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Title: Dissidia Final Fantasy Cycle: 002
Post by: EeveeandAbsol on November 03, 2012, 10:30:41 PM
A warrior fallen, summoned by the Goddess of Harmony as her chosen Champion. Her duty was not simply, in fact, near impossible.

She was lied down, onto the waters of the Goddess of Harmony, on it as if it was solid ground. The area encircled with this mystic water, tall Corinthian pillars protruding from the water. A stone throne in the middle of it all, and at the feet of the throne, the unconscious Cosmos warrior. The Undead Girl had been like this for hours, as the Goddess waited…

Soon, the Warrior awakened from her slumber... Standing back up from a harsh battle which quickly ended in pain and agony, “Ugh… Didn’t I die… ?” she looked up at the massive pillars, “Huh? How am I back here?!” a flash of light caught her eyes…

No, 2 lights… 3… 4! “What’s going on?!” the girl watched in pure awe as these Lights materialized, 4 people she had never laid eyes on before. She spun around to the throne, where she first met the Goddess, “Cosmos, what’s going on?!”


Chaos ( sat at the top of his tower like Throne, a pyramid-like structure with a single flight of stairs leading right up to his large chair. Surrounded by gargantuan blades in an endless field of volcanic eruptions, a crystal at the opposite end of the only path leading up to the Throne.  The God was sat down, a single hand resting against his head, and a finger tapping his temple, as if pondering. “These… Warriors will be of assistance…” he murmured under his breath, though he could only see the light’s flashes, he could sense his new warriors already.
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Post by: Kimoto on November 03, 2012, 10:31:47 PM
The boy yawned. He was honestly... Bored. So Bored. And there was nothing to do, so he couldn't smash what was making him bored. There was only one Warrior of Cosmos he knew of, and he couldn't find her, to be entertained. He looked over at Chaos, his Patron here, the one who summoned him in the previous cycle, bored, from the bottom of the stair case to his throne.

Of course this was because he had just been revived. It hadn't even been more than five minutes. He didn't even know he was revived, or cared that he had died, overall though he hadn't processed it. He was just bored. So bored.

"... I wonder if he'll let me kill him." He muttered, as he looked out, sitting on the ground, as four bright lights appeared before him. He raised an eyebrow and felt... Excited at whatever this may be. It could be fun. And interesting. And best of all for him... Not Boring.
Cosmos ( had a sad look upon her face, as she would be forced to summon more warriors, for her fight. Subjecting them to possible death and revival endlessly... She looked as her first warrior summoned before this time, woke up.

"Ah... The conflict... Doesn't end there. This battle continues... Till there is a final victor... And these..." Cosmos paused as she waved to the four new figures... "Are fellow warriors, summoned to help us in our time of need. I shall be entrusting their leadership to you my young champion."

The look of sadness on Cosmos face showed how much she regretted it all. "I wish I didn't have to rely upon you, making you put your life at risk once again."
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Post by: Drakesword on November 03, 2012, 10:44:30 PM
Ken quickly bolted up and looked around a small bit of light ready to form as he saw the other figures. He had never seen them before very nervous. What the hell happened. Was he abducted again? Now that was the fifth time that year. He looked up to a woman, who was...still a stranger but had a sad look.

"Great...another higher being..." He muttered. "Now either it's going to try and kill me or try and get me to kill someone else..."

Shade formed in the darkness and glared. Tore away from his next journey to the undead city, where he had the information on a large dead red dragon having been killed would have been a fine minion. He looked around his new area and saw the burning land.

"When the hell did I die? I mean...yes I knew I was most likely going to hell but...I don't really remember dying."
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Post by: Bolverk on November 03, 2012, 11:29:29 PM
A sharp pain surged through Hunter's head as he pushed himself off the ground. He messaged his head with his left hand to ease the headache that had developed in his head. When his focus came about, he looked around the area, worried of his placement. He notice a few other figures standing about the area with the same questioning look he had as they too looked towards a woman figure. He barely heard one of the figures mumbling to himself about "higher beings" and "killing someone." Hunter stood up and looked towards the woman figure. A saddened look was present on her face.

 “Cosmos, what’s going on?!” Hunter heard.


Anger. The Demon howled in rage as he slammed both of his hands to the ground, with hell fire erupted as the result. The final key to open the gate to the human realm was stolen! "Who the hell stole the 'Scepter!?!'" Nysrogh howled. He turned and caught one of his demon servants by the neck in between his hand. The demon servant struggled whimpering, "I-it was an intruder! Master! He appeared out of nowhere beaten our guards and took the scepter!"

More flames burst from the ground, "Why was I not aware of this intruder!?!" Nysrogh growled at the demon, his sharp teeth clinched against each other, his face frowned.

The demon servant shook as he opened his mouth, "You were dead asleep, sire. One does not simply wake you up without getting demonhandled."

As a response, Nysrogh threw the demon away. The demon servant crashed through the wall and flopped to the ground outside unconscious. "If I can rely on you to find it, then I'll find it myself and kill this intruder. He will receive no mercy from me." He walked out of the palace into the outside until a white light flashed before him blinding him for a moment. When he came to the demon notice he was in a new area, more lava similar to hell. "What the hell is this trickery." He said.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on November 03, 2012, 11:43:48 PM
Teal stared far into the unfamiliar scenery without much thought. He was dazed, perplexed and confused as to how he ended up in this peaceful yet foreign realm. The last thing he knew, he was running down a dimly lit hallway towards an exit with his brother in front of him. And now, he was here.

Snapping out of his daze, he looked around to see unfamiliar faces and an even more alien surrounding. He was definitely not where he should be. He turned his head in any direction but could not find his brother. Perhaps he was somewhere else in this land. He checked himself over and didn't find anything wrong with him and everything was still on his persons. Even his trusty tome.

Teal nervously walked towards a beautifully designed structure and sat down on top of it. He looked at the furless and smooth looking 'beings' and noted about each and everyone of them. Especially the blonde, luminating, and almost god-like figure he guessed to be a woman.

"Um..." he spoke up a bit meekly, "Where am I...?"


Tinto stepped out in to the hellish landscape and clapped his hands.

"My, my, my" he repeated as his gloved hand wiped off some sweat. "Hot, hot, hot!"

Taking out a hanky, he opened it up and wiped his gloved hand. Looking around, he could see magma, lava, magma, lava, molten rocks, volcanoes of varying sizes, magma, lava, demon-king thing, and other beings. Did he mention magma and lava? He noticed a big red demon male flash in out of nowhere. Clapping his hands gleefully, he pranced, waltzed, and trotted towards the demon and skipped circles around him. Checking and admiring the demon.

"Perfect for the freak show!" he cheered as a dead pigeon flew out of his left sleeve and into a body of magma.
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Post by: Drakesword on November 04, 2012, 12:40:37 AM
Shade saw the demon raising from the lava and was slightly impressed. Perhaps only on an Infernal plane or the plane of Fire. Either way...the strange dressed man on another platform stood infront of it and he jump over a small bit of cooled stone to get a better look from above.


"That's a good question." Ken said to the other person who brushes himself off, he got to his feet and looked around. Always keeping one eye on the higher being.

"I'm sure someone here can answer That question very simply." he said looking at the woman.
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Post by: EeveeandAbsol on November 04, 2012, 12:56:26 AM
Shroud arose from the light, into the land of Chaos. The desolate area filled with eruptions and tremendously large blades... She turned, seeing the others. "... Where am I?" she muttered, seeing the Victorian man, the Demon, and the necromancer as well as the alien. "Just what the hell is going on? Who the hell are you all?!" she asked, unhooking her rifle from her back and taking arms against the men. Especially the dangerous demon.


Chaos did not mind his chosen's ramblings and confusion, he was not concerned about their well being... Yet. The mighty God kept still and back into thought.


The young woman shook her head to the radiating Goddess, "Nu-uh, Cosmos." and turned her head, looking at her fellow chosen, "I have a feeling none of these guys are gonna listen to me." she said before turning back. "I mean... Just look at them!" she pointed to Ken and Teal mostly, "I don't think I'm much of a leader... You should've chosen my mom or dad, Cosmos. They'd be able to beat this guy in a heartbeat!" she continued, overhearing Ken's question, yet trying to get through to Cosmos more.
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Post by: Drakesword on November 04, 2012, 01:00:16 AM
He narrows his eyes transforming quickly into his Tengu form and flying toward the young woman and stopping his swung blade an inch from her.
"Did you say something about being able to take me? I killed bigger beasties that had bigger pieces of corn in their crap than you." He said flatly his mask of his Tengu form having a slight yellow grin.

Shade felt the watching eyes on him and looked around for the figure. He closed his eyes, somewhat trying to sense where the eyes were coming from but the amazing power didn't let him pinpoint it.
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Post by: Kimoto on November 04, 2012, 01:08:09 AM
Cosmos nodded.  "They may not listen at first, but they will grow to respect you. A- No! Champions don't fight!" She was obviously directing that... At Ken. She was more concerned with saftey of her Champions than clearing confusion at the moment.
Zerix stared at all the newcomers... And walked up the stairs to Chaos' throne. He had a creepy smile, like a spoiled kid had gotten a new toy.

"The new people... May I have some fun and relieve my boredom with them?" He asked, obviously with the intent to... Literally play games.
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Post by: Nask on November 04, 2012, 01:24:54 AM
Oh dear... What happened? Last Seles recalled that she was cleaning up the church after duty when a bright light blinded her. When the light clears, she felt something connected to her weaken... And that she saw in what seem to be a different area.

Did someone pulled her into a different plane? ...No. Not with something weaken her... it felt like... her connection to Pelor is what affected.

The half-elf's thoughts pulled out when she heard yelling, she looks to the source and noticed people she haven't seen before... And a concerned woman whose aura felt similar to a divine power.

Like the concern woman, Seles walks up to the girl and a bird-like man arguing to try to calm them down. "Can you please stop fighting you two? This is not a good time for fighting now."


Yuuan's eyes open. Seeing in what seemed to be a different place than what they remembered.

Her eyes glance around, showing no reaction to newcomers. Yet her familar, Nero, ferally grows in excitement when through her eyes on seeing them, especially when they heard someone mentioned on reliefing boredom.

Didn't bother to react to another woman with a weapon that some of Hunters used, the witch (or perhaps Nero) simply flex her hand similar to a claw if that woman acts any danger to them.
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Post by: Bolverk on November 04, 2012, 01:44:21 AM
More people had appeared into the area. So I am not the only one transported here Nysrogh thought as he was finally calming down from the confusion and looked towards the God of Discord sitting on the throne. He was about to demand an answer when he heard a click and looked towards the noise a woman with a rifle. Nysrogh growled at the woman with the rifle, who is taking aim at him, not intimidated. "I suggest you put that measly toy away before somebody get's hurt." Nysrogh threatened, popping his knuckles.

Hunter walked towards the conflict to try to stop it before it even began. "Come on guys, let's not fight at the moment. Let us not brag about our achievements at the moment. Just like that ladies said." Pointing at both Seles and Harmony. He was not going to back down and he certainly will not tolerate unneeded violence. "So relax." He said to Ken and Shisha.
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Post by: Drakesword on November 04, 2012, 01:53:02 AM
"Interesting..." Shade said observing as he watched the group smirking a bit. These were not his normal crowd. And that was something he liked. A good dose of madness and Chaos.
Ken looked at Hunter and then at the goddess and turned back landing on his feet barely bending his knees. The sword disappears and he glares at them all.

"Listen...Just tell me what the hell is goin' on here. I don't do well when I'm taken from where I'm wanting to be. Last time, I almost got murdered, time before that almost got Eaten, and before that I was almost sacrificed to a giant Snake...thing with 8 heads trying to take over the world."
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Post by: Inu-Jii on November 04, 2012, 01:08:48 AM
Teal secretly and quickly opened his tome in the middle of the confusion to quickly take notes on the situation, people, and place. He felt out of place. Especially when the patched up undead girl pointed at him and said he wasn't fit enough for the situation. Whatever that is.

"..." he stayed silent and watched on.


Tinto noticed the newcomers and clapped his hands more.

"An ALIEN! A perfect addition to my Oddities and Normalities!" he squealed loudly in a perverse joy. Then he heard a clicking of a gun. Turning around, he saw a beautiful woman holding a rifle. And then he heard the demon he was checking out speak up threateningly. Adjusting his top hot to snuggle on his huge demon horns, he placed a stretching hand on the demon's shoulder (Tinto was shorter than Nysrogh) and giddly but-in,

"Now now folks. No need to get rowdy yet! The show hasn't even started! So put your shootey-tootey down good lassy, and don't be such a rough barnicle demon boy!"
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Post by: EeveeandAbsol on November 04, 2012, 01:27:22 AM
Shroud huffed at the rather... Random man. But she looked around, no one was answering, and she pissed off one mean looking demon. She set her gun down... For now. Hooking it back onto her back and crossing her arms, she just looked at the wasteland. Away from the men and witch. "... I just want some answers."

The large God shook his head at Zerix, "... I suppose it is time for answers." standing up, the God was not just standing above his summoned, he was much larger than any of them, "I will tell you all why you were summoned. Your purposes." his voice boomed from just his normal tone.


"W-whoa whoa whoa!" the Undead Girl waved her hands at Ken, "Firstly, I didn't say anyone could take you or anyone else here! You all look strong!" she said, just wanting to clear that up, "Cosmos here will explain it all to you! Trust me, you'll get it!"
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Post by: Kimoto on November 04, 2012, 02:07:03 AM
"Yes it is about time I explain..." Cosmos stood up off her white seat, not too much taller than everyone. "This world... Is on the verge of collapse. And to stop it, we need to determine a winner in this war.. I am the Goddess of Harmony, Cosmos... I need your help, my Champions who I have summoned from various place, to defeat the God of Discord, Chaos. I don't want to make you fight, but I unfortunatly cannot do this alone."

"Shisha here was summoned before, and agreed to help me  as my first Champion. Would you all also help me in this endeavor?"
Zerix pouted, walking off, without listening to the God of Discord. Infact he was heading out... Into the wild areas... Like the complete idiot he is. Without waiting to listen.
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Post by: Nask on November 04, 2012, 03:02:36 AM
Then Seles looks at the deity that she had not heard before.... And it is something of great importance that the Goddess needs her and others for something of this scale.

"I... Definitely assist you through this conflict, Cosmos." She respectfully answered first, answered out of her role as cleric and someone who help others.


Although her Supporter is laughing at the strange creature (Tinto) like a hyena within her mind, Yuuan didn't react much to one of the people... if she can call them that, leaving. She listen with slight curiousity to the great and demonic being.

After all.... It's better to know the reason she's being summoned here than without purpose.... It's something to know to survive without being killed from ignorance. Like what possibly happen to the being who skips out of this introduction.

Not going to be suprised if there's punishments.
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"So...we're you pokemon?" He said flatly. Rubbing his temples, he sighed. He considered going demon and try finding someway out of this situation, but god like beings were hard to deal with. "So...fight the god of chaos...and then you'll send us home?" He hoped he wasn't stuck here.  He had to get back home so he could deal with his own demon problem.

Shade saw the standing demon and rose one his eye brows as he rubbed one his chipped horn. He listened and smiled slightly, a demon would have great dark magical is a little more interesting.
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Post by: Bolverk on November 04, 2012, 11:32:57 AM
Hunter looked towards Harmony questioningly. Why would she call in a man with no special abilities to fight in this war? "Well then, Goddess," Hunter said folding his arms, "I'm not sure if I'll be able to do much, but I'll do what I have to do to help you in your cause." Hunter hated the thought of war, but he would like to see this through to the end.


Nysrogh shot a cold glare at Tinto before turning towards the huger Demon that is the God of Discord. As much as Nysrogh hated to be ordered around, he knows its suicide to go against a god for now. "This better be worth my time," Nysrogh said folding his arms.
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Post by: Inu-Jii on November 04, 2012, 07:06:31 PM
Closing his tome, he looked at the others. All of them had varying degrees of worry and confusion.

In his mind, Teal wasn't all to sure of fighting for Cosmos. He wasn't much of a fighter despite his training. He was only part of an intelligence team that rarely went out on the front lines. Thinking further, he noted that despite her answer, positive or negative, he would end up fighting for her. As Cosmos was the only way to go home.

"I'll do my best... but," he trailed off. "...Goddess Cosmos, what happens to us if we lose or are defeated?" Teal asked, patting his shorts lightly. "From what I surmise, Shisha has been summoned once already. Meaning she was able to go home. Did you win...?"


Tinto turned his head to see the gigantic demon god and his jaw dropped to the floor. Literally. Completely missing Nysrogh's glare, he picked his jaw up and re-adjusted them. He jumped up a higher platform to get a good look of the monstrous god. He didn't really catch anything about the champion part, but whatever it was, it sure had his attention.
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Post by: EeveeandAbsol on November 05, 2012, 04:26:50 PM
Shisha sighed and crossed her arms at Teal's question, "I'm obviously still here. I'm no where near as strong as this Chaos guy, kinda... Beat me... I don't remember how I got back here though." she told him, looking back to Cosmos for answers. Though she has fought before, she too was confused still with some things.


Chaos looked down at the men and women, "I am Chaos, God of Discord. I have summoned you all to serve under me. Each and every one of you chosen for the great glory of Battle, as my Champions." the great God glared down at Tinto before turning back to the main group, "And in return, you will gain all that you wish, as payment for aiding me... Zerix has been here before, but he has yet to experience a fight. I do not know Cosmos' chosen, except one. A frail girl compared to most of you."

He turned his back to them, holding a hand up as a gesture of dismissing, "Defeat the Warriors, and kill the Goddess, and you will have filled your purpose. You will be sent home then." he sat back down in his throne, in his initial position, staring out at the lands.
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Post by: Kimoto on November 05, 2012, 04:41:01 PM
"I... Can not explain now. But in due time." Cosmos promised on the part of how  Shisha got back, and what accompanies losing. "But I can promise, when the war is over, you will be sent home." She didn't seem to elude on what had previously happened.

"For now, please, listen to Shisha. She knows more of the area than the rest of you... And be careful. I am sure Chaos has summoned more warriors as well..." She trailed off. But she quickly picked back up. "Shisha, please help them familiarize themselves with this world for now."
Zerix had left and was wandering on the northern continent. He was actually nearing the bridge to the area east of there, having made good time, muttering about his boredom. The Moogles flying around wouldn't play with him, just talk, but he didn't think they'd be much fun anyway.

"Why can't I play with the new people?! I wanna play, I wanna play! I WANNA PLAY!!" He yelled and cried, while smashing the gruond like a spoiled child who isn't getting the toy they wanted.
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Post by: Drakesword on November 05, 2012, 05:27:15 PM
Ken nodded. He was now Stuck here until further notice. Just...great...Finishing this will get him home quicker.

"Fine...Fine...well what do we do?  Go charge into some giant demonic castle, fight hoards of demonic foot soldiers before fighting the king himself?"
Shade listened and rubbed his horns with a slight smirk. Perfect...perfect...killing people was something he was Fairly good at. The chance of killing a goddess was very tempting...who knows what he might get from reviving her under her control. Hehe. He was in without a silver of a doubt.
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Post by: Bolverk on November 05, 2012, 09:28:00 PM
Hunter sighed at Ken, "As easy as that sounds,  I don't think it would be wise at the moment. If we try to go in without a proper strategy, we would be wiped out because if harmony summoned strong warriors like us, I'm thinking this Chaos guy would have strong warriors also." Hunter turned his head towards the current leader, Shisha. "What would you suggest we should do, Captain?"


Nysrogh laughed, "A chance to fight, eh? I crave for a challenge!" Nysrogh smirked with high anticipation of these opposing warriors. If they are strong, then they will be a pleasure to fight. "I don't care how many warriors they are, I'll take them all on at once!"   Killing was something Nysrogh is proud of, especially taking on large armies by himself.
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It seem like the half-elf is going to be here for long while... depending on the passage of time between different planes. She nodded to the goddess not answering the question, it may be that they will find out at a later time... If it is appropiate.

Seles looks at the others, trying to figure out what they specialized in. Then she asked a followup question to the man (Hunter).
"I would also suggest that we all introduce ourselves to each other and tell abit of ourselves... S-since..." She paused a moment to think of what are the next words that felt... right out of her mouth. It's been awhile that she was with a company of others. "We are going to be working with each other for unknown period of time."


Yuuan mentally felt Nero's feral grin at a prospect of a fight, she sighed for the first time in a while. It seem like she go with the flow this time around... Although a prospect of receiving a wish is intriguing... One that ensures her survival.

A nudge from her Supporter, which tells her that don't forget it's desires as well.

The witch sighed for what seem like the first time in a while since she arrived here. She answered in a dull tone, "Very well... At your command." For the wish, giving no qualms of killing the enemies of Chaos to reach it.

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Teal looked a bit down trodden at Cosmos's vague answer. He was sure that what happened must have previously must have been a very ugly attrition. His ears twitched at the woman (Seles) who spoke up about introductions.

"I agree. Who knows how long this will go on for." he spoke out. "I'm Teal F. Arcana, but you can call me Teal. I'm a mercenary... but I work for an intelligence division. I'm a scholar at heart."

He felt odd introducing himself to different people. Especially these alien races. But the same can be said for the others.

His ears twitched again as he opened his tome to log the events up until now.


"Violence? We're in a war? Oh me, oh my. Such a travesty! Oh woe, how many will suffer! How many will scream, how many will die!" He posed dramatically. "Shall we make a counting of who kills how many?"

His smile was twisted and perverse. With out a doubt, he was a madman.
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Post by: EeveeandAbsol on November 06, 2012, 01:27:33 PM
Shisha nodded at Seles' suggestion, listening to Teal go first. Though he was the most different looking of the group, Shisha herself actually was  more interested in the mercenary bit, then a little let down by the intelligence division part. "Well, nice to meet you, Teal." the girl looked around at her new... Team, guessing it was her turn, as captain, to introduce herself.

"I am Shisha, I am the daughter of my mother and father. I've never actually fought for real until I was summoned." she looked down, and then smirked a bit childishly, "And I am a Shapeshifter." she said, mimicking Seles' voice, and her body grotesquely changing form right in front of them, in mere seconds, taking Teal's body form. Fur and all. "Ta-da."


Shroud frowned at the madman, stepped away from the demon, avoided the Necromancer, and was without a clue where the child Alien went. But the demonic looking God, Chaos, offered something she could use, "... I will fight too. Can't be too hard." she said. "Where do we head first?" she asked to all her new allies.
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Hunter nodded at Seles's suggestion. Logically, it is good to know each others abilities and backgrounds. "I am Hector Garret, call me Hunter. I am a normal Warden stationed in a Maximum Penitentiary and I am a Master Rifleman and Archer. " Hunter introduced himself bluntly. Hunter felt a bit weak because he is the only normal being on the team at this time. He is doubting himself on how he will handle people with special powers beyond himself.
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Post by: Nask on November 06, 2012, 08:34:55 PM
Seles nodded at each of the introductions, though suprised abit at Shisha's ability to shapeshift. She then introduce herself. "My name is Selene Duval... Seles for nickname. I am a cleric who works for the church of the sun deity known as Pelor..." Since they may not heard of her god. "...Healing and Blessings are my specialities for those who are in need."

She noticed their specialities so far... It seem like that they are pretty well rounded in terms of roles and abilities at the moment, although she may need to see them in action to cremated the roles that she believed what they will play in. Also to hear what the other man (Ken) going to introduce himself...


Yuuan glance at the only other woman of this whole group. Coldly answers, "...Search for our enemies, and do whatever please. ...And keep count of kills." Cause of Nero.... Seem take a liking to the mad man. Oddly. Other than that, she don't care how they going about to do this.

With that, the witch walks away toward a random direction to other lands.
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Post by: Drakesword on November 09, 2012, 10:45:38 PM
"I'm Ken. Most people call me 'Spirit Kin'. I'm a basic kid from Ohio who almost got killed by cultist and got demonic spirit super powers. Not much else except for the shit I have to deal with back home." He gave a light smirk. "I'm a master of hand to hand combat with my spirit forms. Along with a bit of random shit you need."

"Fight for Evil? Fine. As long as I can find some minions to do it for me." He hopped down from his spot and walk away into the distance to search as well.
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Shisha morphed back into her true form before her teammates, tail swishing back and forth, "Well then, I think that's everyone!" she said, putting her hands behind her head and smiling, "I like all your guy's style." she giggled, walking past them all, the water at her feet making weak splashes with each step  "But, as your Captain, I guess I'm gonna have to follow my daddy's footsteps!" she lifted one foot up and twisted around on her heel before putting it back down, "Don't die, and if they aren't your friend, then it's probably your enemy!"


The Vampire Woman shook her head, the Witch was gone now, as was the Necromancer, the Demon and Madman as well as the God were the only ones left. She weighed her options, the Demon would most likely not like her, and the madman, was... Well, mad.

Madmen weren't good for her.

With that, she sighed, "I guess, well," she turned to Nysrogh, "it is time to go. Do you want to get the insane man, or leave it to me?"
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Zerix was crying and smashing rocks and boulders, throwing stuff around. So anyone who passed near the area would know he's there.

"I WANNA PLAY WITH SOMEONE! I WANNA PLAY!!!" He was still being a brat. He was slowly making progress forward though.
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Nysrogh gave Shroud a cold glare before answering, "Yeah, he seems to be into you, so he's all yours." Nysrogh laugh loudly as he walks away leaving the vampire woman with the insane man.  He headed towards East to try to find any of the warriors to fight. Nysrogh was hungry for battle. To not only search for fun, but to test these warriors.


"Probably the best advice I'd ever heard in a war." Hunter said holding his rifle as he attach a bayonet to it, making adjustments to his main weapon. "I'm gonna stay around and get my equipment set up before scouting the area cause I'm not prepared at the moment."  Hunter said as he now start to polishing his weapons. 
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Tinto stood behind Shroud with a wide grin (He had snuck down while everyone was leaving) and cheerfully chipped, "Now, shall we get going lassie?" He stuck his hand out and pointed northeast.

The madman was eager to meet anyone. He wasn't much for killing, but if there was an interesting specimen, he'd go all out trying to capture it.


Teal closed his tome after logging everyone's data and strapped it behind him. Fixing his shoes, he looked around and decided to walk around south west. "I'm going to go check over there and scout around..." he softly said. He walked off thinking if there were any clues to where he exactly is, where his brother is, and what happened in the last war.
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Seles sort out the information within her mind as she agreed with Shisha's advice.
"Alright... Like Hunter said, we should scout around the area to familarize ourselves as well." She suggested. "Perhaps..."

She glance at the others with concern, trying to think who to go with who suited to their partner's abilities with the information she received. "...It's best not to travel alone..."

However, she is too late to say it when Teal left. The half-elf girl sigh. "I'll go catch up with him for his safety.... oh. And scouting." The cleric bowed apolegically, before she goes to catch up with Teal.


Yuuan, basically wanders around the area that she still not familar with, it seem like she, or rather Nero's ears, heard of that childish creature (Zerix) crying and trash the area.

Appearantly, she is near the area where the childish creature currently was.

...Better check then, unless Nero want to fight. The witch walks toward to the source of the noise.
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Shisha blinked, because everyone but her, Cosmos, and Hunter left. She looked at the gunman, "Well... I guess it's just us then!" she said, plopping down next to him and waiting for him to finish. "You know, I'm kinda surprised no one asked what happened in the last battle." she wandered in her mind out loud, scratching her chin. It didn't concern her entirely, but it was worth thinking about, "Maybe they're looney!"


Shroud turned to him, raised eyebrow, "... Do that again, and I will shoot." she warned. Easily ticked from just that, Shroud took the first step and walked north east.
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Hunter glanced at Shisha questioningly after hearing her talking to herself. The idea that no one had asked her about what happened in the last battle struck him. Going into war without knowledge is reckless. (It might be best if I asked her what happened) Hunter thought.  He finished cleaning his gun and started to cleaning the bow, tuning it to make sure it isn't broken. "So what happened in the last battle?" Hunter asked curiously to Shisha.

Nysrogh continued to walked East and slightly northward. The thought of fighting made him feel antsy and frustrated. "They better not be cowards," Nysrogh thought to himself.
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Zerix kept destroying landscape, making craters, till he caught a unusual scent.

"Someone I don't know is nearby... SOMEONE TO PLAY WITH!" He declared loudly, a large smile on his face, as he ran off... In the complete opposite direction of where the witch was.
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Teal climbed over a rock to see a very small waterfall spring. He took out his tome and began collecting data when he noticed a figure reflected in the water. He turned around to see Seles and looked at her; his tome scribing information.

"Miss Seles. Is there something you need?" he asked, glancing at the holy woman, and then back at his tome. "Oh, this small spring here has a faint amount of curative properties. Perhaps we can filter it and use it should we get injured." He flipped to a blank page that soon inked a map containing Cosmoc' throne, the path Teal took, and the newly found spring.


Tinto kept his childish grin and skipped along behind Shroud. He was interested in her since she looked human, but something about her was off.

"Lady Shroud, may I ask about your current bodily status? I can see that you're human but not too human. Something is off about you. And it interests me greatly. Perhaps it is something rare? Or perhaps it is something unique? Depending on your answer I'll invite you to my circus for some tea and fun. Isn't that a grand idea, no?" he blabbered on endlessly; his hat tilting a bit. "I run a circus, a modest job with good pay. But my true payment is watching the faces on everybody light up with joy! Its a sensational feeling that always gets me every time. Do you like circuses? Oh look, I think I see the Nyssy in the distance over there!"

He pointed a finger gingerly at a figure far off in the distance.

"Should we call him? Two is company, Three is a party!" he grinned with his hands clasped together next to his face like a certain miss mouse.

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Shade walked South, looking for the largest city or settlement he could find. The faster he found one the faster he can get his hoard to  attack them. No matter what, hoards were important. Sometimes he had to fight 'heros' in his own home. Perfect for killing a few rag tag heros. Who knows, it might be Easy.


Transforming into his Nekomata form and hopping up the rocks, Ken listened to Teal nodding a bit feeling the water with his fingers, it felt nice on his skin and he could feel the properties inside of it. He smiled and said, "Maybe bottle some of this too. In case of internal injuries, I have larger natural healing but...broken ribs Suck. Hard." He pulled out a small empty water bottle and filled it from the spring.
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Leading the talkative madman, Shroud just tolerated his talking for awhile. She didn't plan on keeping him for long, in fact, she planned on dumping him on the next person, but for now... "I'm a Vampire, sir." she answered, "And I'm not interested in your circus."

But when he said he saw someone... She looked over, "Well then, we'll just see about that." and with that, she walked towards Nysrogh.


Shisha crossed her legs and nodded, and put it short and sweet... "I was killed."
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A moment of silence has passed between Hunter and Shisha, Hunter was a bit disappointed in the information. "That tells me a lot of who won, how you strategize, and what not." Hunter said sarcastically.  Hunter rolled as he finally finish tuning his bow, he strap his pistol to its holster and a variety of other weapons and carried the bow in his hand. "Now let's get going." He said as he traveled southwest, taking his sweet time and not wanting to waste stamina.


Nysrogh kept walking, northward and eastern when he saw the Vampire and the Circus guy walking towards him. He rather find his own prey, thus he ignore their presence and kept walking Northeast.
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Seles have caught up with Teal and... oddly Ken. She pause for the moment due to feeling a healing aura from the spring that are near them. She was snapped out when she was asked by Teal, she look at the scholar and answers with a slight concern tone, "M-my pardon.... It is just that with the war happening at this moment. It j-just... That I do not want to leave you alone."

While the half-elf have some decent advise... The way she said it, could be.... easily mistaken for something else, despite her intentions of travel in group.


Yuuan heard that creature yell and it moves away. ...Well ain't that cheeky, even as she heard Nero grumble in her mind. A thought of taking flight comes to mind; however, her logic tells her that it would be... unnecessary as it can be draining on her mana if she flies too long...

...Keep wandering then, with no care. She would bound to run into someone at this point, unless her supporter takes over and goes hunting them down.

She move to another direction (South this time?), away from whatever that creature (Zerix) is doing.
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Teal blinked and closed his tome. Putting his hand on his chin, he thought for a while. Looking at Ken, he thought about securing this area for their use or maybe using it as a small base or fort. Perhaps a medical station as it is close to Cosmos. Seles did say she was a healer. And he does have some knowledge in medical alchemy.

Looking at Seles, he was going to comment about her walking out by herself dangerous but then remembered that he had gone out by himself.

"Oh, yes. Sorry, I was a bit interested in this area so I walked off by myself didn't I? Sorry for making you worry.  Do you think we could use this for-" he stopped himself mid-sentence as his ears twitched. "Did... anyone hear that?" he asked.

In the distance, he swore he could hear voices. Thanks to his beastly hearing, he can hear better than the others.


Before Shroud could reach Nysrogh, the demon goat waved his hands and giddly ran up to catch up with the vampiress. "A vampire! Did you hear that folks? She's an undead! Such news! Such glory!" he loudly exclaimed to no one but himself; ignoring Shroud's decline.

He adjusted his tilted top hat and happily thought about adding her to his collection. That other vampire he had was old and pretty much stagnant. He could replace him with a more lively and beautiful one.

"NYSSY! Nyssy my boy! Oi! Nysssssyyyyy!" he called the hulking demon like a excited child. "I've got news! Big news! Of the century!"

With how loud he's shouting it was a dead give away to anyone remotely far away.
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Shisha shook her head, "Well if you're as stubborn as a mule..." she grabbed Hunter's shoulders from behind, "I guess I won't finish the story!" she stick out her tongue and heaved herself up and stuck her feet into the air. Doing a hand stand on his shoulders, though she oddly was not extremely heavy... Like a child on his shoulders. But it did not last more than a few seconds, Shisha let the force of Gravity accelerate her body down and slam her upwards feet down into the ground in front of Hunter. "And you don't get to know jack like that!" she bent her knees as she landed and back-flipped  away from the gunner, and twisted in mid-air to have her back to him as she landed, and started walking, looking back at him and sticking her tongue out childishly.


"Argh!" Shroud covered her ears from the loud yelling of Tinto, "That's it!" the Vampire looked up where Nysrogh was, a blast of Shadows suddenly engulfing her body whole like an extra set of clothes within a half second. And in the next second, the shadow burst to reveal nothing was left, and a new shadow appeared behind the larger demon, Nysrogh. A figure erected from it as well, one with Shroud's body form, and when it burst, she was there like nothing happened, "Ugh..."
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"It's alright..." Then Seles noticed Teal's ears twitches and said hearing. Her elven ears gives her a slight better hearing than humans, although not keen as her ally's senses, she focused on her hearing...

Yes. There are voices that she haven't heard yet... Perhaps hostile or non-hostile...? She listen again to see where the voices coming from, til she spot 3 small figures in the distance. It is hard to discern the exact features of what they are going encounter...

"I suggest we should prepare ourselves... With a possiblity of battle if they are unfriendly and too close for us for comfort..." Also a escape route possibly if things goes down south.  However... They need to discern futher on what they are going up against and... "And a plan..."


As Yuuan travels, she (or rather Nero's) smell the scent of death and decay... It seem like she's within the Necromancer's area of influence that still building.... While she does not desire to work with other supposed 'comrades', perhaps it would benefit her if she... assist with what the Necromancer is doing in the long run.

A horde of undead do make a nice shield for distraction...

The Witch heads to the Necromancer's direction by trying to follow his scent....

