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RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: August 29, 2014, 08:19:34 PM »
Alev shook his head to the sides, "Its an hour right? I might as well stay put and concentrate for whats to come. Excessive knowledge in a day can cause distractions. Plus, I only have my weapon," He raised his tome and tapped it against his shoulder, "So I'm pretty much set to go."

The boy simply began to look around once more, walking and stopping here and there to inspect somethings. "Mein might want to know some stuff though. Like Skyla's appearance and descriptions, history, bio, those things she might need to know when she goes tampering around with files. Who knows, it might just get us closer to saving your friend Naoki." Alev added while he stepped around some things that interested him.

However, his mind and eyes seemed to be following the path Balut and Ranger took.

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: July 28, 2014, 07:20:17 PM »
Alev crossed his arms and shifted his weight on one leg, his other leg idly tapping the ground impatiently. "So. Do we have any idea on the layout of the location and possible whereabouts this Skyla is being kept, or do we have to search room by room." He flatly asked, tilting his head to the side. "If what miss clanky over here," He pointed a lazy hand swipe at Mein, "is explaining about her power, she's your best bet on finding out floor plans."

To be frank, her power, from what she explained, would be quite dangerous to the opposing side. A power that can be used to tamper with electronics and intelligence. Truly frightening, Mein may be a target for how dangerous she can potentially be. Its best if her powers were laid low. More over, what Alev was wondering the most about was if there were... backstabbers or spies that had mingled within the group of volunteers. If so, then this mission could be fatal...

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: July 13, 2014, 12:50:31 AM »
Alev watched the volunteers file out one by one, some giving half reasons and some just following. A child like him was joining and some were older than him, at least in appearance, were leaving. Indeed it was a suicide mission but they could have at least joined regardless, but not for the mission itself. His thoughts were interrupted when the girl, who called herself Mein, which reminded him of some noodle dish, spoke up about their loss. He agreed with her, which was rare, and nodded casually.

"Well, look at all the people who left, following one after the other like little ducklings and meek little sheep." He commented, loud enough for those dragging along back could hear. "They do have a point on the suicide mission being dangerous, but if you think on the possibility that they extract information on any resistance force and even use her as a tool or ploy... its reasonable."

Trotting more closer to the group, he stood next to Balut, their difference in height and build was blaringly noticeable. "They said wasting resources, but for such a ragtag group that doesn't have any form of good funding, I'd say every being is a large resource. Of course, me being here is like a wealth of knowledge!" he confidently bragged, so full of himself, whether that was good or bad would be determined.

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: July 03, 2014, 07:55:41 PM »
Alev leaned against the wall, tome hanging loosely in his book bag that dangled from his shoulder and rested on his front, while watching and half listening to Ranger debrief the volunteers on a potential suicide mission. His red eyes swam around the room and observed random objects that looked similar to what he had seen back in his world, or something completely knew.

Upon hearing Ranger twice say that Skyla, the kidnapped dark elf, would meet a fate worse than death, the boy couldn't help but smirk a bit at his redundancy. Then again, he probably said it twice to get the point across but they are up against, from what he heard, is a mean team of violent, dogmatic regulation figures.

As the briefing went on Alev's interest sparked about the second objective. If it was unknown, mainly to all the unimportant lackeys barring the higher ups, and changing depending on the situation, it would most likely be information gathering. If the rescue were to go quickly and relatively smoothly, then that would leave some good opportunities for a bit of side tracking by splitting a group to do some data scavenging. Obviously, it was simple to say and think on, but the biggest obstacle is the Purity Corps in their own home turf. Alev had no idea on how strong they were, not that he'd have too much trouble if he had his magic at top notch, and the fact his magic was unstable. At least he could still transmute objects and use his tome.

At the end of Ranger's speech, Alev raised his hand.
"I honestly have no other leads and a place to go so I might as well stay. Better than living on the streets and being hounded for having no documented identity." He joked with a flat tone, "Anyways, I'm more of he information gathering type so don't count on me to fight. Not that I can't hold my own, my spells are muffled and unstable. Unless you need the manpower, don't complain if I end up blowing up half the facility."

Clapping his hands together, Alev sighed out, "And if its looking bleak, you can use me as a decoy. I probably have one of the highest chances of surviving. What with owning a large data bank in the form of a tome, not existing within their files, and I'm smart enough to get myself out of a tricky situation." The boy huffed haughtily, obviously full of confidence in himself. So much it could end up biting him.

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: May 18, 2014, 03:40:11 PM »
"Its a magnificent place of fairytales, it doesn't exist. Although I wish it did." he sighed to himself as he thought of Hermione, "The magic schools back home are too practical."

Alev nodded at Balut and decided to stick with Naoki for the time being. He wasn't familiar with the area at all, even if he had his tome to give him a map. He knew the boy would know shortcuts or secret passageways that others may not know of. Plus, he could always get to know him better.

"Well Naoki, I'll be sticking with you to go recruiting" he scoffed, highly doubtful of the idea any would want to go on a suicide mission, "You think people would join if we offered them a discount on Balut's goods? Oh, the bullman doesn't need to know."

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: May 13, 2014, 09:24:47 PM »
Alev watched the bird come closer.

"An Owl? What is this, Harry Potter? Are we going to Hogwarts now?" he sarcastically quipped, looking back down at this tome.

The young half demon eyed the page, formulating a plan in his head and any possible scenerios. If he was lucky... he might be able to use the reinforcements...

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: May 09, 2014, 11:56:52 PM »
Alev thought about this Phantom's Phenomenon, but was quickly interrupted by Balut's exclamation of the group. Knowing that Naoki is already at the ready, the boy stood behind the bullman, hiding behind his massive frame. Taking out his tome, he quietly whispered a code to the knowledge tool.

"When I heard of an undercover mission to get help, I really didn't expect it to literally be under the cover of night." he mumbled. "Did any of you get informed for any sign that they're who we're looking for? Like a certain set of lights, flashes, etc. Unless they're not our allies and but were really looking for us. Or at least you two since I'm new."

The tome flipped a few pages and soon scribbled out a map of the area. In the center, the three dots represented their group. Complete with names like, Naoki, Balut-tan, and Alev. The group far up ahead were also listed but they were not defined by name and simply labeled as Scrappy with an alphabet next to the name. Alev gauged the distance with a bit of mathematical calculations and began to toss up his options.

Of course... they could be allies, but they can also be enemies. And in the night where its more easy to set up an ambush. Alev looked around and spotted some flammable material, mainly wood, and had his tome keep record of their location. If anything happened, he would have to create something since his spells weren't at their best. Then again, he never tried his alteration properly ever since he came here... He'll have to gamble on it.

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: May 06, 2014, 10:07:23 PM »
Alev snorted. "Well back home, there is this anime, a type of animated artistic entertainment medium, aimed at the pre-teen girl demographic where a large, muscular minotaur-like bullman is attending an all-girl high school and trying to be the most normal high-school girl while operating a somewhat still illegal narcotics ring as a side business. She is backed up by her impeccable galpal, an elfish waif who always gets into trouble. She is also stalked by Commander Blue-Blues who is the most incompetent loser who ever graced the planet. Always gets the shit beaten out of him when Balut-tan transforms into Magical Lyrical Lovely Milky Pretty Cure Moon Moon Balut-tan and he drops a Double Lariat and Devil Twist Piledriver to Nutcracker Nelson."

He recounted some fond memories of the show and its anarchic message to pre-teen girls.

"Balut-tan looks very similar if not the splitting image of you Balut. Hell, even the name is the same without the prefix." The boy explained while talking it off casually, a first since coming here. "That's why I flipped back there. I thought I was going mad or having realistic delusions!"

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: May 05, 2014, 11:19:55 PM »
"I guess they took you for a Minitaur, the so called bastard cousins of the Minotaur." Alev remarked rather venomously. "So, do you transform into a magical girl and do pro-wrestling moves on your enemies while making narcotics on the side?"

The boy looked at his outfit and noted it was very Native American, but what he was most interested in was the pouches that probably contained lots of medicinal ingredients. Maybe Balut-tan, er, Balut, is like Chopper in abilities? Or maybe he just uses brute strength. Wither way, those pouches gave Alev some ideas.

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: May 05, 2014, 10:51:37 PM »
Alev got off the crate to follow Balut. Sticking behind him and trying to look up at the very tall bullman, the boy tries to get a good view of his features.

"...So if you're not a minotaur, what are you?" Alev asked while looking at Balut with squinty eyes of suspicion and discern. "You don't look all too different from the one that existed in the Island of Crete. Especially one that is this docile and intelligent."

