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Title: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Kimoto on January 29, 2013, 10:04:15 PM

Hata put on his NerveGear. It was the offical day of Sword Art Online, the first VR MMO. Honestly he was pretty excited, since he had gotten to be in the beta.

It only took a few choices, and he was in, with his new character, Kanda. His outfit was pretty simple, of black shirt, leather cover, and blue pants. He had a simple dagger at his side, looking out. His character already looked alot like him, so he was admiring the first window he saw, checking his reflection.
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Nask on January 29, 2013, 10:48:07 PM
Rulan shakes in anticipation as she held Nerve Gear. Ready to play this game. A game that immerse herself into a virtual world of where she be the character... Sighs deeply that her brother doesn't have interest in this that he thinks it's one of some random games again, but it's more than that!

Heck... She would bet there would be a <<Fighting>> game that brother of hers would get hooked into like that big hit crossover fighting game.

Oh well. At least she could tell about it to him later. Rulan smiled as she puts the Nerve Gear on and goes to lay down on her bed. At the edge of her eye there's the clock that's about to hit the time where SAO starts. Then it hits the time.

"<<Link Start!>>" Rulan said the voice command. Then she view many colors and programs of logging in, leaving behind the real world and dive into the world of Sword Art Online.

Logging on the first floor, The City of Beginning. Rulan's now Jalynd, her or rather... <<his>> character have androgynous appearance with short messy blue hair and violet eyes. Equipment are basic, consist of leather armor, a sword, and what other starter items that he have in his inventory. If his experiences are to go by, he'll always get better ones later on through drops and quests.

"Let's get things started." Jalynd said. He passes through the crowd of players and head out to the field for his first taste of the VRMMO. Unaware that his earlier thoughts are more than it seems...
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: JackMcDack on January 29, 2013, 11:09:18 PM
(I'm feeling unoriginal so I'm just gonna c/p my original first post.)

Zelina switched the sign on her shop to "Closed". Another day, another bunch of odds and ends sold. It had been quite a good few months for her-odd things were just in high demand, she guessed- and it was time for a vacation. And what better to do than to live her normal life VIRTUALLY! And so, she donned the headgear and entered the VMMO world, taking in the beauty of the landscape, the reality of the game...for two whole seconds.

"Well then," Groucho Zel unsheathed her Generic Iron RPG Sword (Trademark) and shifted her Generic Fantasy Gear (Trademark) "Time to start grinding! Mental note: First goal, grind enough money to open a shop." And so she started looking around for someone to party up with.
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Slider Eclipse on January 29, 2013, 11:55:00 PM
Eclipse was already out on the Field's, practicing with his new weapon on the various pigs that roamed the lush parries that surrounded the city of beginnings.  for the moment he was wearing naught but a simple deep purple tunic and black tights over lighter purple boots, his weapon, a rarely seen swordstaff that was simply the default longsword bolted into the end of a piece of bamboo.. as he fought he noticed someone else training nearby.. a very.. mature looking woman with long pink hair  in a simple white shirt and bright pink skirt combo fighting with what looked like a fairly basic blacksmiths hammer.. well, trying to anyway.. she kept falling on her rear everytime the boar ran out of her attack. after watching her fail a few times more Eclipse decided to help her out and walked over.

" Hey! your never gonna hit them like that!" he yelled over to her as she fell over for what must have been the 10th time in the last 5 minutes. " you need to lead your attack into there movements, not where they are..." he continued as he helped her up.

she gave him a nod of thanks before aiming for her prey again.. and hit it square on the head.. with her own.... " ow... " she said in a voice higher than Eclipse was expecting while rubbing her sore head... thats when Eclipse noticed her shield. " say, if you have a shield there's and easier way to do it! just block the boars attacks then go in for the blow while its off balance. with a shield like that you shouldn't have much trouble" he said to her as the boar started to turn around to attack. " here it comes!" he shouted to her as she shook her head and then nodded to him, her shield raised. the boar, being a basic foe simply ran into the shield and stood there stunned, giving her ample time to slam her hammer onto its head and kill it.

" Yatta! i did it! oh thank you! thank you!" she exclamed while literally jumping up in joy and excitement. Eclipse simply let out a chuckle at her youthful cheering before she turned around and talked to him. " can you teach me more? my names sakura btw" she said while rasing her hand for a shake.. this simply caused eclipse's chuckling to go into full blown laughter causing her to pout. : Hey! whats that for?!" she said in an annoyed tone. Eclispe finished laughing after a few seconds and stood up. " you must be new to mmo's, i assume thats your real name correct?" he said, mirth still shining on his face. Sakura simply gave a small nod while blushing in embarissment before he continued. " figured, most people don't use there actual names in these kind of games.. my name's eclipse. and sure i'll help you out."  Eclipse finished before raising his own hand. sakura simply smiled and shaked hands with him and, after a few moments to add each other to there friends lists, began her training.