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Frowning, Nysrogh glared back towards the annoying Illusionist and the Vampire, who were following him. Nysrogh did not want anyone to follow him but, realizing how stubborn those two are. "If you two are going to follow me then do so. Just don't get in my way, or else you will be killed." He warned. He was not going to tolerate it, and this may be the only warning they will receive.
"You know, if you keep things to yourself; we, the newbies, won't know what we're expecting," Hunter said calmly as he follow Shisha. With his good eyesight, he slightly squint to see farther to see if the path is clear or if something is ahead. He tilt his head left and right to look for more details. Even using his rifle's scope attachment to aid his eyesight.
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Teal nodded silently to Seles. Peeking over a crumbled ruin wall, he spotted three figures. Using his tome, he calculated the distance they were from him and began to see who they were. Images seeped from the pages to reveal a brutish demon who looked annoyed, a tired looking woman, and a goat-like anthro doing the foxtrot.

"...They don't look like allies. I mean, its a demon... I swear I've seen him before somewhere..." he mumbled in bewilderment at the demon.

Looking around, he noted a few pillars that they could use as cover.


Tinto danced around his unfortunate comrades in giddy glee. It wasn't everyday he could meet a demon and a vampire.

"If you see any weird, odd, interesting people, tell me! I'd like to see if they would make a nice addition to my collection. I really don't want something dead on display. I'd rather have it alive and moving around in their cages. More lively that way you know? Speaking of liveliness, I came up with an idea for an attraction. Want to hear it? Of course you do. I won't take no for an answer." he quickly chattered away, unaware his comrades were either ignoring him, or irritated. "It was a mix of an animal house, a horror house, and a cafe! You see, its a cafe with lots of cute little animals! But they're all dead and smeared everywhere. A breath taking idea? Hm? Hm? Hmmmmm?"

If anyone could withstand Tinto's nature, they would be a perfect Saint.
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Ken had followed in his Nekomata form nodding a bit. He followed the friends studying and whispered, "I'll transform into something a bit bigger..." He smirks as his form bubbles, turning a light blue, he turns into a huge hulking Oni laying on the ground on his stomach just out of sight grinning like a mad man with tusks jutting out a bit.

Shade was...surprised when he saw the group of...things flying around the area. He leaned on his staff staring at the flying 'cute' creatures he could call 'sprites'. Though, he sensed that Deep deep down...there was bodies of thousands. He looked at them and started to write a scroll of explosive power to slay a large group of them.
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Seles kept her composure as she seen Ken transform into what seem to resemble a insane-looking Giant with tusks similar to a boar. She looks at the hologram imagery of their foes in the coming fight... She noticed the features of the tired woman that seem to fit the descriptions of vampirsm...

She closed her eyes, pulling her much of her experiences so far from various encounters, also gauge of what spells to use. Green eyes opened again.

"Divine Magic would be... Effective against the Demon and that woman that seem to be a vampire. Yet, I do not know what to classify what the goat man as... Had not encounter his kind yet or might have, yet in different form due to rules of different planes." Although the Cleric gives a quick glance toward to Ken at that moment, having a feeling that.... it might sting Ken alittle... She shook her head. Before continuing, "Also... We have the terrain to make use of and the spring if we are severely injuried... But do not use it too much to avoid the enemy from taking adventage or destroy it to prevent our use."

She takes a moment of breath and to let the previous words to sink in. Before continues, "From my experience... Before battle start, as I said I am a healer and cover support... I can.... C-cast a bright spell of light that.... blind our enemies for ambush..." The half-elf shifted uncomfortably at the last part of the sentence at the thought of ambush, but... She can do that now.... "Also... There are other main roles, a defender who take great punishment and a damage dealer who inflicts much damage in very little time as possible.... Generally."

...Luckily, based on what she seen currently. She, Ken and Teal can fit in the catagories respectively... Til something happen.

After finish her experience of what she known, Seles looks at Teal. "Teal... Do you have any plans in mind, before I start casting our blessings?"


Yuuan felt the negative energy closer, til she saw the necromancer in the distance... with tiny creatures that reminds her of those.... stuff animals that the younger girls plays with. Or rather in her Supporter's case.... "Prey" as it's bloodlust rises.

She walks closer to him, once the witch is close enough to see the spellcaster is writing something on a scroll. She waits til he noticed or finish what he is doing as it seem to be a delicate matter.
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Teal thought for a moment and began to draw out a plan.

Pointing at the pages in the tome, he showed a diagram of their current positions. "They are currently headed East towards Cosmos' throne. Once they cross that bridge, we will attack from across the river. Seles, I want you to blind them just as the leave the bridge. If we're lucky, it will leave the back of their group open. From there, I want Ken to attack them from behind. You'll probably end up attacking the vampire or goat. Meanwhile, Seles and I will attack from across the river with our spells." he explained, pointing out where to go. "I know holy spells so I can help with taking down the undead and demon... but I'm not all too knowledgeable on the subject of fighting itself."


(Seles is the Cleric, Teal the Shaman, and Ken the Axe Fighter to the North.
Shroud is the Dancer, Nysrogh the Axe Warrior, and Tinto the Druid to the South.
Zerix is the bard in the very bottom right corner.)

"If it gets too dangerous Ken, run back from the bridge you came from and destroy it. That way, they will have to either slowly cross the river or go northwards for the other bridge. That will give us time to attack them. If gets too tough, we can always head for the stream. As for the escape route, we will have to go east over the mountains and hide through those dying forests."
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Shisha continued to lead the way, as in she was just in front of her comrade, she stuck her hands behind her head and listened to Hunter's input as she walked, sniffing around for anything new to her senses, "Well, you know, I can't tell you much. I only fought the Chaos guy, you all... You're all new, I was just the first summoned." she said, shaking her head as if she was shaking off the thought of the God.


The Vampire sighed, "I wasn't trying to follow you, to be honest." she admitted to Nysrogh, "I was trying to get away from him." crossing her arms and shooting a glare at Tinto that the angry demon probably wouldn't notice. "And trust me, you're scary looking enough. I'm not gonna get in your way unless I think you're weak enough to take on." she turned her head back straight forward, though she probably should have been more sensitive for her own good, at least it was honest. To her mind, at least.
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Hunter sighed. Though he learned a bit of what to expect from the enemy, it is still very vague. As he looked at a distance with his scope and his sight, he spot a couple of figures in the distance. "Shisha, get down to the ground, I spot a couple of figures up ahead." Hunter cautioned as he reattach the scope to the rifle and use the scope to try to zoom in on the two figures, though his rifle is empty at the moment. He held on to a rifle bullet in his left hand between his fingers.


Nysrogh crossed his arms as he looked away from the two "allies". He notice a bridge nearby and without thinking he stepped across the bridge planning to leave the vampire and madman behind.
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Seles nods to Teal's plan. "Alright... Please warn us when they getting closer. Teal..." She moves down the rocks away and out of sight to avoid the enemy from seeing her spell casting.

The Cleric sets her self in a position, there are some somatic movement and vocals, yet not loud enough. She cast the spells on her and her allies with the following... As a warm feeling comes through.... One that will increased their morale, one that will made them feel protection of good, one that will endure to take further punishment, and... Only to Ken, he will feel stronger strength.

Yet... Like she said, Seles will continue to cast blessings til she received the warning from the scholar. As she must put much blessings as she can to give them a further edge...


Yuuan patiently waits, yet Nero slightly shifts in her mind. She gives no heed as she observe the necromancer and those.... furry fairy creatures....
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"The demon is on the bridge. The other two are lagging behind..." Teal whispered. "Should we seperate the demon from the other two? It might weaken them more... but I'm not sure. They might have some sort of powers."

He motioned for Seles to start preparing fr the Daylight attack.


Tinto danced around Shroud and twirled gracefully. He was having fun. For once in a long time, he was able to hang out with others like him.

"Hum diddle dee dum! Dum dee diddle dum!" he sang.

He suddenly tripped right before the bridge and faceplanted with a loud thud.
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Shroud sighed, and started walking on the bridge and leaving Tinto behind, "If you trip like that, you're gonna be left behind." she inquired, as she proved by walking ahead. Her large rifle still attached to her back.


Like a lion prowling, Shisha ducked down and got onto all fours. "Where are they?" she asked Hunter, crawling behind him.
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Tinto crawled past the bridge and clung to Shroud's leg like a cat. His red eyes looked watery with the gleam fizzled down to a dull glow. His goat-like features turned into a small pout.

"How cruel you are my fair maiden!" he wailed. "You would leave a comrade behind? Why would you do such a cruel act to another when you yourself know just how much it hurts to be cast away and shunned by those you thought were trusting!"

His watery eyes dry in a flash and his eerie grin stretched far and wide. In a deep and sinister voice, in a volume on Shroud could hear, he flaunts, "Yes. Yes. You know what I mean. Separated from your lover, by the very family that loved you, for being a crude and foul monster. Cast away by society. By humanity. You live alone, never to feel love; your memories only giving you glimpses of what could have been..."

Tinto emitted a sick purple aura as he lures Shroud in to his wicked play.


Teal, noticing the goat-anthro cling to the vampiress, gives the signal to Ken to start moving in.

"Seles, blind them... now!" he pointed at the group.

Flipping his tome, he began to recite the words needed for his ambush spell. "Sash of the holy maiden steeped in blessed water, envelop the evil before me and banish their sinful bodies! Return them to hence they came! White Band!" he chanted and released the spell.

Numerous bands of light emerged from the tome and fluttered in the air before striking the opposing group through Seles' blinding spell.
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Seles stopped casting her blessings when Teal signal they are near. She started to cast the spell Daylight. To prepare for the signal.

Usually, the spell Daylight is usually casted by touching a item. In the case of the cleric herself, with incidents of need to use long-ranged for ambushes by her old rogue allies.... She can cast it in long range with a modification, but it taken what seem like a spell on higher level than what it usually cast.

Then came the signal... As she then cast the spell.

"Daylight!" Front of the Warriors of Chaos view, there was a orb of light front of their eyes, til it suddenly explodes into the blinding flash of light. When they see it, they will be blinded.

Then came Teal's spell.

Seles, once the Daylight spell is done, she prepare for another spell.
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Stunned completely by Tinto's words, Shroud looked down at the anthro-goat, "... You're crazy! You don't know anything!" she yelled, kicking him off of her leg... Alas, though Tinto could look into her lost memories, she cannot recall a single one he brought up to her clearly, but his words started to do so. And then, she heard the wolf-anthro's commands and chants, "... State Two!"

The Vampiress hair grew just a bit longer than its normal length, reaching past her shoulders. Her eyes turned into a blood red that was showing her Vampire ways, from the pain of transforming her body, she opened her mouth and growled in annoyance; revealing her now sharpened fangs. "Stay down!" she commanded Tinto before getting blinded by the Light from Seles.

As the bands shot at her, though she didn't know, her immediate reaction was to Shadowstep off the bridge to where she got on it, in the midst of it though, she rushed and forgot her insane comrade.
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Zerix saw a flash off in the distance.

"People?" His emotions showed on his face, as he god a wide smile, at the idea of people to play with. It was unfortunate for others that he had high senses.

While he couldn't smell them, he could hear tiny bits of yelling or talking, and at the same time, he could smell them very easily. He started walking in the direction everyone was in, not knowing he was walking straight into the middle of a fight.
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Blinded by the light, Nysrogh tried to retain his posture and then he was blasted by a few of the light attacks sending him back at a distance. He was weakened by holy magic but that is not going to stop him from getting killed from a sneak attack, turning towards the two people at a distance. A Cleric and a Wolf Anthro. Nysrogh roared as he crouch down and dig his fingers into the earth, lifting a huge chunk about the size of one story house to throw it at the two spellcasters with all of his strength. The chunk sped towards both the Cleric and the Wolf-Anthro. His rage rose.
Hunter detached the scope from the rifle and handed the cylinder object to Shisha, "Look there," he pointed towards the direction of two figures in the distance. He was curious as to what that man is doing to that scroll, sorcery maybe? Just as he was focused on to the two figures, His eye turned attention to a small flash in the distance for a second before turning back to the two figures.
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Teal quickly stepped in front of the cleric and held his hand out.

"Song of heaven, blessed the ancient chorus, gather in place to repel evil! Magical Refrain!" he shouted shakily. A small ring of light flew from his finger tips and turned into a circular wall that repelled the boulder back at the demon. Teal's arm numbed from the power of the boulder against his shield spell.

