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: Guardians of the Triforce
: PitFTW November 12, 2012, 09:24:58 PM
The Champions of the Triforce have challenged you to a brawl. Defeat all three to unlock your heart's desire.

Battle: Un-timed

Opponents/Hosts: PitFTW, PokeMaster, LinkFTW

Objective: Defeat your opponents to win the event.

Current Challenger:

Upcoming Challenger:

Arena: Triforce Stage

LinkFTW: Taka's stage consists of a wide open field with the ground, completely barren and burned by the flames that is still burning. The sky is blanketed by thunder cloud on that will crack lightning every now and then. There is also Pillars of fire that reach up towards the skies, and fire coming outta the cracks from the barren earth. There are small holes that are a few feet wide containing pools of lava and two small hot springs just for viewing pleasure. Up above floats the Triforce with its topmost piece glowing red to signal Taka's stage. A Giant Volcano similar to Death Mountain stood tall in the background.

PitFTW: Psyche's stage takes place in an area similar to OoT Adult Jabu Jabu's Pond. It's got floating ice platforms, some of which rotate just to mess with you. Slipping and falling into the lake is possible, and will cause a bit of freezing damage. Dead trees provide cover and grapple room. There is also an area with several ice pillars, which can be hopped on. Again, Triforce at the very top of the arena, the rightmost portion glowing blue to signal her stage.

PokeMaster: Austin's stage is basically a wide open field, with a single tree in the very center. (Just think inside of the moon Majora's Mask) Winds blow around it constantly, sometimes carrying random things such as leaves or feathers or even fruit, all of which can be manipulated to serve you in battle. There are occasional puddles of mud, which can cause slipping or if you sink enough, can get your foot stuck in it. Birds sing within the lone tree, which can cause horrible problems if provoked. Triforce at the top glows green to signal my stage.

Event Rules.

1. To start the event, roll a 1d3 to determine your first opponent.
2. Every 15 minutes in real time, the Triforce switches your opponent and the area you fight in.
3. The Triforce Trio is not allowed to heal.
4. Challenger is allowed to use minor healing.
5. Trio (Power, Courage, and Wisdom) Levels starts at 30% instead of 50%
6. No usage of Space Time Continuum/Warping or any attempt to manipulate the Swap or to teleport to another opponent.
7. Any Area changes that aren't caused by the Triforce is ignored. Example: If you are fighting in the grass area don't just switch it to the fire area.
8. No God-Modding.
9. If 2/3 of the Trio members are defeated, The surviving member starts at 75% instead of 30%
10. The surviving member of the trio is allowed to transform into their Anti-Triforce self.

Total Match attempts: 3
Total Victories: 2
First Winner: Inugami

Match due: