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RP's / Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 03, 2017, 12:30:55 PM »
The village, Antol, is a quiet and small village close to the border of Ylissian grasslands and Plegian wastes. The village Inn and Bar is where many weary and tired adventurers and mercs rest but not for long in fear the risen might give chase. Many forget the village existence once they leave. Now the influx of people to the this remote place brings all sorts. They look for the one the villagers call “The Oracle” a man who foresaw the true end of Grima. The man who can tell them how to end the beast.

In the market a man with medium length mess of hair quietly stands moving his head scanning the area. Not unlike some he wears sorcerer garb dulled and weathered by the elements the once black cloak is now dull grey with holes and tears. The scarred skin tanned by long journeys and untold combat the most striking feature on the man is his clouded eyes that peer into the far distance. The man lifts his hand and only through his eyes can he see how the wind moves charged with magic, he can see the crowds shift and turn like a tide. With sure footed step he heads towards the Inn or what he assumes must be based on the noise inside. A smile seems plastered to his face as he moves forward with grace and practiced step.

Event Matches / Alternate FFU boss- Mimicalian Conqueror, SinisterSpirit13
« on: February 27, 2016, 10:08:29 PM »
A new floor in FFU appears! The doors that lay within are filled with the strongest alternate versions of FFU that can challenge the origin. Behind door 13 is SinisterSpirit13 the opposite of Copycat13! Can you defeat the ruler of the dimension or will you be sent back broken?

Host: Copycat13

Stage: Sinister Dimension
Description: a bloody battleground outside of the smoldering remains of the alternate FFU building overrun by corrupted OCs and authors. A barrier protects the challenger from the dimension’s corruptive aura and any interference that might be done by the servants of SinisterSpirit13. No gimmick other than the boss can leave the barrier.

1.Warping is allowed, cannot be excessive. (3 posts before next warp)
2. stick to combat profile provided to me.
3. can only challenge this boss twice per day.
4. please do not attempt to break the barrier.
5. Fight to kill not K.O.
6. Have fun
7. rule 1 is for the challenger only.

Attempts: 1
Wins: 0
Most wins: -------
Most Attempts: Akuma_Killer

Nuzlocke Adventures / Copycat's Nuzlocke! Adrian's Journal entries.
« on: March 16, 2014, 01:43:59 PM »
Diamond Nuzlocke Rules
[1] When a pokemon faints it is dead
[2] No items during battle
[3] No running from battles
[4] No doubles, this includes evolutions
[5] Must catch first or try three times for a new route Pokemon. NO MORE THAN ONE PER ROUTE
[6] BS Clause, a one hit wonder crit is a no. 3 times can this clause be used.
[7] Shiny Clause, if shiny is found... It is special. Exception to [1] and [5], must be incorporated in team no matter how bad or good it has been. Cannot lead team unless it is to grind.
=End of rules=
Adrian Collins 3/14 Weather sunny.

Well, today seems to be full of events and now I'm suddenly part of a research team... I don't know why mom is proud of me. Maybe to just finally get me out of the house and be do something worth while. I blame Tyrus for this really I call him a friend when he can be such a pain. It wasn't my idea to go to the lake. Then he dragged me along to see the suitcase that professor left. We got attacked! Well, at least that is when I met Nico, a Piplup who probably has too much confidence in himself. Well after we fought off those starlies and apologized to... what was her name? that assistant girl. We got dragged to that professor's lab, turns out he got back after four years about the same time I moved to my current house. I went back home and to rest but apparently since I used lab pokemon I either join the research team and help or get arrested for theft. Then Mrs. Hughes came in say Tyrus ran off again apparently to go on a pokemon journey... that idiot is going to get arrested one of these days without me. So I told both our parents we are now part of Prof. Rowan's research team and we were going to travel around the region. Mrs. Hughes was ecstatic but Mom looked a little hurt, maybe cause I'm not being a coordinator like her.

 Still I got stuck delivering Tyrus's town map to him... well it helped that I made a friend with a Starley called Ashley and her friend a Bidoff from the lake named Wallace.  They get along well with Nico... I wish I could say that. No, Ashley is motherly to Nico and Wallace is too thick headed to cooperate with anyone while Nico is just bossy. After passing the Lab again and... Rowan's assistant "taught" me how to catch wild pokemon for the research group as well as telling me not to go catching every pokemon I see, apparently something about needing field srudies as well. She gave the Shinx to me who I found out is the local pokemon gang leader of Shinx named Tom. Jubilife did not lift my spirits... Nearly had Tom killed from some punk's Abra who Nico beat the crap out of Scared the crap out of me, made me wish that I had bought some potions. Tyrus ran off and didn't listen to me at all about trying to be a researcher... something about a league challenge. That stuff they do on TV right? It's getting late and the pokemon center stops giving out rooms to trainers after 11.

Event Matches / Boss Event: Wrath of the Chimera!
« on: May 21, 2013, 09:29:31 PM »
It appears things have gotten out of hand and the Chimera is loose! His power is maddeningly devastating and would be near impossible to try alone! Team up with a buddy and take down that fiend!

Host: Zodiaccat13
Opponent:  FFU Chimera
Overall Objective: Defeat the Chimera
Stage 1 Objective: Destroy the revival generator.
Stage 2 Objective: Defeat the Energy Sphere.
Stage 3 Objective: Whittle down the Chimera’s health
Final stage Objective: FINISH IT OFF!

Stage:  World of ruin-> Halls of the lost-> The Titian’s Platform-> Titian's Throne

Stage descriptions:
World of ruin- The little remains of a dying world and all too familiar building now playing as the body of destructive Chimera.  Within the halls of the building lays the source of its power and an army of transformed authors.

Halls of the lost- A maze of never ending doors and hallways filled to the brim with forgotten relics left behind by authors and OCs. Give chase to the sphere and avenge their suffering!

The Titian’s Platform- The building and body vanish leaving just a platform floating deep in the endless sea of stars… You have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. It seems there is a force field blocking you from leaving the platform and it doesn’t apply to the

Throne of the Titian- A room with bell on the throne

1)   You can have a buddy assist you in this fight.
2)   I will allow healing as long as it is reasonable. I.E. No, regenerating if it could be fatal.
3)   You are allowed 2 respawns per person if you are teamed up. If you both die the fight is finished. On solo you can spawn back at the start of your previous objective after your first death.
4)   This thing is invulnerable to BS so G-mod results in insta-death and I won’t allow you to try this event again.
5)   You are allowed to warp in World of Ruin because the Building it rather tall but you will be swarmed.
6)   Finisher’s cannot be accessed until the Final stage.
7)   The final stage will not be revealed until someone can make it to the final stage.
8)   Try not to piss me off. I can get rather…. Dangerous.

Total attempts: 1
Victories: 1
First winner: Taka
Total Number of solos: 1
Total Number of Teams:

RP's / Reality Shift
« on: November 12, 2012, 09:57:27 PM »
The time is now, Wake up and meet me. I'll be waiting at the abandoned west section of the train station. *upon waking those who agreed on the contract find themselves in a city... a strange city, where those they have known all their lives strung up in trees and poles. The feeling of fear slowly sweeps into their minds*
You read the agreements. You have no choice but to follow my commands or you end up just like them. Laughter pierces through out the silent city and echoes within their very core.

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