So many thoughts sped through him. All of them screamed of fear and anxiety. But he had to stay strong. If they could at least reduce the opponents numbers by one, then they could have a chance...


Tinto stayed out on the ground and covered his head with his top hat. The lights thankfully missed him but he could not see where his comrade was.

"Oh my! Oh me oh my!" he quipped as he unfortunately looked into the flash of light. "Mine eyes! Oh maiden! Where are you!"

He held his hands over his eyes and rolled around the field. Despite his blindness, he managed to roll past the flying bands of lights.
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"Tinto, quiet!" Shroud yelled, watching the boulder being bounced all around, the Vampiress took the time to pulled out her rifle. "One-shot," she muttered, pulling back the bolt "One kill." taking aim at the two attackers, Shroud pulled the trigger, aiming for the more dangerous seeming one. Teal.


Shisha looked through, "I don't see-" turning the scope the right way... "-Oh, there... Huh, looks like that man is some sorta spellcaster." she said, "You know magic, right?" she asked her partner, hoping she would have someone to counter it, though physical attacks are generally good, magic is hard to get around for her.
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Nysrogh saw the boulder fly back towards him, he turned himself sideways with one arm up high he swung his arm sideways with his scythe summoned to knock the boulder away with a side swing towards another area. Now knowing that projectiles won't work, he charged at the spellcasters to close the distance until he reach a certain distance to attack them with the long range scythe.

Hunter shrugged, "I may not know magic, but I think we can beat them in range combat. You know how to work a gun right?" Hunter asked Shisha.
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Seles cast the spell as Teal blocks the attack.

"Flame Strike!" Fire starting appear around the vampire, the embers from the fire stings more than she usually felt as the fire is powered by the divine. If she do not get out of the way, she'll be converge in the tower of holy flame, where she'll suffer both fire damage and holy damage.

She noticed the Demon coming close... She takes out her shield and mace, ready for defend. She cannot cast another spell when the Demon comes close.
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Teal closed his eyes and focused on to his reflective shield and charged magic power into it.

Opening his eyes, he forced his arm out more and propelled the shield towards the demon. "Repel!" he shouted as the shield began to close in on the demon, with reflective force gathering at the center.

He left the woman to Seles.


Tinto suddenly got up and rubbed his eyes. He still couldn't see properly but he tried to follow after Shroud. Unfortunately, he fell in to a river and was washed down stream. One could hear his garbled plea for help as he sped down south...
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Zerix made his way over, sitting and watching... From the healing spring. He thought it looked fun so he jumped in, and was all wet.

"What game are you all playing?" He asked cheerfully... In a really bad situation.
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Ken leaped in front of them all moving like a wall of muscle ripping out stones to throw at the others roaring like a beast. He smirked as his tusks jutted out and jumped to catch the stone being thrown at him. He landed with a huge crunch on the ruined stone and he threw it back. He grinned barring more evilly on his demonic face.
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The Vampiress screamed in pain, the embers that licked her skin hurt terribly. Luckily, she wasn't completely vulnerable, she dove out of the ring of fire before it erupted, saving herself but at the sacrifice of dropping her gun. "I don't think your stupid fire is going to stop me!" she roared at Seles, her eyes becoming redder than what they already were, her finger nails extending and becoming more claw-like, and her fangs protruding out, two scars on her neck now visible. "State One!" and with that... Tendril-like Shadows with incredibly thin and sharp ends shot out at Seles in retaliation.


"Uh..." Shisha shook her head, "You wouldn't happen to own a crossbow, would you?" she said sheepishly, "All I know is one range power, that's it... And it hurts to do it too."
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This... is unexpected. Seles is not aware that Vampires can manipulate shadows at the finest control for offense. She held up her metal shield quickly to block the incoming shadow tendrils, yet they bounce off the surface of the shield... And came back to attack again, as if it tries to move around Seles shield.

She blocks much of the shadow tendrils... but one or two managed to get through. Causing her a sharp pain through either her shoulder or her leg. The cleric counters it with another power known as Turning, the main ability that is used against the undead. She channels the holy energy through her holy symbol in the form of a sun pendant, she direct the energy toward Shroud's direction.

Depending on Shroud's Power and Will... At her strongest, it'll possibly made her temporary halted and feel burns from the energy at the level she can endure. At her weakest, she would have a urge to flee away from the source and suffer holy damage within the effect of the energy.


Yuuan perks up through Nero's hearing... She heard someone's plea for help. ...Should she? She heard Nero's growls that the witch should get on with it, since the necromancer takes his sweet time for some spell of mass destruction just to kill some weak prey.

...She felt that Nero is getting edgy, even with those creatures are out in the open for him to kill. Only to held by its master, just so she can 'try' to be polite.

...The Witch doesn't care, at least she would get some worth on someone for Nero to chew on some random idiot instead. She walks to the direction of the plea, where she quickly came upon a river. Listening carefully where the plea comes from... She found the source from up the river. It was... That goat head man from the meeting, who seem to amuse the familar.

She sighed again. She reach out into the water and make for the grab at the goat man with her hand.... Or rather a long shadow-like claw from Nero, for slightly longer reach.
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Hunter shook his head, "If you know archery, I can hand the bow to ya other than that, no I don't have a crossbow." He witness one of the figures walk away from the target spot. "Rats, should we take the other one out while we have the chance?" He aimed his gun towards the necromancer, his rifle now loaded.
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Nysrogh was slightly pushed back by the shield. He then began to throw 3 hard punches at the shield to try to break through the shield until Nysrogh attention was caught a few stones stuck him in the side. Anger rose more as he now charge at the other Demon. With beast (Ken) in range, he swung his arm downward, summoning his extended ranged scythe at the last second. If the demon dodged he step forward while twisting his scythe sideways blade first to attack the demon again though it will be a low swing to send dirt flying toward the Wolf-Anthro.
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Teal dropped the shield and flipped to a page that gave off a dark vibe. Placing a finger on the page, he traced the lock combination and released the content inside. From the page, a crude, evilly-fashioned, and ominous scepter stuck out of the page.

"Demon from underworlds of wicked sin! Begone foul grotesque thing! Demon Scepter, Banishment!" he shouted, releasing a powerful blast that could easily repel a high demon. However, this came with recoil as Teal felt his body become heavier as his energy drained considerably.

Taking a step back, he decided to go to the healing spring when he noticed another being (Zerix) he had no idea of.


Tinto caught his savior's hand and crawled out of the river. He was drenched, but that didn't bother him much.

"Ah, the witch of orient! Thank you! My party was attacked and I fell into the river. I thought I was done for. If not for your clammy and cold hand, I would have been seaweed!" he jovially thanked, wiping his face off and fixing his beloved top hat. "By the way, where am I?"
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Though the Holiness was indeed the Vampire's weakness, the State System further unlocked her once-gained power as she progressed. And with more power, the stronger she was, and the stronger she was... The more the will.

Shroud took in the energy, "Really now?!" halted, but not for long, the Vampire flashed her fangs at her opponent, smoke coming right off her body, but if Seles looked closer, though she was wincing in pain from her attack, the burn wounds she attained from the Holy Fires were healing, quickly. "You're getting on my nerves!" Shroud Shadowstepped right in front of Seles, rather abruptly. Shakily, but still strongly, she forced her palm back, and thrust it at Seles' stomach to send her flying.


Shisha shook her head, standing on all fours and getting back behind Hunter, "I can track them if you want me too." she said, standing on her tippy-toes just to see over his shoulder, "Or... You can do that, that's cool too." she nodded, though she wanted to avoid a fight, and this might start one, at least it'll be much easier.
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Zerix waved with a smile at Teal.

"Hiya! What game are you playing?" His question was light, stupid, and proof that Zerix was completely void of any intention aside from having fun.
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Before Seles can think what happened, her eyes widen when the vampire suddenly appears front of her. Any more thoughts, except the feeling of fear (though lessed by Bless' moral effect), are cut off when she was punched into the stomach and sent flying. While some of the punch's impact is absorbed by her armor and Bear's Endurance spell.... It still hurt like Monk's Punching power.

The cleric lands on the ground on her back. She struggles to get up, winced by the pain.


Yuuan shown lack of care or reaction to when the Goat Man.... What is the word? Praise her? For saving him. Even more, when he mentions about his party is attacked; they can survive on their own, yet felt her familar's feeling of curiousity at who attack the party.

She answered the Goat's question as clawed hand receded to normal, yet pale hand. Points to the Necromancer and those.... Prey creatures. Coldly answered. "...Some random breedng grounds that awaits for slaughter."

....Any time now. Necromancer, before Nero lose his patience to where he just kills the creatures and treat his prey as scratching post.
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The rifleman kept eye on the magic person until he saw the other figure returning with another figure, a goat man of some sorts, at this point, Hunter lowered his weapon. He knew that the odds of a 3 on 2 match is difficult at this point especially since they have no backup at this point. "Looks like I can't pick them out," Hunter sighed, "what do you think we should do?" He asked Shisha.


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In the middle of the swing Nysrogh was struck by a huge blast which sent him flying away a few yards landing on his back with a loud thump, Nysrogh felt the energy burn him through even with his mighty inhuman defense. He heard the words "Demon Scepter," The last key to invading the human realm! He finally found the thief that stole it. This made him even angrier, this wretched Wolf Anthro had the demon scepter! He pushed himself off the ground though struggling since the magic was strong.
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Teal immediately moved away from the demon and in front of Seles, who was down. He left Ken to battle the demon. Turning his sights, and tome, to the woman, he started a quick incantation. The scepter rang out as it charged power.

"Take this." he shouted and pointed at the vamp. "Demon Scepter, Purify Evil!"

The specter shot out a powerful holy beam from its crystal at his target. The holy magics within would easily rip through undead flesh and leave a burning mark that slowly covers the afflicted. The lingering damage from the searing effects of purification could leave any foul being in pain.

Teal felt his legs tremble as the scepter began to drain his energy as a cost of using its powerful magic supply. At this rate, it would be dangerous for him to continue using it.


Tinto looked over the witch's shoulder and spot a sorcerer like man writing a scroll. Nearby, he could see floating animal-like creatures. His eyes wide and sparkling, he dashed down towards the creatures with surprising speed.

"What are these?! Such marvelous creatures I have never seen before! I must have one for my circus! But which one to choose? This one's pompom is big and fuzzy, but this one is small yet adorable! This one is fat and full of girth, but this one is rocky and lumpy!" he happily shouted as he poked, played, prodded, and examined every little creature. "Witch and Sorcerer! Which one do you think would attract more customers? Jeremy Von Haughty-taughty, or Jennifer?"

He held out a cute little moogle which he named Jeremy Von Haughty-taughty, and a rock named Jennifer.
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"Aw..." Zerix sighed since he couldn't get anyone's attention. Mostly because they were fighting for their lives and Zerix was just a distraction.

He got out of the spring... And jumped straight out, kicking off the ground, in a straight line, kicking at... Nysrogh of all people.

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Turning towards the scream as he stood up, Nysrogh with his hand open catch Zerix's kick by the shin and twirl around as he hurl Zerix towards Ken using him as a projectile, "Go play with that one!" He yelled.

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Seles got up, holding her torso... Still sore from the punch, it might've broke something in her. She walks up and place her hand on Teal, concerned that he had to help her...

She shouldn't say the obvious... but taking care of the Vampire as much as they can does... She can push a little longer, before need to recover. To make things easier for the scholar, before using too much of that magic item can possibly kill him.

The cleric close her eyes, trying to look through what spells she have as she didn't earlier noticed that she felt her connection to her deity... is weaker. ...This is troubling for her on the power of her early spells. Yet she need to make due with what they have. Concern with her deity comes later.

The spell Hold Person won't work on the Vampire's strong will, there is one other spell. But with how the vampire reacted to her holy ability. Seles need to rack up the damage, at least to where they can drive the vampire out. So, they can help Ken...

"Flame Strike..." The cleric casted the tower of holy flame, once more from beneath the vampire's feet.


Yuuan stares at the furry creature. It seem like she about to say something, but can't. Reason why?

