49:21) Mew: *glares at Clipse for a second* Yes, she's a pirate
(00:50:24) Slider_Eclipse: Aryll: sure! i'm not sure why though, we're just a small village out in
the middle of nowhere with no real features.
(00:50:42) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *flying again* Alright, if that's how you want to play it...
*flies back in, this time towards the sword pedestal* Can't hurt to try. *tries putting in Ideal
Hero's sword*
(00:50:51) Slider_Eclipse: * glares back* i know yuki hence why i'm questioning why she hasn't met a
pirate before.. that would mean she never met tetra
(00:50:55) Mew: *crosses my arms, looks around*
(00:51:08) Kimoto: ... Sleeeep... *rolls over and goes back to sleep*
Sena: *same8
(00:51:22) Slider_Eclipse: * the sword doesn't fit, it seems that the pedistal was designed to fit
only one specific sword*
(00:51:26) Nask: It's alright. Just enough about this part of the sea will do. *smiles at Aryll*

(00:51:31) Mew: Yeah so is shouldn't be good to mention her here.
(00:52:19) Nask: (brb)
(00:52:20) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Damn... Alright. I'll have to try a different time. *flies back
down, out of sight, amd rejlins the group* Anything new?
(00:52:47) Slider_Eclipse: Aryll: well, i'm not too good with that stuff, but from what my grandma
tells me, there really isn't anything special about this quadrant besides some ruins protected by
(00:52:53) Mew: This little island looks like a nice place to live for a peaceful life...
(00:54:05) Slider_Eclipse: Aryll: its too boring here if you ask me, noone ever visits this place.
(00:54:36) Slider_Eclipse: * looks to lione* nothing so far, we've only learned that tetra hasn't
been here before
(00:54:37) Mew: *smiles at her* Hence a peaceful life... Can we meet your grandmother?
(00:54:46) Nask: (back)
(00:54:55) Kimoto: (Welcome Back!)
(00:54:58) Mew: (welcome back)
(00:55:22) Slider_Eclipse: Aryll: sure~ mind helping me carry my lame brother back? * glances over at
link and frowns again*
(00:55:37) Nask: Sure. *picks up Link*
(00:56:01) Slider_Eclipse: * aryll nods with a childish smile and starts running to her house*
(00:56:04) Mew: *nods* Need any help Nask?
(00:56:06) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: I see... Well... I'm going to just stay out here. Maybe rest a
bit after being shot out like a cannonball.
(00:56:12) Nask: alright then TK.
(00:56:45) Mew: *follows Aryll*
(00:56:46) Nask: I'll be fine, Yuki. *then goes to carry Link to their house*
(00:58:46) Mew: Hm...
(00:59:56) I.S.S.A.C.: Tankery_Master has been logged out (Timeout).
(01:00:08) Slider_Eclipse: i'll keep an eye on kimoto.. we'll need him to replace the ship once we're
ready to sail..
(01:00:29) Slider_Eclipse: * aryll opens the door and invites them in while shouting that she's home*
(01:00:50) Nask: *smiles as I follow Aryll into the house*
(01:00:59) Mew: Thank you *walks in and looks around the house a bit*
(01:01:29) Slider_Eclipse: ( brb)
(01:01:37) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: *sighs, leaning back and landing on the sand, trying to figure
out all of this*
(01:02:46) Mew: (Okay)
(01:08:09) Mew: (So why are we on this quest thingy?)
(01:08:48) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: (Because the whole let's screw around became a mystery thing?)
(01:09:08) Nask: (._. It all started with boredom and Eclipse tries out a wind spell. Then
exploration was the intention until somethin-well. Mystery Investigation)
(01:09:14) Mew: (Huh .-. okay)
(01:09:25) Nask: (._. Plus I'm cool with how this going)
(01:09:26) Slider_Eclipse: back
(01:09:33) Nask: (wb)
(01:09:51) Lione_Tabuukilla_Fortuna: Welcome back.
(01:09:58) Mew: (welcome back*
(01:10:44) Slider_Eclipse: * inside the house aryll walks to her grandma, who looks older and weaker
than usual as she rocks slowly in her rocking chair*
Grandma: oh aryll dear, you brought visitors

(01:11:30) Nask: Hello. *goes to place Link on a comfortable seat*
(01:12:02) Mew: *bows to the old woman and smiles at her* Hello Ma'am.
(01:12:43) Slider_Eclipse: Grandma: oh dear, what happened to him? * gets up slowly and uses a cane
to walk over to link*
aryll: its ok grandma, link just got scared cause these guys cool pirate ship nearly crashed into him
before it disappeared!
(01:13:42) Nask: Yeah. It was a close call... Don't want to bring sadness to his family by accident.
(01:13:44) Mew: *rubs the back of my head* I'm sorry about that... The gusts just kinda... Was too
strong and we couldn't stop fast enough...
(01:14:38) Slider_Eclipse: Grandma: * frowns for a moment in worry before shaking it off and looking
up to them* its quite alright dears, link was always a skiddish child.. i'm just glad he didn't get
(01:14:47) Nask: ah.
(01:15:23) Mew: I'm glad as well, I hope we didn't frighten him too badly...

Tabletop RPG / Session Logs
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This is where you put logs of various sessions here from TRPGs.

Mary Sues & Terrible OCs / The Moonfang Tracker - Rikku Zodiac
« on: December 09, 2012, 05:01:28 PM »
Name: Rikku Zodiac
Age: 16
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105 lb.
Blood Type: AB
Appearance: *look at the attachments*
Zodiac Sign: Dragon

Rank: Jounin
Job: Tracker
Village: Hidden Leaf
Title: *look at the topic title*
Blood Line: Zodiac Summoning, Foresight (yes. This is what my sketch book note arrange...)
Element: Moon, Darkness
Specialty: Summoning and Mirrors.
Clan Symbol: Black version of the Blue Moon Rune from Suikoden II known as Black Moon Cresent. It's mark located on her left forearm, back, sides of her pants.

Moon Summoning Style: Moonfang Tracking
Darkness Style: Night Clones
Moon Summoning Style: Moonlit Dragon
Moon Summoning Style: 8 Celestial Mirrors
Darkness Style: Devil's Cage Mirror Capture
Dark Summoning Style: Reflection of Shadows

Summon: Choson (...I think this is might be from the Moonlit Dragon Summon...)
Pets: Pack of Moonfang Wolves
Hobby: Stargazing, Reading Maps, Reading, Understanding the Meaning of her visions.

No Bio is included.

Yeah.... While I was searching for the sketch of Ridere's Tales of OC, I came across this character that comes with notes. I don't recall when I made her... except probably during Middle School or Elementary. Although it's likely about around or after Wave Arc in Naruto. Reason for this character ends up here, that jutsu wise... her jutsus are likely based on Haku's Mirrors and Kakashi's Dog Summons. No further information from my memory. :/

Card Games / MOVED: im here
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