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: May 04, 2014, 06:16:32 PM »
Alev looked away and back at Naoki before he went and sat back on the crate. "You're not a corporation so I highly doubt there would be any payment or reward other than, 'Ya did good back there! Payment? At least you got yer alive!' or 'You can add that to your heroic moments!'" he sighed and opened his tome.

It wasn't all too comfortable for Alev to suddenly have his memory looked into. It was... painful to say the least. He didn't want to remember it, but it will never leave his mind. Its like a curse that has to tell him that he's alive, he has a purpose, and that is to hate and eventually, kill his father for vengeance.

"Like I said to Naoki and Ranger, I'm still up for the rescue mission. Its mostly for my own gain, mostly knowledge and insight on the Purity Corps and this group. But hearing that you have a powerful barrier creating girl being captive, that would be a great disadvantage if they somehow make her join their side. Willful or not."

Alev thought about the idea that Skyla would make a great tool in tight situations, but she'd be very situational. Also this Phantom they were talking about. From what he can piece together, this person would have more or a stealth ability or supportive one. Going by name alone of course.

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: May 04, 2014, 05:38:32 PM »
Alev looked a bit uncomfortable but only replied with, "Reasonable. A memory scan like ability. Hm. Is that a type of 'Phenomenon' you lot call?"

What Hunter sees is a small village burned and ransacked to the ground. Stone homes crumbled into ruins, flames engulfing wood and straw work, and ended life scattered about in a grisly fashion. The scene is quick as the memory of Alev's past relives itself. The boy is in a panic, running through the empty, desolate town, all quiet but the crackling of fires, dying moans, and the sounds of war far, far in the background. Alev turns into a corner and he sees a hideous, frightening fiend standing before a woman, all torn up and nearly unrecognizable had it not been for the now tattered and stained sash she always wore. The memory ends as Alev screams, breaking down, as the demon turns to him with golden eyes. Although if Hunter can glimpse at the expression as the memory blanks out, it looks more of shock and despair rather than malice.

"...You done?" Alev asks, starting to get impatient and uncomfortable.

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: May 04, 2014, 04:44:33 PM »
Regaining his composure, Alev could not help but comment.

"Yes, yes, lets go recruiting weak-willed strangers into a, from the people's point of view, resistance group or terrorist organization, from the Empire's point of view. Not only do you get paid an undisclosed to non-existent amount, you're likely going to be sacrificing your restricted but somewhat safe life for a lifetime's bounty on your head and reassurance that death will always be knocking on your door like a tenaciously soliciting salesmen." he sarcastically snarked, "Because its not secret or highly confidential so might as well go and let the word out you're recruiting so enemy spies can join in. Really, like my situation. How do you know if I'm secretly working for the Empire and feigning my demeanor."

Getting off his crate, Alev took out his tome and waved it around with one hand despite it looking heavy.

"You're probably thinking why I have a book, especially a knowledge source this big, when its most likely forbidden and restricted so the populace doesn't get any smarter or thinks up some rebellion. Would you not think that as odd? That only what I surmise is that books and data are controlled by the Empire?" he was practically yapping away and gambling, but it was necessary.

"Of course I am not part of the Empire, if I'm willing to say this out loud within in enemy territory and surrounded, then I'm at a fatal disadvantage since I know nothing of what you can all do."

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: May 04, 2014, 03:44:46 PM »
"Erm, yes, excuse the outburst..." Alev muttered out quickly while regaining his composure.

He listened in on Ranger, but at the same time he periodically looked at Balut through the corner of his eye. He hoped to himself he hasn't gone mad and is hallucinating all of this because he really, really didn't want to go spend time with his father. If that was the case, damn, he knew he hated his father but not so much he'd go and make a real illusion onto himself!

RP's / Re: Broken World
« on: May 04, 2014, 04:57:17 AM »
Alev looked at the Doctor in question and his eyes squinted to focus on the large, muscular, and very much imposing minotaur. His eyes then turned figuratively in to dots as he tried to process what he saw. And then his eyes shot wide open as he almost fell off the crate he sat on. With a yell that sounded half confused and in joy, he freaked out.

"A MINOTAUR?! Wait..." he paused as he started to recall similar, very similar features to an anime he was following, "BALUT-TAN?! HOW-WHA-HUH?!"

The boy looked horribly confused as he tried to get a grip. Pinching his hand and mumbling something about falling into an otaku's wetdream of entering the 2D world.

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