Yuuan and Nero can't decide which. Yuuan for the rock, since it seem more appealing than the little creature, while Nero thinks that the creature worth the abusement in entertainment. Yeah... This led to some amusing arguments within the mind til...

The witch answers finally, "Both. If you can't decide, go with both."
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Ken noticed the quick projectile and transformed into his wolf form. Icy claws forming quickly letting him stay closer to the ground and ran to the side doing an odd sort of howl that froze the ground in front of him and forming a few shards of ice at the alien.

Shade started to form his dark energy, it flowing through his staff and making a sickening feeling around him. Just in the feeling of the dark magic in the air while forming a large ball in his hand.
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Zerix got pierced with the ice, and now had a hole in his arm... But that wasn't his problem. He got slammed into the ground next to Ken thanks to the trjectory being altered by the ice.

"Big... Ugly guy... Threw and ignored me... I'LL KILL THAT IDIOT! NO ONE DOES THAT TO ME! I JUST WANTED TO PLAY!" He was pissed off as hell.
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Feeling Seles' hand on his shoulder, Teal looked back with exhaustion. He closed his tome, ending the scepter's power and staggered. Right now, they were in a win or lose or situation. The mysterious boy was seemingly on their side which was helpful, but with two injured fighters, it would be fatal if one of them fell. Not wanting to jeopardize their chances, Teal retreated towards the springs to recover.

In the worst case, he needed to conserve his energy for the escape plan...


Tinto raised his arms and threw his two prized possessions into the air. They flew into a portal and disappeared. From there, the goat demon wrapped his hands around himself in a hug and delightfully squealed, "Lady Yuuan, you're so wise and smart! Why didn't I think of that?!"

He stopped when a dark aura pulsed behind him; in the direction of his ally Shade. Looking back with evil interest, he smiled at the hell to become...

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Screaming in pain, the Vampiress fell to her knees; her flesh was being purified and she felt the searing pain of it, her arm having burn marks on it already. As well as being on her knees in pain, she held her hand, "State Zero... !" she exclaimed, building up a resistance to it even more, her hair growing to her mid-back, and her finger's nails sharp as knives accompanied by her eyes a glowing red, however...

She didn't know what hit her, but it hurt even worse, a holy flame surrounded her, and erupted. Her shrieks and screams of pain could be heard by all the fighters, and when it was over, the Vampiress fell forward, her clothes burnt heavily, and her skin nearly unrecognizable, Shroud looked like she was down for now, unmoving.


Shisha thought it over, going in on them was suicide, "I think we should stay back for now..." she said, "... But..." Shisha started, having an idea.

"If we separate one of them, and you take that one on yourself, I could disguise myself as that one and trick those two!" she yelled, though not audible at all to the three Chaos Warriors, "Shall we do it?"
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hitsuki was running in a dark ally at night, a large crate being dragged behind her as she ran to her rondevu point. as she ran she pulled a walkie talkie from her shirt and began to report in on her success.

" this is N-1 reporting in, i'm heading to the drop point now. you guys better have that truck ready to leave when i ge-" she was cut off as a beam of light caught her from nowhere, and when it faded she saw she wasn't in area 11 anymore.

" where am i..  R-1 do you read me?!" she murmered into her radio before noticing all the static from the other line.

" just great, i'm in some fancy palace with no way to get help and no idea where this even is... could things get any worse. " she exclaimed in annoyance, at least glad she didn't lose her objective.
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(I'm feeling REALLY lazy... So...)

Cosmo gave Hitsuki a basic explaination of how she had called her, to help her in this war, blah blah blah.

"So I hope you understand..."

Zerix stomped the ground, and picked up the result of shattering the ground with his stomp... A Giant rock. And threw it at Nysrogh.

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after getting over the shellshock of meeting an actual god hitsuki shook her head and asked a rather obvious question.

" but lady cosmo, why me? i'm just a lowly theif, surely someone like zero or kallen would serve you better.. unless..." she asked with her arms crossed in annoyance before looking over at the crate that came with her.. ' should i use it? is it right to risk damaging such important cargo? '
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The cleric heard the vampire scream and went down in flames, yet not destroyed due to the nature of the vampire. Unfortunately for Seles, she lacks the items or conditions needed to permenantly put down the vampire... At least she's out for now.

...She need to head back to the spring and recover, there still is that demon around.

Seles return back to the springs to meet with Teal, she need to recover. Especially need to support Ken in his fight against the demon.

Hopefully fast enough to finish this fight.... Or she may need to prepare a spell for escape.


Yuuan raise eyebrow at the goat's knowledge of her name, odd that she haven't mention her name at all. Forget the thought and praise. She simply shrugs to him, lack of opinion for what the goat thinks. Aside from Nero's opinion....

She felt the raise of mana, the witch looks toward to the Necromancer. It seem like it's about to begin...
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Nysrogh watch Zerix threw the boulder. Zerix was surprisingly strong for a human, however, it won't help him much as Nysrogh summoned his scythe and swung the weapon downward to split the boulder in half. "It's your fault for attacking me you dumbass!" As the weapon clash on the ground, he twist the weapon and swung the weapon clockwise straight towards both Zerix and Ken. Aiming to kill them both in one strike, the scythe extended as it headed straight for the midsection of both of them splitting through the ice thanks to the demon's brute strength.


Hunter look towards Shisha, "We will need a distraction though." He sighed. Getting them distracted would be a pain for the plan to work. "Besides, if I go to attack, they will likely to call each other for backup." He pointed out.
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Ken thought his wisest course of action now, was to flee away from his potent and dangerous enemies back to his friends. He ran back and threw an icy ball he formed in his claws at his enemies that grew to near the size of a bowling ball as he went back at his high speeds. He stopped and dug his claws into the ground a bit dodging different things as he ran from the enemies.
Shade smirked a bit and launched the small sphere of death. It floated out slowly and eventually he snapped is fingers and dark tendrils snaked out of the sphere and drug the small screaming little creatures in slowly. Some fled with panic and some cowered in fear. As the dark magic covered them he felt an odd pull and shook a little as the sphere dropped the now thirty skeleton creatures that stood like zombies.

"Perfect. I have...cannon fodder. Can't be worse than gnomes though." He said smiling a bit and looked at the companions he had. "Feel free to tell me if you kill anything. I could use it as something to be a better meat shield."
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Zerix jumped over the blade, and landed on it. He ran down the handle, and punched at Nysrogh. Thanks to his Extra Terrestrial Status, he was actually a good match physically for a hit or two.
"Please... I only call those who  I believe can help me..."
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Teal frowned. They weren't able to defeat them, but they did manage to severely injure one. He opened his tome and calculated any possible escape route. From the spring, they could head back eastwards to Cosmos' throne. But that would lead the opponents, if they manage to follow them, to the goddess. They needed some sort of cover to hide their tracks and themselves. Perhaps a fog or smokescreen.

"Seles, do you have any spells that could produce smoke, or some kind of hard to see through screen?" he asked as tried to think of a plan.


Tinto clapped at the morbid spectacle. He was entertained and mystified at the spell. He had never seen something like it. And he would definitely like to use it to 'attract' customers to his circus.

"Lady Yuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn!" he called out whilst stretching his arms and bending backwards into a bridge pose to look at the frozen witch. "Who is this sorcerer?"

His tophat looked as if it would fall, but it magically stayed in place.
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As Seles do a quick recovery her injury from the spring, she nodded to Teal's question. There is a spell that fits in the description. "It's a mist spell, but... What about the spring?"

It would be a concern if it fell into the enemy's hands. Especially if to heal the vampire, depending on how the spring works.


Yuuan kept her stare at the Necromancer's undead horde.

"...An Ally with Necromancy Spellcraft." She shortly answered. They (except Tinto oddly, with how he got her name) neglected to introduce themselves.
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Though the Vampire was brutally sent out of battle, the burned skin and hair were oddly... Smoking, but it was not like smoke from a fire.

As she released smoke from her body, if Teal or Seles looked close enough, they could see the out-cold Shroud's skin and hair repairing itself already. The Vampiress wasn't dying.


Shisha thought for a moment, "... Wel-... Hunter?" she asked him, turning to her foes, "... I think we might have more than 3 against our side at the moment." she pointed, as the undead rose from the ground; she then... Had her idea. "... And I think it'll be the perfect disguise."
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Nysrogh couched low as he force his scythe to disappear. The scythe disappearing in a purple haze to force Zerix's footing to drop down to disappear as Nysrogh swung his leg upward at Zerix like that of a powerful punt at the same time he was socked in the face. Much to his surprise Zerix fist was strong sending the demon back a few feet.
Hunter looked at Shisha, "Well if you can sneak up on them and get some insight, yeah. If I see you're in trouble I'll get you out of there." He said.
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Zerix... Went flying from the kick thanks to his small body, kind of like in cartoons, and landed quite a distance away, his back buried in the ground.
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Teal scanned the opposing team and for a moment, closed his eyes to think. Opening them once more, he pointed at the demon.

"That big demon, his movements are sluggish and he doesn't seem to be on the bright side. He charges and decimates the field with his power and toughness." he answered back to Seles. "That undead, I don't know. But from her wounds, she probably won't be in the right mindset to check this spring. We can only count that she doesn't notice."

His finger gathered magical energy as he wrote in the air. The words, glyphs, and circles surround Seles and increase her focus.

"Ken! We're falling back. Run to the north. That's the best we can do to get them off our tracks!"


"Necromancy! Amazing!" he shouted in glee. "Wicked witch, you are a library of information! How would you like to have a tour in my circus?" the goat demon raised her hand with his gloved one and smoothly clasped it with the other. "I believe, you will have quite a blast."

His eyes gleam red as he begins to enter her memories; interested in the past of the frozen beauty.

Perhaps, he could find a spot for her in his troupe.
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The cleric chanted the spell as her focus is increased by Teal's magic.
She casted the spell Obscuring Mist. The water vapors flows out from her area and spread out, until it cover the area around the spring. If one looks at it far away, they cannot even tell who is in the fog.

Teal and Ken could see Seles' figure within the fog as the half-elf's voice is heard.
"...Let's get going now."


The witch's memories... is at least sketchy. Sure there are memories about her current self. Also there come details about Yuuan's world as there's more of her kind and something about simply living from day to day as survival from a group known as Witch Hunters. There's a abit of Nero's memories included as well and his role as Supporter.

Yet... there are some memories that are blurry, perhaps too blurry to discern them. Mainly the time before Yuuan became a witch, which from what clues within the blurry memory and knowledge...

That there's another persona buried deeply beneath the Ice Queen's own...

Unaware of Tinto's reading into her memory through physical contact, Yuuan thought a moment about Tinto's offer. The praise figuratively flies through her head like air easily going through the tunnel.

"Not right now... But I'll consider it. This... Circus could be used as a victory celebration after our side win this war. Mr.....?" The witch said, before ask. While the goat man is crazy, he could have some.... interesting attractions, correct? Especially with how Nero seem... curious about him.

....Unfortunately or fortunately, depending whom. Based on Yuuan's memories of how the witch simply take orders from higher ups, she can be manipulated... Perhaps easier than others...
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Shroud was still on the ground, her wounds surprisingly healed already, at least externally. Her clothes were charred and torn, and she was still out cold.


Shisha nodded, "I'll be fine... Just..." her skin started deteriorating, and her eyes receded into her skull, locking her jaw open and roared menacingly and in pain as she crippled her muscles, eating them until she was nothing but bone, her tongue and tail gone, and her clothes becoming worn and aged... Everything but her heart and head were still intact. Nodding to Hunter to tell him she'll be fine, before she marched off to the three warriors she'd have to take out...
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Ken nodded and shifted back to his Tengu form flying up into the air. Flying higher and higher into the clouds to the north watching below them at the mist surrounding his allies.  He flew making his large wings flap sending down the wind around as he kept a tight bead on his allies as they moved together.
"Necromancy is quiet my greatest skill." Shade said making the creatures move as one in different formations eventually settling on a ring around them. It was loose but the shambling did work to his advantage. He listens for a bit and gave a grin pulling out a few items from his bag, one a small flute that he gave a little toot on and the creatures hopped.

