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Title: Yugioh: War of Heroes
Post by: LinkFTW on January 14, 2013, 10:02:57 PM
Let me tell you a story, an old tale of friendship, love, and whatever else you find stinking under your bed in the morning. Well, you know what they say, all stories start at a beginning. So here's one that not a lot of people know about.

See, there was once a portal to a world that existed long ago, hidden deep within the sands of the great Kingdom of Egypt. The location of this portal was only ever known by the Pharaoh and was to be shared with no one else. This portal led to a world of ancient creatures and mighty warriors, of mysterious sorcerers and fabulous beasts. It was said that whoever could harness so much of a fraction of that portal's power would hold the secrets of the universe itself.

Of course, the inhabitants of the world beyond the portal often crossed into ours, though we could not cross into theirs. Most of them came with noble intention, seeking to help protect us. Others came with darker intent, hoping to secure this world for themselves. While the noble ones were able to drive the more fiendish beasts away, there soon came a time when an especially powerful being came into this world: Zork, the Master of Darkness. Zork made allies with many of the black-hearted fiends of the Other World and it was not long before he amassed an army.

Soon, a Civil War broke out, one that ravaged the land and destroyed the way of life as the people knew it. Whole armies, monster and human alike, were destroyed. When the smoke cleared, the humans and the noble-hearted beings of the Other World stood victorious, but at a great cost.

10,000 years later, the war shall begin anew. And with this new beginning comes a new cycle of incarnations.


Takashi woke up and stared at the giant poster of the Blue Eyes White Dragon on the ceiling. Today was yet another day of trying to get his friends to wake up and smell the Splendid Roses. Another day of trying to get them to rediscover who they were really.

He groaned and flipped over. Five more minutes... that's all he needed...


He smelt bacon.

Five seconds later, he was shoveling the stuff into his mouth.
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Post by: Nask on January 14, 2013, 11:14:13 PM
Alarm clock buzzed loudly through out the bedroom, a hand rose from the sleeper's bed and slams down on the annoying machine. Which it take several times to beat down the button til it is silenced.

" Several more minutes." Lynd's voice muffled by her pillow, before curls up under her blanket in attempt to return to dreamland. Reason being that she stayed up late to play her gaming on the internet as it involved join a group of players in a raid against powerful bosses. It didn't end well.... For the players.

Sleep didn't came for several minutes, before the messy haired girl bothers to check the time of her alarm clock. The blue head groans at the time, it reminded her of a important appointment today... Moments later, Lynd went out of her bed and goes to get ready.

....Why did it take place in mornings for the rare occasion she decide to build up the courage of playing in a Duel Monsters tourney!?


He needed to get ready for today as Naoki going to be very busy for the tournament, where he's going to run all over the place from one shift to another. This is the important day for paying his rent, regardless of his lack of interest in Duel Monsters.

In fact, the young man is seen running on the sidewalk to get to where the local tournament take place, agile avoid a occasional early bird joggers at the time. He need to be early for his first shift of the job, which is covering the front desk til the event starts.

"Okay Naoki... You can handle this." He talked to himself, keeping his breath at a steady rhythm. He can deal with whatever crap throws at him today on the job, especially from what he heard about the tournament's host.
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Post by: PitFTW on January 16, 2013, 11:01:09 PM
Austin... was struggling, to put it in simplest words.

He was teetering on a stool, trying his best to pin up a banner. Unfortunately, the tournament's host enjoyed big spectacular things. So this stool was, of course, balanced on a table balanced on another table balanced on a third table balanced on a chair. Therefore, it was a teetery tottery thing.

He groaned as he realized that he was STILL too short to get the banner high enough. Hopefully his help would arrive soon...



"Taka, it's three hours before the doors actually open for tournament goers..." his cousin, Akane sighed, "No one's going to show up for a while..."

"But what about the food? The music? The practice rooms? The piņata!?"

"They'll all be eaten... and listened to... and whacked in due time," Akane drawled, shuffling papers around the registration desk. She spotted someone coming up in the distance. "Look, that must be one of our hired helpers."
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Post by: Nask on January 17, 2013, 12:06:08 AM
Naoki just enter through the doors of building, pause a moment to take a breather as he takes a moment to glance. Not much people within the building aside from three people, one of whom that he seen on television that shown Duel Monster matches. ...Not his choice though as alot of channels involved dueling, so it can't be helped that he knew who the guy is. Anyone does, unless they lived a 6ft under a rock and deaf as hell.

Once he gathered his breath, Naoki regains his posture and walks to the desk with two people. One of them is the Dragon Duelist and loudmouth named Takashi Fujiwara.

"...Ready for my shift." Naoki answered to a possible question from one of them, straight to the point. No formalities and do not bother with the time.


Lynd yawns, again. Rubbing her eyes underneath her glasses. She still feeling sleepy as she took another sip from her cup of coffee, current looking over her decks once more. Currently deciding what to use for the tournament.

"What to choose...." Lynd muttered tiredly, lean on her table with one hand. Looking through a couple of cards, feeling that she can't change them as it is til match time. It's either the deck she familar with or the deck she felt needing some tests in the tournament. Although it's not like she believed in making far in the tournament as it's just a hobby.

She sigh, before drink the rest of her coffee and put the cards back to their respective decks in their deck boxes. Then gets up to hook the boxes to her belt hidden under her vest. The blue head looked at the time... Three hours til it start.

Should she wait? Or get there early for registry before the long line comes in?

With what happened to her if she do things at the last minute, Lynd should just go.....

"Nah, need to check the some stuff from the Internet...." Lynd lazily said, before hops on the computer, using it to scour the internet. Checking on some stories and listen to music. It is still early to get to the tourney.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on January 19, 2013, 02:14:53 PM
blitz woke with a yawn.. yet another day to duel as he flipped out of his bed and stretched, boxes scattered around his room. " yet another day to prove my greatness!" he said to himself with a grin as he got dressed.  finishing up by attaching his deckbox to his belt he ran down stairs, and after saying bye to his mom  grabbed a peice of toast and ran out the door. after all no point in wasting time. hes got a tournament to get too!


in a dark ally near the building taka and co are in everything was quiet.. then a small vortex of blue energy appeared startling the cats that slept in the dumpster filled with rancid bacon nearby. dumping out young claire and sealing up. " haha thats the last time i try to grab a bite to eat from old pegisis ( A/N: not the actual one, a distant relative of his though)." she said with a lauigh as she dusted herself off.  " now then, where did i end up.. " she said to herself as she walked out of the allyway...
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Post by: PitFTW on January 19, 2013, 02:21:59 PM
Akane smiled. "Alright, so you can start with-"

"Scratching my back!" Takashi interrupted. He turned his back to Naoki. "There's this itch I've been trying to get since this morning and it's killing me!"

"Um... help!?" Austin shouted over his shoulder as he teetered. Before anyone could do anything, he was on the floor, the banner landing on his head.

"And after you finish with that, you can go ahead and mosey on over to the basement to grab me a donut. Then after that, run down to the coffee shop to grab me a frappe, and after that-" Takashi blinked. ".... On second thought, take all your stuff from Akane. There's something I gotta attend to..." with that, he ran out.

Akane rolled her eyes. "He can be so random at times... okay Naoki, man the registration desk. The duelists should be arriving soon. Just check their ID and stamp them if their decks are legal, got it?"


A door behind Claire opened. Takashi stepped out, Ritual Weapon in hand.

"Alright, stick 'em up. I know what you are and from the looks of this weapon, you probably know what I am. Now... friend or foe?"
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on January 19, 2013, 02:27:20 PM
claire was startled and quiclkly raised her hands. " i'm sorry please doin't throw me in jail! how was i suppose to know that pegisis had an allergic reaction to seeing girls!?" she quickly muttered before she turned around to see him. " oh..  ehehe sorry thought you were one of those goons that chased me earlier.. names claire and i'm a friend to anyone who doesn't have a P**** spike" she said with a chuckle.
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Post by: Nask on January 19, 2013, 02:36:12 PM
Naoki stares at the moment where Takashi left, don't know if he's relieved or not since it IS part of the job. Only to be saved by the last minute with the other job.

"Got it." The worker confirmed. Though he may need to look over the recent lists on the computer just to be sure, before the duelists arrived. His knowledge is outdated on what's illegal or what's not in recent releases. He then walks to behind the registry desk and man it.

"Is there anything else I should keep an eye out for?" Naoki asked as he looks over the papers.


Lynd smiles as she finished her internet time, before looks at the time. Enough to make it to the tournament, she turned off the computer and get up.

Moments later, she left the apartment and head her way to where the local tournament is located. All she hear is anime songs through her D-Gazer's ear piece.
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Post by: TomJackal on January 19, 2013, 02:45:18 PM
While Lynd might be getting there on time, Kaito might not. He slept in an hour later than me meant to, so now he's rushing around trying to get ready. The young man went through his usual morning routine faster than he usually did, and nearly left the house with his shirt on backwards and no deck. After righting his obvious foul-ups, Kaito ran out the door, hopped on his bike, and tore down the street, burning rubber as he sped to the tournament location.
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Post by: PitFTW on January 19, 2013, 03:08:46 PM
Akane opened her mouth, but closed it as she ducked random flying objects from Austin... collapsing onto the floor once again.

"Just those. And try not to let too many Monster Reborns slip under the radar. The last time someone managed to slip five in made quite the mess."


Takashi's eyes narrowed. "... You're awakened... okay, who are you and how much money do you owe me from that bet I made with everyone 10,000 years ago on whether or not my dragon could chomp Zork's dick dragon thing?"
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on January 19, 2013, 03:16:03 PM
" As i recall it was you who owed me $50 for betting that zork actually enjoyed having his dragon dick biten." Claire Smirked before bowing and introducing herself. " Claire, reincarnation of Dimension Wanderer at your service."


Blitz made it with good time and kicked open the front doors to the building. " Behold! it is i the great and magnificent Blitz who has arrived!" he shouted to the heavens in style. " if you hear crying thats just your decks weeping at the pain they are about to receive from me!" he contenued with a cocky grin on his face.
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Post by: PitFTW on January 19, 2013, 03:17:25 PM
Akane pokerfaced at Blitz' entrance. ".... Just when I thought no one could possibly get any louder than my cousin..."


Takashi inclined his head. "Takashi, Paladin of the White Dragon. I take it you're not from here?"
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on January 19, 2013, 03:20:11 PM
" i am and i ain't, i tend to travel around alot. nothing better than adventuring around the world with naught but the clothes on your back and your deck by your side" she said with a wistful smile.  " anyway, pleased to meet you again taka, it is alright if i call you taka isn't it?" she contenued. while offering a handshake.
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Post by: TomJackal on January 19, 2013, 03:30:38 PM
Hey, you know what would suck? If Blitz got ran over on accident right after his big entrance. Good thing that's not gonna- OH WAIT IT TOTALLY IS.

He was almost there. Kaito was so close to the tournament building. he only broke through one fruit cart and disturbed three flocks of birds on the way here, so he's getting better about not hurting himself when he's in a rush on his bike. A little grin came to his face as he closed in, but it quickly turned into a look of surprised horror when he hit a curb and went flying in the air. By a stroke of dumb luck, he and his bike went through the doors, and Kaito indirectly ran some guy standing in front of the door with his bike. As he sailed trough the air, a thousand screams tore through his brain, and they all came together in one singular phrase when he crashed.
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Post by: Nask on January 19, 2013, 03:40:32 PM
Naoki nods in agreement with the same pokerface. He pulls up the holographic computer and keyboard. "...Deck and ID?"

Just as he asked that, some guy on a bicycle runs over the loud guy. This is odd.

Yeah.... Pretend the show didn't happen. Pretend it is normal.


Lynd for the moment as she felt a strong gust, causing her to hold her sweater-like dress down to avoid her undergarments revealed in public. She didn't hear anything due to hearing some old anime openings booming through her ears and looks up to see.... Track marks on the side walk?

...Odd. The blue head continue forward to reach the building, which it didn't take long.

What met her sight is one guy crashed on another guy, which she raised her eyebrow. "How did that happen?" Lynd asked, before she goes to help the black hair boy up.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on January 19, 2013, 03:44:33 PM
"- am the grea-" Blitz was contenuing hiw rant about how awesome he was that hadn't stopped sense he entered... only to be interrupted by a bike to the back of the head, sending him crashing forwards into his face and skidding along the ground until he was stopped by the wall that is the registration desk, in the progress ramming straight through what seemed to be one of the ones running this tournament ( I.E psyche) so.. needless to say when she fell ontop of him it was the last straw and he passed out on the spot.
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Post by: PitFTW on January 19, 2013, 03:46:39 PM
Takashi shrugged. "Sure, why not... say, I need some help here. There's a whole room full of Awakening potentials back there and I'm having trouble... do ya mind...?"



He immediately fell off his teetering stool thing.

Akane facepalmed.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on January 19, 2013, 03:50:04 PM
" eh sure, not like i have much else to do. " claire said before starting to walk over to the door that taka came out of earlier. " what you want me to do just duel a few of these smucks and hope that triggers there memorys or..." she said before opening said door and seeing the calamity that is blitz's faceslide. " err.. are you sure that causing blunt trama is the best way to awaken them taka?" she said with a sweatdrop*
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Post by: TomJackal on January 19, 2013, 03:51:48 PM
Kaito didn't take as much abuse from the crash as Blitz did, and was merely under his bike with a pained look on his face. "I hate that curb... So much..." he muttered, shoving the bike off him and sitting up slowly. He'll probably have some bruises tomorrow.
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Post by: PitFTW on January 19, 2013, 04:03:23 PM
Takashi stared at the ruckus.


Austin ran over to Kaito with a First Aid kit. "You alright?"
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Post by: TomJackal on January 19, 2013, 04:07:08 PM
Kaito nodded at Austin. "Yeah, I think I'll be fine... I'm not bleeding at least... You should check the other guy though..."
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Post by: Nask on January 19, 2013, 04:09:04 PM
"You'll live. At least you didn't end up broken bones or concussion like the other guy." Lynd stated as she let the guy go once he supported himself. When she get a good look at the bike guy's face...

Wait... At that moment, she looks at other occupants within the room. Faces that she seen from reading the rumor mill of the internet and the news. Aside from the emo guy (Naoki) and the KO'ed guy, she haven't seen the blond's face...

After some thoughts for the moment.... Names pops up in her head in random orders of Kaito Takahashi, Akane Takahashi, and Austin White.

...And she gone blank when she saw Takashi Fujiwara. At this moment, she didn't noticed Austin White come over to help Kaito.

Yep, definitely screwed over in this tourney.


"...Something that came out of comedy, sir." Naoki answered his boss. "One guy is knocked out and the other is fine."

...Though the blue head looks like having the blue screen of death.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on January 19, 2013, 04:12:36 PM
Blitz woke up from his nap and set his sealed thunder deck as well as his id onto the desk. " one.. entry.. pleas-" he said before falling once again into the sweet embrace of a coma.. Claire just contenued sweatdropping at this
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Post by: Nask on January 19, 2013, 06:50:22 PM
Naoki immediately get working to do his job, not going to wait for Takashi's response. He picks up the blond's ID and type in the name "Blitz Kanshiro" into the data base to show his profile of records and history. Then look through Blitz's deck to see if it's legit for the tournament...

He voiced out to other duelists who just arrived while looking through. "I suggest you all line up before rush hour comes in and take your early entries." Though didn't care if they act on his warning or not, it would be their fault of not doing so. The worker looks through the cards closely and compare them to the current ban list on the paper.

...It is a nasty piece of work, yet deceptive by the deck's art. No one would take Blitz seriously til these little guys effects kicks in and his Magic cards are well under the limit. That is... Til he saw one card that seem to sticks out, Naoki didn't recall from how much he looked through the data base.

Naoki frowns before looks at Takashi. He asked. "Hey boss? Did this card seem... Right to you?" If Takashi comes over to his worker, the late teen would show his boss the card only. No one else. The card is a Field Spell with it's art shown a green magic circle and it's glyphs...

The card name said Seal of Orichalcos.


Lynd still having her own version of BSOD... It seem she needs some help to get out of that. If one reads her mind, it would be... a hourglass loading icon as it showed advertisements of random scenes in commerical format.
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Post by: PitFTW on January 19, 2013, 10:52:00 PM
Takashi looked at the card. He opened his mouth. Then he closed it.

That was definitely a sacred card. There was no doubting it. Thing was, if Blitz' trigger had something to do with activating it, that meant that he had to enter it into the tournament... but if Takashi remembered anything from his Paladin days, it was that the Seal was cheap as Hell.

There was only one way to solve this...

"I can't be sure until I duel him," he drawled lazily. "Have him duel me, what's-your-face. THEN I'll see if that card is tourney legal."


Austin smiled ruefully as he helped Kaito up. "The others seem fine. Besides, you were-" he blinked, a slight electric tingle coursing up his arm. "... I'm sorry, but have we met?"
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Post by: TomJackal on January 19, 2013, 11:03:27 PM
"Probably not... It's more likely that you've seen my Magic Act ads around town or in the local paper." Kaito said, dusting himself off a bit after getting up. He was pretty sure that people would recognize him from at least his ad on the billboards. He had his picture on those! And he was in his fancy Magician tux!
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Post by: Nask on January 19, 2013, 11:11:58 PM
"...Right." Naoki said, before returning the questionable card back to Blitz's deck. He looks back to the duelists who plans to enter the tourney, who seem to be busy. Sighed before put one hand under the desk to find something...

It'll kill two birds with one stone if he do this. If not, go with a back up plan. If THAT failed, then use another and another til he runs out of ideas, short of something that would've get him in trouble with the law.

He felt a object in question and takes it out. It is a air horn, before looks back to Takashi and the girls (except the BSOD'ed girl). "I suggest cover your ears." Naoki warned, before goes around the desk and to Blitz's Coma Body. The worker held the Air Horn close to the blond's ears with one hand and the other to cover one of his own ears.

Then he press the button hard, the Air Horn blares deafly loud that would've wake the dead at point blank range to Blitz.... And everyone else who didn't cover their ears afterwards.

This shook Lynd out of her BSOD state and winced as she covered her ears. She nearly cursed out as she glares at the offender with the air horn.
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Post by: PitFTW on January 20, 2013, 04:46:01 PM
Austin smiled, letting go of Kaito's hand. "Right, most likely. Sorry, you seemed familiar for a second." He winced at the sound of the air horn. "That was... unpleasant."

Akane covered her ears and winced as well. "Was that really needed, Naoki!?"

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Post by: TomJackal on January 20, 2013, 04:53:55 PM
Kaito didn't really budge. His brother liked blaring DEATH METAL all the time, so he was used to loud noises. Something like an air horn was a faint chirp compared to SCREECHING GUITARS AND DRUMS BEING BRUTALIZED MIXED WITH UNDECIPHERABLE SCREAMING IN A SLAVIC LANGUAGE.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on January 20, 2013, 05:04:16 PM
Claire covered her ears. " why didn't you invest in smelling salts!? they are much less annoying!" she shouted over the horn before removing her hands.


" Drachen Hahn!" Blitz yelled as he was woken. ' WHY'D YOU DO THAT FOR?!' he yelled even louded cause of the ringing in his ears... needless to say his hearing was damaged that day and he would later need a hearing aid sometime around his 50's...
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Naoki let goes the button and held the air horn down. He shrugs before saying, "The nearest thing I grabbed and there's no smelling salts found in that desk."

He looks at Blitz and gets up, "Takashi wants to duel you to judge to see a card in your deck is legal or not."

He then returns back to his desk to wait for other people in line, before voiced out to other duelists. "Well? Are you guys gonna stand there and lose your tournament spot? Get your spots before Rush Hour comes in while the matter with Blitz settles with a duel against Takashi."

Lynd push up her glasses, before looks at Kaito. "You go first."
Yeah... She felt the need to gather her composure first.
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Kaito nodded at Lynd, then dug through his pockets as he walked up to the desk. He set his deck down under his ID. "One entry, please."
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Huh. Maybe he was starting to get out of dueling shape.

"... I suppose I can make that legal," Takashi said. "After all, it is only once per duel." He shrugged. "Just don't come crying to me when it gets MST'd to death."
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on January 20, 2013, 06:08:25 PM
" haha yes! all have seen just why i am the greatest duelest evar!!!!" blitz exclaimed to the heavens not even paying attention past the word " legal".


Claire just rolled her eyes and went over to the line to sign up. if that old dragon knight wasn't going to tell her what to do she might as well have some fun dueling at least.
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Post by: Nask on January 20, 2013, 06:18:10 PM
While the duel ended... Naoki nods as types in the computer with Kaito's ID and looks over the magician duelist's deck. "Your good to go."
He typed in some more as a ticket pops out of the desk like what one can see from movie theaters or booths, takes it out by hand and stamp it. Which leaves behind a trippy rainbow color with wording mentions "I have an ego... and I made a stamp to support it. Then hand it to Kaito.

"Next!" Once Kaito walks off, Lynd walks up next with a green girl walks up behind her. She handed her deck and ID to Naoki, kept quiet about something. The worker repeat the process and give the ticket to Lynd once he's done.

Before Naoki do the green hair girl's, he print out Blitz's ticket and stamp it. Leave it on the desk so the loud blond can pick it up on his own.

Naoki looks up to see a rush hour coming in... A massive amount of Duelists to form a huge ass line. ...This would take a good while, unless he's noticed something wrong with their decks in those lot.

Back to focusing on the duelist front of him, the worker asked the green hair girl. "Deck and ID?"
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Post by: LinkFTW on January 20, 2013, 06:30:00 PM
Takashi facepalmed. "Right... so, how many people are-"

An explosion sounded somewhere ridiculously nearby.

"... Okay, who's been playing with the gas burner?"

"Tak, I don't think it's the gas burner!" Austin shouted as he glanced out the window.

Outside... well, to be frank, it looked a Hell lot like a children's card game come to life.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on January 21, 2013, 08:14:18 PM
" whoa i must have hit my head harder than i thought..." Blitz said upon seeing the duel monsters " Radical! now even the monsters can know of the greatness that is the Blitz!"  he continued before running head 1st into the chaos.


" I did not sign up for this..." Claire muttered through her palm. after all she was honestly not expecting anything remotely like this to happen.  she doesn't even have any attack for ra's sake!
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Post by: Nask on January 21, 2013, 08:45:47 PM
Naoki couldn't see what happen outside due to crowd of people, though heard what the green head said. So far he sees confusion from his end, but as far he can see at the otherside of the crowd that seem to be panic or fear... In short, mix reactions that may not be good.

Doesn't matter though, he need to get control of the situation before it became a rampage of panic people. Naoki yells outloud to crowd, "Everyone! Please calm down! Anyone near the entrance! Get away from there and stay away from the windows!"

He don't know what to react in this situation exactly, but... "...What the hell is going on out there?"


Lynd felt at the moment swore that her D-Gazer malfunctions, til she take the device off only to see duel monsters are real.

...Did she became immersed in her games too much like that one light novel said? She sure didn't take any drugs lately.... Well, coffee is technically a drug, but Lynd is very sure that it didn't cause people to halluciate. Lynd wiped her glasses abit, before putting back on. Real or not, she may need something to defend herself and to keep some idiots out of trouble in case like the emo guy said about keeping away from the entrance...

Like that blond loudmouth who's running at the duel monsters like Leroy Jenkins...

"Idiot! Get back here! Those guys can kill you with those things!" Lynd yells out at the blond.
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Post by: LinkFTW on January 21, 2013, 11:40:11 PM
Takashi pulled out his duel disk, but rather than inserting one of his usual decks, he pressed a button hidden at the bottom of it. It transformed into a DiaDhank (

Austin's and Akane's eyes widened.


"What in the bloody Hell is that thing?"

"No time to explain!" he shouted. "Get somewhere safe! Quick!" an engraving of a Red Eyes Black Chick appeared on one of the feathers. "Let's go!"

The moment the baby dragon appeared in the world, it growled and snapped at a passerby Fiend Megacyber. The monster scoffed and made a move to crush the baby under its foot.

Only for said foot to be snapped in half in the teeth of the Red Eyes Black Dragon that suddenly appeared in the baby's place.

"Bitch, don't mess with dragons!" Takashi smirked. Red Eyes' carving was replaced with one of Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

Bye Bye, Megacyber!
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Post by: TomJackal on January 22, 2013, 09:50:26 AM
Kaito looked over at what was going on, and blinked. "Uh... Maybe I hit my head in that crash..." he looked over at Lynd. "Am I the only one seeing that?" Kaito pointed at the dragon nomming the fiend.
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Post by: Nask on January 22, 2013, 10:42:50 PM
"...You are not the only one." Lynd answered. She lost track of the blond idiot in the monster crowd and sees a dragon that pulls alot of evolutions to bite the fiend off. Since when did Takashi pulled a summoner on them? ...Although the design seem gives off a familar feeling. "...I think we should also take Takashi's advice as well, before more of them comes up to eat us."

She don't want to know if that can really happen or not to them, but the blue head starts to back up slowly...


Naoki takes a deep breath to keep himself from gawking at seeing a REAL FREAKIN BLACK DRAGON IN MODERN DAY, before looks at Akane and Austin. "You guys lead the civilians to safety, I'll cover the back of the line to make sure no one is left behind."

Those two know the place better than him... Although the worker may not needed since Takashi got the situation handled, but who knows? There's a chance that one or two of those monsters may slip by the guy and his dragon.
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Claire just stared in awe for a few moments at the site. " I'll have to ask him to get me one of those later.." she muttered to noone in particular before calling upon one of her wormholes and reaching into it for a good old fashioned rocket launcher " for now however its time to do the best i can!" she finished with a yell before firing at a grapha that was about to attack the red eyes from behind.

===================================================================================================== meanwhile Blitz was showing just how thick his skull was.. by taking a blow to the face from a dark diviner, sending him flying back through a window and into the wall by naoki, ko'd once again
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Post by: LinkFTW on January 24, 2013, 01:03:08 AM
"Right!" Austin shouted at Naoki over the noise. He nodded at Akane, who pulled out a megaphone.

"Everyone, please don't panic! Exit in an orderly fashion out the emergency exit! I assure you, this is all merely a hologram malfunc- AH!" she leaped out of the way of a stray Dark Magic Attack just in time.

A Dark Magician clothed in red floated in front of her, smirking. Akane's eyes widened as he spun his staff and launched yet another attack. Austin charged, ready to push her out of the way.

"Fear not..."

A purple blob suddenly appeared and absorbed the attack, sending one of its own right back at it. Much to everyone's except Claire's and Takashi's surprise, a certain purple-clad Spellcaster formed from the blob...


Before the purple magician could answer, the red one had blasted again. The purple Dark Magician beat back the attack and just outright tackled his opponent, the two wrestling each other on the ground.


"Beware, child!" a deep, ancient voice suddenly spoke up from Takashi's DiaDhank. "Something wicked this way comes!"

It didn't take long for Takashi to realize that yet another old memory had woken up in his brain.

A siege somewhere near the pyramids... dust, dirt, blood, screaming... him riding on top of his faithful dragon...

An all too familiar roar...

Or should he say FIVE roars? 


Five-God Dragon swooped down, all five heads blasting every which way. Takashi barely had time to dive out of the way before Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon was completely wiped out. There was no way it would have stood a chance anyways. The damn thing wasn't a LIGHT monster!

"God dammit, Shiny..." Takashi mumbled as he stared at the Eye of Wdjat on his DiaDhank. Its shine had faded about half-way, indicating that he didn't have very much of his Ba left. "You just HAD to have a stupidly hard-to-figure-out Trigger."

He glared at Five-God, concentrating with all his might to summon his three most trusted monsters. It would take quite a lot of time, of course. He had to hurry, though. There was no doubt that it KNEW exactly who to aim for, as each of its heads targeted one duelist each:

The WIND head aimed at Blitz.

The DARK head aimed at Kaito.

The FIRE head aimed at Lynd.

The WATER head aimed at Naoki.

The EARTH head aimed at Akane.

Cue five WTF blasts!
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Post by: TomJackal on January 24, 2013, 07:52:04 AM
In a fit of quick thinking, Kaito avoided his own shot and kept Lynd from a fiery death-splosion by Get ready for this: practically tacking Lynd, sending them through the air for a brief moment before they both hit the ground. Luckily Kaito was unharmed.

Except he wasn't because the Dark blast grazed his foot, and the fire blast clipped his shoulder and ran across his back before he and Lynd hit the ground. Did he howl in agony? No, he took those shots like a man. Of course his body was shaking from the pain that was running through it, but the black haired boy was for the most part quiet about his suffering. "... OW."
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Moments ago, Lynd paused what she is doing as she heard something... Familar coming from Takashi's direction. A deep voice that she sure didn't fit with Takashi's own tone, but this caused her to think about where the voice is coming from. However, this distract her long enough as the girl didn't noticed Five-Headed crash in and FIRE head fire a blast of fire at her. This would've burn her into a charred corpse...

Til Kaito suddenly tackles her to the ground, avoiding the blasts. Although this singed the poor guy as she heard the wince. This would've been a romantic scene in what one expects in typical action movies or drama, BUT!

Lynd thinks otherwise as what just happened progressed through her head. "GAH!" She pushed Kaito off her out of reflex. Didn't realized what happened to Kaito which caused her to murmured "Oops...?"


Naoki on other hand is unlucky as he got caught by the WATER head's attack full blast in form of high-pressured water. This forced the worker back against one of the walls, thus trapped him in 5000 ATK worth of Water, he cannot scream in pain as he losing air from his lungs. He feel crushed from all sides against the wall...
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When Lynd pushed Kaito off, he landed on the shoulder that got clipped by the fire. "OW." Yeah, he'll definitely feel that in the morning.
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Claire opened a wormhole in front of Blitz's comatose body to absorb the attack before opening another to send it flying  right back at a newly revived grapha. " for the love of ra will SOMEONE get this fool out of the line of fire!? " she exclaimed feeling a little drained ' ok note to self, don't try too many deflections without help from a galaxy eyes ' she thought to herself before pulling out another rocket launcher from her hidden arsonal and firing to try and keep the onslaught back for as long as possible.
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Five-God Dragon literally shrugged off the redirected blast. After all, it was not a LIGHT attribute blast. While the EARTH and WATER heads were blasting away, the remaining three turned their attention to Kaito, obviously detecting him to be a threat.

Lynd and Kaito were suddenly assaulted by three powerful blasts.


"It's been a long while, Mahaado," the Red Dark Magician sneered.

Mahaado snarled. "Meralkion... You were banished five millennium ago!"

Meralkion laughed. "Fool! Not even banishment will prevent me from seeking my revenge!"

"Lightning Vortex!" Mahaado shouted, sending bolts of lightning at his opponent.

Meralkion smirked and dodged...

The lightning headed right towards Blitz.


Takashi had his eyes squeezed shut. A gold aura surrounded him as he chanted rapidly under his breath, trying his best to summon the three dragons he needed. There was no way he should break his concentration now...


Austin leaped forward and shoved Akane out of the way of the blast just in time. Unfortunately, that meant being slammed with several tons of earth at the same time. He was in a position that was much like Naoki's, slammed against the wall, being completely blasted to bits...

Akane stared in horror. Then she screamed.

Well, concentration broken.


His rage fed his life-force. The gold aura turned red. The same ancient voice from before spoke.

"Call me forth, child. I have little power left, but I will do my best to assist you in battle. Soon, many shall Awaken."

Takashi was too enraged to respond with anything other than a chant:

"Egyptian God, feel my power!
I summon thee in this dark hour!
With scales red and yellow eyes,
Bring forth my enemy's slow demise!
Come forth! Slifer the Sky Dragon!"

There was a roar... and a flash of light...
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Claire let out a whistle at the site.  " well now, that certainly isn't something you see everyday..." she said in awe as the skys darkened to signal the start of the gods appearance.  " hey baka dragon tamer! you mind throwing me your whatamacall it over here? i doubt you need it now that you summoned a god!" she yelled over the thunder and winds blowing.
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Kaito sat up a bit, groaning. He saw the fire, lightning, and darkness coming at him and Lynd. The black-haired boy shoved Lynd away from  the attacks, and took the brunt of them. Unfortunately for FGD, The Dark one hit first.

A scream of agony rang from Kaito's direction from being drilled full force by a concentrated beam of shadows, then fire, then lightning. The scream was shortly subsided, and then....

Three concentrated beams of LIGHT shot through the fire, lightning, and Darkness, smacking the three heads square in the faces.

Kaito had partially awakened. He had the powers. Just not the memory.
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Lynd is pushed out of the way... And looks back at Kaito, about to call out for him. She paused... As she heard the same voice again... Then the Paladin's call to invite a great being of power. A familar power.

"Lord Slifer..." Lynd echos the name in familarity. Then when the roar came in a flash of light as she cover in light as well. Another roar came, but not as grand as the god when a avian-like form take flight as the light faded, converged in flame.

The servant is awaken to answer the Sky Dragon's call.


He... Is in pain from being crushed by water. Too much for him to handle... He cannot focus on what is going on or even think from all this. He cannot scream as he feels like drowning.

Naoki suddenly felt sudden sharpness spike out of his body like needles sticking out from a rag doll's body. More pain came, then he starting to feel light headed... Then starting fall to unconscious and into dreamland....

No... Never again. Never again, he submits! His eyes wide open as he then covered in bright light that would explode... Where Naoki is Awaken to the world.
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Akane was crying. Oh God, not Austin, anyone but Austin...

She didn't see the flash of light from behind the earth blast. But she DID see the sudden shininess of her boyfriend when the blast withered away.

"..... Wha....?"

The first thing the Human Flashlight did was release a blast of light that blinded the more powerful fiends, but managed to destroy the weaker ones. Then Austin grabbed his head. Boy did he have one Hell of a migraine.


Well, to put it simply.... Five-God was FUCKED!

Kaito's blasts destroyed the dragon, all five heads raining down. The monsters, seeing that their leader had fallen, began to flee.

Slifer needed to get in on the action too. Quite a few blasts were fired from his mouth. One of the blasts managed to almost make its way to Meralkion. Unfortunately, said Red Dark Magician managed to warp away just in time.

Once the smoke cleared... whatever of the army that wasn't dead had gotten away. The dead were slowly dissolving in the wind.

Oh yeah, and a few of the duelists still present looked a little... okay, A LOT different. For example, both Austin and Takashi had gained some muscle definition. And height. And Austin was a human flashlight. And Takashi was swaying, swaying, swaying...

Whelp, he fainted!
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Kaito stood in the aftermath, looking pretty winded. His hands were glowing bright and letting off a bit of smoke from the amount of power he just let fly. Then it hit him. Somehow, he just blew FGD all the way to hell. He would have laughed. But then something else hit him. Pain. He hit the ground like a bag of potatoes.
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Lynd and Naoki are among the more drastic in terms of changes...

After the army left, the fire-like being lands on the ground once more before flap it's wings to make the fires disappear. Instead of a blue hair girl wearing glasses, standing in place reveal to be Horus the Black Flame Dragon, Level Four form to be exact. Although there are changes due to Horus's awakening, such as gender as indicated if one observes closely. Furthermore, Horus' size is smaller than her original incarnation's level four form, which is the size of a tall human if stand upright.

The human-turned-dragon's head is facing the floor, as if she's feeling great migraine going on, shame she can't held her hand due to wings. ...She really need to take some painkillers before sleeping it off if this persists....

Naoki, on other hand as he drop on his knees in a loud clank of metal, coughing as he is trying to breath air and held his hand to his head to deal with powerful migraine in his head. While he gained definite muscle and height like Takashi and Austin, he gained some... additions due to his awakening as he seem paler than before.

The source of the metal comes from what seem to be a metallic armor covering- No, fused with his lower body like a exoskeleton. Spikes had ripped through his clothes, mainly his back, shoulders, and elbows. A metallic headguard-like horns fused to his forehead and where his ears once was. Metal scales shown on where his skin is, mostly his hands in form of claws... However, he still have some resemblance of his appearance and his eyes still in golden color..

In short, Naoki turned into a Fiend that seem familiar to certain Awakened duelists.
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Claire wiped her forhead free of sweat while breathing a sigh of relief. " thank ra thats finally over. now maybe we can get a little rest before anything else goes horribly wrong" she muttered to herself.. then she turned around and witnesses the chaos that was going on in the back of the building. more specifically the giant vortex of electricity that was floating where blitz once laid. " well now thats just perfect, we have a miniature dragon who doesn't have his powers, a metal demon, and a dead moron with an ego bigger than dragon boy over here, who might i point out is in a *bleep*ing coma!? Whats next? are the malefic's just going to come on down and invite me to a cup of tea!?" she exclaimed with a snap.  she may love adventure.. but this situation was just getting to be too much for her..


Meanwhile inside a certain vortex of pure lightning a certain moron was getting a series of flashbacks.. visions of how exactly he died.. as he watched his wife and daughter be raped and slaughtered by Yubel, commander of zorc's army of evil heroes...  watched himself crush 2 watt cubes and draw his twin swords, dashing straight through yubel with a single slice and into the armys maw.. as he cleaved though Malicious  edges and dodged shots from the infernal snipers.. as yubel snuck up behind him newly reborn and smashed him against a rock wall head 1st..  and he saw the last thing he ever saw as pahunder.. the face of what can only be described as.. terror incarnate...


suddenly, the vortex of lightning seemed to suck into itself, its raw power being drained to fuel blitz as he awakens... Blitz looks down at himself, and then back at his hair, now long enough to reach his thighs and seemingly made of thunder itself.. and the 1st thing he says to the world... " wow.. i'm more awesome then even i thought.. I. AM. A SUPER SAIYAN!" he yelled out with excitement before laughing and flying around, his hair at one point brushing into taka's chest sending a large jolt of electricity into his heart.

Claire just facepalms before saying one last remark. " thats it.. i'm out of here.. tell dragon boy he better have that duel disk for me after i get back!" she says as she opens a warphole back to one of her stashes. " i really need a drink about now.." she muttered before leaving for a quick break.. perhaps a nap would do her some good...
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Akane stared at her surroundings. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!?"

Austin was first to recover from the nasty migraine. "Ugh... is everyone alright...?"

Well, the electricity to the heart worked. Takashi jolted awake. But boy was he PISSED!

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR, ASSHOLE!?" he shouted angrily. Mahaado couldn't help but facepalm. Slifer would have facepalmed if he were not an Egyptian God.

Terra Firma appeared behind Austin. "Good to have you back, Shining." he looked around. "Yo, anyone else here?"

Mahaado raised his hand. Slifer just stared at Firma.
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Blitz wasn't listening, he just kept bouncing around like the egotistical moron he is and shouted " all hail the great and powerful supah sayan!!!!!! " repeatedly along with other, similar lines.
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"Stop yelling... Just so this headache just stop ramming the insides my skull..." It is Lynd's voice, though in a more... Echo tone coming from Horus. But the dragon didn't seem say anything, before shaking her head to try recover from her headache and then look at Akane. "To answer your question... Ask the Paladin..."

She unfold her wing and points at Takashi. That paladin have better understanding of what is going in recent times.

Then Raphion, one of the Timelords materialized in spirit form next to Horus. "Here I say! Here!"

Naoki looks up to the others, he don't know what to answer to... anyone's question really. Just... Only confusion from these memories he's been getting. He leans against the wall, though the spikes on his back got in the way, as he rubs his covered forehead to try get a clear mind of what is going on.

Naoki could only sigh, muttered with a hint of rough tone. "...This is not my day."

Hermos, in his true form instead of dragon form, materialized next as he is seem exhausted. The red knight can only nod to Firma.
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Wait what? The spirits are coming out to play? Oh damn, there's a certain somebody who is not gonna miss out on this.

The Dark Paladin in all his mystical badassery, materialized next to Kaito, looking a little worn out, like he just woke up. "Oi! I'm here, Ter, he said, raising his hand. "Say, anyone here think that Kaito could hit the little lightning bug in the nuts while he's still bouncing around?"

Kaito was, at this point, beyond confused. He was also laying facedown on the ground, sore and aching all over the place.
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"Okay, okay, calm down..." Takashi said, rubbing his temples. "Now, who here needs explaining/catching up?"

Austin raised his hand. Akane looked like she wanted to murder something. She raised her hands, grinding her teeth.

"That notion is seconded," Terra Firma said to Dark Paladin.

"Thirded," Mahaado answered.

"I wish to stay out of these puny affairs," Slifer stated. Then Blitz started breaking things. "... Fourthed."
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"Notion carried!" Dark Paladin said. Using the magic he wields thanks to the half of him that is Dark Magician, he zaps Kaito with a healing spell, and the boy springs up.
"Hey, Kid. See that guy?" DP gestured to Blitz.
"Try shooting him in the nuts."
"Done." Kaito made a gun with his hand and aimed at Blitz. A short time passed, and then BLAM! A beam of light magic went flying from Kaito's finger and hit Blitz square between the legs.
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Horus raised her wing and nods. She really want to know what happened since her death... In her original life of course.

Naoki raised his hand as he looks up toward them, feeling the migraine gone.

"And he's going... going..." Raphion looks on to what happen next to Blitz. As if the machine angel is anticipated something...

Hermos just observes.
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Blitz stopped in place the moment the blast hit him... and moments later let out a loud high pitched scream of pain, breaking whatever glass was still present in the room before he fell to the ground and cupped himself in agony.
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"That's hilarious," Austin observed. The Duel Spirits started snickering. Even Slifer. Of course, the sound that sounded a lot like fingernails across a chalkboard could've been something else entirely.

"... Okay... well, first off, I take it that most of you know already, but this is for the benefit of my cousin... you're all reincarnated Duel Monsters from Ancient Egypt and we're here to save the world and shit. There's been some kind of cult- I almost got killed by 'em- that's been looking to revive Zork, aka Mr. "RAWR CONQUER ALL!". We can technically use our old powers, but that shit will drain life-force and let's face it, idiots like Blitz over there will be stupid. So we're gonna save the world with children's card games! ... So yeah. Any questions?"

Akane raised her hand.

"Other than how you get your powers?"

Hand lowered.
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Levia stood there dumbfounded. She had been late... She figured by keeping an eye on Duelists, she could find her target...

She had even gotten a deck and duel disk cause of this shit... Something she hated over all else... And she had no clue what she was staring at as she walked into the building.

"... Wah..."
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Raphion laughs, which gives off a typical robot laugh, at Blitz's misfortune. Hermos covers his mouth trying not to laugh.

Naoki facepalm hard, which caused a rather loud sound of metal. Reason for this is about saving the world with card games, there is a reason why he didn't play this game. Although he does not question it's effectiveness to solve problems... despite how ridiculous it seem in everyday life.

It looks like he's gonna bring out his old deck again, as well to update it to deal with it. "...This is going to be a pain."

Not the first or the last from what Naoki managed to remember from the era that Takashi mentioned. From what it indicated... It looks like he could make some payback at Zorc's cult.

Horus thought for the moment, though thankful she didn't have glasses in this form. Speaking of which... She raised her wing again. "Do you have a idea of how to... Hide our true forms? Mainly since we would likely be stick out in the crowd with our appearances and your sudden changes. It would hinder us in the long run by scientists and media unless we come up something."

Yeah... It is nice to be back and save the world again, but if she had to say it. Kaito, Akane, and that dimension girl are more of the lucky ones to have their normal appearances to blend through the crowd.

Naoki facepalm again at the possible complications that the dragon brought up.

...They and their spirits did not take noticed of the new visitor into the building.
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after a few minetes of silence Claire returned  to the building, her hair in a messy state and tipsy with a bottle of fine french wine in her hands..  " H-Hey everybofy! guess who came back from france?! " she exclaimed before letting loose a hiccup and drinking more wine straight from the bottle, draining it before throwing it at taka's head." now wheres that magic fetha thinging i ordered?!" she contenued while swaying around beofr she spotted a certain newcomer in hiding.  "* hicup* hey there you're cute... " she muttered before walking over to said girl and giving her a kiss before falling over passed out from drunkeness... on top of the girl she just kissed...
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Levia was in severe shock.

She had no clue what she was looking at, some drunk lady wandered in... Kissed her, then passed out on top of her. If she hadn't frozen up from the shock, she'd probably be traumatized.
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"OK, here's a question for you, Dragon boy... I have these powers... But how come I don't remember anything from the past life I apparently had?" Kaito said, crossing his arms and looking at Taka.
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Takashi looked from Kaito to the new girl back to Kaito back to the new girl, then to Blitz.

"... Well, Mister Chaos Command, I have no fucking idea. You were always the weird bookworm guy. Hell, I barely ever saw you out on the battlefield..."

Austin rolled his eyes and easily lifted Claire off of Levia. "Are you alright? I-" there was a sudden shock, then his glow grew a little brighter. "... Eria? Is that you?"

Takashi then turned to Horus. "Well... we can always try using a spell. I think Mahaado or Paladin might know a few, right?"

"Well.... I know one, but... it wouldn't be pretty if I used it," Mahaado answered slowly.

Akane was in fetal position rocking back and forth. "It's just a dream... just a dream... we're gonna do a tournament... just a tournament..."

"Oh yeah!" Takashi slapped his forehead. "We have a tournament we gotta do! Are all questions answered?"
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Levia snapped out of it when Austin started talking but was confused by his question.

"...Thank you and... My name is Levia. The only Eria I know of is a trading card." She replies. It's one of the few cards in the world she actually likes, considering how much she hates the game.

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Blitz's hair seemed to defy gravity even more than usual as it forms into a giant lightbulb above his head at the word " tournament" 

" Thats right! the new and more powerful supah sayin Blitz has a tournament to win!" he said before jumping back into the air, completely forgetting that he more than likely is now missing one of his family jewels.. after all nothin captured his attention and passionate braggerting more than a childrens card game.. nothing..


meanwhile Claire just used her arms and legs to cling to the new girl like she was an oversized teddy bear.. and as she did it.. she dreamt of the past.. of the times she used to sneak up on a certain group of charmers and cling onto there heads for rides.. among other places... and she smiled at the happy memorys..
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Naoki would've ask his question, but kept his thoughts to himself. Instead he looks at his hand, a idea hits him. "Maybe..." It could work with his power, probably... Since he seem like he wasn't himself in his past life. If it didn't work, he could take his chance with whatever spell that the Dark Magician and Dark Paladin have in mind.

He closed his eyes and focus hard within, pretty much lacks the idea of how it works and just grasping straws. Til... he felt something pushed back into his body, suprisingly feeling numb to this reaction and nothing on his back. Naoki open his eyes to see a pale human hand, before looks at the rest of himself to see that he's back to himself mostly without the armor. Keyword mostly due to he still pale, taller, gained muscle, and occasional scale on his skin. Also only his work shirt is shredded and now have prickly feeling underneath his skin as if ready to come out for battle.

Naoki gives a rare smile, it would have to do til gain better control. He looks up to Taka and others and scratch the back of his head. "....No need to cast the spell on me. Just... Do you guys have a spare shirt or use a repair spell for anything?"

Now he think about it, the lobby is still damaged from the attack.

Horus' head is down at that moment from how the former demon just did. Then looks at the spellcasters, "...Go ahead and wing it with the spell. If all else fails, dunno."

It's times like this that she really wonder why that her life from Ancient Egypt didn't take the offer from her fellow dragons on learning how to shapeshift...

Then answer Takashi's question, "Other than the matters deal with the Cult, nothing of concern currently til after the tournament. Tournament comes first."
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"... Right," Austin said quietly, "Sorry." he pulled a little harder on Claire. "Bloody Hell, get off her! She isn't what you think she is!"

Mahaado scratched his head. "Well... alright..." he zapped Horus, and...

Turned her into a stapler.

Takashi cleared his throat. "Okay.... HERE ARE THE BRACKETS!" he pointed to a nearby wall, where a smashed yet still functional screen was displayed.

Claire vs Lynd
Peeta vs Katniss
Levia vs Edward Cullen (NPC)
Kaito vs Blitz
Mr. Moo vs Warrior Goldfish
Grace vs James Bond
Yukimura vs Kunoichi
Ash vs Brock
Jessie vs James
Yuugi vs Kaiba
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Blitz wasn't sure what was more awesome.. the fact that that drunk girl managed to summon neo galaxy eyes in 5 turns... or the fact she did it while sleeping and holding onto the other tramatised girl.. or the fact that she managed to do this with her feet... while upside down... and somehow having her dress defy gravity to keep her dignity intact... all he knew was it was time to duel! as such he did what any sane and powerful super saiyan duelist would do... run around his opponent and screech " its time to d-d-d-d-duel! " into everyones ears as loud as possible
Title: Re: Yugioh: War of Heroes
Post by: Nask on February 02, 2013, 10:26:04 PM
Lynd the Stapler is just only clicking about after her loss (no one understands what she saying), which... No one knows how she duel without her hands to any normal person, probably Raphion involved to help with that. Not that the Timelord going to turn Lynd back to her normal form, he don't have the ability to do so unless you want a Horus in a egg or Baby Lynd. Not gonna comment that, it's too funny to see the reactions, he picks up the human-turned stapler and floats back to the others.

