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RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: January 08, 2018, 09:14:37 PM »
The Risen Pegasi land just beside Valant and the riders attempt to stab him. Rolling to dodge them, he grabs the spear of one and pulls it from the mount. He turns around and blasts the other with his Nosferatu spell. He stomps on the other undead rider to hold it down and glares at the zombified pegasus, disgusted by the decayed flesh of the once elegant creature. He looked around at the fleeing Risen and debated chasing them.

"No," he muttered under his breath, "I may as well clear out the rabble still fighting and collect a reward." He stepped on the Risen's neck and walked towards the village, interested in the Manakete fighting the Swordmaster.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: December 11, 2017, 12:27:15 AM »
Valant turned around to face the charging pegasi amd calculated his next move. They were coordinated quite well and were traveling at roughly the same speed. They were spaced out well enough to allow him to quickly move towards one of them and stagger their attacks. And that is what he did. Moving towards the pegasus knight to his right, he attempted to dodge to the side, but the Risen was able to predict him and swiped him across the chest.

Grunting with pain, he ignored the first pegasus and turned towards the Falcon Knight. His magical power burned as he channeled his physical strength into his tome (Ignis). “Not even your ashes shall remiain, monster!” he cried, and he cast his life draining Nosferatu against the flying Risen.

The Falcon Knight was drained of life, and rider and mount fell to the ground, coming to a skidding stop in front of Valant. The mage laughed haughtily, but in his triumph, he forgot about the other Pegasus Knight and was stabbed through the shoulder for it. Cursing and falling to the ground, he glared at the pegasi and clutched his injured shoulder. He was growing irate with the two flying abominations.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: December 03, 2017, 12:40:30 AM »
Valant had been happily incinerating the backline of Risen until he saw a Falcon Knight and several Pegasus Knights leaving the front line and flying straight towards him. He clucked his tongue in annoyance. He couldn't easily handle pegasi, and they seemed well-equipped. He had wanted to deal with the Archer shooting five arrows at a time, but he might have to maneuver there while dodging flying mules.

He jumped to the side to avoid the Falcon Knight, and sent an Arcfire her way, but the other pegasi dove down and landed a few blows on him. Swearing because his robes were ruined, he switched his Arcfire tome for Nosferatu, preparing to counter attack. His focus was diverted by loud clanking and he sighed as some ill-equipped Knights stomped towards him.

He ran between the two knights and sucked the life from them as they attempted to stab him with their lances, reverting the damage the pegasi had done to him. He glanced at the archer to the side, but decided he needed to fend off the pegasi first.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 22, 2017, 12:42:02 AM »
The following post is a combined effort of Copycat13 and Magnasmash

The mage crept through the field just behind and to the right of the chanting Sorcerer and the stoic Great Knight. The Sorcerer was focused on his chanting and the Great Knight on the battle. He looked to his left to be sure he had enough time to kill one of them before the Risen showed up.

"I should probably kill the Sorcerer," he muttered to himself. As the man chanted more and more Risen appeared and no matter how powerful the mage was, he didn't want to exhaust his tome's power on a horde of Risen.

He drew within casting range of the Sorcerer and pulled out his Ruin tome. A normal Mage like him shouldn't have been able to use it, but he was quite gifted in the dark arts.

He decided to announce himself. After all, he never was one to resist taunting his helpless foes. "Well, well, well. Who do we have here but the maniacal followers of the Dead Dragon."

The Great Knight turns his armored steed to look at the fool who dares approach them and in a swift motion draws forth a Brave Axe. He studies the mage, noting his unusual bulk and tome. Using his legs he guides his horse closer to his companion who continues his chant.

"I would still your tongue caster before you say any other words which will drive my axe through your neck." The knight raises his weapon pointing it at the mage. "Unless you wish to die here without so much as a mention in the passage of history."

The mage laughed at the Great Knight's threat. He was being mistaken for as a regular mage, and was therefore being underestimated. He narrowed his eyes at the armored cavalier in front of him and weighed his options. On one hand he needed to interrupt the damnable Sorcerer summoning Risen. On the other, he had a feeling the Great Knight would get in his way.

He disliked wasting the extra time, but ultimately decided that it would be best to eliminate the armored cavalier before he became a potential threat with that Brave Axe.

"I do hope you aren't expecting your god to save you, sir knight," he taunted. The mage's eyes narrowed even further and he laughed maniacally. "Because no god can save you from me!"

He briefly chanted and drew out the power of his Ruin tome and, charging it with as much energy as he could draw out, cast the spell.

A golden sphere of magic symbols appeared in front of the knight's head and discharged a massive amount of dark energy that almost seemed like an explosion.

Both horse and rider were both knocked to the ground by the magical impact and neither seemed to be moving. Satisfied, the Mage turned to the Sorcerer.

The sorcerer jarred from his chant by the loud and sudden thud of metal landing nearby. He turns his head to see the Great Knight laying on the ground. Sensing the fleeting life from his closest friend and trusted ally. The Great Knight stirs only moving his head to look at the Sorcerer who has rushed to his dying friend's side.

"Flemmel... I suppose I will have to miss out on that drink..." The Knight chuckles as tears form in the sorcerer's eyes. With the last of his strength the Great Knight hands the caster something. Small, hand-made, and childish. A doll representing a common foot soldier. With this final action the Knight passes onto the next life.

"Luka... Luka!!" The Sorcerer cries out hoping, praying, denying that his friend is gone. He glares at the mage carving that face into his memory as he pulls out a Tome. The yellow bindings identify it as Superior Jolt. A Tome designed to lay waste to other magics but just before he can begin a spell the stone around his neck glows causing him to stop and turn his head. Anger crosses his face and he puts the book away.

"Your name, caster."

The mage smiles viciously at the exchange. It seems even the Grimleal were human after all. Still smiling his cold smile, he bows towards the Sorcerer and states his name. "Valant. Your god's soon-to-be slayer." His eyes danced with fire, and he calculated he had enough time to fight the Sorcerer before the Risen bore down.

The sorcerer points at Valant and restrained electric arcs run through the man's arm. "Know this Valant. I will kill you next we meet. I say so in the name of Grima that your blood shall coat the battlefield and your body naught but ash!" A spell circle appears beneath the man and in a bright flash of light he is gone.

"How disappointing." Valant murmurred as the Sorcerer vanished. "Well, I suppose I should break through these enemies in front of me before the other Risen arrive."

With a dissatisfied sigh he strode towards the Risen in front of him, switching to his Arcfire tome, although he paused at the sight in front of him.

"A manakete? Here?" he questioned. "This may be my lucky day." His cold smile returning to his face, Valant pressed forward, preparing to scatter the Risen from behind.

RP's / Re: Reawakening: A Fire Emblem AU.
« on: November 14, 2017, 01:25:58 AM »
A solitary figure stands off to the side of the combat, hiding behind a lone tree. Noting the Grimleal's movements, he mutters "But where are the abominations?" to himself. Mostly uninterested in the knights and soldiers engaged near the village, he takes note of the Great Knight and Sorcerer hanging behind the fray, determining them to be the commanders. He scans the horizon on all sides some more until he sees a growing horde in the distance. Satisfied with the situation, he begins slinking forward, preparing to ambush the commanders.

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