"I think I could...give you a few little skeletal acrobats. You'd be surprised how well skeletons can move without their muscles and skin getting in the way."
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Teal opened his tome and navigated his way out of the mist. He made sure to keep within Seles' sight so they won't separate. Heading northward, Teal couldn't help but feel like he had seen that demon before. He had seen a few demons in his travels, but the most he had seen were back in the intelligence division. Some were captured so they could learn more about them. He wasn't part of the research team, but he did come across some notes on them. As well as images of their data.

"Why did that demon react to the scepter so strongly...?" he mumbled to himself. Perhaps it was something to do with the evil nature of the artifact but he wasn't sure.


Tinto scanned her memories but frowned as they began to cloud and mystify once more. It seems the witch herself wasn't all too sure of her past... or that she knew he was trespassing. Letting go, he turned his head to see the undead army clattering and hopping.

"I have skeletons already. I do thank you for your offer my comrade dabbling in dark arts. Maybe when their bones become too brittle would I need new performers... I'll contact you then!" he laughed as his eyes gleamed eerily.

Prancing towards the skeletal army, he joined in their hopping.
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Nysrogh looked around for his enemies, his nose flared. He noticed that the attacking persons had ran away from the battle field. "Cowards," However he was not finished, he glared at Zerix and stomped towards him, each step cracking the dirt. He was blinded with rage he did not care if Zerix was on the Chaos side, he summoned his scythe to his hands and raised it up high for it to plummet down on Zerix with the intent to chop whatever the creature is in half.
Hunter watched Shisha as she marched towards the crowd of undead. He made sure of himself to keep careful track of Shisha and not to lose her. If he did, he might accidentally mistaken her for one of the undead unless she talked.
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Zerix unfortunatly, gone past his limit in several ways. He could only stand being so bored. He found getting hurt boring. He could only be so mad. He was made because Nysrogh was being boring in his eyes.

And this leads for him... To actual partial rational planning. Zerix rolled back and up, glanced up at the scythe, and kicked off the ground backwards, going farther back than someone of his size would be able to with human muscles, while spinning his right bracelet on his ring finger.

"Come on, chase me, chase me, let's have some fun!" He yelled out, in a playful voice.
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Shisha arrived into the crowd and miixed in unseen and unheard apparently. She laid low, walking like the skeletons she mimicked.

She was heading for her first target... The man who summoned these creatures in the first place. "Keep on me, Hunter..." she thought to herself, being unable to speak.


"U-... Ugh... ?" Shroud fluttered her lashes a few seconds, before finally regaining consciousness. The blonde pushes herself onto her feel, although barely able to; the holy magics didn't kill her, but she was drained of much energy from regenerating. The Vampiress moved her now mid-back length hair out of her face and looked about... She hadn't moved, but the enemies and her allies have...

It was hard not to notice that Seles and Teal were gone, and Nysrogh's giant body. "H-hey... !" she yelled out to the Demon, not noticing she was outspoken by Zerix until she saw him, when she yelled... "HEY!"
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Seles kept running as much as she can with Teal and Ken. She kept her eyes on Teal to make sure he won't be left behind. Her ears picks up something from Teal's mutterings, but can't discern what exactly the details as she is focused on escaping with everyone.

That doesn't mean she can hear the sounds of the demon's battle against someone behind her, which it starting to fade as they move further away.

How long they going to run til they reach safety?


Yuuan stares at the skeletons... and the goat man's... dance that they called? She glance toward to the necromancer.
"....So, what is your next plan at this point?" She asks the sorcerer of death, about what to do next. The Ice Queen lacks plans of her own at this moment, especially in the case of large number of familars.
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Ken kept high above them watching and circling around a few times to make sure nothing was going to flank them. Easier than a normal city and...well with no plans or morons with rocks. It was nice to fly out in the open air.

"Simple. We find the enemy. Once we do that...we can do something to get them to kill one another. Along with that...if we sow the seeds of uncertainty within the group. We can easily attack them and kill them." Shade said opening a locket around his neck and looking at the small picture inside and then snapping it closed sighing a bit sadly then straightening his cloak blowing another toot to send them to the north. "Come...Heros are normally north."
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It was a while since they had ran. Teal pointed to a gathering of rocks and motioned to take cover. What they needed now was to heal and head back to Cosmos to warn her and the others of the other group. Probably Chaos' warriors.

He was too busy reading his tome that he had not noticed a rock in front of him and he subsequently tripped.

"Ah!" he yelped and then slid.


Tinto nodded after doing a flashy pose, similar to what one would find in Visual K. He danced and swirled around the many skeletal warriors, throwing black roses from his sleeves. He draped his arms over one and his eyes snapped open.

"...?" he looked a bit perplexed. "This one... has a memory?" he whispered to himself.

Unknown to him, he had hugged Shisha.
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(64% after this post)
Nysrogh roared as he charge after Zerix, lifting his scythe up and then slamming it towards Zerix with the scythe itself extending its reach. If it misses, it would make huge crack on the ground.
Hunter kept a close eye on Shisha's movement, he was blessed to have such an incredible eyesight, and was able to track her movements. He witnessed that Shisha was able to blend in with the crowd and is slowly making her progress towards the necromancer. Though the idea is somewhat working, he is aware of the dangers if they found her out.
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Zerix did something unbelievable in that moment. He mode slightly to the side when the scythe came down, letting it catch the edge of the bracelet he was spinning, and pulled, using the face that i was less stable while moving against it. He pulled to make the scythe travel to the left of him, while smiling.

"I guess big guy is boring after all..." He ignored Shroud yelling at them, while he bit his own index finger.

"Maybe those other people will play fun games with me..."
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What Tinto saw was glimpses of Shisha's whole life... Her skateboarding down a hill as a small child, the memory ending right before she crashed. Moving to her tugging on her mom's shirt to ask for candy, and getting it as she yipped "Yay~" before changing to her meeting and playing childish games with her future-husband, Irah... Changing once more, Shisha on all fours, and charging at her own father, the Undead Tercxesh, flashing to a new right before the collision between the two, and finally only white was seen, and her screaming out "Light Cannon!" as all the memories suddenly ended...

Shisha was unaware her mind was being dissected, just that he knew she wasn't really like the rest... Which panicked her, trying to keep in fashion... Shisha knew what to do, as Tinto stayed in bewilderment, Shisha slowly grew out a tail... A tail with a sharp, blade-like end.

And while Tinto was waiting... The tail rose up behind Tinto, aiming at his spine... Before she finally struck.


"Gr..." Shroud huffed and puffed, weak, and holding her right arm. The Vampiress didn't take too kindly to being ignore, and she had just found where she left her gun...

She stumbled over to it, and with one hand, she grabbed it, and pulled the trigger... The noise of the sound barrier being broke surely would've called those two out of their games.
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Seles noticed Teal tripped over. Her eyes shown concern, she pushes the limits of her stamina as she runs faster and slids to follow the scholar to the bottom of the slope. Once down there, she would try to check the scholar's possible and ask if he is alright in a concern tone, as it is hard to tell due to Teal's fur. Depending on his injury, she may use either her aid skills for minor injuries that lasts for a while...


Yuuan noticed a locket that the necromancer held, before she and Nero manage a glance within the locket by curiousity, he close it and put it back it goes. This brings a thought in mind, what is within the locket?

She didn't bring any further thoughts up, they have a mission to do.

Just as the witch in white follows, her ears (Nero's) heard the goat man's mentions about memory. She looks back to him to see the circus master hugging a skeleton, which brings a amused thought to the supporter....

Til they noticed something long behind the goat. Something sharp...

Red eyes narrowed. Different scenarios came up within her mind. Pros and Cons of the aftermath... Effects on the short term, then long term. Yet it is suddenly overtaken by instinct. As result....There is a sound of a beastial growl coming from Yuuan's (or Nero's) throat at the sharp thing, a sound of the predator or a beast who see a intruder within it's territory.

Yet weither or not they attack is another question. As the sharp thing quickly attacks before they react to prevent the goat from getting killed by it or them indirectly.
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Teal got up and sighed. He was not used to using so much stamina in one day. Sure he's been out doing field research and the like before. But it wasn't full of danger since Lain usually dealt with it. He picked up his tome and hugged it tight. That was right, he was alone. Separated from his brother...

"Brother..." he mumbled to himself. He wasn't strong like his brother. He was weak. He wanted his sibling here... he felt alone.

Getting up and checking himself over, he noted no injuries. Just dirt stains. He looked back to see Seles looking at him with concern.

"I'm alright..." he said and nodded. "Ken! Do you see anything from up there?" he shouted.


Tinto looked up at the skeletal warrior. He felt something dig inside his body. He looked down and saw the offending blade poke out from his belly. He looked back up at the skeleton.

"That was uncalled for." he chirped before falling to the ground dramatically, the blade dislodging from his body. The wound glowing dully.

Even though time ran normally, Tinto slowly fell to the ground as black rose petals fluttered out from behind him. He placed a hand to his forehead and lamented, "I am done for! Oh woe! Avenge me Socrates!"

He hit the ground with a thud; his tongue lolled out of his mouth and his eyes literal Xs.
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The sound of the gun made Zerix react in several ways. He accidently dropped his bracelet, which thankfully wasn't catching the scythe's blade again, while he fell forward, hit his jaw, and caused his finger to bleed alot from the the fact it was in his mouth.

And oddly, only now does the pain register in his head from his finger, yet not from the ice shards, or getting kicked, as he rolled around on the ground holding his finger, making weird noises.
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Hunter notice one of the enemies had fallen to the ground, he guess that it was Shisha's doing as he quickly position himself behind a huge rock, he took aim with his rifle as he gently steady it on top of the rock. With haste his hand that held the rifle bullet is loaded into the rifle, ready to take down the opponents if they try to capture Shisha, who is easily identifiable from the tail behind her.

From the loud bang from the gun, Nysrogh stopped in his tracks, turning his head towards the person responsible of the loud noise. He was still pissed off.
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Shisha got down on all fours and glared at the Necromancer and the witch, one arm out with sharpened finger tips. Shisha was ready to fight.


Shroud looked at Zerix and Nysorogh, "What the hell are you morons doing?!" she yelled, dropping her gun. Though her eyes showed anger, her body stance and clothes showed weakness, the Vampiress was still weak. "You let those guys get away and now you're fighting?!"
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"I just wanna play..." Zerix muttered, rubbing his ears now, not really understanding the idea of letting people get away.
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"Seems we have a slight enemy..." Shade said snapping his fingers and the other skeletons clattering at the enemy. The skulls moving slowly and the teeth snapping with long bony fingers. "How about I simply allow you to live and you tell us about your group...or we can do it the Hard way."
Ken flew down shaking his head and said, "Nope! Nothing I can see ahead of us, but it's really cloudy. I can't see much but nothing is too high."
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Nero takes the front of control within the mind, as shadowy claws forms over his master's hand. Puppeteering the Ice Witch's body, which takes a different, predatory stance instead of stillness from earlier. If it weren't for Shade, the supporter would've lunge at the enemy who killed what have interest the familiar.

Now it is watching through Yuuan's eyes, waiting for the opportunity to rend the killer to shreds...


Seles accepts Teal's answer, but still concern as it seem like the scholar is homesick. Not injuried, just need to rest to recover his energy by rest...

Home... She thoughted, which she subconsciously sigh at the word of it. Look up at the shapeshifter in the sky, she warns toward Ken. "Just please be careful! And warn us if anything heading toward us!"

The cleric looks back to Teal. "...We need to rest for a while to recover our energy as well...." Especially if they run into more enemies on the way to Cosmos... Yes. The light blonde better save energy... She can tolerate what she have right now til later.
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Hunter spotting Shisha surrounded by the zombies, he pondered how he is going to get Shisha out of there. He decided to plan ahead by leaving leaning his bow against the rock and placing his hat on top of it, making it look like someone is there when they stepped closer, He silently moved to another spot behind another rock, though farther away, it will help to make it where it is coming from more unpredictable. Taking up his weapon, he decided to aim for the necromancer with his rifle, his scope locked in on the necromancer's head, even if he did miss, that other person might go after him, which he is not too worried about at the moment with his little plan. With his mind in a killing trance, his breathing slowed. He placed his finger on the trigger he slowly pulled the trigger. With a small click, the weapon fired the brass small projectile with a loud bang, rocketing towards its intended target.