The stapler didn't stop clicking.

Naoki blinks at the duel's result as he got back with a new T-shirt and snacks, passing them around to people who want it. He winced upon hearing Blitz screaming into his ears to where feeling tempted to throw something at the loudmouth to shut him up, but resisted the urge to do so.

Not worth paying for if he's ended up in jail for some offense or give others some excuse to do something about him.
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Post by: Kimoto on February 03, 2013, 07:09:19 PM
Levia finished off her opponents life points pretty fast, with a simple strategy of ruthless attacking.

"... I'm not finding out anything..." She muttered, as before her duel, she had managed to get away from that weirdo girl, and was currently hiding after finishing. In the bathroom.
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Post by: Slider Eclipse on February 16, 2013, 01:31:44 PM
the duel ends with blitz sacking kaito.. hard..

" go my third thunder king raioh! attack directly for game!" blitz shouted causing thunder to rain down on kaito's life points...and through the magic cylender, shattering it to peices as his lp hit 0000.

" yay i are the strongester supah sauain duelest in the world!" Blitz said while making a stupdi looking pose that he thought looked cool.
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Post by: TomJackal on February 16, 2013, 01:35:56 PM
Confusion. Frustration. Anger. Thoughts in relation to these emotions ran through Kaito's mind. Raped by a stupid kid in three turns. He couldn't believe this shit. Knocked out in the first round... That wasn't right. He didn't even get to do anything. What the hell. Why did his deck pick today of all days to hate him. Just... "What the fuck."
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"Attention bitches and bastards," Takashi's voice came over the louderspeaker. "Please stand by while Austin attempts to post the next round."

While said E-Hero was struggling with duct tape, Takashi walked over to the small group of Duel Monster Incarnations. "Next round will start soon, but in the meantime... we kinda need to establish shit here. Gotta save the world, after all! Now... all in favor of me as leader say 'aye'?"

Akane and Austin looked at him like he was crazy. 

Mahaado finally found the right spell to turn Lynd back into a girl.
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Post by: Nask on February 16, 2013, 09:54:39 PM
Lynd turned back to normal, muttering "...Never thought I received this end of Polymorph." Mainly due to that she used to be unaffected by spells in her past life. Oh well, she'll get that back later hopefully when she gather more of her power as she walks to stand next to Kaito.

When Takashi mentions about him being leader, she looks at other incarnations. Using a mental form of process elimination toward other candidates, which involved being mentally impaired or the other opinions that led to a lowly one. Except Kaito and Akane, which in their case are lack of memory in one way or the other. Lynd answered with, "Aye. Regardless of how crazy he is, Takashi knows how to get things done... One way or the other." ...Some unexpectedly. Though... That may be her Dragon side talking...

Naoki, on the other hand, not sure if he could trust himself of having leadership in anyway when they decide a different leader aside from Takashi. It didn't help with the fact that he lack any strong connections to the current group aside being a worker for Tournament, so he scratched his head and answered, "You guys decide..."
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Kaito crossed his arms, still fuming a bit from his curb-stomping. "Aye... Just keep Blitz out of the chain of command," the boy muttered.  He didn't have memories from the past to go off of, but Takashi seemed to be able to get shit done now. Good enough for him. "Question, though. Is it encouraged/recommended that I stick around here until the end? Because if not, I'm calling my brother to come get me. I need to do some... research."
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" nay i say! it should obviously be me! the great and powerful Supah Sayain Blitz who shall lead us to victory and pancakes!" said the boy who's very existance validates the steriotype that all blonds are bimbos... dispite not being a girl...

" ZZZ.. i don't care.. just leave me to my adventures on her head... zzz" Claire mumbled, still sleeping and dreaming of the good times she had with the charmer family.
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"Alright!" Takashi pointed to the sky. "Now, we need to establish second in command! And secretary! And donut boy!" he looked to Kaito. "... Well, considering what I remember about your past life.... you can head to your books. If your brother is who I think he is, then... he'll be a Hell lot more useful than you!"

"Way to be encouraging, Tak," Austin muttered, covered in duct tape. "Can someone bloody help me with this!?"
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Post by: TomJackal on February 17, 2013, 03:10:33 PM
Kaito sighed and got his phone out. "Very well then. I nominate myself Head of Research and Strategy, any who oppose can come up with a better idea later," He was dialing his brother's number while he was talking, and put the phone to his ear when he was finished. "Bro? Yeah, still at the Tournament location. No, I didn't win. Got curb-stomped in three turns by a Thunder deck. Huh? My bike got kinda... messed up, so I need a ride. Ten minutes? OK." After finishing the conversation, Kaito hung up and stuffed his phone into his pocket. needing to kill time, he headed over to Austin so he could try and help.
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"I vote myself as Secretary." Lynd answered in a beat, pushing up her glasses. Would gladly make use of some organizational skills that involved the job, despite it involved paperwork.... Which she could always burn it to ashes if needed. "Austin as Donut Boy and... Kaito's Brother as 2nd in Command?" She more or less guessing on the 2nd in Command role.

Naoki, instead of voting, goes to help Kaito on getting Austin out of the mess that the Human Lightbulb is in.
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Post by: Kimoto on February 17, 2013, 08:41:35 PM
Levia came out of her hiding spot, where she had been hiding from Claire, not knowing what was going on still... This is why showing up late is a bad thing.
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"Alright, y'all, in light of certain events, I hereby declare this tournament fucked," Takashi drawled lazily. "So yeah, instead, I'm going to do something completely unconventional."

The next thing anyone knew... they were standing in the middle of an arena. Takashi appeared, dressed in full Paladin of the White Dragon armor. "THIS is a real tournament! The prize is... a Promotion!"

Austin looked down at his shining hands. ".... Oh joy..."

Akane just looked confused. "What's going on? How did we get here? WHY IS MY BOYFRIEND A HUMAN FLASHLIGHT?!"
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"To answer the following questions. Takashi's going to pulls a fighting tournament for all of us just so one of us can get some upgrades. The wonders of Time Flies Fast if you don't pay attention much. Lastly... He controls Light." Lynd answered Akane's question, though the last one sounds like answering 'It just works...'. In hindsite, she really don't recall of how Austin's power works exactly, that's more of the Paladin's area at the moment for the details.

Right now though, it is a good idea to see how much power she controls right now. Even if Lynd didn't win the prize, there's still that alternative means of promotion or to be exact... Level up.

On the otherhand, Naoki is just as confused like Akane on how they ended up here. He couldn't help but ask, "...How does this tournament work exactly and what are the rules?"

At that very moment, he glanced at those who haven't awakened yet. Wonder how this apply to them.