" ok so heres how you do a sword skill..."
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: TomJackal on January 30, 2013, 09:18:23 PM
He had been waiting for this day. It was the first day of SAO and its... Offcial-ness. Alphonse put on the headgear and quickly entered the virtual world, setting up his character first, then diving right in.


Kaitosu appeared in the first area with short and neat blue hair and green eyes, and the typical starter gear. He decided to wander around town a bit first and get a feel for the place before he headed out into the wilderness and started stabbing things in the face.
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Kimoto on January 30, 2013, 10:36:16 PM
(The start was just to get everyone in, it was actually going to skip to where we left off last time. More or less people though. things are pretty similar)

It had been about 6 Months, and they had gotten up to Floor 38. There was a party going on to celebrate, though oddly the place was really dark so alot of Torchs had to be set up.

"... I need good materials..." Kanda stared away from the party, sitting in a chair at a table alone.

(It's a floor that's dark all around, and you need lights like torchs to see wider area, but there will be a small area of light around each person)
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Nask on January 30, 2013, 11:21:14 PM
Sixth months, while it may seem short in comparison to years, that time is enough for drastic changes. Jalynd shook her masked head from the reminisce of events happened on the first day, it gives enough bad memories of it as it is. It is what made her feel exposed of revealing her true self to the world of SAO...

Thank goodness for things where she can control a degree of privacy and appearance in form of blue hair dye (which turned her hair purple) and chest wraps... Though it did feel tight due to the realism of the game...

Jalynd shook her head second time, she really need to stop reminiscing of earlier days and just go move forward to do things she got to do. She motion her hand to check on her menu to look for some woodcrafting items to make some items as a hobby. Not really fond of parties, unless it is for free food and all that.

'Huh... Low on materials..." Jalynd mutters quietly. Her wood is all good, but it is the other materials is low exactly... It looks like she would need to do some hunting on the current floor's monsters, it might make something new with her items for some selling.

She gets up from her seat and goes to find the vendor that sells the torches, don't want to get ambushed in the dark...
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Slider Eclipse on January 31, 2013, 12:07:37 AM
Sakura was  working in her private forge inside the guild headquarters on the 35th floor. after finishing up the longsword she was working on with a final couple clanks of her hammer she shelfed it and looked over to her ore chest. " hmm.. looks like its time for another farming session.." she  muttered to herself before putting away her blacksmithing stuff and heading to her office. inside eclipse was lounging on a nearby couch. " get up you lazy dame!" she yelled into his ear causing him to jolt awake and roll over to the floor. sakura giggles a little before smiling at him " its time for the 2 of us to go on a ore gathering session" she said.

Eclipse let out a small sigh before letting loose a smerk of his own and bringing up his menu to call on a few new recruits. and set up there party. " as you wish my princess.. shall we meet the rest of our party at the top floor then?" he said
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: TomJackal on January 31, 2013, 08:25:21 AM
Six months. Six months he'd been playing this acursed game, and he only had 38 floors to show for it. This was getting frustrating now. With sword and torch in hand, Kaitosu had already been doing what Jalynd had been thinking of doing. Fighting under pressure seemed to be something he was good at. As he tore through another lizard person, the red knight looked around. "... I guess that's the last of them..." He muttered. Kaitosu sheathed his blade and went through his inventory, seeing what could be sold or traded away.
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Kimoto on February 01, 2013, 07:49:51 PM
Kanda grabbed a torch from the table. Thankfully he bought this one, and set it there himself. He started walking out toward the area, to gather materials for weapons.

"I better find osmething decent..."
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: JackMcDack on February 01, 2013, 11:15:31 PM
In six months, Zelina managed to buy, sell, obtain from drops, and just luck into enough random crap from all ends of quality to be called an arms dealer, if she specifically sold weapons. She had opened her own 'portable' shop (it was a pain in the ass to bring to a new floor, but not impossible) which resembled a small shack. She wasn't exactly the Wal-Mart of SAO, but she could boast that she got okay business on her worst days.

She had finally finished setting up the shop on the 38th floor, and she sat down on her chair, exhausted. Random crap was strewn all about on the back wall, from healing items to weapons to armor to little flowers that looked kinda pretty. It was all more on the "useless junk" side, but there were some rather useful things with a moderate price tag to match. There was one thing in high demand on this floor; torches. She figured it would be easier to get them on the floor they were needed instead of having to trudge through a bunch of other floors to get them, so she decided to buy a moderate amount and sell them to people as they needed them.

And people did need them; there was a party going on. Zelina almost wanted to go to the party, but she decided against it so she could get her shop set up. She wanted to be in business as soon as possible. Wiping the sweat off her head with her Kimono's sleeve, she put a sign up on the counter that said "Wake me if you need me" and set her head down, falling asleep quickly. She never had enough supplies and things to sell, but fuck it, she earned a nap.
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Nask on February 01, 2013, 11:54:50 PM
Jalynd walks through the market setted up by players, glance to find some supplies needed for her hunt. So far it's not good due to the high demand for torches on this floor. Til her visor covered eyes see a shop named "Z Marx the Spot"...Catchy or bad pun perhaps.

Since no one seem around the shop, the masked player enters the shop. What met her sight to put it simply describe... What one could expect from a typical setting of a pawn shop, which consist of random crap and mess that have some rare values within the junk if you know what to look for.

She walks up to the shopkeeper in kimono, who seem asleep with the sign that said "Wake me if you need me". Probably slow business for the shopkeeper.

"Excuse me?" Jalynd spoke up, keeping her tone even yet boyish as she more or less disguise as a male. She attempts to wake up the shopkeeper.
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: JackMcDack on February 02, 2013, 12:19:14 AM
"...know a way you can pay for..." Zelina mutters halfway, before looking up at Jalynd. Realizing she had a customer, she shot directly up and had a smile on her face in the blink of an eye. "Welcome to Z Marx the Spot! What can I do for you?" She asked the masked 'man'.
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Nask on February 02, 2013, 08:30:06 PM
Jalynd kept her stare at the shopkeeper as she moved her hands to open up the menu, scrolls down and click on something. Twice. Two items materialized in her hands, both are masks. One is seem abit fancy, with feathers from the top of the mask and the other is seem to be a one half feminine and the other masculine. She place the masks on the counter, if the shopkeeper checks the items she would see the names of "The Fortune" and "The Lovers" respectively. It is obvious that they are crafted by a player.

"Yes. I am here to buy some torches, healing items, and selling these masks." Jalynd answered. Straight to the point.
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: JackMcDack on February 03, 2013, 06:43:51 PM
Zelina picked up the two masks and looked them over. "Nice work. I'll give, ah...200 for the Lovers, 230 for The Fortune." She then set the masks down and took out a torch and some healing crystals. "Torch is 230, crystals are 120 apiece."
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Slider Eclipse on February 03, 2013, 11:33:11 PM
Eclipse's Party arrived on the 38th floor... well the few who decided to show up that is..  at this point the party consisted of  eclipse, sakura ( known to everyone besides eclipse as C.B.), a tall bulky guy in heavy armor with a 2 handed battle axe, and a teen Male trap in a robe suspiciously like a dress using a rapier and throwing knifes..  yea they might need to do some recruiting before they set out for more ores..
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Kimoto on February 03, 2013, 11:35:36 PM
Kanda had gotten a suprising amount of materials already, by using his speciality. Hit and run. He attacked faster than the monsters could, over and over again, narrowly dodging and blocking, to overcome higher battle healing, and if he had to, he ran away.

"I got good stuff... Though my speed is only good for moving around... If only I could make my arm move faster..."
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Nask on February 04, 2013, 12:03:12 AM
Jalynd nodded to accept the price of her Mask, despite that the selling price of her masks is outweigh by the buying price.

"I'need two torches and three healing crystals." answered the player, ready to pay the costs for supplies as whatever she got out from the masks is negated by the buying the items. She opens up the menu and set the payment to 390 cols for it, all's left is on the shopkeeper's end.
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: JackMcDack on February 04, 2013, 06:04:40 PM
Zelina nodded and took out another torch, putting all but three of the healing crystals away, accepting the transaction. "Thanks for your business. And get famous so I can jack up the prices on the masks."
Title: Re: Sword Art Online RP
Post by: Nask on February 05, 2013, 05:04:30 PM
Jalynd simply nodded to the shopkeeper and with the items in her inventory, she then left the shop. The player then heads out of the safe area and into the wilderness in the dark, she takes out her torch with one hand and her other hand on the hilt of her two-handed sword in it's shealth for prepareness. The torch lits in fire in the dark, giving her light to see on this floor.

She kept moving deeper into the floor and start grinding against the local mobs of the floor.