Nysrogh growled slightly calming down and his rage dissipating, he knew about war strategies when he met with scholars in hell, they were ambushed, it would be different if they ambushed them. But now he knows how capable his enemies are, this war is going to be interesting after all. Still, he glanced at the vampire. "Firstly, I don't care, I'd be damn glad getting rid of this fucker." Giving Zerix a cold and deathly glare. "Secondly, If I'm correct, we are the one's attacked, we're damn lucky that they decided to retreat before finishing us off. Though I am not the smartest demon, I ain't a dumb one to chase enemies with advantages down." He decided to take a seat on the ground, crossing his legs and his scythe disappearing.
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Shroud glared at her allies, "You two are most upsetting." she said, falling to her knees to regain her strength. "You've got to be freaking kidding me..." she muttered to herself. "Okay... Well, did any of you two see where they went then? We can track them and kill them at where they hide. First, I need a moment..."


Shisha's tissue was rapidly regenerating back on, from a decayed corpse, to white bones and renewed tissue, to more organs, linings, clothes and skin, and finally her black-blonde hair. Surrounded, the Undead simply remained on all fours, "It's not just me you've gotta worry about!" she declared, right before the shot was fired.
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Zerix tilted his head in confusion, as he picked up and slipped his bracelet back on.

"Why do we need to kill them? Or find them? I don't need themsince I can just play with you two, and they aren't exactly boring." His logic only workedo ut correctly in his head.

"But if it's a game of tag we are playing, I think they went that way." And he was pointing... In the complete opposite direction like a dumb ass.
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Teal leaned against a rock and hugged his book tightly. He closed his eyes and slowly slid down the rock and on to the ground. Sitting, he sighed and opened his tome. Opening his eyes, he frowned slightly at the text on the page.

"Scan has failed to detect a 'Lain' nearby."

Closing his book, he watched Ken fly around. Perhaps it would be useful having a power like flight. Then it would be easier to locate people and spot enemies.


Tinto could hear a bang. What it was he did not know. He was too busy counting the gravel he lay on. He processed the memories from the unknown assailant and he grinned widely. She was interesting. Very interesting. He wanted to know about her. Know about her a lot. He wanted her. Yes, wanted her. She'd make a nice addition to his collection. A collection of the mysterious. A perfect piece for his circus. A circus she must join! Yes! The circus! She would be the number one attraction! Just like his daughter! No, not like his daughter! Because she is his daughter! Yes! Of course! How could he not have known! No one would make his mind flare up like this but his own blood daughter! His beloved daughter!

His body flew into severe spasms as he giggled creepily; his grin widening until his his face looked like it would fall apart. His hands shot out and grabbed his assailant's arms, clawing deeply through gloved hands. He stared his unholy eyes right into her face and ecstatically screamed,

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"This isn't a game of tag..." Shroud spat, still waiting to recover fully from the attack. "And we have to kill them for Chaos, we can go home once we're done with them." the Vampiress explained to him. She moved her hair from her eyes, looking up in order to avoid this from happening to often, "And we don't have a disadvantage, Demon..." Shroud spoke up to the sitting Nysrogh, "It's just we weren't ready and were attacking each other... Well, I guess you both were, I was attacking them."


Before Shisha could see the damages done by the shot, she was grabbed by one Tinto.

"Argh!" Shisha grunted in pain, before she felt something deep sink into her gut, she saw that the man she just murdered wasn't dead. "... Y-you?! I killed you!" she told the psychopath, pulling her arms free, drawing blood due to Tinto's tight grip. And of course, it struck her, Tinto must've been Undead in order to survive; that, or extremely durable.

"This isn't good..." she muttered, quickly leaping onto the head of a skeleton, using one foot to balance on it, "Sorry, Hunter!"
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While Nero did hear the shot, it didn't have time to notice as there's a opportunity in form of now-revealed undead ally in form of the goat man. As it seem like the prey intends to escape. Controlling the master's body, it crouch and lunges at the shapeshifting prey that's atop of one of the undead, taking advantage of the seemly distraction. Intending to maim the shapeshifter with its claws.


Seles sat down on the ground, position herself for meditation. Her hand clasp together into a prayer, the cleric want to know of how much connection to her deity exactly. She need to know the limits of what blessings that she is given, or one day she may overextend herself that can severely endanger her.

Especially since they are in different plane as Seles not sure of how much reach does Pelor have hand in, especially on different pantheons.

Taking a deep breath and green eyes closed, trying to focus her mind on a scene and nothing else. The cleric whispers a affirmations of her faith and prayed. Now, unaware of the world around her as she is in meditative trance...
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"Well if we aren't playing something I'm going! Those other guys looked fun too, and you're being boring! But you can't be boring cause we haven't played any games yet." Zerix said, while spinning his bracelet. He had totally ignored and missed the point, since his thoughts ran a different track than Shroud's.

"Bye bye!" He waved and ran away... In the completely wrong direction.
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Ken rolled out of the way into a dive where he had heard the shot. He dived toward the ground looking for his enemy with his blades drawn and landed in front of his allies, "What the fuck was that?"

Shade grunted as he saw his minions being attack and in the middle of the fray as he snapped his fingers and pulled out another scroll from his robe. He started to read the inscriptions as he moved the undead back from the fray of the two fighters. HE didn't know how often he was going to get the chance of getting minions, so he wasn't risking these ones.  Reading from the scroll, small bits of flaming spheres appeared floating around his body.
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(79 Rifle)
(8 Exploding Arrows)

As Hunter notice that one of his bullets was blocked by the Undead, "Crap this is not going according to plan. We need to get out of here." Hunter cursed, frowning.

With three of the Chaos Warriors on them it, its almost impossible to take them on head on. They need to fall back but he has to get Shisha out of there first, he rushed towards the other rock grabbing the shotgun and his hat and putting the shotgun and rifle away, he pulled out a composite bow and loaded 2 red arrow onto the string of the bow, pulling the string back along with the arrows and release the pull, launched both arrows up into the air one slightly going farther than the other, where they will arch towards the group of Chaos Warriors and Undead and explode on contact.

The best part about these arrows is that they are silent in flight, but brings destruction once it strikes the ground. The Arrows slightly curve towards, thanks to the slight wind change, to the direction of where Shisha can see it coming. Hopefully, the explosion will do two things when it strikes: It will distract the chaos warriors enough to turn towards Hunter to give Shisha, an opening for her to escape, if she takes it, and hopefully damage at least two of the chaos group particularly the Goat man and the now primal beast (Tinto and Yuuan) since explosion is large enough to envelope them and a few undead with them close together.


Nysrogh watched Zerix leave, "I really don't get that guy, and he piss me off." Still resting from the sneak attack that happened. The good thing about resting is that it give him time to reflect on the battles that was fought. He remembered how that wolf anthro had a familiar scepter, that must be the Demon Scepter. "Well, well, looks like I found the thief. Bad news for him, I can track that energy down."

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Teal was rudely forced out of his thoughts when he heard a faint echo of a gunshot in the distance. His eyes widened as Ken began falling towards the ground at progressively faster speed. Standing up in alert, he was about to open his tome when he noticed the shape-shifter break into a slow dive towards the ground with his blades drawn.

"I don't know... it sounded off in the distance..." he answered back to Ken's surprise and alertness. "Should we... move on?"

He looked at Seles who was praying and showing signs of being in a trance. He doesn't know about Seles' deity much so moving her or snapping her out of a trance may be a bad idea... Hopefully the Chaos forces from earlier don't find them...


Tinto got up and his eyes glared a perverse red that sends chills down the body. His tongue lolled out in a slosh of saliva as he shuddered in creepy elation.

"Ah... my beautiful daughter. Where have you been my nightingale?" he questioned as he spun his scepter; each swing in the air gave off a haunting echo that sounded like an agonized scream. "Let us go back home. To the nest you departed so quickly from..."

He advanced a step, his sick aura enveloping him even more. The wound the rag-doll inflicted on him wasn't there. Upon closer inspection, his clothes were not damaged. Even though the tail had pierced it...

"Ah... my daughter, come, come to papa!" he wailed in a gleeful and mad smile; his arms out stretched as if awaiting her to jump in to them.

With each spin, the scepter seemed to be glowing brighter...
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Shisha shook her head at the goat man and didn't lock eyes with him, not even once. She felt pity, despite how fearful he was trying to be. She heard the bullet whiz into one of the skulls of the undead and the explosive arrows from Hunter. And that was her cue to finally make her escape, leaping from head to head of the skeletons, Shisha made it to the end of the hoard and got back onto all fours. "Keep it up, Hunter!"


After a second, Shroud got back onto her feet and picked up her gun, latching it back on. "Well, if you can track them down, let's do it." she told Nysrogh. "I want to beat those damn Holy bastards anyhow..."
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Ken shook his head, "Let's book it. No sense being out in the open. They're might be a sniper...which would be very bad if he hits us." He looked into the distance carefully.
Shade kept reading the scroll in some other language as they floated and the trio of fireballs landed above his hand, so he could eventually throw it at the enemy if he needed to.
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Nero lands on one of the undead due to the shapeshifter leaps out of the way, just as it goes to chase after the prey. It leaps after the shapeshift, but the supporter heard something pierce through the air with it's ears in mid-air.

Too late. As they heard a explosion behind them, then felt pain from Yuuan's back. Burning pain to both Support and Witch as there is a scream from the throat. The force of the explosion forced the ice witch crash into the ground, which Nero lost it's chance to strike.... Yet it cause the supporter to get angry and true to the sniper's prediction, as the body slowly gets up on fours. It looks toward to where the explosion are possibly from.


Seles woke from her trance, with a frown look on her face. It is worse than she thought, her connection to Pelor is nothing more than a stream to the sun deity which in this case.... Holy Powers are weaker than before, also her stronger spells are locked out. Along with... Spells that deals with other planes, it is as if the cleric is more or less half of her full strength.

She need to improvise... While her power as a cleric is weaker, her skills as a former adventurer is, at least affected by what was happening.

The half-elf got up and noticed at Ken and Teal. It seem that they need to go now.
"...I am done with my meditation." She answered.
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"Ken, if I remember, one of the enemies had a rifle. Please stay out of the air." Teal asked Ken, as he helped Seles up. "We should get moving... I wonder if we'll be able to outrun them. If only we had some large mode of transport..."

Up the path was a forest. If they were lucky, they might be able to pass through and lose them...


"Sorcerer! I leave the witch to you!" he roared in madness. His eyes locked on his prey.

Tinto gave chase after the ragdoll. He tore through the ranks and swung his scepter to forcefully shove any thralls that got in his way. He leaned his head back and shit it forward, spitting a dagger from his mouth and at the ragdoll.
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Nysrogh stood from the ground. "Well, if you want to kill them that bad, then lets go." He said as he step in a direction, following the three ambushers trail. He felt his anger disappearing as he walk. (40% Anger)
Hunter notice partly his plan is working, however he noticed one of the enemies chasing after Shisha. He was not worried about her as she is fast on her feet, as he remembered from her little performance. His main goal is to keep the other two distracted as Shisha escape before retreating himself. He took out two more explosive arrows and let them loose again, aiming at both the necromancer and the other enemy. (Shade and Yuuan/Nero) Before retreating into a direction away from the enemy group, hopefully meeting with Shisha at a Rondevu point.
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Shroud got beside Nysrogh, "I'm glad you're just as ambitious to kill..." she said, walking with the large demon to track down, ambush, and kill the others.

This was going to be enjoyable...


Shisha was too busy running to realize what had been going on, "ARGH!" the young undead stumbled forward, wincing. She had been stabbed in the side, "H-Hunter, start running!" Shisha ordered before Shisha pulled the knife out and started running on her two legs instead of all 4 appendages.